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A68021 Articles to be enquired of by the church-wardens and sworne-men within the arch-deaconrie of Worcester, in the visitation of the worshipfull Mr. Edward Thornburgh, Arch-deacon of Worcester, anno Domini. [blank] Church of England. Archdeaconry of Worcester.; Thornburgh, Edward. 1634 (1634) STC 10372.7; ESTC S4289 8,387 14

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compact_n either_o direct_o or_o indirect_o 17_o have_v any_o of_o your_o parish_n or_o of_o any_o other_o parish_n unreverent_o use_v your_o minister_n lay_v violent_a hand_n on_o he_o or_o disgrace_v his_o office_n and_o function_n by_o word_n or_o deed_n divine_a service_n 18_o be_v divine_a service_n in_o due_a time_n on_o sunday_n holiday_n and_o their_o eaves_n and_o at_o other_o time_n appoint_v reverent_o say_v or_o sing_v in_o your_o church_n or_o chapel_n with_o the_o litany_n on_o wednesday_n and_o frydaye_n and_o all_o other_o rite_n and_o ceremony_n according_a to_o the_o prescript_n form_n of_o common_a prayer_n in_o the_o communion_n book_n 19_o whether_o do_v any_o not_o be_v license_v or_o any_o not_o order_v at_o least_o for_o a_o deacon_n say_v common_a prayer_n open_o in_o your_o church_n or_o chapel_n 20_o do_v any_o man_n young_a or_o old_a use_v to_o wear_v their_o hat_n in_o the_o church_n or_o chapel_n in_o time_n of_o divine_a service_n or_o be_v there_o any_o that_o behave_v themselves_o disorderly_a in_o the_o church_n chappell_n or_o churchyard_n or_o any_o disturber_n of_o divine_a service_n or_o sermon_n 21_o whether_o do_v any_o victualler_n or_o other_o in_o your_o parish_n suffer_v any_o drink_n or_o game_n in_o their_o house_n on_o sunday_n or_o holiday_n especial_o in_o time_n of_o divine_a service_n or_o sermon_n 22_o whether_o any_o in_o your_o parish_n upon_o sabbath_n day_n or_o holiday_n do_v use_v their_o trade_n or_o do_v any_o other_o work_n or_o labour_n as_o brew_v bake_v wash_v barb_v or_o such_o like_a or_o do_v any_o mercer_n draper_n shoemaker_n butcher_n or_o other_o whatsoever_o open_v their_o shop_n for_o sale_n of_o ware_n upon_o those_o day_n or_o do_v hedge_n ditch_n dig_v carry_v or_o draw_v burden_n by_o themselves_o their_o servant_n horse_n or_o other_o cattle_n whatsoever_o on_o such_o day_n and_o be_v the_o five_o day_n of_o november_n observe_v according_a as_o be_v ordain_v in_o that_o behalf_n the_o holy_a communion_n 23_o have_v you_o a_o decent_a communion_n table_n on_o a_o frame_n with_o a_o seemly_a carpet_n and_o a_o cloth_n of_o linen_n a_o communion_n cup_n and_o cover_v of_o silver_n a_o fair_a flagon_n of_o pewter_n or_o pure_a mettle_n for_o the_o wive_v a_o plate_n for_o the_o bread_n and_o a_o towel_n to_o lay_v over_o it_o 24_o whether_o be_v there_o any_o in_o your_o parish_n which_o be_v full_a sixteen_o year_n of_o age_n and_o upward_o have_v not_o receive_v the_o holy_a communion_n three_o several_a time_n in_o the_o year_n past_a at_o least_o in_o he_o or_o her_o parish_n church_n whereof_o easter_n to_o be_v one_o of_o the_o three_o time_n 25_o do_v your_o minister_n instruct_v or_o examine_v his_o parishioner_n concern_v the_o sacrament_n at_o convenient_a time_n before_o he_o administer_v the_o communion_n and_o do_v he_o admit_v any_o thereto_o that_o can_v say_v at_o least_o the_o lord_n prayer_n the_o article_n of_o the_o christian_a faith_n and_o the_o ten_o commandment_n 26_o be_v your_o communion_n minister_v with_o bread_n and_o wine_n consecrate_v in_o such_o order_n as_o in_o the_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n be_v appoint_v and_o do_v your_o minister_n deliver_v both_o kind_n to_o every_o several_a communicant_a with_o the_o blessing_n prescribe_v in_o the_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n 27_o do_v any_o receive_v the_o holy_a communion_n either_o sit_v standing_z or_o otherwise_o then_o kneel_v as_o be_v prescribe_v in_o the_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n or_o do_v any_o refuse_v to_o receive_v the_o same_o kneel_v and_o do_v your_o minister_n admit_v any_o to_o receive_v the_o communion_n otherwise_o then_o kneel_v 28_o do_v your_o minister_n admit_v any_o notorious_a offender_n or_o any_o schismatic_n to_o the_o holy_a communion_n before_o one_o penance_n enjoin_v by_o the_o ordinary_a be_v due_o perform_v by_o they_o or_o do_v he_o admit_v any_o notorious_o know_v to_o be_v out_o of_o charity_n or_o any_o that_o have_v do_v any_o open_a wrong_n to_o his_o neighbour_n before_o reconciliation_n make_v to_o the_o party_n wrong_v 29_o whether_o do_v your_o minister_n appoint_v and_o observe_v so_o many_o communion_n every_o year_n as_o that_o the_o parishioner_n may_v convenient_o receive_v all_o of_o they_o three_o several_a time_n in_o the_o year_n and_o do_v he_o use_v to_o give_v public_a notice_n thereof_o in_o the_o church_n the_o sabbath_n day_n next_o go_v before_o every_o such_o communion_n that_o the_o parishioner_n may_v prepare_v themselves_o to_o be_v partaker_n thereof_o baptism_n 30_o have_v you_o in_o your_o church_n a_o convenient_a font_n of_o stone_n well_o keep_v and_o cover_v stand_v in_o the_o ancient_a place_n do_v your_o minister_n baptize_v therein_o or_o in_o a_o basin_n or_o other_o thing_n or_o with_o any_o other_o ceremony_n than_o such_o as_o be_v allow_v in_o the_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n or_o do_v he_o omit_v neglect_n or_o not_o use_v all_o the_o ceremony_n therein_o prescribe_v and_o do_v he_o use_v the_o sign_n of_o the_o cross_n in_o baptism_n 31_o do_v your_o minister_n refuse_v to_o baptize_v any_o child_n of_o christian_a parent_n that_o be_v bring_v to_o the_o church_n 32_o be_v parent_n urge_v to_o be_v present_a at_o the_o baptise_v of_o their_o child_n or_o be_v any_o admit_v to_o be_v godfather_n or_o godmother_n that_o have_v not_o receive_v the_o holy_a communion_n or_o do_v any_o parent_n refuse_v to_o have_v their_o child_n sign_v with_o the_o sign_n of_o the_o cross_n in_o baptism_n 33_o have_v any_o child_n that_o be_v bear_v in_o your_o parish_n be_v carry_v out_o of_o the_o parish_n to_o be_v baptize_v elsewhere_o or_o have_v any_o not_o be_v baptize_v at_o all_o or_o in_o place_n or_o by_o party_n unknown_a 34_o whether_o have_v your_o minister_n refuse_v defer_v or_o delay_v to_o co●●_n unto_o and_o to_o christen_v any_o child_n be_v in_o weakness_n or_o in_o danger_n of_o death_n be_v thereunto_o require_v by_o reason_n whereof_o such_o a_o child_n have_v through_o his_o negligence_n or_o by_o his_o default_n die_v unbaptise_v cathechisme_n 35_o do_v your_o minister_n or_o his_o curate_n due_o catechise_v according_a to_o the_o late_a canon_n every_o sunday_n such_o child_n and_o servant_n of_o both_o sex_n as_o be_v of_o convenient_a age_n or_o at_o least_o so_o many_o of_o they_o by_o course_n as_o the_o time_n will_v serve_v 36_o do_v parent_n and_o householder_n bring_v or_o send_v their_o child_n and_o servant_n to_o the_o church_n every_o sunday_n due_o to_o be_v catechize_v according_a as_o the_o late_a canon_n require_v and_o who_o be_v negligent_a therein_o matrimony_n 37_o whether_o be_v matrimony_n solemnize_v in_o your_o church_n or_o chappel_n according_a to_o the_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n 38_o have_v you_o in_o your_o church_n a_o table_n of_o the_o degree_n of_o marriage_n be_v any_o marry_v within_o the_o degree_n of_o consanguinity_n or_o affinity_n therein_o forbid_v or_o do_v any_o child_n under_o the_o age_n of_o twenty_o one_o year_n contract_v themselves_o or_o marry_v without_o consent_n of_o their_o parent_n or_o guardian_n 39_o have_v any_o be_v marry_v without_o the_o bane_n thrice_o ask_v in_o the_o church_n three_o several_a sunday_n or_o holiday_n unless_o by_o licence_n of_o the_o ordinary_a grant_v under_o seal_n or_o at_o any_o time_n of_o the_o day_n than_o betwixt_o the_o hour_n of_o eight_o and_o twelve_o in_o the_o forenoon_n or_o at_o any_o time_n prohibit_v that_o be_v to_o say_v from_o advent_a sunday_n to_o the_o octave_n of_o epiphany_n from_o septuagesima_fw-la sunday_n to_o the_o octave_n of_o easter_n from_o rogation_n sunday_n to_o trinity_n sunday_n 40_o have_v any_o that_o dwell_v in_o your_o parish_n be_v marry_v in_o any_o other_o parish_n or_o any_o of_o another_o parish_n be_v marry_v in_o your_o parish_n or_o have_v any_o be_v marry_v private_o out_o of_o the_o church_n or_o face_n of_o the_o congregation_n when_o where_o by_o who_o and_o who_o be_v present_a at_o such_o marriage_n 41_o have_v any_o woman_n not_o well_o know_v to_o be_v marry_v be_v deliver_v of_o any_o child_n in_o your_o parish_n and_o in_o who_o house_n or_o have_v any_o woman_n in_o your_o parish_n be_v carnal_o know_v or_o beget_v with_o child_n before_o marriage_n and_o by_o who_o 42_o have_v any_o forsake_v their_o wife_n or_o husband_n and_o marry_v other_o have_v any_o marry_v again_o after_o they_o have_v be_v divorce_v or_o do_v any_o which_o have_v be_v divorce_v keep_v company_n still_o together_o 43_o do_v any_o marry_a couple_n live_v asunder_o and_o not_o together_o and_o do_v either_o of_o they_o keep_v in_o their_o house_n or_o secret_o resort_v to_o any_o other_o to_o the_o raise_n of_o suspicion_n or_o fame_n of_o incontinency_n 44_o have_v any_o in_o
your_o parish_n for_o money_n or_o reward_n marry_v any_o woman_n that_o commit_v fornication_n or_o adultery_n with_o another_o man_n or_o have_v any_o unmarried_a woman_n beget_v with_o child_n go_v out_o of_o your_o parish_n before_o she_o have_v do_v penance_n enjoin_v by_o the_o ordinary_a where_o be_v she_o or_o be_v she_o receive_v or_o harbour_v at_o who_o charge_n and_o who_o convey_v she_o away_o visitation_n of_o the_o sick_a 45_o do_v your_o minister_n or_o curate_n visit_v the_o sick_a do_v he_o admonish_v they_o to_o repentance_n comfort_v the_o penitent_a and_o exhort_v they_o to_o charitable_a alm_n deed_n burial_n of_o the_o dead_a 46_o be_v your_o dead_a bury_v according_a to_o the_o form_n of_o burial_n set_v down_o in_o the_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n or_o have_v any_o be_v bury_v secret_o or_o in_o the_o night_n who_o and_o by_o who_o and_o who_o be_v present_a thereat_o 47_o do_v the_o executor_n or_o administrator_n or_o other_o friend_n of_o they_o that_o be_v bury_v in_o church_n or_o chancel_n repair_v again_o the_o pavement_n and_o give_v any_o thing_n to_o the_o church_n or_o in_o who_o default_n be_v the_o same_o so_o neglect_a and_o not_o repair_v church_a of_o woman_n 48_o do_v any_o woman_n refuse_v to_o give_v god_n thanks_o open_o in_o the_o church_n or_o as_o we_o term_v it_o to_o be_v church_v at_o convenient_a time_n after_o childbirth_n or_o do_v any_o minister_n refuse_v to_o church_n they_o or_o church_n they_o any_o otherwise_o than_o be_v prescribe_v in_o the_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n 49_o have_v any_o woman_n unlawful_o beget_v with_o child_n be_v admit_v to_o public_a thanksgiving_n in_o the_o church_n before_o she_o have_v perform_v such_o penance_n as_o be_v enjoin_v she_o by_o the_o ordinary_a or_o at_o least_o be_v church_v in_o a_o white_a sheet_n and_o confess_v her_o fault_n penitent_o before_o sufficient_a witness_n and_o undertake_v to_o stand_v to_o the_o censure_n of_o her_o ordinary_a for_o her_o say_a offence_n parish_n clerk_n 50_o have_v you_o a_o parish_n clarke_n choose_v by_o the_o minister_n be_v he_o of_o honest_a conversation_n have_v he_o competent_a skill_n in_o read_v write_a and_o sing_v and_o do_v any_o withhold_v or_o detain_v his_o wage_n or_o duty_n from_o he_o schoolmaster_n 51_o have_v you_o any_o school-house_n and_o how_o be_v it_o repair_v and_o have_v you_o any_o schoolmaster_n in_o your_o parish_n that_o teach_v public_o or_o private_o be_v he_o lawful_o license_v do_v he_o come_v due_o to_o the_o church_n and_o receive_v the_o holy_a communion_n do_v he_o instruct_v his_o scholar_n in_o the_o catechism_n allow_v and_o in_o the_o book_n entitle_v god_n and_o the_o king_n cause_v he_o they_o to_o repair_v to_o divine_a prayer_n in_o the_o church_n &_o to_o hear_v and_o note_v sermon_n teach_v he_o any_o other_o grammar_n than_o that_o which_o be_v allow_v 52_o be_v any_o schoolmaster_n know_v or_o suspect_v public_o or_o private_o to_o read_v to_o his_o scholar_n or_o suffer_v they_o to_o read_v any_o book_n that_o may_v confirm_v they_o in_o popery_n superstition_n or_o disobedience_n to_o the_o king_n majesty_n or_o to_o his_o law_n ecclesiastical_a or_o civil_a and_o how_o many_o either_o man_n or_o woman_n do_v teach_v child_n in_o your_o parish_n and_o what_o be_v their_o name_n schismatic_n and_o recusant_n of_o all_o sort_n 53_o do_v you_o know_v any_o that_o teach_v or_o maintain_v any_o doctrine_n contrary_a to_o the_o article_n agree_v upon_o in_o the_o convocation_n anno_fw-la dom_fw-la 1562._o 54_o do_v any_o preach_v minister_v the_o communion_n baptize_v child_n or_o church_n woman_n in_o private_a house_n or_o otherwhere_a than_o in_o the_o church_n except_o it_o be_v in_o case_n of_o necessity_n 55_o know_v you_o any_o that_o absent_a themselves_o from_o the_o church_n negligent_o or_o wilful_o how_o long_o have_v they_o so_o do_v and_o of_o they_o that_o be_v absent_a without_o a_o sufficient_a &_o lawful_a cause_n be_v the_o forfeiture_n of_o twelve_o d._n take_v every_o sunday_n &_o convert_v to_o the_o use_n of_o the_o poor_a according_a to_o the_o statute_n eliz._n 1_o 56_o in_o your_o parish_n where_o there_o be_v a_o preacher_n do_v any_o use_n to_o absent_v themselves_o from_o his_o sermon_n and_o resort_v to_o any_o other_o 57_o know_v you_o any_o that_o forbear_v to_o participate_v with_o the_o church_n of_o england_n in_o prayer_n or_o sacrament_n either_o deny_v the_o church_n to_o be_v apostolical_a or_o condemn_v the_o ceremony_n thereof_o as_o superstitious_a 58_o have_v you_o in_o your_o parish_n any_o popish_a recusant_n any_o half_a papist_n that_o come_v to_o the_o church_n and_o receive_v not_o the_o communion_n any_o church-papists_a that_o come_v and_o receive_v themselves_o but_o either_o persuade_v oth●rs_n or_o maintain_v their_o wife_n child_n family_n or_o friend_n not_o to_o come_v 59_o do_v any_o seminary_n priest_n or_o jesuite_n resort_n to_o any_o place_n within_o this_o diocese_n or_o suspect_v you_o any_o such_o or_o do_v you_o know_v any_o that_o resort_n to_o any_o popish_a priest_n or_o jesuite_n 60_o know_v you_o any_o that_o by_o write_v talk_n or_o argument_n impugn_v the_o king_n supremacy_n or_o any_o that_o have_v keep_v in_o their_o custody_n that_o sell_v disperse_v carry_v or_o deliver_v unto_o other_o any_o unlawful_a book_n against_o the_o religion_n and_o government_n establish_v or_o in_o defence_n of_o any_o foreign_a power_n or_o domestical_a consistory_n excommunicate_v p●rsons_n 61_o be_v all_o excommunicate_v person_n keep_v out_o of_o the_o church_n from_o divine_a prayer_n and_o receive_v of_o the_o holy_a communion_n until_o they_o be_v lawful_o absolve_v and_o be_v there_o any_o in_o your_o parish_n which_o have_v stand_v excommunicate_v forty_o day_n and_o upward_o be_v such_o person_n as_o stand_v excommunicate_v once_o in_o every_o six_o month_n denounce_v in_o your_o church_n in_o time_n of_o divine_a service_n upon_o some_o sunday_n 62_o have_v any_o excommunicate_v person_n not_o absolve_v at_o least_o in_o his_o extremity_n not_o give_v any_o testimony_n of_o his_o repentance_n before_o his_o departure_n be_v bury_v in_o christian_n burial_n who_o bury_v he_o she_o or_o they_o where_o and_o when_o and_o who_o be_v present_a at_o such_o burial_n 63_o do_v any_o retain_v or_o keep_v in_o their_o house_n or_o service_n any_o person_n denaunce_v excommunicate_a or_o do_v any_o way_n encourage_v they_o therein_o or_o converse_v with_o they_o in_o buy_v sell_v eat_a drink_v or_o otherwise_o keep_v company_n with_o they_o in_o any_o sort_n will_n testament_n and_o administration_n 64_o do_v any_o in_o your_o parish_n administer_v the_o good_n of_o the_o dead_a or_o any_o way_n intermeddle_v therewith_o without_o lawful_a authority_n commit_v unto_o they_o under_o the_o ordinary_n seal_v 65_o know_v you_o any_o in_o your_o parish_n that_o suppress_v the_o last_o will_n of_o the_o dead_a or_o any_o that_o forge_n or_o alter_v any_o will_n or_o any_o executor_n that_o fulfil_v not_o the_o testator_n will_v or_o any_o that_o detain_v legacy_n give_v to_o any_o charitable_a use_n several_a article_n 66_o do_v any_o in_o your_o parish_n profane_v the_o sabbath_n day_n or_o not_o due_o observe_v the_o holiday_n appoint_v be_v ember_n fast_n orderly_o observe_v at_o the_o four_o time_n of_o the_o year_n appoint_v 67_o be_v the_o day_n and_o order_n of_o perambulation_n due_o observe_v in_o the_o rogation_n week_n if_o not_o in_o who_o default_n 68_o be_v the_o canon_n constitution_n and_o order_n make_v &_o agree_v upon_o in_o the_o convocation-house_n anno_fw-la dom._n 1603._o read_v over_o once_o every_o year_n in_o your_o church_n upon_o sunday_n or_o holiday_n according_a to_o his_o majesty_n commandment_n in_o that_o behalf_n 69_o do_v your_o minister_n yearly_a present_n and_o give_v up_o in_o write_v to_o the_o ordinary_a the_o name_n of_o all_o recusant_n &_o half_a recusant_n man_n &_o woman_n as_o well_o sojourner_n as_o parishioner_n &_o commons_o guest_n in_o your_o parish_n above_o the_o age_n of_o thirtéene_n according_a to_o the_o 114_o canon_n or_o not_o 70_o do_v any_o in_o your_o parish_n take_v upon_o they_o to_o practice_v physic_n or_o chirurgery_n not_o be_v lawful_o license_v 71_o be_v any_o in_o your_o parish_n or_o which_o be_v of_o your_o parish_n &_o be_v now_o depart_v know_v suspect_v fame_a or_o report_v to_o have_v offend_v in_o fornication_n adultery_n incest_n witchcraft_n sorcery_n charm_v usury_n swear_v drunkenness_n common_a slander_v sow_v of_o discord_n brawl_v scold_a or_o any_o other_o uncleanness_n of_o life_n or_o bad_a manner_n 72_o be_v any_o householder_n in_o your_o parish_n in_o who_o house_n there_o be_v any_o one_o that_o can_v read_v which_o have_v not_o the_o book_n entitle_v god_n and_o the_o king_n and_o who_o