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B00290 The booke of common prayer, and adminystracion of the sacramentes, and other rites and ceremonies in the Churche of Englande.; Book of common prayer Church of England. 1553 (1553) STC 16288A; ESTC S123394 285,183 443

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vnto the people by the autoritie of the scripture home the mercye and goodnes of God hath in all ages been shewed to his people in their necessities and extremities by meanes of hearty and faythful prayers made to almightie god specially where people be gathered together with one fayth and mynd to offre vp theyr heartes by prayer as the best Sacrifices that Christian menne can yelde The Table and Kalender expressing the ordre of the Psalmes and Lessons to be sayed at the Morning and Euening prayer throughout the yere excepte certayne proper feastes as the rules folowyng more playnely declare ¶ The order howe the Psalter is appoynted to be readde THe Psalter shal be read through once euery Moneth And because that some Monethes be longer then some other bee it is thoughte good to make them euen by thys meanes To euery Moneth shall be appoynted as concernyng thys purpose iust .xxx. dayes And because Ianuary and Marche hath one day aboue the said numbre and February which is placed betwene them both hath onely .xxviii. dayes February shall borowe of eyther of the Monethes of Ianuary March one day And so the Psalter which shal be read in February must begin the last daye of Ianuary and ende the first daye of Marche And wheras Maye Iuly August Octobre and Decembre haue .xxxi. dayes a piece it is ordered that the same Psalmes shall be read the last daye of the sayd Monethes which were read the day before So that the Psalter may begin agayne the first day of the next Monethes ensuing Now to know what Psalmes shal be read euery daye loke in the Kalender the numbre that is appoynted for the Psalmes and then fynd the same numbre in this Table and vpon that numbre shall you see what Psalmes shal be sayd at Morning and Euening prayer And where the Cxix Psalme is deuided into .xxii. porcyons is ouerlong to bee read at one tyme it is so ordred that at one tyme shall not bee read aboue foure or fyue of the sayed porcyons as you shall perceyue to be noted in this Table folowyng And here is also to be noted that in this Table and in all other partes of the seruice where any Psalmes are appoynted the numbre is expressed after the great Englishe Byble which from the .ix. Psalme vnto the Cxlviii Psalme folowyng the deuision of the Hebrues doeth varye in numbres from the common Latine translacion ❧ ❧ The Table for the ordre of the Psalmes to be sayd at Morning and Euening prayer   ¶ Morning prayer ¶ Euening prayer i i. ii iii. iiii v. vi vii viii ii ix x. xi xii xiii xiiii iii xv xvi xvii xviii iiii xix xx xxi xxii xxiii v xxiiii xxv xxvi xxvii xxviii xxix vi xxx xxxi xxxii xxxiii xxxiiii vii xxxv xxxvi xxxvii viii xxxviii xxxix xl xli xlii xliii ix xliiii xlv xlvi xlvii xlviii xlix x l. li. lii liii liiii lv xi lvi lvii lviii lix lx lxi xii lxii lxiii lxiiii lxv lxvi lxvii xiii lxviii lxix lxx xiiii lxxi lxxii lxxiii lxxiiii xv lxxv lxxvi lxxvii lxxviii xvi lxxix lxxx lxxxi lxxxii lxxxiii lxxxiiii lxxxv xvii lxxxvi lxxxvii lxxxviii lxxxix xviii xc xci xcii xciii xciiii xix xcvi xcvii xcviii xcix c. ci xx cii ciii ciiii xxi cv cvi xxii cvii. cviii cix xxiii cx cxi cxii cxiii cxiiii cxv xxiiii cxvi cxvii cxviii cxix Inde iiii xxv Inde v. Inde iiii xxvi Inde v. Inde iiii xxvii cxx cxxi cxxii cxxiii cxxiiii cxxv cxxvi cxxvii cxxviii cxxix cxxx cxxxi xxviii cxxxii cxxxiii cxxxiiii cxxxv cxxxvi cxxxvii cxxxviii xxix cxxxix cxl cxli. cxlii cxliii xxx cxliiii cxlv cxlvi cxlvii cxlviii cxlix cl ❧ ❧ The ordre how the rest of holy scripture besyde the Psalter is appoynted to be read I Hold Testament is appoynted for the fyrst Lessons at Mornyng and Euenyng prayer and shal be read throughe euery yere once except certayne bookes and Chapyters whych be least edyfying and myght best be spared and therfore be left vnreadde The newe testamente is appoynted for the seconde Lessons at Morning and Euening praier and shal be read ouer orderly euery yere thrise besyde the Epistles and gospels except the Apocalyps out of the whyche there be onely certayne Lessons appoynted vpon dyuerse propre feastes And to knowe what lessons shal be read euery daye finde the day of the moneth in the Kalender folowyng and there ye shall perceyue the bokes and Chapyters that shall bee read for the Lessons both at Morning and Euenyng prayer And here is to be noted that whensoeuer there be any propre Psalmes or Lessons appoynted for any feast moueable or vnmoueable then the Psalmes and lessons appoynted in the kalender shal be omited for the time Ye muste note also that the Collect Epistle and Gospel appoynted for the Sundaye shall serue all the wieke after excepte there fall some feast that hath hys proper Thys is also to be noted concernyng the Leape yeres that the .xxv. day of February whyche in Leape yere is counted for two daies shal in those two dayes alter neyther Psalme nor lesson but the same Psalmes and lessons whyche bee sayed the fyrste daye shall also serue for the seconde daye Also whersoeuer the beginning of any lesson Epistle or Gospell is not expressed there ye must beginne at the beinning of the Chapter And wheresoeuer is not expressed howe farre shall be read there shall you reade to the ende of the Chapter ¶ Proper Psalmes and Lessons for dyuerse feastes and daies at Morning and Euening prayer On Christmas day at morning prayer Psalme xix Psalme xlv Psalm lxxxv The fyrst Lesson Esaye .ix. The .ii. Lesson Luke .ii. vnto And vnto men a good wyll At Euening prayer Psalm lxxxix Psalme Cx. Psal Cxxxii. The first Lesson Esaie .vii. God spake once agayne to Achas c. vnto the ende The seconde Lesson T it .iii. The kyndnesse and loue c. vnto Foolyshe questions On sainct Stephens daye at morning praier     The second Lesson Actes .vi. and .vii. Stephen full of fayth and power vnto And when fourtie yeres were c. At Euening prayer     The seconde Lesson Actes .vii. And when fourtie yeares were expired there appeared vnto Moyses c. vnto Stephen full of the holy gost On sainct Iohn the euāgelistes day at Mornīg prayer     The second Lesson Apocalip .i. The whole Chapiter At Euening prayer     The second Lesson Apocalips .xxii. On the Innocentes daye at mornīng praier   The fyrst Lesson Ierem .xxxi. vnto Moreouer I heard Ephraim   On the Circūcision daye at morning praier   The fyrst Lesson Genesis .xvii. The second Lesson Roma .ii. At Euening prayer   The .i. Lesson Deu .x. And nowe Israel c. The second Lesson Collossi .ii. On the Epiphanie at Morning prayer   The fyrst Lesson Esaye .lx. The second Lesson Luke .iii. And it fortuned c. At Euening prayer   The fyrst Lesson Esaye .xlix. The second Lesson Iohn .ii. After
The booke of common prayer and adminystracion of the Sacramentes and other rytes and Ceremonies in the Churche of Englande Londini in officina EdoVardi Whitchurche Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum ❧ ❧ The Contentes of thys boke i. A Preface ii Of Ceremonyes why some be abolisshed and some retayned iii. The ordre how the Psalter is appointed to be read iiii The table for thorder of the Psalmes to be sayd at Morning and Euening prayer v. The order howe the rest of holy Scripture is appoynted to be read vi Proper Psalmes and Lessons at Morning and Euening prayer for certayne feastes and dayes vii An Almanacke viii The table and Kalender for Psalmes and Lessons with necessarie Rules apperteining to thesame ix Th order for Mornyng prayer and Euenyng prayer throughout the yeare x. The Letany xi The Collectes Epistles and Gospelles to bee vsed at the mynystracyon of the holy Communyon throughoute the yeare xii Th order of the ministracion of the holy Communyon xiii Baptisme both Publique and Priuate xiiii Confyrmacyon where also is a Cathechysme for chyldren xv Matrimonie xvi Visitacion of the sicke xvii The Communion of the sicke xviii Buriall xix The thankes geuing of women after childe byrth xx A Comminacion against sinners with certayne prayers to be vsed dyuerse tymes in the yeare The Preface THere was neuer any thyng by the wyt of man so well deuysed or so sure establysshed whyche in contynuaunce of tyme hath not been corrupted as emong other thynges it may plainly appeare by the cōmon prayers in the Churche cōmonly called deuine seruice The first originall and grounde whereof if a man would searche oute by the auncyente fathers he shall fynde that thesame was not ordained but of a good purpose and for a greate aduauncement of godlynes For they so ordred the matter that all the whole Byble or the greatest part thereof should be read ouer once in the yere entēdyng therby that the Cleargie and speciallye suche as were ministers of the congregacyon shoulde by often readyng and meditacyon of Goddes worde be styrred vp to Godlynes themselues and be more hable also to exhorte other by wholesome doctryne and to confute them that wer aduersaries to the truth And further that the people by dayly hearing of holy scrypture read in the church should contynually profyt more and more in the knowledge of God and be the more enflamed with the loue of hys true religyon But these many yeres passed this godly and decente ordre of the auncyente fathers hath been so altered broken and neglected by plantyng in vncertayne Storyes Legendes Respondes Verses vayne Repeticions Commemoracions Sinodalles that commonly whē any boke of the Bible was begon before three or foure Chapters were read out al the rest were vnread And in thys sorte the boke of Esai was begonne in Aduent and the booke of Genesis in Septuagesima but they were only begonne and neuer read throughe After a lyke sorte were other bokes of holy scripture vsed And moreouer wheras Sainct Paul would haue such language spoken to the people in the Churche as they myghte vnderstande and haue profyt by hearyng the same The seruice in thys Churche of Englande these many yeres haue been read in Latine to the people which they vnderstode not so that they haue heard with their eares onely and theyr heartes spirite and mynde haue not been edifyed thereby And furthermore notwythstandyng that the auncyente fathers haue deuyded the Psalmes into seuen porcyons wherof euery one was called a Nocturne now of late time a fewe of them haue been dayly sayd and oft repeated and the rest vtterly omytted Moreouer the noumbre and hardnes of the rules called the Pye and the manyfolde chaungeinges of the seruyce was the cause that to turne the booke onely was so hard and intricate a matter that manye tymes there was more busynes to fynde out what should be read then to reade it when it was founde out These inconueniences therefore consydered here is set furth suche an ordre whereby the same shal bee redressed And for a readinesse in thys matter here is drawen out a Kalender for that purpose whych is playne and easy to be vnderstanden wherin so muche as may be the reading of holy scriptures is so set furth that all thynges shal be done in ordre without breaking one piece therof from an other For this cause be cut of Anthemes Respondes Inuitatories and suche lyke thynges as did breake the continuall course of the reading of the scripture Yet because there is no remedie but that of necessitie there must be some rules therefore certayne rules are here set furthe whiche as they be few in numbre so they be playne and easy to bee vnderstanden So that here you haue an ordre for prayer as touching the reading of holye scripture muche agreable to the mynde and purpose of tholde fathers and a greate deale more profitable and commodious then that which of late was vsed It is more profitable because here are left out many thynges whereof some be vntrue some vncertayne some vayne and supersticious and is ordeined nothing to be read but the very pure woorde of God the holye scriptures or that whiche is euidentlye grounded vpon the same and that in suche a language and ordre as is most easy and playne for the vnderstandyng both of the readers and hearers It is also more commodious bothe for the shortnes thereof and for the playnnes of the ordre and for that the rules be few and easy Furthermore by this ordre the Curates shall nede none other bookes for theyr publyque seruice but thys booke and the Byble By the meanes whereof the people shall not bee at so greate charge for bookes as in tymes past they haue been And where heretofore there hath been greate diuersitie in saying and synging in churches within this realme some folowyng Salisbury vse some Herforde vse some the vse of Bangor some of Yorke and some of Lincolne Now from hence foorthe all the whole Realme shall haue but one vse And yf any would iudge thys waye more paynfull because that all thinges must be read vpon the booke whereas before by the reason of so often repeticion they could saye many thynges by hearte If those men will weigh their labour with the profite and knowledge whiche daylye they shall obteyne by readyng vpon the booke they wyll not refuse the payne in consideracion of the great profite that shall ensue thereof And forasmuche as nothyng can almost bee so playnely sette foorthe but doubtes may ryse in the vse and practisyng of the same To appease all suche diuersitie if any aryse and for the resolucion of al doubtes concernyng the maner howe to vnderstande dooe and execute the thynges conteyned in this booke The parties that so doubte or diuerslye take anye thyng shall alwaye resorte to the Bysshoppe of the Dyocesse who by hys dyscrecion shall take ordre for the quieting and appeasyng of the
tyme to tyme they perceiue to be most abused as in mens ordinaunces it often chaunceth dyuersely in dyuerse countreyes ¶ An Acte for the vniformitie of common prayer and administracion of the Sacramentes WHere there hath been a very Godly ordre set furth by autoritie of Parlamēt for common prayer and administraciō of the Sacramentes to be vsed in the mother tongue within this Church of England agreable to the word of God and the primatiue Church very cōfortable to al good people desyring to liue in Christen conuersacion moste profitable to the state of this Realme vpon the whiche the mercy fauour and blessyng of almighty god is in no wise so readilye and plenteously powred as by commō prayers due vsing of the Sacramentes often preaching of the gospel with the deuocion of the hearers And yet this notwithstanding a great noumbre of people in diuerse partes of thys realme folowing their owne sensualitie and liuing either withoute knowledge or due feare of God doe wilfully and damnablye before almightie God absteyne and refuse to come to theyr Parishe Churches and other places where commō prayer adminystracion of the Sacramentes preachyng of the word of God is vsed vpon the Sundayes and other dayes ordeyned to be holy dayes For reformacion herof be it enacted by the King our souereigne lord with thassent of the Lordes and commons in this present Parlament assembled and by the autoritie of the same that frō and after the feast of al Sainctes next coming al euery person and persons enhabiting within this Realme or any other the kynges Maiesties dominions shal diligently and faythfully hauing no lawefull or reasonable excuse to be absent endeuour themselues to resorte to theyr Parishe Churche or Chapell accustomed or vpon reasonable let therof to some vsual place where cōmon prayer such seruice of God shal be vsed in such tyme of let vpon euery Sunday and other dayes ordeyned and vsed to be kept as holy daies then and there to abide ordrely soberly during the time of the cōmon prayer preachinges or other seruice of God there to bee vsed ministred vpō payn of punishment by the Censures of the church And for the due execucion herof the Kynges most excellent maiestie the Lordes temporal and all the Commons in this presente Parlament assembled dooeth in Goddes name earnestlye require and charge all tharchbishoppes Bishoppes and other Ordenaries that they shall endeuour themselues to the vttermoste of theyr knowledges that the due and true execuciō herof may be had throughoute theyr Dyocesses and charges as they will aunswere before God for such euils and plages wherewith almyghtie God may iustly punishe his people for neglecting thys good and wholesome lawe And for theyr autoritie in this behalfe be it further likewise enacted by the autoritie aforesayde that all and synguler the same Archbishops Bishops al other theyr officers exercisyng ecclesiastical iurisdiccion aswel in place exempt as not exempt within their Dyocesses shall haue full power and autoritie by this Acte to refourme correct and punishe by Censures of the churche all and synguler persones whiche shall offende within anye theyr iurisdiccions or Dyocesses after the sayd feast of all sainctes next comming against thys Acte and statute anye other lawe statute priuiledge libertie or prouision heretofore made had or suffered to the contrary notwithstanding And because there hath ariesen in the vse and exercise of the foresayde common seruice in the Churche heretofore sette foorth diuerse doubtes for the fashion and maner of the ministracion of the same rather by the curiositie of the minister and mistakers then of any other woorthy cause therfore aswel for the more playne and manifest explanacion hereof as for the more perfeccion of the sayde ordre of cōmon seruice in some places where it is necessari to make the same prayer and fashion of seruice more earneste and fitte to stire christian people to the true honoring of almighty God The kinges most excellent maiestie with thassent of the lordes and Commons in this presēt Parlament assembled and by thauctoritie of the same hath caused the foresayde ordre of common seruice entituled The booke of Common prayer to be faythfully godly perused explaned and made fully perfect by the foresaid autoritie hath annexed and ioyned it so explaned and perfected to thys present statute adding also a fourme and maner of makyng consecrating of Archebishops Bishops priestes and Deacons to be of lyke force autoritie value as the same like foresayde boke entituled The boke of Common prayer was before and to be accepted receued vsed and estemed in like sort and maner with the same clauses of prousions and excepcions to al ententes construccions and purposes as by the Acte of Parlamente made in the seconde yere of the kinges Maiesties reigne was ordeined limited expressed and appoynted for the vniformitie of seruice and administracion of the Sacramentes throughout the realme vpō such seueral paynes as in the said Act of Parlament is expressed And the sayd former Act to stande in full force and strength to all ententes and construccions to be applyed practised and put in vre to and for the establishing of the boke of common praier now explained and herunto annexed also the said fourme of making of Archbishops Bishops priestes and Deacons hereunto annexed as it was for the former boke And by thautoritie aforesayd it is nowe further enacted that if any maner of persone or persones enhabiting being within this Realme or any other the kinges Maiesties dominions shall after the sayde feaste of all Sainctes willinglye and wittinglye heare and bee present at anye other maner or fourme of common prayer of administracion of the Sacramentes of makyng of ministers in the churches or of anye other rites conteyned in the booke annexed to this Acte then is mencioned and set furth in the sayd boke or that is contrary to the fourme of sondry prouisions excepcions conteined in the foresayde former statute and shal be thereof conuicted accordyng to the lawes of this realme before the Iustices of Assise Iustices of Oyer and Determiner Iustices of peace in theyr Sessions or any of them by the verdict of twelue men or by his or theyr own confession or otherwyse shall for the fyrst offence suffre impriesonment for sixe monethes without bayle or maynprice and for the seconde offence beeyng likewise conuicted as is aboue sayde empriesonment for one whole yere and for the third offence in like maner empriesonment duryng hys or theyr liues And for the more knowledge to be geuen hereof and better obseruacion of this lawe Be it enacted by the auctoritie aforesaid that al and singuler Curates shal vpon one Sunday euery quarter of the yere duryng one whole yere nexte folowyng the foresayd feast of al Sainctes next coming reade thys present Acte in the Churche at the time of the most assembly and likewise once in euery yere folowing at the same tyme declaring
least communicate with the priest And in Cathedrall and Collegiate churches where bee many priestes and Deacons they shall all receyue the Communion with the Minister euery Sundaie at the least except they haue a reasonable cause to the contrary And to take away the supersticiō which any person hath or might haue in the bread and wyne it shall suffyse that the bread be suche as is vsual to be eaten at the Table with other meates but the best and purest wheate bread that conuenienly may be gotten And yf anye of the bread or wine remayne the Curate shall haue it to his owne vse Although no ordre can be so perfectly deuised but it may be of sonne either for theyr ignoraunce and infirmitie or els of malice and obstinacie misconcostrued depraued and interpreted in a wrong part And yet because brotherly charitie willeth that somuche as conuenientlie maye be offences should be taken awaye therefore we willyng to doe the same Wheras it is ordeined in the boke of common prayer in the administracion of the lordes Supper that the communicantes knelyng should receyue the holy Communion which thyng beeing well mente for a significacion of the humble gratefull acknowledgeing of the benefices of Christ geuen vnto the worthye receyuer and to auoyde the prophanacion and disordre which about the holy Communion might els ensue Leste yet the same kneling might be thought or taken otherwise we doe declare that it is not meant therby that any adoracion is done or ought to be done eyther vnto the Sacramentall bread or wyne there bodely receyued or vnto any reall and essenciall presence there beeyng of Christes naturall fleshe and bloud For as concerning the Sacramentall bread and wyne they remayne still in theyr very natural substaunces and therfore may not bee adored for that were Idolatrie to be abhorred of all faithful Christians And as concerning the naturall body and bloud of oure fauiour Christ they are in heauen and not here for it is agaynste the trueth of Chryestes true naturall body to be moe in places then in one at one tyme. The bread and wyne for the Communion shall be prouyded by the Curate and the church wardens at the charges of the Parishe the Parishe shal be discharged of suche summes of moneye or other dueties which hetherto they haue payd for the same by ordre of their houses euery Sundaye And note that euery Parishioner shall communicate at the leaste three tymes in the yeare of which Easter to bee one and shal also receyue the Sacramētes and other rites according to the order in this Boke appoynted And yerely at Easter euery Parishioner shal rekē with his Person Vicar or Curate or hys or theyr deputie or deputies and pay to them or him all Ecclesiasticall dueties accustomably due then and at that tyme to bee payde ¶ The Ministracion of Baptisine to be vsed in the Churche IT appeareth by auncyente wryters that the Sacrament of Baptisme in the olde time was not commonlye ministed but at two tymes in the yeare at Easter and Whitsontide At whych times it was openlye ministred in the presence of all the congregacion which custome now beyng growen oute of vse although it cannot for many consideracyons bee well restored agayne yet it is thoughte good to folowe the same as nere as conuenientlye may bee wherfore the people are to bee admanisshed that it is moste conuenient that baptisme shoulde not bee ministred but vpon Sundayes and other holye dayes when the most noumbre of people may come together aswel for that the congregacion there presente maye testifie the receiuing of them that be newely Baptised into the noumbre of Christes Churche as also because in the Baptisme of infantes euery man presente maye be put in remembraunce of his owne profession made to God in his Baptisme For whiche cause also it is expediente that Baptisme bee ministred in the Englishe tongue Neuerthelesse yf necessitie so require children maye at all tymes be Baptised at home ¶ Publique Baptisme When there are children to be Baptised vpon the Sundaye or holy daye the Parentes shal geue knowledge ouernight or in the Morning afore the beginning of Mornyng prayer to the Curate And then the godfathers godmothers people with the childrē must be ready at the Fonie either immediately after the last Lesson at Morning praier or els immediately after the last Lesson at Euening prayer as the Curate by his discrecion shal appoint And the standing there the Priest shall aske whether the children be Baptised or no. If they answere no Then shall the Priest saye thus DEarely beloued forasmuch as al mē be conceiued and borne in synne and that our Sauiour Christ sayeth none can entre into the kyngdome of God except he be regenerate and borne a new of water and the holy goste I beseche you to call vpon God the father through our lord Iesus Christe the of his bounteous mercy he wil graunte to these children that thing which by nature they cannot haue that they maye be Baptised with water and the holy goste and receiued into Christes holye churche and be made liuely membres of the same ¶ Then the Priest shall saye ¶ Let vs praye ALmightie and euerlasting god which of thy great mercy didst saue Noe and his familie in the Arke from perishing by water and also diddest safelye leade the children Israel thy people through the redde Sea figuring therby thy holy Baptisme and by the Baptisme of thy welbeloued sonne Iesus Chryste diddest sanctifie the floud Iordā and al other waters to the misticall wasshyng awaye of synne We beseche thee for thy infinite mercyes that thou myit mercifully loke vpon these childrē sanctifie them and washe them with thy holy gost that they being deliuered from thy wrath maye be receiued into the Arke of Christes churche and beeing stedfast in faith ioyefull through hope and rooted in charitie maye so passe the waues of this troublesome worlde that finally they maye come to the lande of euerlastyng lyfe there to reigne with thee world without ende through Iesus Christ our Lord. Amen ALmightie and immortall god the ayde of al that nede the helper of all that flee to thee for succoure the lyfe of them that beleue and the resurreccion of the dead We call vpon thee for these infantes that they comming to thy holy Baptisme may receiue remisstō of their sines by spirituall regeneracion Receiue them O Lord as thou hast promised by thy welbeloued sonne saying Aske you shall haue seke and you shall finde knocke and it shal be opened vnto you So geue now vnto vs the aske Let vs that seke find Open the gate vnto vs that knocke the these infantes may enioye the euerlasting benedicciō of thy heauenly wasshing and maye come to the eternall kingdom which thou hast promysed by Christ our Lorde Amen Then shal the Priest say heare the wordes of the Gospel written by Sainct Marke in the tenth Chapter Mark x. AT a certayne
wrath thinkest vpon mercye Spare thy people good Lorde spare them and lette not thy herytage bee brought to confusion heare vs O lord for thy mercy is great and after the multytude of thy mercyes loke vpon vs. Here endeth the boke of common praier The psalter or Psalmes of Dauid after the trāslacion of the greate Byble poynted as it shal be sayed or song in Churches ☞ ¶ The Psalmes of Dauid Beatus vir qui non abiit psal i. Mornīg prayer BLessed is that man that hath not walked in the coūsel of the vngodly nor stande in the way of sinners and hath not sit in the seate of the scornefull But his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law wil he exercyse hymselfe daye and night And he shall be like a tree planted by the water side that wil bryng furth hys fruite in due season Hys leafe also shall not wyther and loke whatsoeuer he doeth it shall prosper As for the vngodly it is not so with them but they are lyke the chaffe which the wind scattereth awaye from the face of the earth Therefore the vngodly shall not bee hable to stande in the iudgement neither the sinners in the congregacyon of the ryghteous But the lord knoweth the way of the righteous and the way of the vngodly shall peryshe Quare fremuerunt gentes psal ii WHy doe the Heathen so furiously rage together and why doe the people ymagine a vayne thyng The kinges of the earth stande vp and the rulers take counsayle together agaynst the Lord and against hys annoynted Let vs breake their bandes a sunder and cast away their cordes from vs. He that dwelleth in heauen shal laugh them to scorne the lord shall haue them in derision Then shall he speake vnto them in his wrath and vexe them in hys sore displeasure Yet haue I set my kyng vpon my holy hyll of Syon I wil preache the lawe wherof the lord hath sayed vnto me thou art my sonne this day haue I begotten thee Desyre of me and I shall geue thee the heathen for thine enheritaunce and the vttermost part of the earth for thy possession Thou shalt bruise them with a rodde of yron and breake them in pieces lyke a potters bessell Be wyse now therefore O ye kynges be learned ye that are iudges of the earth Serue the Lorde in feare and reioyce vnto hym wyth reuerence Kisse the sonne left he be angry and so ye perishe from the ryght waye if his wrath be kiendled yea but a little blessed are all they that put theyr trust in hym Domine quid multiplicati psal iii. LOrd how are they encreased that trouble me many are they that ryse aganst me Many one there be that say of my soule there is no helpe for hym in hys God But thou O Lord art my defendour thou art my worship and the lifter vp of my head I did call vpon the Lord with my voice and he heard me out of hys holy hyll I layed me downe and slepte and rose vp agayne for the Lord sustayned me I wil not be afraid of ten thousandes of people that haue set themselues against me round about Vp Lorde and helpe me O my God for thou smytest all myne enemyes vpon the cheke bone thou haste broken the teeth of the vngodly Saluacion belongeth vnto the Lord and thy blessing is vpon the people Cum inuocarem psal iiii HEare me when I call O God of my ryghteousnesse thou haste set me at libertie when I was in trouble haue mercye vpon me and hearken vnto my prayer O ye sonnes of men how long wyll ye blaspheme myne honor and haue suche pleasure in vanitie and seeke after leasyng Knowe thys also that the Lorde hath chosen to hymselfe the man that is godlye when I call vpon the Lorde he wil heare me Stande in awe and synne not comen with youre owne hearte and in your chambre and be styll Offre the sacrifice of righteousnesse and put your truste in the Lorde There bee manye that wyll saye who wyll shewe vs any good LORD lyfte thou vp the lyghte of thy countenaunce vpon vs. Thou haste putte gladnes in my hearte sence the tyme that theyr corne and wyne and oyle increased I wyll laye me downe in peace and take my reste for it is thou Lorde only that makest me dwel in safetie Verba mea auribus Psalm v. POnder my wordes O LORDE consyder my meditacyon O herken thou vnto the voyce of my callyng my kyng and my God for vnto thee wyl I make my prayer My voyce shalte thou heare betimes O Lorde earlye in the mornyng wyll I directe my prayer vnto thee and wyll loke vp For thou arte the God that hathe no pleasure in wickednesse neyther shall any euyll dwell with thee Suche as bee foolyshe shall not stande in thy syghte for thou hatest all them that worke vanitie Thou shalte destroye them that speake leasyng the Lorde wyll abhorre bothe the bloudthirstye and deceytfull man But as for me I wyll come into thy house euen vpon the multitude of thy mercye and in thy feare wyl I worshyp towarde thy holy temple Leade me O lord in thy righteousnes because of myne enemies make thy waye playne before my face For there is no faithfulnes in his mouth theyr inwarde partes are very wickednes Theyr throte is an open sepulchre they flatter with their tongue Destroye thou them O God let them peryshe throughe theyr owne ymaginacyons cast them out in the multitude of theyr vngodlynes for they haue rebelled agaynst thee And let all them that put theyr truste in thee reioyce they shall euer be geuyng of thankes because thou defendest thē they that loue thy name shal be ioyefull in thee For thou Lorde wylte geue thy blessyng vnto the ryghteous and with thy fauourable kyndnesse wilt thou defend him as with a shielde Domine ne in furore Psalm vi Euening prayer O Lorde rebuke me not in thyne indignacion neyther chasten me in thy displeasure Haue mercy vpon me O Lord for I am weake O Lorde heale me for my bones are vexed My soule is also sore troubled but Lorde howe long wilte thou punishe me Turne thee O Lorde and delyuer my soule oh saue me for thy mercies sake For in death no man remembreth thee and who wil geue thee thankes in the pitte I am wearye of my gronyng euery night washe I my bedde and water my couche with my teares My beautie is gone for verye trouble and worne awaye because of all my enemies Awaye fro me all yet that worke vanitie for the Lorde hath hearde the voyce of my wepyng The Lorde hath hearde my peticyon the Lorde wyll receyue my prayer All myne enemyes shall bee confounded and sore vexed they shal be turned backe and put to shame sodeynly Domine deus meus psalm vii O Lorde my God in thee haue I put my trust saue me from all them that persecute me and delyuer me Left he
earth and then all hys thoughtes peryshe Blessed is he that hath the God of Iacob for hys helpe and whole hope is in the Lord hys god Which made heauen and earth the Sea and al that therin is which kepeth hys promyse for euer Which helpeth them to ryght that suffre wrong whiche fedeth the houngry The lord loseth men out of prieson the lord geueth syght to the blynde The lord helpeth them that are fallen the Lord careth for the ryghteous The lord careth for the straūgers he defendeth the fatherlesse and widdowe as for the waye of the vngodly he turneth it vpsyde downe The lorde thy god O Sion shall be kyng for euermore and thorowout all generacions Laudate dominum psal cxlvii Euenīg prayer O Prayse the lorde for it is a good thyng to syng prayses vnto our God yea a ioyfull and pleasaunt thyng is it to be thankefull The lord doth build vp Hierusalem and gather together the outcastes of Israel He healeth those that are broken in heart and geueth medecine to heale their sickenes He telleth the number of the starres and calleth them al by their names Great is our lord and great is his power yea his wisdom is infinite The lorde setteth vp the meke and bringeth the vngodly down to the grounde O sing vnto the lord with thankesgeuing sing praise vpon the harpe vnto our god Whiche couereth the heauen with cloudes and prepareth raine for the earth and maketh the grasse to growe vpon the mountaynes and hearbe for the vse of men Which geueth fodder vnto the cattell and fedeth the young rauens that call vpon hym He hath not pleasure in the strength of an horse neither delighteth he in any mans legges But the lordes delight is in them that feare hym and put theyr trust in hys mercy Prayse the Lorde O Ierusalem prayse thy God O Syon For he hath made faste the barres of thy gates and hath blessed thy children within thee He maketh peace in thy borders and filleth the with floure and wheate He sendeth furth his commaundement vpon earth and his word runneth very swiftly He geueth snowe lyke wolle and scattereth the hoare frost lyke asshes He casteth foorth hys yse lyke morselles who is hable to abide his frost He sendeth out his worde and melteth them he bloweth with his winde and the waters slowe He sheweth his woorde vnto Iacob hys statutes and ordinaunces vnto Israel He hath not dealte so with any nacion neyther haue the Heathen knowledge of hys lawes Laudate dominum de celis psalm cxlviii O Prayse the lorde of heauen praise him in the heigth Praise him al ye Aungels of his praise him al his host Prayse him sunne and Mone praise him al ye starres and lyght Prayse him al ye heauens and ye waters that be aboue the heauens Let them prayse the name of the Lorde for he spake the worde and they were made he cōmaunded and they were created He hath made them fast for euer and euer he hath geuen them a lawe whiche shall not be broken Prayse the Lorde vpon earth ye dragons all diepes Fier and haile snow and vapors winde and storme fulfilling his worde Mountaynes and al hils fruitefull trees and al Cedres Beastes and all cattel wormes and fethered foules Kinges of the earth and all people princes and al iudges of the worlde Young men and maidens olde men and children praise the name of the Lorde for his name onely is excellent and hys prayse aboue heauen and earth He shall exalte the horne of his people al his saintes shal praise him euen the children of Israel euen the people that serueth hym Cantate domino psalm cxlix O Sing vnto the Lorde a newe song let the congregacion of sainctes prayse him Let Israel reioyce in him that made him and lette the children of Syon be ioyefull in theyr Kyng Let them prayse hys name in the daunce let them syng prayses vnto him with tabret and harpe For the Lorde hathe pleasure in his people and helpeth the meke hearted Let the sainctes be ioyefull with glory let them reioyce in theyr beddes Let the praises of God be in their mouth and a two edged sweorde in theyr handes To bee auenged of the Heathen and to rebuke the people To bynde theyr kinges in chaynes and theyr nobles with linkes of yron That they may be auenged of them as it is written such honour haue all his sainctes Laudate dominum psalm cl O Prayse God in his holines praise hym in the firmament of his power Prayse hym in hys noble actes prayse hym according to his excellent greatnesse Prayse hym in the sound of the trumpet prayse hym vpon the lute and harpe Prayse him in the cimbals and daunces prayse hym vpon the stringes and pype Prayse hym vpon the well tuned cimbals prayse hym vpon the loud cimbals Let euery thyng that hath breath prayse the Lorde ¶ The ende of thys Booke ¶ Certain godly prayers to be vsed for sondrye purposes ¶ A generall confession of sinnes to be sayd euery mornyng O Almightye God oure heauenly father I confesse and knowledge that I am a miserable a wretched synner and haue manyfolde wayes moste grieuously transgressed thy most godli commaundementes thorowe wicked thoughtes vngodly lustes synfull woordes and dedes and in my whole lyfe In synne am I borne and conceued and there is no goodnes in me inasmuch as if thou shouldest entre into thy narrow iudgemente with me iudgeyng me accordyng vnto thesame I were neuer able to suffre or abide it but must nedes perishe and bee damned for euer So little helpe coumforte or succour is there eyther in me or in anye other creature Onely this is my coumfort O heauenly father that thou didst not spare thy onely deare beloued sonne but diddest geue him vp vnto the most bitter and moste vile and slaunderous death of the crosse for me that he mighte so paye the raunsome for my sinnes satisfie thy iudgement stil and pacifie thy wrath reconcile me againe vnto thee and purchase me thy grace fauour and euerlastyng lyfe Wherfore thorow the merite of his most bitter death and passion and thorow his innocēt bloudsheding I beseche thee O heauenly father that thou wilt vouchsafe to be gracious and merciful vnto me to forgeue and to pardon me all my sinnes to lighten my hearte with thy holye spirite to renue confirme and strengthen me with a ryght and a perfect fayth and to enflame me in loue toward thee and my neighboure that I maye hencefoorthe with a willyng and a gladde hearte walke as it becometh me in thy most godly commaundementes and so gloryfye prayse thee euerlastyngly And also that I maye with a free concyence and quiete hearte in all maner of temptacyons afflyccyons or necessyties euen in the verye pangues of deathe crye boldelye and merelye vnto thee and saye I beeleue in God the father almyghtye maker of heauen and earthe And in Iesus Christ c. But O lord God