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B07647 Articles, to be enquired of vvithin the dioces of London, in the third generall visitation of the reuerend Father in God, Richard, Bishop of London. Holden in the yeere of our Lord God 1604. In the second yeere of the raigne of our most gratious Soueraigne Lord Iames, by the grace of God of England, Fraunce, and Ireland, king, defender of the fayth; and of Scotland the thirtie eight, &c.. Church of England. Diocese of London. Bishop (1597-1604 : Bancroft); Bancroft, Richard, 1544-1610. 1604 (1604) STC 10255; ESTC S92374 12,178 17

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ARTICLES To be enquired of vvithin the Dioces of London in the third generall Visitation of the reuerend Father in God Richard Bishop of London HOLDEN In the yeere of our Lord God 1604. In the second yeere of the raigne of our most gratious Soueraigne Lord IAMES by the grace of God of England Fraunce and Ireland King defender of the fayth and of Scotland the thirtie eight c. Imprinted at London for Clement Knight 1604. A Branch of the Statute made in the first yeere of the raigne of our late Soueraigne Lady Queene Elizabeth intituled An Act for the vniformitie of Common Prayer and seruice in the Church THat from and after the feast of the Natiuitie of St. Iohn Baptist next comming all and euery person persons inhabiting within this Realme or any other the Queenes maiesties dominions shall diligently and faythfully hauing no lawfull or reasonable excuse to be absent indeuour themselues to resort to their parish Church or Chappell accustomed or vppon reasonable let thereof to some vsuall place where common prayer and such like seruice of God shall be vsed in such time of let vpon euery Sunday and other dayes ordayned and vsed to be kept as Holy dayes and then and there to abide orderly and soberly during the time of common prayer preaching or other seruice of God there to be vsed and ministred vpon paine of punishment by the Censures of the Church And also vpon paine that euery person so offending shall forfeite for euery such offence twelue pence to be leuied by the Church-wardens of the parish where such offence shall be done to the vse of the poore of the same parish of the goodes landes and tenementes of such offender by way of distresse And for due execution heereof the Queenes most excellent Maiestie the Lordes temparall and all the commons in this present Parliament assembled doth in Gods name earnestly require and charge all the Archbishops Bishops and other Ordinaries that they shall indeuour themselues to the vttirmost of their knowledge that the true and due execution hereof may be had throughout their Diocesse and charges as they will answere before God for such euils and plagues wherewith almightie God may iustly punish his people for neglecting this good and holsome Lawe The tenour of the Othe ministred to the Churchwardens and Swornemen YOu wall sweare that all affection fauour hatred hope of rewarde and gaine or feare of displeasure or mallice set aside you shall vpon due consideration of the Articles giuen you in charge present all and euery such person of or within your parish as hath committed any offence or fault or made any default mentioned in these or any of these Articles or which are vehemently suspected or otherwise defamed of any such offence fault or default wherein you shall deale vprightly and according to trueth neither of malice presenting any contrary to trueth nor of corrupt affection sparing to present any and so conceale the trueth hauing in this action God before your eyes with an earnest zeale to maintaine trueth and to suppresse vice So helpe you God and the contentes of this Booke The Charge of the Churchwardens and Swornemen set downe for the better performance of their dueties and discharge of their Othes THey are straightly charged to heare all these Articles read ouer to them and diligently to consider and inquire thereof and for that the time is so short in this Visitation that they shall not be able to make a perfect answere vnto all them and that notwithstanding there are many notorious faultes presently worthy of presentment and reformation they are charged after their returne home that together with their Minister they do read ouer all these Articles distinctly and leasurely to the end they may consider of euery perticuler Article and of the offences in them conteined as of such persons in their parish as shal be noted to offende in any of them and after that to assemble themselues in some conuenient time together and to make their Bill answering euery Article by it selfe before the feast of St. Martin next ensuing being the 10 day of Nouember which Bill shall be signed with the hand of the Minister and of all the Church-wardens and Side-men and shall for their better ease be brought by one of the Church-wardens vpon the _____ day of Nouember next vnto the Church of _____ where for the sauing of their trauell and charges vp to London the Iudge and the Register will be readie to receiue them Articles to be enqired of vvithin the Dioces of London in this Visitation holden in the yeere of our Lord God 1604. Articles concerning the Clergie 1 WHether is Common prayer read by your Minister in your Church or Chappel distinctly and reuerently vppon all Sundayes and Holy dayes and in such order as is set foorth by the Lawes of this Realme in the booke of Common prayer without any kind of alteration omitting or adding any thing and at due and conuenient houres 2 Whether doth your Minister vpon Wednesdayes Frydayes not being Holy dayes read in your Church or Chappell publikely the Letanie and other prayers appoynted in the said booke for those dayes and whether doth he read the Commination against sinners in such order and forme as it is there also prescribed 3 Whether doth your Parson Vicar or Curate in the administration of the Lordes Supper or of Baptisme when he solemnizeth Matrimonie burieth the dead churcheth women c. vse the formes and prayers prescribed in the Communion booke without omitting or altering any part of them and without any of his owne additions 4 Whether doth your Parson Vicar or Curate read publike prayer administer the Sacramentes ordinarily himselfe vsing such rites and ceremonies as are prescribed in the booke of Common prayer as namely whether doth he kneele at the receiuing of the holy Communion and administer the same to none but to such as do kneele at the receiuing therof make the signe of the Crosse vpon the childes forehead in the administration of Baptisme Baptise any without Godfathers and Godmothers vse the Ring in marriage and generally whether doth he in the discharging of al these dueties and when he readeth Common prayer eyther vpon Sundayes Holy dayes Wednesdayes and Frydayes weare a Surplice 5 Whether doth your Minister vpon Sundayes at morning prayer declare vnto the parishioners what Holydayes and Fasting dayes are appoynted to be kept the weeke following whereby they may be put in minde to prepare themselues and to repaire to the Church to publike prayer according to the lawes of the Realme 6 Whether doth your Parson Vicar or Curate or either of them reiect at any time those women being married which do come to church to giue God thankes after their childbirth or refuse or neglect to visit the sicke or to burie the dead according to their duties prescribed in the booke of common prayer 7 Whether doth your minister in the Rogation dayes of procession vse the