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A09449 The arte of prophecying, or, A treatise concerning the sacred and onely true manner and methode of preaching first written in Latine by Master William Perkins ; and now faithfully translated into English (for that it containeth many worthie things fit for the knowledge of men of all degrees) by Thomas Tuke.; Prophetica, sive, De sacra et vnica ratione concionandi tractatus. English Perkins, William, 1558-1602.; Tuke, Thomas, d. 1657. 1607 (1607) STC 19735.4; ESTC S4414 56,791 166

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of the Prophets and the Minor in the writings of the Euangelists and Apostles The Scripture is either the New Testament or the Old The old testament is y ● first part of the Scripture written by the Prophets in the Hebrew tongue or at least in the Chaldie vnfolding chiefely that old couenant of works Luk. 16. 29. and 24. 27. And he began at Moses and at all the Prophets and interpreted vnto them in all the Scriptures the things which were written of him It is distinguished by bookes which are either Historicall or Dogmaticall or Propheticall The Historicall bookes are stories of things done for the illustration and confirmation of that doctrine which is propounded in other bookes 1. Cor. 10. 11. Now al these things came vpo them for ensamples and were written to admonish vs. Rom. 15. 4. For whatsoeuer things were written afore-time are written for our learning These books are in number fifteene 1 Genesis which is an historie of the creation fall promise and of the state of the Church conserued and shut vp in priuate families 2 Exodus which is an historie of the deliuerance of the Israelites from the Aegyptians of their going out of Aegypt of the promulgation of the Law and of the Tabernacle 3 Leuiticus which containeth a storie of the Ceremoniall worship 4 Numbers which is an historie of their martiall marching into the land of Canaan 5 Deuteronomie which is a commentarie repeating and explicating the Lawes out of the fore-said bookes 6 The booke of Ioshua which declareth their entrance into and possession of the land of Canaan vnder Ioshua 7 The book of the Iudges which comprehendeth an historie of the corrupt and miserable condition of the Church and Common-wealth of Israel from Ioshua to Eli. 8 The booke of Ruth which is an historie concerning the mariages and posteritie of Ruth 9 The first and second booke of Samuel which is a storie of things done vnder Eli and Samuel Priests and vnder Saul and Dauid Kings 10 The first and second booke of Kings which maketh a narratiō of things atchieued in the daies of the Kings of Israel and Iudah 11 The first and second booke of Chronicles which is a methodicall historie of the beginning increase and ruine of the people of Israel seruing to explaine and shew the Line or Linage of Christ. 12 The booke of Ezra which containeth an historie of their returne from captiuitie in Babylon and of the beginning of the Restoring of the citie 13 The booke of Nehemiah which speaketh of the restoring of the city which was to be finished 14 The booke of Hester which is an historie of the preseruation of the Church of the Iewes in Persia by Hester 15 The booke of Iob which is an history intreating of the causes of tentations as also of his manifold conflicts and lastly of his happie issue The Dogmaticall bookes are those which teach and prescribe the Doctrine of Diuinitie These are foure in number 1 The booke of Psalmes which containeth sacred songes to be fitted for euerie condition both of the Church and the particular members therof and also to be sung with grace in the heart Col. 3. 16. 2 The booke of Prouerbes which is a treatise of Christian manners teaching pietie towards God and iustice towards our Neighbour 3 The booke of the Preacher which discloseth the vanity of al humane things so farre forth as they are vsed without the feare of God 4. The Song of Songs which speaketh of the mutuall communion of Christ with the Church vnder an allegorie of a Bridegroome and his Bride The Prophetical books are Predictions either of the iudgements of God for the sinnes of the people or of the deliuerance of the Church which is to bee perfited at the comming of Christ. But with these predictions they doe mingle the doctrine of repentance and doe almost alwaies vse consolations in Christ to them that doe repent It is their custome also for the helping of their hearers memorie and vnderstanding to propound their sermons brieflie which they made at large Esa. 8. 1. Moreouer the Lord said vnto me take thee a great roule and write in it with a mans penne Hab. 2. 2. Write the vision and make it plaine vpon tables that he may run that readeth it Prophecies are either greater or lesser Greater are such as do more plentifullie deliuer all those things that are foretold as the prophecie of Esay Ieremie Ezekiel Daniel Hitherto belong the Lamentations of Ieremie touching the miserie of the people of the Iewes about the time of the death of Iosiah Lesser prophecies are those which intreate more sparinglie or briefely of all those things that are foretold or at least of some of them as the prophecie of Hosea Ioel Amos Obediah Ionas Michah Nahum Habakuk Zephanie Hagge Zacharie Malachie Thus much for the Old testament The New Testament is the second part of the Scripture written in the Greeke tongue by the Apostles or at least approued of them propounding plainely the doctrine of the new couenant Eph. 2. 20. And are built vpon the foundation of the Prophets and Apostles Peter approued the Gospel of Marke at whose motion and appointment it was written by Marke as it pleaseth Nicephorus to auerre Lib. 2. cap. 45. And Iohn that wrote the Gospell approued the Gospell of Luke It is of small moment which is reported by Eusebius to wit that it is apparent by two places 2. Tim. 2. 8. and Rom. 2. 16. that Paul was the author of that Gospell which is called Lukes For Paul doth not here speake of any one booke but of his whole ministerie for hee addeth In * which I suffer trouble as an euill doer euen vnto bonds 2. Tim. 2. 9. The new Testament containeth partly Histories and partly Epistles The Histories are 1 The foure Gospels of Matthew Marke Luke and Iohn which are an history of the life deedes and doctrine of Christ exhibited vnto the world continuing from his conception euen vntill his ascension into heauen And there are foure writers two that were hearers and two that were eye-witnesses that they might giue greater assurance of the truth of the historie The difference betwixt the Euangelists is on this wise Matthew layeth open the doctrines which Christ deliuered Marke sets downe the historie briefly yet did he not make an abridgement of the Gospell which Matthew wrote as Hierome supposed For hee begins his discourse in a diuers manner and proceedes in another order partly intreating of things more largely and partlie interlacing of new matters Luke aimeth at or frameth a perfect historie and described in a certaine order Iohn is almost wholy taken vp in laying open the Godhead and benefit of Christ which is deriued from his Godhead vnto vs. Hierome distinguisheth the Euangelists by their beginnings or entrance He saith Matthew is like a man because hee begins with the Man-hood of Christ. He likens Marke to a Lion because hee begins with