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A93702 Rome ruin'd by VVhite Hall, or, The papall crown demolisht: containing a confutation of the three degrees of popery, viz. papacy, prelacy, and presbitery; answerable to the triple crowne of the three-headed Cerberus the Pope, with his three fold hierarchies aforesaid. With a dispelling of all other dispersed clouds of errour, which doth interpose the clear sun-shine of the Gospel in our horrizon. Wherein the chiefe arguments each of them have, for the vindication of their erronious tenents are incerted, and refuted; with a description of such whem [sic] the true Church of Christ doth consist of: as also how, and by whom, they may be gathered, and governed, according to the will, and appointment of Jesus Christ, and his apostles, in the primative purity thereof. / By Iohn Spittlehouse, assistant to the Marshall Generall of the Army, under the command of his Excellency, the Lord Generall Fairfax. Imprimated by Theod. Jennings, and entred in the Stationers Hall. Spittlehouse, John. 1649 (1649) Wing S5013; Thomason E586_2; ESTC R203633 304,213 396

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to_o exclude_v all_o prayer_n in_o the_o spirit_n alone_o that_o be_v without_o word_n or_o distinct_a voice_n which_o be_v lawful_a and_o oftentimes_o use_v by_o the_o people_n of_o god_n as_o we_o may_v read_v exo._n 14._o 25._o neh._n 2._o 4._o 1_o sam._n 1._o 13._o rom._n 8._o 26_o 27._o again_o the_o head_n of_o that_o prayer_n be_v general_a so_o that_o no_o man_n can_v apply_v they_o aright_o without_o some_o special_a relation_n or_o application_n to_o he_o or_o their_o particular_a estate_n and_o condition_n christ_n therefore_o prescribe_v that_o form_n of_o prayer_n that_o it_o shall_v be_v a_o rule_n and_o pattern_n to_o make_v our_o prayer_n and_o supplication_n by_o and_o have_v not_o command_v to_o use_v or_o promise_v to_o accept_v of_o such_o prayer_n as_o be_v frame_v by_o man_n invention_n but_o only_o such_o as_o proceed_v from_o the_o spirit_n now_o in_o regard_n the_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n have_v be_v the_o we_o the_o common_a prayer-book_n the_o chief_a cause_n of_o the_o difference_n betwixt_o we_o chief_a cause_n of_o the_o difference_n betwixt_o they_o who_o term_v themselves_o protestant_n or_o rather_o prelatticant_n and_o we_o who_o term_v ourselves_o christian_n i_o be_o the_o more_o induce_v to_o treat_v of_o it_o at_o large_a hope_v that_o the_o lord_n will_v so_o eluminate_v their_o understanding_n that_o they_o will_v due_o and_o serious_o consider_v of_o their_o opinion_n and_o renounce_v their_o error_n which_o the_o lord_n in_o mercy_n grant_v sect_n 3._o in_o the_o first_o place_n i_o will_v show_v they_o what_o prayer_n be_v the_o holy_a prayer_n the_o deffinition_n of_o prayer_n man_n of_o god_n do_v define_v prayer_n to_o be_v the_o interpreter_n of_o the_o mind_n non_fw-la vox_fw-la sed_fw-la votum_fw-la as_o one_o say_v the_o wing_n wherewith_o our_o soul_n do_v fly_v to_o heaven_n as_o swife_z as_o can_v shot_n out_o of_o a_o camon_n the_o key_n of_o the_o gate_n of_o heaven_n that_o which_o either_o early_a or_o late_o find_v admittance_n that_o which_o force_v a_o audience_n and_o unlock_v the_o ●ares_n of_o god_n himself_o it_o be_v also_o define_v to_o be_v a_o call_n upon_o god_n by_o celestial_a cogitation_n of_o which_o there_o be_v vocal_a two_o sort_n of_o prayer_n mental_a and_o vocal_a two_o sort_n 1._o mental_a or_o that_o which_o be_v not_o utter_v by_o the_o tongue_n but_o by_o the_o mind_n and_o this_o sort_n of_o prayer_n be_v call_v ejaculatory_a prayer_n by_o which_o the_o people_n of_o god_n dart_v up_o their_o request_n through_o silence_n of_o speech_n the_o second_o sort_n be_v vocal_a or_o that_o which_o be_v express_v by_o speech_n or_o word_n for_o the_o first_o of_o these_o we_o have_v many_o example_n in_o scripture_n as_o in_o p●ayer_n of_o mental_a p●ayer_n moses_n exo._n 14._o 15._o where_o the_o lord_n say_v unto_o he_o why_o cry_v thou_o unto_o i_o etc._n etc._n whereas_o moses_n be_v not_o say_v to_o utter_v any_o voice_n but_o sigh_v unto_o god_n and_o cry_v in_o his_o heart_n whereupon_o one_o say_v egit_fw-la vocis_fw-la silentia_fw-la ut_fw-la cord_n clamarit_fw-la he_o in_o the_o silence_n of_o his_o voice_n so_o wrought_v that_o he_o cry_v in_o his_o heart_n we_o have_v another_o example_n in_o hannah_n 1_o sam._n 1._o 13._o in_o these_o word_n now_o hannah_n she_o speak_v in_o her_o heart_n only_o her_o lip_n move_v but_o her_o voice_n be_v not_o hear_v we_o have_v also_o another_o example_n in_o jehoshaphat_n who_o when_o he_o be_v compass_v with_o the_o assyrian_n be_v say_v to_o cry_v out_o unto_o the●_n lord_n which_o probable_o be_v not_o vocal_o but_o mental_o 2_o cor._n 18._o 31._o so_o that_o the_o lift_v up_o of_o the_o voice_n be_v not_o the_o most_o necessary_a part_n of_o prayer_n but_o the_o sorrow_n and_o contrition_n of_o the_o heart_n and_o therefore_o the_o lord_n say_v by_o his_o prophet_n before_o they_o call_v i_o will_v answer_v to_o their_o secret_a request_n and_o enward_o grievance_n of_o their_o heart_n and_o this_o be_v most_o probable_a for_o god_n be_v a_o spirit_n will_v especial_o be_v invocate_v by_o the_o spiritual_a part_n of_o man_n joh._n 4._o 24._o and_o contrariwise_o abhor_v those_o that_o come_v near_o unto_o he_o with_o their_o lip_n their_o heart_n be_v far_o from_o he_o mat._n 15._o 7_o 8._o now_o with_o such_o as_o have_v the_o spirit_n of_o god_n this_o sort_n of_o prayer_n be_v much_o use_v for_o by_o it_o we_o may_v pray_v upon_o all_o occasion_n unknown_a unto_o the_o world_n by_o lift_v up_o pure_a heart_n unto_o the_o lord_n in_o reference_n to_o which_o come_v this_o say_n pii_fw-la ●rat_fw-la tassatie_fw-mi good_a man_n pray_v in_o silence_n sect_n 4._o the_o other_o manner_n of_o prayer_n be_v vocal_a that_o be_v when_o the_o prayer_n o●_n prayer_n tongue_n express_v and_o utter_v the_o desire_n of_o the_o heart_n either_o of_o which_o be_v produce_v from_o a_o true_a and_o a_o lively_a faith_n in_o christ_n be_v so_o prevalent_a with_o god_n that_o they_o procure_v our_o wish_a desire_n so_o far_o as_o the_o lord_n know_v it_o needful_a for_o we_o according_a to_o the_o promise_n of_o our_o saviour_n ask_v and_o you_o shall_v receive_v as_o also_o the_o lord_n by_o the_o prophet_n call_v upon_o i_o in_o the_o time_n of_o trouble_n and_o i_o will_v hear_v thou_o now_o as_o there_o be_v two_o sort_n of_o prayer_n viz._n a_o natural_a man_n and_o man_n two_o sort_n of_o man_n u●z_n a._n natural_a man_n and_o a_o spiritual_a man_n a_o spiritual_a man_n of_o which_o two_o sort_n of_o people_n the_o world_n do_v consist_v and_o they_o be_v utter_o opposite_a the_o one_o to_o the_o other_o as_o light_v and_o darkness_n heaven_n and_o hell_n christ_n and_o beliall_a as_o for_o the_o natural_a man_n in_o regard_n he_o will_v not_o absolute_o declare_v himself_o to_o be_v a_o atheist_n in_o respect_n he_o see_v so_o many_o in_o the_o world_n that_o do_v acknowledge_v that_o there_o be_v a_o god_n therefore_o for_o fashion_n sake_n he_o will_v also_o have_v a_o way_n and_o rule_v to_o worship_n god_n by_o which_o shall_v suit_n with_o his_o condition_n and_o to_o this_o purpose_n he_o do_v furnish_v himself_o with_o all_o material_n cap_v a_o pea_n as_o may_v conduce_v to_o his_o humour_n viz._n he_o will_v have_v a_o church_n but_o they_o shall_v consist_v of_o his_o own_o fraternity_n who_o shall_v scorn_v the_o very_a name_n of_o a_o saint_n you_o hate_v he_o more_o than_o a_o devil_n 2._o they_o will_v have_v a_o place_n to_o meet_v in_o as_o other_o but_o it_o must_v be_v humour_n the_o natural_a man_n humour_n deck_v adorn_v and_o beautify_v with_o whatsoever_o seem_v delectable_a and_o pleasant_a to_o the_o sense_n for_o be_v sensual_a themselves_o and_o have_v no_o other_o understanding_n therefore_o they_o place_v their_o delight_n mere_o in_o sensual_a thing_n as_o the_o apostle_n testify_v at_o large_a rom._n 8._o 5._o so_o that_o if_o they_o preach_v or_o hear_v a_o sermond_n it_o must_v be_v if_o possible_a the_o quintessence_n of_o eloquence_n if_o they_o pray_v it_o must_v be_v in_o a_o study_v set_v speech_n in_o choice_n oratory_n their_o priest_n be_v attire_v like_o have_a dame_n etc._n etc._n and_o thus_o in_o all_o their_o worship_n do_v they_o express_v themselves_o to_o be_v carnall-minded_n man_n and_o such_o as_o the_o apostle_n declare_v to_o be_v at_o enmity_n with_o god_n which_o do_v full_o appear_v by_o their_o serpentine_a like_a hate_n to_o all_o such_o as_o go_v about_o to_o dissuade_v they_o from_o their_o folly_n and_o madness_n and_o this_o they_o do_v in_o regard_n they_o will_v seem_v somewhat_o religious_a &_o can_v perform_v it_o in_o another_o way_n it_o be_v contrary_a to_o their_o game_n sect_n 5._o obj._n why_o do_v you_o endeavour_v to_o reclaim_v they_o if_o you_o can_v have_v no_o other_o ans_fw-fr they_o can_v do_v no_o other_o during_o the_o time_n they_o be_v in_o their_o carnal_a condition_n but_o i_o hope_v the_o lord_n have_v many_o among_o they_o cavalier_n the_o desperate_a resolution_n of_o some_o cavalier_n who_o belong_v unto_o he_o albeit_o under_o that_o veil_n of_o ignorance_n who_o my_o desire_n be_v to_o dissuade_v from_o their_o error_n for_o otherwise_o i_o be_o confident_a that_o it_o be_v no_o more_o possible_a for_o a_o camel_n to_o pass_v through_o the_o eye_n of_o a_o needle_n or_o to_o make_v hell_n heaven_n then_o to_o reclaim_v the_o other_o who_o desperate_a resolution_n be_v so_o apparent_o manifest_a now_o contrary_a to_o this_o natural_a man_n there_o be_v a_o spiritual_a man_n prayer_n the_o spiritual_a man_n humour_n in_o point_n of_o prayer_n who_o be_v of_o a_o quite_o contrary_a mind_n and_o opinion_n for_o whereas_o the_o carnal_a man_n judgement_n be_v that_o prayer_n although_o invent_v by_o another_o
themselves_o providence_n be_v wonderful_o see_v in_o that_o like_o the_o assyrian_n they_o help_v to_o ruin_v one_o another_o so_o that_o my_o chief_a work_n be_v to_o subdue_v that_o hierarchy_n of_o presbytery_n who_o have_v conquer_v the_o other_o two_o and_o now_o will_v reign_v itself_o in_o their_o stead_n again_o i_o will_v have_v such_o sir_n john_n to_o know_v that_o to_o fight_v a_o public_a enemy_n require_v the_o public_a magazine_n both_o for_o offensive_a and_o defensive_a weapon_n and_o see_v the_o lord_n have_v move_v i_o to_o be_v his_o church_n champion_n against_o that_o three-headed_a monster_n of_o the_o pope_n with_o his_o threefold_a hierarchy_n of_o papacy_n prelacy_n and_o presbytery_n certain_o he_o will_v allow_v i_o as_o saul_n do_v to_o david_n his_o own_o armour_n however_o that_o i_o may_v gather_v such_o material_n as_o i_o shall_v think_v meet_a for_o the_o encounter_n in_o such_o common_a place_n as_o david_n do_v in_o the_o brook_n which_o have_v gather_v i_o therewith_o advance_v in_o the_o spirit_n of_o david_n towards_o that_o zanzumim_n or_o gyganticall_a annakim_n hope_v the_o lord_n of_o host_n the_o only_a giver_n of_o battle_n will_v so_o prosper_v the_o event_n as_o that_o i_o shall_v as_o david_n do_v goliath_n head_n he_o with_o his_o ow_v weapon_n and_o bring_v they_o as_o trophy_n to_o the_o camp_n of_o our_o israel_n take_v notice_n rome_n even_o in_o the_o same_o white_a hall._n where_o here_o thou_o have_v thy_o rise_n thou_o have_v thy_o fall_n a_o general_a preface_n to_o the_o book_n in_o as_o much_o as_o the_o present_a design_n of_o christ_n by_o his_o spirit_n which_o be_v now_o to_o reign_v in_o the_o saint_n be_v to_o destroy_v antichrist_n root_n a●●_n branch_n and_o this_o antichrist_n so_o to_o be_v destroy_v consist_v of_o the_o pollution_n and_o delusion_n of_o the_o world_n the_o ●lesh_n and_o the_o devil_n viz._n in_o the_o now_o temporal_a power_n of_o the_o world_n the_o now_o various_a form_n of_o church_n government_n as_o also_o in_o many_o fundamental_a point_n of_o religion_n and_o it_o be_v the_o office_n of_o the_o aforesaid_a spirit_n to_o convince_v the_o world_n of_o sin_n of_o righteousness_n and_o of_o judgement_n joh._n 16._o 8._o viz._n of_o sin_n in_o point_n of_o fundamental_o of_o righteousness_n in_o point_n of_o their_o pharasaicall_a gloss_n by_o which_o they_o colour_v their_o hypocrisy_n in_o matter_n of_o form_n of_o judgement_n in_o point_n of_o the_o tyrannical_a and_o arbitrary_a power_n of_o the_o world_n in_o reference_n to_o which_o i_o have_v suit_v my_o discourse_n to_o they_o three_o particular_n hope_v the_o reader_n will_v ●●ade_v that_o conviction_n as_o to_o be_v persuade_v from_o any_o further_o contest_v with_o christ_n in_o all_o or_o any_o one_o of_o the_o aforesaid_a particular_n resident_a in_o he_o in_o relation_n to_o which_o christ_n have_v in_o effect_n declare_v that_o whosoever_o be_v not_o against_o they_o or_o any_o one_o of_o they_o in_o any_o particular_a of_o they_o be_v assure_o against_o he_o the_o method_n i_o shall_v observe_v in_o this_o discourse_n be_v by_o make_v the_o first_o last_o and_o the_o last_o first_o viz._n i_o have_v first_o endeavour_v to_o convince_v error_n in_o fundamental_a point_n of_o religion_n as_o in_o relation_n to_o the_o trinity_n etc._n etc._n second_o in_o the_o form_n of_o it_o and_o last_o in_o the_o power_n oppose_v christ_n in_o or_o under_o they_o form_n i_o have_v also_o use_v the_o scripture_n method_n by_o reproof_n and_o instruction_n where_o there_o be_v occasion_n i_o have_v also_o where_o need_n require_v compose_v this_o book_n by_o way_n of_o dialogue_n it_o be_v as_o i_o conceive_v the_o chief_a mean_n to_o convince_v error_n this_o i_o presume_v be_v sufficient_a to_o illuminate_v your_o understanding_n in_o relation_n to_o the_o scope_n and_o intent_n of_o the_o book_n which_o be_v here_o present_v unto_o you_o i_o shall_v only_o add_v this_o that_o the_o reader_n will_v peruse_v the_o 24._o chap._n of_o m●thewes_n gospel_n and_o parallel_v it_o with_o this_o present_a time_n as_o also_o in_o particular_a to_o take_v notice_n of_o the_o 30._o ver_fw-la viz._n then_o shall_v appear_v the_o sign_n of_o the_o son_n of_o man_n in_o heaven_n etc._n etc._n to_o the_o assembly_n of_o priest_n and_o lay-elders_a who_o be_v late_o meet_v together_o as_o a_o provincial_n synod_n london_n novemb_n 2_o 1649._o be_v a_o lightning_n before_o the_o final_a ruin_n of_o their_o present_a hierarchy_n gentleman_n presbyter_n the_o reason_n why_o i_o have_v print_v this_o sheet_n be_v because_o when_o my_o book_n be_v print_v off_o i_o happen_v to_o meet_v with_o a_o book_n publish_v by_o you_o title_v the_o vindication_n of_o your_o government_n and_o ministry_n etc._n etc._n which_o in_o regard_n my_o be_v to_o succeed_v and_o not_o positive_o intend_v as_o a_o answer_n to_o you_o i_o think_v it_o requisite_a to_o write_v some_o what_o whereby_o you_o may_v take_v notice_n that_o i_o have_v be_v at_o the_o charge_n of_o one_o of_o they_o book_n so_o publish_v by_o you_o to_o the_o end_n i_o may_v discover_v how_o far_o providence_n have_v provide_v you_o of_o a_o answer_n to_o your_o thought_n before_o they_o be_v either_o publish_v or_o pen_v as_o also_o to_o take_v notice_n what_o that_o antichristian_a spirit_n which_o be_v yet_o so_o predominant_a in_o you_o have_v dictate_v unto_o you_o as_o a_o preparative_n for_o its_o own_o ruin_n and_o your_o perpetual_a shame_n and_o disgrace_n to_o which_o purpose_n i_o have_v take_v notice_n of_o some_o passage_n in_o your_o book_n which_o clear_o tend_v to_o that_o purpose_n as_o first_o in_o that_o great_a oversight_n in_o not_o prove_v you_o have_v a_o church_n do_v you_o never_o hear_v that_o the_o schismatic_n and_o heretic_n you_o so_o much_o gape_v to_o devour_v do_v as_o well_o oppose_v your_o church_n as_o your_o government_n and_o minstry_n can_v you_o think_v they_o be_v now_o satisfy_v in_o the_o lawfulness_n of_o it_o more_o than_o former_o viz._n that_o the_o whole_a frame_n of_o it_o be_v antichristian_a as_o also_o the_o appurtenance_n thereunto_o belong_v certain_o you_o think_v your_o book_n will_v have_v happen_v in_o the_o hand_n of_o none_o but_o such_o silly_a people_n you_o dedicate_v it_o unto_o who_o you_o have_v so_o long_o blind_v by_o your_o lucifer-like_a lustre_n or_o janes_n and_o jambres-like_a delusion_n but_o if_o so_o providence_n have_v otherwise_o dispose_v of_o it_o to_o the_o end_n you_o may_v deceive_v they_o no_o long_o it_o appear_v you_o will_v glad_o now_o content_v yourselves_o with_o they_o you_o have_v under_o your_o church_n in_o london_n but_o i_o hope_v they_o have_v ●ither_o more_o wit_n or_o grace_n then_o to_o be_v any_o long_o delude_v by_o you_o and_o for_o the_o other_o sectary_n etc._n etc._n they_o adjure_v you_o to_o beguile_v your_o auditor_n no_o long_o with_o such_o vain_a pretence_n and_o seem_a show_n of_o the_o purity_n of_o your_o church-government_n and_o ministry_n but_o that_o you_o will_v prove_v they_o to_o be_v of_o such_o like_a mettle_n as_o you_o boast_v they_o to_o be_v and_o that_o not_o only_o as_o you_o have_v do_v from_o your_o infallible_a tongue_n pen_n sic_fw-la volo_fw-la sic_fw-la jubeo_fw-la or_o from_o your_o old_a grandam_n at_o rome_n but_o from_o the_o institution_n of_o christ_n and_o his_o apostle_n not_o legal_a or_o politic_a observation_n of_o the_o jew_n etc._n etc._n and_o until_o you_o have_v so_o do_v whsch_fw-mi i_o be_o confident_a you_o will_v never_o do_v they_o be_v all_o fool_n or_o madman_n that_o will_v harbour_v a_o conceit_n that_o you_o have_v either_o a_o true_a church-government_n or_o ministry_n and_o therefore_o in_o the_o name_n of_o all_o such_o as_o desire_v to_o practice_v religion_n in_o the_o primitive_a purity_n thereof_o i_o pronounce_v and_o declare_v whatsoever_o you_o have_v say_v in_o that_o book_n to_o be_v of_o no_o more_o esteem_n than_o a_o castle_n build_v in_o the_o air_n or_o a_o babel_n of_o confusion_n for_o where_o do_v you_o find_v in_o the_o new_a testament_n a_o church_n mere_o compose_v of_o officer_n or_o any_o part_n of_o the_o church_n term_v by_o the_o name_n of_o laiety_n or_o lay-elders_a lay-people_n etc._n etc._n or_o where_o such_o sort_n of_o people_n be_v admit_v to_o church-fellowship_n as_o there_o be_v a_o need_n to_o examine_v they_o touch_v their_o faith_n before_o the_o receipt_n of_o the_o lord_n supper_n or_o where_o in_o any_o act_n of_o judicature_n or_o advice_n that_o the_o brethren_n be_v exempt_v from_o their_o vote_n and_o consent_n or_o have_v not_o a_o joint_a interest_n and_o concurrence_n therein_o or_o where_o read_v you_o there_o of_o a_o classical_a provincial_n or_o nationall_n synod_n or_o nationall_n church_n or_o of_o one_o
if_o but_o read_v over_o by_o they_o or_o any_o other_o be_v sufficient_a for_o the_o service_n of_o god_n as_o indeed_o it_o be_v to_o that_o god_n they_o worship_v the_o spiritual_a man_n he_o be_v of_o another_o judgement_n for_o he_o say_v that_o true_a prayer_n be_v that_o which_o be_v dictate_v to_o the_o mind_n by_o the_o holy_a ghost_n and_o so_o make_v prayer_n the_o voice_n of_o god_n own_o spirit_n which_o arise_v from_o the_o regenerate_a part_n within_o we_o be_v quicken_v and_o enlarge_v to_o pray_v from_o the_o immediate_a help_n of_o the_o holy_a ghost_n and_o such_o prayer_n say_v they_o be_v only_o acceptable_a to_o god_n and_o no_o other_o now_o to_o know_v whether_o of_o these_o opinion_n retain_v the_o truth_n it_o prayer_n of_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n in_o prayer_n be_v requisite_a to_o have_v they_o to_o the_o touchstone_n of_o truth_n viz._n the_o word_n of_o god_n which_o be_v able_a to_o convince_v all_o error_n and_o to_o make_v they_o appear_v in_o their_o natural_a colour_n to_o which_o purpose_n the_o apostle_n paul_n be_v very_o pertinent_a in_o his_o epistle_n as_o in_o rom._n 8._o 26._o where_o he_o speak_v of_o the_o act_n of_o prayer_n or_o ●ather_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n in_o he_o say_v that_o the_o spirit_n help_v our_o infirmity_n and_o that_o we_o know_v not_o what_o to_o pray_v for_o as_o we_o ought_v but_o that_o the_o spirit_n itself_o make_v intercession_n for_o we_o with_o sigh_n and_o ●_z which_o be_v unutterable_a which_o he_o do_v also_o thus_o further_o illustrate_v in_o the_o 27_o ver_fw-la viz._n and_o he_o that_o search_v the_o heart_n know_v the_o mind_n of_o the_o spirit_n because_o he_o make_v intercession_n for_o the_o saint_n according_a to_o the_o will_n of_o god_n sect_n 6._o from_o whence_o i_o thus_o argue_v if_o the_o intercession_n of_o the_o saint_n who_o be_v predestinate_v to_o salvation_n be_v not_o available_a without_o the_o direction_n and_o guidance_n of_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n as_o it_o be_v evident_a they_o be_v not_o instance_n in_o holy_a david_n who_o say_v if_o i_o regard_v wickedness_n in_o my_o heart_n god_n will_v not_o hear_v my_o prayer_n what_o will_v become_v of_o the_o other_o and_o what_o better_a testimony_n can_v we_o have_v to_o decide_v the_o controversy_n then_o when_o the_o holy_a ghost_n himself_o confirm_v the_o point_n as_o a_o witness_n to_o his_o own_o act_n their_o audaciousness_n prayer_n a_o set_a ●o●me_n of_o prayer_n have_v not_o the_o spirit_n of_o prayer_n and_o stupidity_n be_v therefore_o to_o be_v admire_v who_o think_v that_o prayer_n and_o preach_a can_v avail_v although_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n do_v not_o co-opperate_a with_o it_o for_o the_o holy_a ghost_n tele_v we_o plain_o that_o we_o know_v not_o what_o to_o ask_v without_o his_o direction_n now_o what_o direction_n from_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n can_v be_v imagine_v in_o that_o prayer_n which_o be_v former_o compose_v by_o another_o party_n than_o he_o who_o read_v or_o pray_v it_o or_o what_o benefit_n can_v be_v expect_v from_o that_o prayer_n where_o the_o tongue_n express_v that_o which_o be_v not_o former_o conceive_v in_o the_o mind_n to_o ask_v well_o may_v they_o therefore_o be_v compare_v to_o steevens_n uncircumcised_a jew_n in_o that_o they_o still_o resist_v and_o flat_o deny_v the_o motion_n of_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n in_o the_o act_n of_o prayer_n again_o the_o child_n of_o god_n have_v sundry_a occasion_n to_o pray_v unto_o god_n by_o reason_n of_o their_o manifold_a temptation_n by_o the_o flesh_n the_o world_n and_o the_o devil_n which_o do_v war_n continual_o against_o the_o spirit_n now_o let_v any_o judicious_a man_n censure_n whether_o a_o child_n of_o god_n find_v great_a comfort_n in_o express_v his_o misery_n and_o unfeigned_a repentance_n be_v move_v thereunto_o by_o the_o spirit_n of_o he_o to_o who_o he_o pray_v rather_o than_o to_o express_v himself_o by_o such_o a_o prayer_n as_o be_v invent_v by_o another_o man_n again_o what_o prayer_n can_v be_v more_o acceptable_a to_o god_n then_o when_o he_o be_v invocate_v by_o a_o penitent_a sinner_n who_o be_v dictate_v what_o to_o ask_v by_o the_o spirit_n of_o he_o to_o who_o he_o pray_v certain_o than_o we_o ought_v rather_o to_o join_v ourselves_o with_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n rather_o than_o the_o spirit_n of_o man_n sect_n 7._o obj._n such_o as_o pray_v by_o the_o spirit_n use_v tautollogy_n and_o vain_a repetition_n in_o their_o prayer_n ans_fw-fr god_n do_v not_o give_v the_o measure_n of_o his_o spirit_n to_o his_o child_n by_o equal_a proportion_n but_o to_o some_o more_o to_o some_o less_o but_o to_o all_o some_o yea_o such_o a_o some_o that_o he_o that_o have_v the_o least_o of_o it_o have_v so_o much_o as_o to_o make_v his_o prayer_n acceptable_a though_o not_o so_o much_o prevalent_a with_o god_n as_o they_o who_o have_v a_o great_a measure_n of_o it_o again_o god_n way_n be_v not_o our_o way_n he_o be_v not_o like_o a_o earthly_a prince_n who_o be_v common_o petition_v with_o a_o premeditate_a speech_n p●ayer_n it_o be_v not_o eloquence_n of_o word_n that_o god_n rega●deth_v in_o p●ayer_n neither_o be_v it_o eloquence_n of_o word_n which_o work_v upon_o he_o but_o the_o pious_a thought_n and_o desire_n of_o the_o heart_n which_o the_o lord_n be_v former_o acquaint_v withal_o before_o they_o be_v express_v by_o the_o tongue_n be_v even_o then_o accept_v of_o he_o which_o the_o lord_n testify_v by_o his_o prophet_n in_o these_o word_n before_o they_o call_v i_o will_v answer_v isa_n 65._o 29._o so_o that_o it_o be_v not_o so_o much_o the_o expression_n of_o the_o tongue_n as_o of_o the_o heart_n which_o god_n accept_v or_o flow_v as_o please_v unto_o he_o again_o let_v they_o peruse_v their_o liturgy_n and_o see_v if_o they_o can_v excuse_v it_o their_o liturgy_n ha●h_v many_o tautology_n in_o it_o it_o of_o tautology_n when_o they_o repeat_v these_o sentence_n viz._n lord_n have_v mercy_n upon_o we_o christ_n have_v mercy_n upon_o we_o lord_n have_v mercy_n upon_o we_o christ_n hear_v we_o o_o christ_n hear_v we_o lord_n have_v mercy_n upon_o we_o christ_n have_v mercy_n upon_o we_o with_o thou_o lamb_n of_o god_n that_o take_v away_o the_o sin_n of_o the_o world_n three_o time_n repeat_v together_o with_o good_a lord_n deliver_v we_o and_o we_o beseech_v thou_o to_o bear_v we_o good_a lord_n very_o many_o time_n repeat_v the_o lord_n prayer_n also_o many_o time_n at_o one_o service_n and_o yet_o to_o see_v those_o vain_a babbler_n that_o will_v accuse_v other_o with_o that_o which_o they_o be_v the_o most_o guilty_a of_o themselves_o yea_o what_o be_v their_o pulpit_n prayer_n but_o mere_a tautology_n the_o same_o the_o next_o sabbath_n as_o be_v the_o former_a prayer_n a_o carnal_a man_n ty_v god_n to_o one_o and_o the_o same_o prayer_n and_o so_o for_o all_o their_o life_n long_o yea_o let_v the_o occasion_n be_v what_o it_o will_v funeral_n or_o feast_n plenty_n or_o famine_n war_n or_o peace_n or_o what_o occational_n soever_o god_n must_v either_o be_v please_v with_o their_o set_a form_n or_o he_o be_v like_a to_o have_v none_o at_o all_o yea_o though_o there_o be_v never_o a_o clause_n in_o their_o expression_n which_o tend_v to_o the_o present_a occasion_n whereas_o through_o the_o whole_a book_n of_o god_n we_o neither_o read_v of_o any_o child_n of_o god_n that_o pray_v but_o that_o his_o prayer_n do_v sole_o tend_v to_o his_o present_a occasion_n as_o i_o have_v former_o prove_v when_o i_o speak_v of_o the_o lord_n prayer_n itself_o sect_n 8._o so_o that_o if_o these_o vapour_a russian_n be_v tie_v to_o pray_v in_o the_o same_o nature_n as_o do_v the_o child_n of_o god_n who_o they_o so_o vilify_v certain_o they_o can_v not_o be_v so_o rash_a in_o censure_v as_o they_o be_v when_o as_o some_o of_o they_o in_o my_o own_o hear_n be_v to_o pray_v for_o a_o sick_a party_n in_o their_o pulpit_n prayer_n have_v have_v much_o ado_n to_o bring_v it_o in_o and_o much_o more_o to_o get_v into_o their_o set_a prayer_n again_o but_o have_v be_v in_o very_o great_a danger_n of_o a_o non_fw-la plus_fw-la again_o the_o apostle_n james_n say_v that_o the_o effectual_a fervent_a prayer_n of_o a_o righteous_a man_n avail_v much_o from_o which_o expression_n we_o may_v gather_v that_o true_a prayer_n must_v tend_v to_o effect_v the_o necessity_n of_o the_o party_n pray_v 2._o that_o this_o prayer_n must_v also_o be_v full_a of_o fervency_n and_o zeal_n to_o have_v it_o effect_v as_o the_o prophet_n say_v i_o roar_v even_o for_o the_o disquietness_n of_o my_o soul_n 3._o that_o it_o must_v proceed_v from_o a_o righteous_a man_n or_o else_o the_o other_o be_v in_o vain_a and_o this_o be_v