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A14916 Ancient funerall monuments within the vnited monarchie of Great Britaine, Ireland, and the islands adiacent with the dissolued monasteries therein contained: their founders, and what eminent persons haue beene in the same interred. As also the death and buriall of certaine of the bloud royall; the nobilitie and gentrie of these kingdomes entombed in forraine nations. A worke reuiuing the dead memory of the royall progenie, the nobilitie, gentrie, and communaltie, of these his Maiesties dominions. Intermixed and illustrated with variety of historicall obseruations, annotations, and briefe notes, extracted out of approued authors ... Whereunto is prefixed a discourse of funerall monuments ... Composed by the studie and trauels of Iohn Weeuer. Weever, John, 1576-1632.; Cecil, Thomas, fl. 1630, engraver. 1631 (1631) STC 25223; ESTC S118104 831,351 907

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this she did frankly and freely moued thereunto by her owne conscience saying with a Christian and princely resolution I must confesse to certaine of her Counsel●our● that albeit they might obiect against her that the state of her kingdome the dignitie thereof and her Crowne imperiall could not bee honourably maintained and furnished without the possessions aforesaid yet she set more by the saluation of her soule then she did by ten kingdomes And whereas in the raigne of King Edward the sixth it was enacted that all the bookes called Antiphoners Missales Grailes Portuassis and Latine Primmers vsed for seruice in the Church in the time of Poperie should be clearely abolished All images grauen painted or carued taken out of any Church or Chappell with the foresaid bookes should bee defaced or openly burned She being now more forward then wise to obserue the rites and ceremonies of the Romanists caused the like bookes and images to be bought and brought againe into all the Churches within her dominions Holy water Pax and censers were commanded to be employed at the celebration of Masses and Mattens Oyle Creame and Spittle vsed in the Administration of the Sacrament of Baptisme Altars furnished with pictures costly couerings and the Crucifix thereon solemnly placed Vnto whom Lights Candles and Tapers were offered The restauration and dispose of these as also of all other matters concerning the Church shee committed to the Pope and Cardinall Poole his Legate by whose authoritie and meanes by all probabilitie all Statutes made in her father and brothers raigne against the See of Rome the Pope and his Supremacie were altogether repealed and the sixe bloudie Articles enacted by Henry the eighth tyrannically put in execution by force of which shee being ouerswayed by the authoritie of Church men for of her selfe she was of a more facile and better inclined disposition so many in lesse then foure yeares continuance were consumed with fire for the testimoniall of their consciences in that case In the heate of whose flames were burned to ashes fiue Bishops one and twentie Diuines eight Gentlemen eightie foure Artificers one hundred husbandmen seruants and labourers twentie sixe wiues twentie widowes nine Virgines two boyes and two Infants one of them whipped to death by Bonner alias Sauage Bishop of London and the other springing out of his mothers wombe from the stake as she burned was by the Sergeants throwne againe into the fire Sixtie foure more in those furious times were persecuted for their profession and faith whereof seuen were whipped sixteene perished in prison and twelue buried in dunghills many lay in captiuity condemned but were released and saued by the auspicious entrance of peaceable Elizabeth and many fled the Land in those dayes of distresse which by her vpon their returne home were honourably preferred and prouided for according to their worthes Queene Mary now dead and Elizabeth of famous memory proclaimed Queene possessed of her lawfull inheritance placed in her glorious Throne and crowned with the imperiall Diadem presently after followed a Parliament wherein the title of Supremacie and all ancient iurisdictions were againe restored all forraine power abolished and for the more augmentation and maintenance of her State royall it was ordained and established that the first-fruits and Tenths of all Ecclesiasticall liuings with the lands and Scites of Monasteries giuen away by Queene Mary should be vnited and annexed againe to the Crowne that all Statutes should bee repealed which were enacted by the said Queene Marie in fauour of the Romish Religion and that the booke of Common Prayer vsed in King Edwards time for an vniforme celebration of Gods diuine seruice in the English Churches should bee ratified and authorised againe by this present Parliament This Parliament ended vpon the eight of May vpon the fourteenth day of the same moneth next following being Whitsonday diuine Seruice was celebrated in the English tongue whereby Gods word might be heard in a perfect sound and the prayers of the Congregation vttered with an vnderstanding heart Soone after in the same yeare certaine Commissioners were appointed in seuerall places for the establishing of Religion throughout the whole Realme then all the religious houses which were reedified erected or restored by Queene Mary as the Priory of Saint Iohns Ierusalem the Nuns and Brethren of Sion and Sheene the blacke Friers in Smithfield the Friers of Greenwich with all other of the like foundation were vtterly suppressed All Roods and Images set vp in Churches whose sight had often captiuated the senses of the zealous beholder and heated the blinde zeale of many poore ignorant people were now themselues consumed in the fire and with them in some places the copes vestments altar-clothes Amises bookes banners and rood lo●●s were like wise burned in the open streets Vpon the walls pillars and other places of all Churches certaine Inscriptions were cut painted or engrauen which being holden to be superstitious were as then defaced erazed washt ouer or obliterated of which a few for example This Inscription was vsuall to the picture of the blessed Trinitie represented by the Effigies of an old man our Sauiour in his bosome and a Doue Ave Pater Rex Creator Ave fili lux Seruator Ave pax charitas Ave simplex Ave Trine Ave regnans si●e si●e Vna summa Trini●as Vnder the picture of the blessed Trinitie sometimes in the Abbey Church of Rufford in Nottinghamshire as it is in the booke of the said house Sede Pater summa disponit secula cuncta Patre D●o genitus creat regit omnia natu● Omnia vi●ificat procedens Spiritus almus Flamma calor pruna tria sunt hec res sed vna● Sic ab igne calor non diuiditur neque fulgor Ast his vnitis vnus subsi●lit ignis Sic Pater natus Spiritus sed Deus vnus Huic laude munus qui regnat trinus vnus Huic laus et doxa nunc et per secula cuncta Vnder the picture of Christ crucified Nec Deus est nec Homo presens quam cerno figura Et Deus est et Homo que signat sacra figura Verus Homo verusque Deus tamen vnus vterque Probra crucis patitur mortem su●it et sepelitur Viuit item crucis hic per signa triumphat ab hoste Id notum nobis crucis huius litera reddit Scilicet ipsius nota sunt c●ux et crucifixus Hec et ego veneror Iesum'quoque semper adore Againe vnder the Crucifix Quantum pro nobis Christus tulit ecce videmus Et tamen à lachrymis heu lumina sicca tenemus Vnder the picture of Christ vsually in all Abbey Churches Effigiem Christi dum transis semper honora Non tamen effigiem sed quem designat adora Nam Deus est quod imago docet sed non Deus ipsa Hanc videas et mente colas quod cernis in illa And this Sum Rex cunctorum caro factus
spatium triginta dierum 11. Ed. quarti Boniface of Sauoy Archbishop of Canterbury Vnckle to Eleanor the wife of king Henry the third built here at the confluence of the waters a religious structure to the honour of Saint Peter S. Paul and S Thomas the Martyr as most call him and endowed it with faire possessions by the name of an Hospitall but vsually called The new Worke which had not stood fully an hundred and fourty yeares but that William Courtney one of his Successours in this See pulled it downe and erected it anew after his owne pleasure thereby gaining the name of a Founder and called it a Colledge of secular Priests which he consecrated to the holinesse of All Saints which was valued at the suppression at 139. l. 7. s. 6. d. of yearely reuenues This Archbishop Courtney was sonne of Hugh Courtney the third of that Christian name Earle of Deuonshire by Margaret his wife daughter of Humphrey de Bohun Earle of Hereford and Essex And being thus honourablie descended he was no sooner entred into Orders but that he was loaden with spirituall preferments as a Prebend in Wells Exceter and Canterbury beside Benefices with Cure more I thinke then he could well discharge The first Bishopricke he had was Hereford which he enioyed fiue yeares from thence he was remoued to London which hee gouerned about sixe yeares in which time saith Walsingham he was aduanced to the dignity of Cardinal from London to Canterbury which gracious honour hee enioyed 12. yeares lacking one moneth euen vntill his death which happened the last day of Iuly 1396. He lyeth buried according to his will here in his owne Church vnder a plaine graue-stone a lowly Tombe for such an high borne Prelate vpon which his pourtraiture is delineated and this Epitaph inlaid with brasse about the Verge Nomine Willelmus en Courtnaius reuerendus Qui se post obitum legauerat hic tumulandum In presenti loco quem iam fundarat ab imo Omnibus sanctis titulo sacrauit honoris Vltima lux Iulij fit vite terminus illi M. ter C. quinto decies nonoque sub anno Respice mortalis quis quondam sed modo talis Quantus iste fuit dum membra calentia gessie Hic Primas Patrum Cleri Dux genus altum Corpore valde decens sensus acumine clarens Filius hic comitis generosi Deuoniensis Legum Doctor erat celebris quem fama serenat Vrbs Herdfordensis Polis inclita Londoniensis Ac Dorobernensis sibi trine gloria sedis Detur honor digno fit Cancellarius ergo Sanctus vbique pater prudens fuit ipse minister Nam largus letus castus pius atque pudicus Magnanimus iustus egenis totus amicus Et quia Rex Christe Pastor bonus extitit iste Sumat solamen nunc tecum quesumus Amen This Archbishop bestowed much in building and enlarging of his houses especially vpon his Castle of Saltwood Towards the reparation of his Church at Canterbury he gaue 1000. Marks hee gaue also vnto the same Church a certaine image of siluer weighing one hundred and threescore pounds two vestments and thirteene Copes of great value Besides a number of bookes Hic iacet Dominus Iohannes Wotton Rector Ecclesie Parochialis de Stapilhurst Canonicus Cicestrensis primus Magister huius Collegij qui obijt vltimo die Octobris 1417. On the North side of the Quire stands an old Monument most shamefully defaced Onely these words remayning of an old Inscription ..... ad bona non tardus vocitando ..... namque Deo trino valefecit ....... December .... ..... Annomilleno C. quater X. ... It is said that one Woodvill lyeth herein entombed who dwelt at Thamote within this Parish I finde saith M. Lambard in a Record that Thomas Arundell Archbishop of Canterbury the next Successour of Courtney founded a Chantrie at Maidston which whether it be the same that was sometime called the house of the Brothers and but lately conuerted by the Townsmen into a freeschoole or no I will not boldly affirmed but I thinke it rather so then otherwise Leedes There was a Priory in this Towne built and amplie endowed by one Sir Robert Creuequer and Adam his sonne and heire who in ancient Records is named de Creuequer or de crepito corde a Nobleman of Normandie and knight to William the Conquerour in the yeare of our redemption 1107. or thereabouts which he consecrated to the honour of our alone Sauiour Iesus Christ and Saint Nicholas and placed therein blacke Canons regular Augustines Rainham In a Chappell of his owne foundation here in this Church lyeth interred Iohn Bloor and William Bloor Which Iohn dyed 29. Decemb. 1520. Hic iacet Iacobus Donet Ar. qui ob Viij Kal. Feb. 1409. For the loue of Iesu pray for me I may not pray now pray ye That my peynes lessyd may be Wyth on Pater Noster and on Aue. Iohn Paynter of Douer namyd I was And two times Maire of that plas I passyd to God the thirteenth of Iuly On thousand fyve hundryd and forty The people of this place make a great vaunt of the best wheate in all Kent or Christendome Now here gentle Reader giue me leaue to speake a little more of the Priory of Leedes though casually misplaced because forgotten I finde saith Lambard in a Heralds note who belike made his coniecture by some coate of Armes lately apparant that one Leybourne an Earle of Salisbury was the founder of this Priory And indeed it is to be seene in the Annalls of Saint Augustines of Canterbury that a Nobleman called Roger Leybourne was sometime of great authoritie within this Shire notwithstanding that in his time he had tasted of both fortunes for in the dayes of king Henry the third hee was first one of that coniuration which was called the Barons warre from which faction Edward the kings sonne wonne him by faire meanes to his part and made him the bearer of his priuie purse Afterward they agreed not vpon the reckoning so that the Prince charging him with great arrerage of account seised his liuing for satisfaction of the debt by which occasion Roger once more became of the Barons partie But after the pacification made at Kenelworth he was eft-soones receiued into fauour and was made Warden of the fiue Ports and Lieutenant of this whole Shire Now though it cannot be true that this man was the builder of this Priory for the same Annals say that it was erected long before yet if hee did but marry the heire he might truly bee termed the Patron or Founder thereof for by that name not onely the builders themselues but their posterity also to whom the glory of their deeds did descend were wont to bee called Patrons and Founders as well as they It is obserued by my Author in this place speaking of the Priory that in ancient time the greatest Personages held Monkes