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A84506 At the court at Whitehall, the 29th day of December, 1694 By the Lords of His Majesties most honourable Privy Council.; Orders in Council. 1694-12-29 England and Wales. Privy Council. 1694 (1694) Wing E834A; ESTC R223096 1,124 1

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At the Court at WHITEHALL The 29 th Day of December 1694. By the Lords of His MAJESTIES most Honourable Privy Council WHereas by the late Act of Uniformity which Establisheth the Liturgy and Enacts That no Form or Order of Common Prayers be openly used other then what is Prescribed and Appointed to be used in and by the said Book It is notwithstanding provided That in all those Prayers Litanies and Collects which do any ways relate to the King Queen or Royal Progeny the Names be altered and changed from time to time and fitted to the present Occasion according to the Direction of lawful Authority It is this Day Ordered in Council That the following Alterations be made In the Morning and Evening Prayers In the Responses instead of O Lord save the King and Queen read O Lord save the King In the Prayer instead of our Sovereign Lord and Lady King William and Queen Mary read our Sovereign Lord King William and throughout the Prayer instead of they them and their read he him and his In the Litany Instead of thy Servants William and Mary our most gracious King and Queen read thy Servant William our most gracious King and Governour and instead of their they and them read his he and him In the Prayer for the High Court of Parliament Instead of King and Queen read King and instead of our Sovereign Lord and Lady and their Kingdoms read our Sovereign and his Kingdoms In the Communion Service In the two Collects after the Ten Commandments In the former instead of rule the hearts of thy chosen Servants William and Mary our King and Queen read rule the heart of thy chosen Servant William our King and Governour instead of that they knowing whose Ministers they are read that he knowing whose Minister he is instead of their read his instead of they have read he hath and instead of them read him In the latter Collect instead of Govern the hearts of William and Mary thy Servants our King and Queen read Govern the heart of William thy Servant our King and Governour instead of their thoughts read his thoughts instead of they may read he may and instead of their charge road his charge In the Prayer for Christs Church Militant instead of William and Mary our King and Queen read thy Servant William our King instead of under them read under him instead of unto their read unto his and instead of authority under them read authority under him And it is further Ordered That no Edition of the Book of Common Prayer be from henceforth Printed but with these Amendments and that in the mean time till Copies of such Edition may be had All Parsons Vicars and Curates within this Realm do for the Preventing of Mistakes with the Pen Correct and Amend all such Prayers in their Church-Books according to the foregoing Directions And for the better Notice hereof that this Order be forthwith Printed and Published and sent to the several Parishes And that the Right Reverend the Bishops take Care that Obedience be paid to the same accordingly within their respective Diocesses William Bridgeman London Printed by Charles Bill and the Executrix of Thomas Newcomb deceas'd Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty M DC XCIV