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A61858 David and Saul a sermon preached on the day of national thanksgiving for God's gracious deliverance of the King's Majesty from an assassination and the kingdom from a French invasion / by John Strype ... Strype, John, 1643-1737. 1696 (1696) Wing S6021; ESTC R900 9,047 30

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Mr. Strype's SERMON Preached on the Day of the National Thanksgiving c. April 16. 1696. DAVID and SAUL A SERMON Preached on the Day of the National Thanksgiving For God's gracious Deliverance of The King's Majesty From an ASSASSINATION AND THE Kingdom from a French Invasion By John Strype M. A. Vicar of Low-Leyton in Essex LONDON Printed for B. Aylmer at the Three Pigeons in Cornhil 1696. TO MY Beloved Auditors of Leyton Hackney IT was not only the general good Acceptation you gave this Sermon when it was Preached that induced me to publish it that you might Read that which you heard with so much Satisfaction But chiefly that I might Contribute my small mite for the better informing the Minds of you and all others in the Justice and Happiness of our present Government under King WILLIAM and to shew what small Reason any Persons have to disturb that Settlement that by God's Providence is now established among us Which this plain Discourse was intended for The Fruit whereof will be to Convince all of the horrible Impiety of those Miscreants that Combined themselves together to Assassinate the King 's Sacred Person and by Force and Violence to change the present easie and good Government and thereby to make us heartily sensible of God's merciful Prevention of those Mischiefs and duly thankful to him for the same And lastly to Unite us all together as one Man in the Defence of our King and Laws Your Servant in the Ministry John Strype PSAL. cxix 78. Let the Proud be ashamed For they dealt perversly with me without a Cause But I will Meditate in thy Precepts DAVID tho he were a good Man and a good King A Man after God's own Heart and a King of God's own setting up yet he met with a World of Dangers Sorrows and Afflictions He had Enemies thick and threefold about him But out of all their Hands God delivered him Insomuch that how desperately soever their Minds were bent against him tho they thirsted after his Blood and Contrived and Combined together many a time to shed it Yet never could their Plots take effect Trouble enough indeed they put him to But in spight of their Malice and all their open Opposition and secret Conspiracy he swayed the Scepter of Israel many a year Got many glorious Victories Protected his Subjects in their Laws Liberties and Religion Enlarged his Dominions grew Greater and Greater and after all his Wars before his Death God gave him Peace on every side And he got a Name of one of the Mightiest and most prosperous Monarchs that ever sat upon the Throne of Israel In Commemoration of these Mercies of God to him for David's practise was to attribute all his Successes and Deliverances to God and not to himself he did use to pen Psalms and compose Poems upon that Argument to assist his own Meditations and Thanksgivings and that they might never be forgotten he ordered the Levites and those that were over the Musick of the Temple that these Psalms and Poems should be used there in their Sacred Assemblies and Services And in this CXIX Psalm there be abundance of Expressions whereby the holy King sets forth these Matters making frequent mention of his Enemies and of the Afflictions he suffered by their means and his earnest Prayers and good Resolutions which he made with respect thereunto And this he is doing in the Text. Let the Proud that is the Wicked for that Word in the Hebrew Language is but another Phrase to express a Wicked Man by be ashamed for they dealt perversly with me without a Cause But I will Meditate in thy Precepts For the taking more distinct Cognizance of these Words and of King David's Condition as to his Enemies shewed by them we may observe three things lying before us I. David's Enemies The Proud that dealt perversly with him without Cause II. David's Prayer against them Let them be ashamed III. David's Resolution and Practise with respect to his Enemies But I will Meditate in thy Precepts I. David's Enemies Which are here described to be Proud or Evil Men who dealt with him perversly and that without Cause And who were these Enemies of David but the Friends of Saul As God had set up Saul to Reign over Israel so for his Mis-government and Disobedience the same God that exalted him deposed him I have rejected Saul from reigning over Israel And accordingly God took from him that Spirit or Gift that he gave him whereby he was enabled to Govern the Kingdom that God had advanced him to The Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul And that Spirit of Government that God took from Saul came upon David to qualifie him for that Kingly Office that God had laid upon him The Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward That is from the day that Samuel the Prophet by God's special Order anointed him for King in Saul's stead But notwithstanding all this Saul however deposed rejected by God and put by his Kingdom and David by God's own Appointment constituted King in his room yet had many that stuck to him and even before David assumed the Kingdom laid all the wait they could for him to take him to kill him to destroy him as you read at large in the first Book of Samuel Striving thereby even to disappoint God's own Purpose and to keep Saul in his Throne whom God had dethroned and to keep David out whom God had put in But he that chose him preserved him and at length brought him through all his Adversities to the Kingdom And Saul perished in Battel And when David was placed in the Throne these old Friends of Saul still continued their Enmity against him They combine together and set up Ishbosheth Saul's Son and made him King And by their Influence a great part of the Nation followed him And hence ensued continual Wars between the House of David and the House of Saul And so two Parties were set up and the whole Land of Israel brought into a miserable State of Civil War by the feditious and unquiet Practices of these Malecontents And their rancorous Hearts they shewed not only in making open War against King David and disturbing the Peace of the Kingdom but likewise in their more secret Machinations Plottings and Consultings to do him mischief This is that which David seems here in the Text chiefly to regard when he saith They dealt perversly with him Which one of the Latin Translations of the Bible reads They consulted against me They entred into Consultations to Compass some Designs of Mischief upon me And another Latin Bible reads They frame Destructions for me Or Contrived them by using certain crafty methods and taking certain fitting Seasons the more surely to effect their bloody purposes They plotted together to Assassinate him to use our modern Phrase For these Words of the Text seem to hold forth that Sense that their Plots and Conspiracies