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A32948 Articles of visitation and enquiry, concerning matters ecclesiastical, exhibited to the ministers, church-wardens, and side-men of every parish within the diocese of Exeter, in the primary visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God Thomas by divine permission Lord Bishop of Exeter Church of England. Diocese of Exeter. Bishop (1676-1688 : Lamplugh); Lamplugh, Thomas, 1615-1691. 1677 (1677) Wing C4043; ESTC R40822 7,344 12

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ARTICLES OF Visitation and Enquiry Concerning MATTERS Ecclesiastical EXHIBITED To the Ministers Church-Wardens and Side-men of every Parish within the DIOCESE of EXETER In the PRIMARY VISITATION OF THE Right Reverend Father in God THOMAS By Divine Permission Lord Bishop of EXETER London Printed for James Collins in the Temple-Passage without Temple-Bar 1677. The Form of a Church-Wardens Oath YOU shall swear truly and faithfully to execute the Office of a Church-Warden within your Parish And according to the best of your skill and knowledge present such Things and Persons as to your knowledge are presentable by the Laws Ecclesiastical of this Realm So help you God and the Contents of this Book ARTICLES OF Visitation and Enquiry Within the DIOCESE of EXETER TITUL. I. Concerning Churches and Chappels with the Ornaments and Furniture thereunto belonging I. IS your Parish Church or Chappel kept in good and sufficient repair Are the Roofs thereof well covered with Lead Tile or Slate the Windows well glazed the Floors well paved the Seats well-fastned and conveniently placed and all things so decently ordered as becometh the house of God II. Hath the Steeple or Tower of your Church or Chappel or any part thereof been pulled down or any of the Lead or Bells formerly belonging thereunto been imbezelled sold or made away In whose hands or custody doth the same or any part thereof remain Declare what you know or have heard therein III. Is there a Font of Stone with a good Cover thereunto standing in a convenient place towards the lower part of your Church for the Administration of Baptism Doth your Minister Baptize publickly only in the Font And is there in your Chancel a decent Communion-Table for the Administration of the Lords Supper with a Carpet of Silk Stuff or fine Woollen Cloth and another Covering of white and pure Linnen to spread thereupon And have you a fair Communion Cup or Chalice with a Cover of Silver and one or more Flagons of Silver or Pewter thereunto belonging Are they prophaned by common uses IV. Have you in your said Church or Chappel a convenient Seat or Pew for your Minister to read Divine Service in A Pulpit with a comely Cloth or Cushion for the same A Bible of the last Translation in a large Volume and the Book of Common-Prayer lately published Anno 1662. both well and substantially bound Have you likewise the Book of Homilies set forth by Authority A Book of Canons and Constitutions Ecclessastical and a printed Table of the Degrees wherein Marriage is prohibited V. Have you a comely large Surplice for the Minister to wear at all times of his publick Ministration in the Church provided and to be duly washed at the charge of your Parish VI. Have you a Register-Book of Parchment wherein to Register the Names and Surnames of all such persons as are Married Christened or Buried within your Parish together with the Names and Surnames of both the Parents of the Children so Christened expressing the Day Month and Year of all such Christenings Marriages and Burials and is the transcript thereof yearly within one Month next after the 25 of March brought into the Bishops Registry VII Have you likewise another Book of Paper wherein to record the Names and Licenses of all such Strangers as are admitted at any time to Preach in your Church or Chappel As also a third Book wherein to write down the Church wardens Accounts together with a strong Chest with Locks and Keys wherein to keep the aforesaid Books and all the aforementioned Furniture in safe Custody and lastly have you a Bier with a black Hearse-cloth for the Burial of the ●ead TIT. II. Concerning the Church-yard the Houses Glebes and Tithes belonging to the Church I. IS your Church-yard sufficiently fenced with Walls Rails or Pales and decently kept from the annoyance of Swine Horses and other Cattel Hath any person encroached upon the same or made any door into it out of his own ground or habitation without allowance from the Ordinary have any Trees there growing been cut down how long since by whom and to whose use and benefit II. Is the House of your Parson Vicar or Curate with all the Out-houses thereunto belonging kept in good and sufficient repair Or have any of the said Houses or Out-houses been defaced or pulled down without license from the Ordinary and by whom Hath any person encroached upon any Garden Yard or Close belonging to your Parsonage or Vicarage House or cut up any Trees growing thereon or changed or removed the ancient Marks and Bounds of the same III. Have you a true and perfect Terrier of all the Glebe-lands Gardens Orchards Tenements or Cottages belonging to your Parsonage or Vicarage As also a note of such Pensions Rate-Tithes and Portions of Tithes or other yearly Profits either within or without your Parish as belong thereunto Have any of the same been with held from your Minister and by whom as you know or have heard IV. Have any of the ancient Glebe-lands belonging to your Parsonage or Vicarage been taken away or exchanged for other without the free consent of the Incumbent and license from the Ordinary by whom hath the same been made and how many years since and how much is your Parsonage or Vicarage damnified thereby in the yearly value thereof as you know believe or have heard TIT. III. Concerning Ministers I. IS your Minister defamed or suspected to have obtained either his Benefice or Orders by any Simoniacal compact II. Hath he been legally inducted into his Benefice III. Did he within two months after his Induction publickly in the Church upon some Sunday or Holiday in the time of Divine Service read the 39 Articles of the Church of England established by Authority and there publickly declare his assent thereunto IV. Hath he any other Ecclesiastical Benefice Is he constantly resident upon his Benefice among you How many weeks in any one year hath he been absent from it V. Hath your Minister a Curate to assist him Who is that Curate Is he conformable to the Laws and Orders of the Church of England and doth he serve in any other Church beside and what yearly stipend doth your Minister allow him VI. Doth your Parson Vicar or Curate in reading the daily Morning and Evening Service Administration of the holy Sacraments Celebration of Marriage Churching of Women after Child-birth Visitation of the Sick Burial of the Dead and pronouncing Gods Commination against impenitent Sinners use the form and words prescribed in the Book of common-Common-Prayer without any addition omission or alteration of the same And doth he use all such Rites and Ceremonies in all parts of Divine Service as are appointed in the said Book to far as you have observed VII Doth your Minister at the Reading or Celebrating the Divine Offices in your Church or Chappel wear the Surplice VIII Doth he observe the Holy days and Fasting-days as also the Ember-weeks and the yearly Perambulation in Rogation-week as