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A56634 A commentary upon the third book of Moses, called Leviticus by ... Symon Lord Bishop of Ely. Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. 1698 (1698) Wing P776; ESTC R13611 367,228 602

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sort_n before_o they_o be_v two_o he_o shall_v offer_v it_o of_o his_o own_o voluntary_a will_n in_o this_o translation_n we_o follow_v the_o opinion_n of_o the_o jew_n who_o refer_v this_o to_o the_o person_n that_o bring_v this_o offer_n which_o they_o may_v do_v when_o they_o please_v the_o like_a expression_n we_o read_v xix_o 5._o xxii_o 19_o but_o the_o lxx_o think_v it_o have_v respect_n to_o god_n and_o so_o the_o phrase_n may_v be_v interpret_v he_o shall_v bring_v it_o for_o his_o acceptation_n i._n e._n that_o he_o may_v find_v a_o favourable_a acceptance_n with_o god_n at_o the_o door_n of_o the_o tabernacle_n of_o the_o congregation_n where_o the_o altar_n of_o burnt-offering_a be_v place_v xl_o exod_n 6_o 29._o and_o this_o be_v so_o necessary_a that_o it_o be_v require_v upon_o pain_n of_o death_n to_o be_v bring_v hither_o and_o offer_v in_o no_o other_o place_n xvii_o 3_o 4_o etc._n etc._n for_o which_o cause_n it_o be_v likely_a the_o door_n of_o the_o tabernacle_n be_v here_o mention_v rather_o than_o the_o altar_n that_o it_o may_v be_v understand_v to_o be_v unlawful_a to_o offer_v at_o any_o other_o altar_n but_o that_o which_o stand_v at_o the_o door_n of_o the_o tabernacle_n before_o the_o lord_n with_o their_o face_n towards_o that_o holy_a place_n where_o the_o divine_a majesty_n dwell_v unto_o who_o the_o sacrifice_n be_v bring_v and_o at_o the_o door_n of_o the_o tabernacle_n receive_v by_o the_o priest_n from_o the_o hand_n of_o the_o offerer_n ver._n 4._o verse_n 4_o and_o he_o shall_v put_v his_o hand_n upon_o the_o head_n of_o the_o burnt-offering_a both_o his_o hand_n as_o some_o gather_v from_o xvi_o 21._o and_o as_o maimonides_n say_v he_o be_v to_o do_v it_o with_o all_o his_o might_n this_o be_v a_o rite_n belong_v to_o peace-offering_n as_o well_o as_o to_o burnt-offering_n iii_o 2._o and_o to_o sin-offering_n also_o iu_o 4._o the_o meaning_n of_o which_o in_o this_o sort_n of_o offering_n seem_v to_o have_v be_v that_o he_o who_o bring_v the_o sacrifice_n renounce_v all_o his_o interest_n in_o it_o and_o transfer_v it_o whole_o to_o god_n unto_o who_o service_n he_o entire_o devote_v it_o it_o be_v like_a to_o the_o old_a ceremony_n among_o the_o roman_n who_o lay_v their_o hand_n upon_o their_o servant_n when_o they_o give_v they_o their_o liberty_n and_o abdicate_v their_o own_o right_n in_o they_o say_v hunc_fw-la hominem_fw-la liberum_fw-la esse_fw-la volo_fw-la i_o will_v that_o this_o man_n be_v free_a which_o be_v call_v manumission_n in_o other_o offering_n it_o have_v another_o meaning_n as_o i_o shall_v observe_v in_o due_a place_n and_o it_o be_v imitate_v by_o the_o gentile_n though_o not_o without_o the_o addition_n of_o impious_a superstition_n for_o they_o wreathe_v back_o the_o head_n of_o the_o beast_n upward_o when_o they_o sacrifice_v to_o the_o god_n above_o and_o thrust_v down_o its_o head_n towards_o the_o ground_n when_o they_o sacrifice_v to_o their_o infernal_a deity_n as_o j._n brentius_n have_v observe_v in_o his_o preface_n to_o this_o book_n and_o it_o shall_v be_v accept_v for_o he_o to_o make_v a_o atonement_n for_o he_o it_o shall_v be_v so_o acceptable_a as_o to_o recommend_v he_o to_o the_o favour_n of_o the_o divine_a majesty_n for_o so_o the_o hebrew_n word_n capher_n seem_v here_o to_o signify_v not_o proper_o to_o make_v a_o atonement_n which_o be_v the_o business_n of_o a_o sin-offering_a but_o to_o own_v he_o to_o be_v in_o a_o state_n of_o reconciliation_n with_o god_n unto_o who_o he_o be_v suppose_v to_o give_v up_o himself_o whole_o as_o he_o do_v this_o beast_n the_o jew_n indeed_o who_o stick_v to_o the_o literal_a signification_n of_o the_o word_n fancy_n that_o these_o burnt-offering_n expiate_v evil_a thought_n and_o desire_n but_o there_o be_v no_o ground_n for_o this_o in_o scripture_n and_o the_o most_o that_o can_v be_v make_v of_o it_o be_v that_o god_n accept_v his_o prayer_n which_o he_o make_v in_o general_a for_o the_o forgiveness_n of_o all_o his_o sin_n when_o he_o lay_v his_o hand_n upon_o the_o head_n of_o this_o sacrifice_n for_o it_o must_v be_v here_o observe_v that_o lay_v on_o of_o hand_n be_v always_o accompany_v with_o prayer_n as_o appear_v by_o jacob_n lay_v they_o on_o the_o head_n of_o manasseh_n and_o ephraim_n xlviii_o gen._n 14_o 16_o 20._o and_o the_o highpriest_n lay_v they_o on_o the_o scape-goat_n xvith_z of_o this_o book_n 21._o insomuch_o that_o lay_v on_o of_o hand_n signify_v sometime_o in_o the_o new_a testament_n to_o pray_v xix_o matth._n 15._o v._o mark_v 23._o and_o other_o place_n but_o if_o a_o man_n have_v commit_v any_o sin_n there_o be_v other_o sacrifice_n peculiar_o appoint_v by_o the_o law_n for_o their_o expiation_n which_o he_o be_v bind_v to_o offer_v with_o confession_n of_o sin_n and_o prayer_n to_o god_n for_o pardon_n ver._n 5._o verse_n 5_o and_o he_o shall_v kill_v the_o bullock_n that_o be_v the_o man_n himself_o who_o bring_v it_o as_o rasi_fw-la interpret_v it_o or_o one_o of_o the_o levite_n as_o other_o understand_v it_o for_o they_o kill_v the_o paschal_n lamb_n at_o that_o great_a passover_n mention_v 2_o chron._n xxx_o 17._o as_o bochart_n observe_v but_o he_o shall_v have_v add_v the_o reason_n of_o it_o which_z rasi_fw-la there_o give_v that_o a_o great_a many_o of_o the_o congregation_n have_v not_o sanctify_a themselves_o as_o we_o read_v in_o that_o place_n therefore_o the_o levite_n have_v the_o charge_n of_o the_o kill_n of_o the_o passover_n for_o every_o one_o that_o be_v not_o clean_o to_o sanctify_v they_o unto_o the_o lord_n otherwise_o every_o man_n may_v kill_v his_o own_o passover_n xii_o exod._n 6._o as_o they_o may_v do_v all_o their_o other_o sacrifice_n for_o certain_a it_o be_v this_o be_v none_o of_o the_o work_n of_o priest_n as_o maimonides_n show_v in_o a_o passage_n mention_v by_o dr._n cudworth_n in_o his_o book_n concern_v the_o lord_n supper_n p._n 27._o out_o of_o biath_n hammik-dath_a where_o he_o quote_v this_o very_a place_n to_o prove_v that_o the_o kill_n of_o the_o holy_a thing_n may_v lawful_o be_v do_v by_o a_o stranger_n yea_o of_o the_o most_o holy_a thing_n whether_o they_o be_v the_o holy_a thing_n of_o private_a person_n or_o of_o the_o whole_a congregation_n the_o common_a objection_n to_o this_o be_v that_o none_o may_v come_v into_o the_o court_n where_o the_o altar_n be_v but_o the_o priest_n to_o which_o the_o answer_n be_v plain_a that_o upon_o this_o occasion_n other_o person_n may_v come_v so_o far_o within_o the_o court_n be_v cause_n it_o be_v indispensable_o necessary_a that_o the_o man_n who_o bring_v the_o sacrifice_n shall_v lay_v his_o hand_n upon_o the_o head_n of_o it_o which_o be_v to_o be_v do_v at_o the_o altar_n when_o it_o be_v to_o be_v slay_v before_o the_o lord_n see_v v._o 3._o and_o the_o priest_n aaron_n son_n shall_v bring_v the_o blood_n now_o begin_v the_o work_n of_o the_o priest_n the_o receive_n of_o the_o blood_n and_o that_o which_o immediate_o follow_v belong_v to_o their_o office_n they_o receive_v it_o in_o a_o basin_n xxiv_o exod._n 6._o as_o the_o manner_n also_o be_v among_o the_o heathen_a which_o our_o learned_a sheringham_n observe_v upon_o codex_fw-la joma_n p._n 85._o out_o of_o homer_n odyss_n l._n iii_o where_o thrasymedes_n be_v represent_v as_o cut_v the_o ox_n asunder_o with_o a_o cleaver_n and_o perseus_n as_o receive_v the_o blood_n in_o a_o basin_n which_o he_o call_v 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d a_o word_n use_v in_o crete_n as_o eustathius_n note_n for_o such_o kind_n of_o vessel_n which_o some_o think_v be_v original_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d from_o the_o receive_n of_o the_o blood_n and_o sprinkle_v the_o blood_n round_o about_o upon_o the_o altar_n etc._n etc._n that_o this_o may_v be_v do_v ready_o one_o priest_n receive_v the_o blood_n and_o another_o take_v it_o from_o he_o and_o sprinkle_v it_o about_o the_o altar_n or_o as_o the_o jew_n understand_v it_o on_o every_o side_n of_o the_o altar_n which_o they_o perform_v by_o two_o sprinkling_n at_o the_o opposite_a corner_n of_o it_o which_o be_v a_o rite_n also_o use_v in_o peace-offering_n and_o trespass-offering_n but_o in_o sin-offering_n the_o blood_n be_v pour_v out_o at_o the_o foot_n of_o the_o altar_n see_v vii_o 2._o thus_o the_o heathen_a also_o themselves_o take_v care_v the_o blood_n of_o their_o sacrifice_n shall_v not_o run_v upon_o the_o ground_n but_o be_v receive_v as_o i_o say_v in_o vessel_n prepare_v for_o that_o purpose_n and_o then_o pour_v upon_o their_o altar_n and_o so_o offer_v and_o consecrate_v to_o their_o go_n so_o lucian_n in_o his_o book_n of_o sacrifice_n represent_v the_o priest_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d as_o pour_v the_o blood_n upon_o the_o
the_o voice_n of_o swear_v and_o be_v a_o witness_n be_v adjure_v in_o the_o name_n of_o god_n when_o he_o be_v call_v to_o be_v a_o witness_n in_o a_o cause_n to_o speak_v the_o truth_n for_o judge_n have_v this_o power_n to_o use_v such_o adjuration_n that_o they_o may_v either_o draw_v a_o confession_n from_o a_o accuse_a person_n or_o a_o faithful_a testimony_n from_o a_o witness_n of_o the_o former_a of_o which_o there_o be_v a_o solemn_a form_n remain_v in_o scripture_n 1_o king_n xxii_o 16._o 2_o chron._n xviii_o 15._o as_o grotius_n have_v observe_v upon_o xxvi_o matth._n 63._o and_o dr._n hammond_n upon_o the_o same_o place_n have_v observe_v instance_n of_o the_o latter_a 1_o king_n vii_o 31._o xxix_o prov._n 24._o and_o micah_n mother_n seem_v by_o she_o own_o authority_n to_o have_v adjure_v her_o family_n as_o they_o dread_v the_o vengeance_n of_o the_o divine_a majesty_n to_o discover_v if_o they_o know_v any_o thing_n of_o the_o eleven_o hundred_o shekel_n of_o silver_n which_o have_v be_v steal_v from_o she_o xvii_o judg._n 2._o in_o all_o which_o case_n man_n be_v bind_v to_o answer_v as_o much_o as_o if_o they_o have_v take_v a_o solemn_a oath_n so_o to_o do_v insomuch_o that_o our_o bless_a lord_n himself_o be_v thus_o adjure_v make_v a_o answer_n to_o the_o court_n of_o judgement_n though_o before_o he_o have_v stand_v silent_a whether_o he_o have_v see_v or_o know_v of_o it_o whether_o he_o can_v say_v any_o thing_n of_o the_o matter_n in_o question_n either_o from_o his_o own_o knowledge_n or_o from_o the_o information_n of_o credible_a person_n if_o he_o do_v not_o utter_v it_o declare_v what_o he_o know_v be_v thus_o adjure_v then_o he_o shall_v bear_v his_o iniquity_n let_v he_o not_o think_v it_o be_v no_o offence_n to_o suppress_v the_o truth_n when_o he_o be_v so_o solemn_o admonish_v to_o declare_v it_o but_o offer_v such_o a_o sacrifice_n for_o his_o sin_n as_o be_v prescribe_v v._n 1._o which_o belong_v to_o all_o the_o follow_a case_n the_o jew_n make_v four_o sort_n of_o oath_n in_o their_o court_n or_o commerce_n one_o with_o another_o as_o mr._n selden_n have_v observe_v out_o of_o their_o writer_n l._n ii_o de_fw-fr synedr_n cap._n 11._o n._n 8._o which_o be_v rash_a oath_n vain_a oath_n of_o which_o they_o also_o make_v four_o sort_n oath_n about_o trust_n mention_v vi_o 2_o 3._o and_o this_o which_o they_o call_v the_o oath_n of_o testimony_n which_o they_o say_v every_o man_n be_v bind_v to_o give_v before_o the_o sanhedrim_n when_o he_o be_v require_v with_o this_o distinction_n between_o capital_a and_o pecuniary_a cause_n that_o in_o the_o latter_a a_o man_n be_v not_o bind_v to_o come_v and_o testify_v unless_o he_o be_v cite_v by_o the_o plaintiff_n or_o by_o the_o court_n but_o in_o capital_a cause_n and_o in_o such_o thing_n as_o the_o law_n prohibit_v as_o if_o a_o man_n see_v another_o smite_v his_o neighbour_n he_o be_v bind_v to_o come_v of_o his_o own_o accord_n without_o any_o summons_n and_o give_v his_o testimony_n in_o court_n yet_o in_o this_o they_o make_v some_o difference_n as_o may_v be_v see_v in_o r._n levi_n barcelonita_n precept_n cxx_o they_o who_o will_v see_v more_o of_o these_o several_a sort_n of_o oath_n among_o the_o jew_n may_v find_v they_o consider_v in_o sam._n petitus_fw-la his_fw-la var._n lectiones_fw-la cap._n 16._o and_o such_o a_o law_n as_o this_o there_o be_v ancient_o in_o other_o country_n that_o he_o who_o see_v a_o crime_n commit_v if_o he_o can_v not_o hinder_v it_o shall_v be_v bind_v at_o least_o to_o prosecute_v the_o malefactor_n so_o the_o egyptian_a lawgiver_n say_v concern_v theft_n which_o a_o man_n see_v commit_v 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d to_o prosecute_v the_o law_n against_o that_o crime_n so_o plato_n use_v the_o same_o word_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d l._n iu._n de_fw-fr legibus_fw-la say_v that_o he_o who_o know_v of_o such_o a_o fact_n or_o have_v certain_a information_n of_o it_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d and_o do_v not_o prosecute_v the_o person_n that_o do_v it_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d let_v he_o be_v liable_a to_o the_o same_o punishment_n see_v henr._n stephanus_n his_o praefat._n ad_fw-la fontes_n juris_fw-la civilis_fw-la ver._n 2._o verse_n 2_o or_o if_o a_o soul_n touch_v any_o unclean_a thing_n whether_o it_o be_v a_o carcase_n of_o a_o unclean_a beast_n etc._n etc._n the_o hebrew_n doctor_n expound_v this_o of_o such_o person_n as_o have_v touch_v any_o of_o the_o unclean_a thing_n which_o be_v mention_v in_o this_o verse_n and_o in_o the_o next_o come_v into_o the_o sanctuary_n or_o do_v eat_v of_o the_o holy_a thing_n which_o they_o gather_v out_o of_o vii_o 20_o 21._o and_o xix_o numb_a 20._o where_n cut_v off_o be_v threaten_v to_o those_o who_o know_o be_v so_o guilty_a for_o otherwise_o it_o be_v sufficient_a for_o a_o man_n expiation_n who_o touch_v any_o unclean_a thing_n to_o wash_v himself_o and_o his_o uncleanness_n last_v only_o till_o the_o evening_n see_v chap._n xi_o and_o numb_a xix_o but_o why_o may_v it_o not_o be_v mean_v of_o those_o who_o neglect_v to_o wash_v themselves_o who_o be_v to_o expiate_v that_o neglect_n by_o a_o sacrifice_n he_o also_o shall_v be_v unclean_a and_o guilty_a oblige_a to_o offer_v the_o sacrifice_n prescribe_v v._o 6._o for_o eat_v that_o which_o be_v holy_a say_v rasi_fw-la or_o come_v into_o the_o sanctuary_n ver._n 3._o verse_n 3_o or_o if_o he_o touch_v the_o uncleanness_n of_o man_n etc._n etc._n such_o uncleanness_n as_o be_v mention_v in_o the_o xiith_z xiiith_z and_o xvth_z chapter_n of_o this_o book_n and_o if_o it_o be_v hide_v from_o he_o when_o he_o know_v of_o it_o than_o he_o shall_v be_v guilty_a the_o word_n may_v be_v translate_v whether_o he_o do_v it_o ignorant_o or_o have_v some_o knowledge_n of_o it_o and_o yet_o offend_v he_o shall_v be_v oblige_v to_o offer_v the_o sacrifice_n mention_v v._n 6._o ver._n 4._o verse_n 4_o or_o if_o a_o soul_n swear_v this_o the_o hebrew_n doctor_n expound_v of_o that_o sort_n of_o oath_n which_o they_o call_v futil_o or_o rash_a when_o a_o man_n say_v he_o have_v do_v or_o will_v do_v or_o not_o do_v a_o thing_n that_o be_v in_o his_o power_n to_o do_v pronounce_v with_o his_o mouth_n it_o be_v to_o be_v utter_v in_o word_n and_o not_o mere_o think_v in_o his_o mind_n to_o do_v evil_a or_o good_a that_o he_o have_v do_v a_o thing_n or_o not_o do_v it_o of_o whatsoever_o kind_n it_o be_v or_o that_o he_o will_v or_o will_v not_o do_v it_o for_o these_o four_o kind_n of_o oath_n of_o this_o sort_n the_o hebrew_n doctor_n make_v two_o about_o thing_n past_a and_o two_o about_o thing_n to_o come_v see_v selden_n de_fw-fr synedr_n l._n ii_o cap._n 11._o n._n 8._o as_o if_o he_o swear_v that_o he_o do_v eat_v or_o he_o do_v not_o eat_v of_o such_o a_o meat_n do_v talk_v or_o not_o talk_v with_o reuben_n or_o simeon_n etc._n etc._n rasi_fw-la think_v by_o do_v good_a be_v mean_v something_o for_o his_o own_o advantage_n and_o consequent_o by_o do_v evil_a we_o be_v to_o understand_v afflict_v himself_o or_o punish_v his_o servant_n etc._n etc._n but_o it_o may_v as_o well_o be_v understand_v general_o of_o all_o thing_n whatsoever_o which_o be_v comprehend_v under_o the_o name_n of_o good_a and_o evil_n and_o it_o be_v hide_v from_o he_o he_o do_v not_o right_o understand_v or_o consider_v the_o thing_n about_o which_o he_o swear_v whether_o it_o be_v in_o his_o power_n for_o instance_n to_o do_v what_o he_o swear_v he_o will_v do_v or_o whether_o he_o can_v lawful_o do_v it_o or_o if_o through_o forgetfulness_n he_o omit_v to_o do_v what_o he_o may_v have_v do_v some_o interpret_v these_o and_o the_o follow_a word_n as_o those_o of_o the_o forego_n verse_n he_o shall_v be_v guilty_a in_o one_o of_o these_o oblige_a to_o offer_v a_o sacrifice_n as_o it_o follow_v v._o 6._o if_o he_o have_v swear_v rash_o in_o any_o of_o the_o forego_n instance_n ver._n 5._o verse_n 5_o and_o it_o shall_v be_v when_o he_o shall_v be_v guilty_a in_o one_o of_o these_o thing_n that_o he_o shall_v confess_v that_o he_o have_v sin_v in_o that_o thing_n when_o he_o lay_v his_o hand_n upon_o the_o head_n of_o his_o sacrifice_n this_o confession_n of_o his_o offence_n it_o be_v likely_a be_v make_v without_o which_o his_o sacrifice_n will_v have_v be_v of_o no_o avail_n so_o all_o the_o hebrew_n doctor_n understand_v it_o particular_o abarbanel_n upon_o the_o xvith_z chapter_n of_o this_o book_n say_v that_o confession_n be_v necessary_a to_o be_v add_v to_o every_o sacrifice_n for_o sin_n for_o what_o be_v here_o command_v in_o this_o case_n they_o resolve_v belong_v to_o all_o sin-offering_n and_o
from_o they_o by_o open_a violence_n neither_o rob_v he_o the_o same_o r._n levi_n expound_v this_o of_o that_o which_o be_v take_v from_o another_o by_o manifest_a force_n and_o do_v not_o belong_v to_o he_o that_o take_v it_o precept_n ccxxxvii_o for_o so_o the_o hebrew_n word_n gazilah_o signify_v that_o which_o a_o man_n wrest_v out_o of_o the_o hand_n of_o another_o against_o his_o will_n 1_o chron._n xi_o 23._o the_o wage_n of_o he_o that_o be_v hire_v shall_v not_o abide_v with_o thou_o all_o night_n till_o the_o morning_n for_o this_o be_v a_o kind_n of_o force_n and_o robbery_n to_o detain_v what_o be_v owe_v to_o he_o against_o his_o will_n in_o the_o xxiv_o deut._n 15._o the_o word_n be_v thou_o shall_v give_v he_o his_o hire_n neither_o shall_v the_o sun_n go_v down_o upon_o it_o from_o whence_o the_o hebrew_n doctor_n conclude_v there_o be_v two_o sort_n of_o people_n that_o wrought_v for_o hire_v one_o be_v day-labourer_n who_o moses_n speak_v of_o in_o this_o verse_n another_o labourer_n by_o night_n of_o who_o he_o speak_v in_o deuteronomy_n neither_o of_o which_o be_v to_o stay_v for_o their_o wage_n beyond_o the_o time_n appoint_v but_o the_o one_o be_v to_o have_v it_o before_o the_o sunset_n the_o other_o before_o morning_n for_o it_o be_v due_a as_o soon_o as_o the_o day_n or_o the_o night_n be_v do_v so_o the_o misna_n the_o day-labourer_n require_v his_o wage_n all_o night_n and_o the_o night_n labourer_n all_o day_n see_v the_o forenamed_a r._n levi_n precept_n ccxxxviii_o who_o give_v this_o reason_n for_o it_o that_o the_o merciful_a god_n will_v have_v his_o creature_n subsist_v which_o poor_a labourer_n can_v do_v if_o they_o want_v their_o wage_n to_o buy_v they_o victual_n upon_o which_o account_n the_o detain_v of_o their_o wage_n be_v say_v to_o be_v a_o cry_a sin_n in_o that_o xxiv_o deut._n 14._o and_o in_o st._n james_n v._n 4._o ver._n 14._o verse_n 14_o thou_o shall_v not_o curse_v the_o deaf_a no_o israelite_n whether_o man_n or_o woman_n be_v to_o be_v curse_v though_o he_o can_v not_o hear_v the_o curse_n and_o so_o be_v insensible_a of_o the_o injury_n as_o r._n levi_n explain_v it_o precept_n ccxxxix_o for_o there_o be_v the_o addition_n of_o barbarous_a baseness_n in_o it_o to_o curse_v or_o revile_v a_o person_n who_o be_v not_o capable_a to_o answer_v for_o himself_o nor_o do_v himself_o right_a and_o the_o case_n of_o the_o sick_a and_o the_o infirm_a or_o the_o absent_a be_v the_o same_o with_o the_o deaf_a as_o for_o other_o who_o be_v not_o deaf_a it_o be_v forbid_v to_o curse_v they_o say_v maimonides_n because_o it_o provoke_v to_o anger_n and_o rage_n which_o stir_v man_n up_o to_o take_v revenge_n nor_o put_v a_o stumble_a block_n before_o the_o blind_a this_o be_v as_o inhuman_a as_o the_o former_a proceed_v from_o so_o great_a malice_n that_o the_o hebrew_n doctor_n seem_v to_o think_v man_n incapable_a of_o it_o and_o therefore_o expound_v it_o of_o give_v ill_a counsel_n to_o simple_a people_n and_o advise_v they_o to_o their_o damage_n so_o r._n levi_n precept_n ccxl_o which_o be_v no_o less_o contrary_a to_o nature_n then_o lay_v a_o stumbling-block_n in_o the_o way_n of_o those_o that_o can_v see_v to_o avoid_v it_o and_o a_o far_o great_a sin_n because_o it_o abuse_v their_o mind_n and_o may_v tend_v to_o the_o hurt_n of_o their_o soul_n but_o shall_v fear_v thy_o god_n believe_v he_o see_v and_o hear_v and_o will_v avenge_v the_o cause_n of_o those_o who_o can_v right_v themselves_o because_o they_o know_v not_o who_o injure_v they_o if_o any_o man_n be_v convict_v of_o either_o of_o these_o crime_n he_o be_v beat_v i_o be_o the_o lord_n and_o be_o therefore_o to_o be_v fear_v and_o obey_v ver._n 15._o verse_n 15_o you_o shall_v do_v no_o unrighteousness_n in_o judgement_n the_o jew_n take_v this_o to_o be_v a_o admonition_n to_o their_o judge_n that_o they_o shall_v have_v a_o equal_a regard_n to_o the_o plaintiff_n and_o defendant_n and_o not_o prefer_v the_o one_o before_o the_o other_o whence_o these_o word_n be_v thus_o explain_v in_o siphra_n thou_o shall_v judge_v thy_o neighbour_n just_o not_o let_v one_o party_n stand_v and_o bid_v the_o other_o sit_v nor_o suffer_v one_o to_o speak_v as_o much_o as_o he_o please_v and_o bid_v the_o other_o be_v short_a see_v selden_n de_fw-fr synedr_n lib._n ii_o cap._n 13._o n._n 10._o but_o none_o have_v explain_v this_o so_o large_o as_o maimonides_n in_o the_o whole_a xxi_o chapter_n of_o sanhedrim_n where_o he_o in_o general_n define_v the_o just_a administration_n of_o justice_n to_o consist_v in_o a_o equal_a respect_n to_o both_o party_n in_o the_o suit_n so_o that_o one_o of_o they_o have_v not_o the_o liberty_n to_o say_v what_o he_o will_v and_o the_o other_o be_v cut_v short_a and_o then_o descend_v to_o many_o particular_n wherein_o equal_a respect_n to_o both_o party_n be_v to_o be_v observe_v some_o of_o which_o it_o will_v be_v fit_a to_o mention_v because_o they_o illustrate_v the_o word_n of_o st_n james_n in_o the_o second_o chapter_n of_o his_o epistle_n v._o 2_o 3_o 4._o if_o two_o party_n appear_v in_o a_o cause_n one_o of_o which_o be_v clothe_v in_o precious_a garment_n the_o other_o be_v ragged_a or_o in_o a_o poor_a habit_n let_v it_o be_v say_v to_o he_o that_o be_v the_o more_o honourable_a either_o do_v you_o bestow_v upon_o your_o adversary_n as_o good_a apparel_n as_o you_o have_v on_o yourself_o or_o else_o put_v on_o such_o as_o he_o wear_v that_o you_o may_v be_v both_o alike_o and_o then_o appear_v before_o the_o court_n of_o judgement_n by_o no_o mean_n let_v the_o one_o sit_v and_o the_o other_o stand_v but_o let_v they_o both_o be_v command_v to_o stand_v or_o if_o it_o please_v the_o judge_n to_o give_v they_o both_o leave_n to_o sit_v let_v not_o one_o of_o they_o sit_v in_o a_o high_a place_n the_o other_o in_o a_o low_a but_o both_o on_o the_o same_o bench_n one_o by_o the_o side_n of_o the_o other_o see_v r._n levi_n barcelonita_n precept_n ccxvii_o who_o observe_v that_o mankind_n be_v preserve_v by_o righteous_a judgement_n and_o therefore_o if_o a_o judge_n be_v find_v to_o have_v give_v a_o unjust_a sentence_n he_o be_v condemn_v to_o make_v restitution_n to_o he_o who_o cause_n he_o have_v pervert_v precept_n ccxli_o thou_o shall_v not_o respect_v the_o person_n of_o the_o poor_a see_v xxiii_o exod._n 3._o nor_o honour_v the_o person_n of_o the_o mighty_a this_o r._n levi_n explain_v precept_n ccxlii_o as_o he_o do_v the_o first_o clause_n the_o judge_n shall_v not_o bid_v the_o great_a man_n sit_v down_o while_o the_o mean_a stand_v but_o both_o shall_v stand_v before_o the_o judge_n as_o if_o they_o be_v in_o the_o presence_n of_o the_o divine_a majesty_n who_o stand_v in_o the_o midst_n of_o the_o judge_n lxxxii_o psal_n 1._o if_o by_o the_o favour_n of_o the_o judge_n both_o be_v permit_v to_o sit_v yet_o when_o sentence_n come_v to_o be_v pronounce_v both_o rose_n up_o and_o stand_v according_a to_o xviii_o exod._n 13._o but_o in_o righteousness_n shall_v thou_o judge_v thy_o neighbour_n the_o observation_n of_o maimonides_n seem_v to_o be_v too_o nice_a and_o curious_a who_o from_o this_o place_n gather_v that_o though_o the_o low_a court_n of_o judgement_n ordinary_o consist_v of_o no_o less_o than_o three_o judge_n yet_o by_o the_o law_n one_o of_o they_o may_v sit_v alone_o as_o judge_n in_o matter_n not_o capital_a because_o it_o be_v say_v here_o in_o the_o singular_a number_n in_o righteousness_n shall_v thou_o judge_v thy_o neighbour_n for_o at_o the_o same_o time_n he_o acknowledge_v their_o wise_a man_n require_v that_o he_o shall_v take_v some_o assessor_n to_o he_o when_o they_o say_v do_v not_o judge_v by_o thyself_o alone_o for_o there_o be_v no_o sole_a judge_n but_o one_o only_o viz._n god_n see_v selden_n lib._n ii_o de_fw-fr synedr_n cap._n 14._o n._n 2._o and_o guil._n schickardi_n mishpal_a hamelek_n cap._n 4._o theorem_fw-la fourteen_o ver._n 16._o verse_n 16_o thou_o shall_v not_o go_v up_o and_o down_o as_o a_o tale-bearer_n among_o thy_o people_n the_o vulgar_a latin_a take_v the_o hebrew_n word_n rachil_n to_o signify_v one_o that_o go_v about_o with_o calumny_n but_o it_o may_v simple_o signify_v as_o we_o translate_v it_o a_o tale-bearer_n who_o aben-ezra_n compare_v to_o a_o merchant_n or_o pedlar_n as_o the_o hebrew_n word_n import_v who_o buy_v of_o one_o what_o he_o sell_v to_o another_o and_o go_v about_o the_o country_n as_o a_o tale-bearer_n do_v from_o house_n to_o house_n carry_v to_o one_o what_o he_o have_v hear_v at_o another_o say_v such_o a_o one_o have_v say_v so_o and_o so_o of_o you_o whereby_o peace_n and_o concord_n be_v destroy_v