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A72003 Aduertisments partly for due order in the publique administration of common prayers and vsinge the holy Sacramentes, and partly for the apparrell of all persons ecclesiasticall by vertue of the Queenes maiesties letters commaunding the same, the xxv. day of Ianuary, in the seuenth yeare of the reigne of oure soueraigne lady Elyzabeth, by the grace of God, of Englande, Fraunce and Irelande Queene, defender of the faith, [et]c. Church of England. 1565 (1565) STC 10027; ESTC S121956 5,257 16

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Aduertisments partly for due order in the publique administration of common prayers and vsinge the holy Sacramentes and partly for the apparrell of all persons ecclesiasticall by vertue of the Queenes maiesties letters commaunding the same the xxv day of Ianuary in the seuenth yeare of the reigne of oure Soueraigne Lady ELYZABETH by the grace of God of Englande Fraunce and Irelande Queene defender of the faith c. ❧ LONDINI Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum The Preface THe Queenes maiesty of her godly zeale calling to remembraunce how necessary it is to thauaūcemēt of gods glory and to the establishment of Christes pure Religion for all her louinge subiectes especially the state Ecclesiastical to bee knitte together in one perfecte vnity of doctrine and to be conioined in one vniformity of Rites and Maners in the ministration of gods holy word in open praier and ministracion of Sacraments as also to be of one decent behauiour in their outwarde apparrell to be knowne partly by their distinct habits to be of that vocation who shoulde be reuerenced the rather in their offices as Ministers of the holye thinges wherto they be called hath by her letters directed vnto the Archebyshop of Canterbury and Metropolitane required enioyned and straightlye charged that with assistance and conference had with other byshops namely suche as be in cōmission for causes ecclesiasticall some orders might be taken wherby all diuersities and varieties amonge them of the clergy and the people as breadinge nothinge but contention offence and breach of common charity and be against the lawes good vsuage and ordinaunces of the Realm might be reformed and repressed and brought to one maner of vniformitye thoroughout the whole Realm that the people may therby quietly honour and serue almighty God in truthe concord vnity peace and quietnes as by her maiesties said letters more at large dothe appeare Whervppon by diligent conference and communication in the same and at laste by assent and consent of the persons before said these orders and rules ensuing haue beene thought meete conuenient to be vsed and folowed not yet prescribing these rules as lawes equiualent with the eternal word of God as of necessity to binde the consciences of her subiectes in the nature of them considered in them selues Or as they shoulde adde any efficacy or more holines to the vertue of publique prayer and to the Sacraments but as temporall orders mere Ecclesiasticall without any vaine superstition and as rules in some part of discipline concerning decency distinction and order for the time Articles for doctrine preaching First that al they which shal be admitted to preache shal be diligentlie examined for their cōformytie in vnitie of doctrine establisshed by publique authoritie and admonisshed to vse sobriety and discretion in teachinge the people namlye in matters of controuersy and to consider the grauity of theire office to foresee with diligence the matters which they will speake to vtter them to the edification of the audience Item that they sett owte in theire preaching the reuerent estimation of the holie Sacramentes of Baptisme and the Lordes supper excitinge the people to thoften and deuoute receauing of the holy cōmunion of the bodie and bloude of Christ in suche forme as is already prescribed in the booke of Common praier and as it is further declared in an Homelye concernynge the vertue and efficacie of the said Sacramentes Item that they move the people to all obedience aswell in obseruation of the orders appointed in the booke of Common seruice as in the Queenes Magesties iniunctions as also of all other ciuil duetyes due for subiectes to doe Item that allycences for preaching graunted out by the archebyshop byshopes within the prouince of Canterbury bearing date before the firste day of marche 1564 be voyde and of none effect and neuerthelesse all such as shal be thought meete for the office to be admitted againe without difficultye or charge paing no more but iiii pens for the writing parchement and waxe Item yf anye Preacher or parson vicar or curate so licensed shall fortune to Preache any matter tendinge to dissention or to the derogation of the religion and doctrine receiuid that the hearers denounce the same to the Ordinaries or the nexte bysshope of the same place but no man openly to contrary or to impugne the same speache so disorderly vttered wherebye may growe offence and disquiet of the people but shal be conuinced and reproued by the ordinarye after suche agreable order as shall be seene to him according to the grauitie of the offence And that it be presentid within one moneth after the wordes spoken Item that they vse not to exact or receaue vnresonable rewardes or stipendes of the poore Pastors comminge to they re Cures to preache wherbye they might be noted as folowers of filthi lucre rather then vse thoffice of preaching of Charitie and good zeale to the saluation of mens soules Item if the Parson be able he shall preache in his own person euery thre monethes or els shal preache by an other so that his absence be approued by the Ordinarie of the dioces in respecte of sickenes seruice or studie at the Vniuersities Neuerthelesse yet for wante of able Preachers and Parsons to tolerate them without penaltye so that they preache in they re owne persons or by a Learned substitute once in euerie thre monethes of the yeare ¶ Articles for administration of prayer and Sacramentes FIrst that the Common praier be said or song decently and distinctly in suche place as the Ordinarie shall thinke meete for the largenesse and streightnes of the Churche quire so that the people maye be moste edified Item that no Parson or curate not admitted by the bysshoppe of the dioces to preache do expounde in his owne Cure or other where anye scripture or matter of doctrine or by the way of exhortacion but onlye studie to reade grauelie and aptlye withoute any glosing of the same or anye additions the homylies al readye sett owte or other suche necessarie doctrine as is or shal be prescribed for the quiet instruction and edification of the people Item that in Cathedrall churches colledges that holye Communion be ministred vpon the first or seconde sunday of euery monethe at the leaste So that both Deane prebendaries preistes and clerkes do receyue and al other of discretion of the fundation do receaue foure times in the yeare at the least Item in the ministration of the holy Communion in cathedrall and collegiat churches the principal minister shall vse a cope with gospeller and epistoler agreablye and at all other praiers to be said at that Communion table to vse no Copes but surplesses Item that the Deane and Prebendaries weare a surples with a silke hoode in the quier and when they preache in the Cathedrall or collegiate church to weare they re hoode Item that everie minister sayeng anye publique praiers or ministring the Sacramentes or other rites of