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A79663 A forme of common-prayer, to be used upon the solemne fast, appoynted by His Majesties proclamation upon the fifth of February, being Wednesday. For a blessing on the treaty now begunne, that the end of it may be a happy peace to the King and to all his people. Set forth by His Majesties speciall command to be used in all churches and chappels. 1645 (1645) Wing C4112; Thomason E27_4; ESTC R11277 5,703 17

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the Prisoners come before thee Psal 79.12 according to the greatnesse of thy power preserve thou those that are appointed to dye Comfort us again now after the time that thou hast plagued us Psal 90.15 and for the yeares wherein we have suffered adversity The fiercenesse of man shall turne to thy Praise Psal 76.10 and the fiercenesse of them shalt thou refraine For God will save Sion Psal 69.36 and build the Cities of Juda that men may dwell there and have it in possession O tarry thou the Lords leasure Psal 27.16 be strong and he shall comfort thine heart and put thou thy trust in the Lord. And the glorious Majestie of the Lord our God be upon us Psal 90.17 Prosper thou the worke of our Hands upon us O prosper thou our handy worke Glory be to the Father and to the Sonne and to the holy Ghost As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end Amen Psalmes for Morning and Evening Prayer For Morning For the Evening Psalmes 42 Psalmes 77. 46. 80. 61. 85. 80. 126. 122. 132.   133. The First Lesson for Morning Prayer Isay 51. from the 9. verse to the end of the Chapter Te Deum Laudamus For the Second Lesson Rom. 12. from the beginning of the 9. verse to the end of the Chapter Benedictus The First Lesson for Evening Prayer Isa 54. Magnificat Luke 1. The Second Lesson 1. Epist. Iohn c. 4. Nunc dimittis Luk. 2.29 The rest to go on as it is in the former fast-Fast-Book with the addition of some Prayers The Epistle Heb. 12. from the middle of the fift verse My Sonne c. to the end of the 15. verse The Gospell Matth 5. from the first verse to the end of the 12. verse A Prayer drawne by His MAjESTIES speciall Direction and Dictates O Most mercifull Father Lord God of Peace and Truth we a People sorely afflicted by the Scourge of an unnaturall Warre doe here earnestly beseech Thee to command a Blessing from Heaven upon this present Treaty begunne for the establishment of an happy Peace Soften the most obdurate Hearts with a true Christian desire of saving those mens blood for whom Christ himselfe hath shed His. Or if the guilt of our great sinnes cause this Treaty to breake off in vaine Lord let the Truth clearly appeare who those men are which under pretence of the Publick good doe pursue their own private ends that this People may be no longer so blindely miserable as not to see at least in this their Day the things that belong unto their Peace Grant this gracious God for his sake who is our Peace it selfe even Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN A Prayer for Peace ALmighty God terrible in thy Judgements but more wonderfull in thy Mercies who turnest man to Destruction and againe thou saist Come againe ye children of Men we miserable sinners prostrate this day before thee humbly confesse with Horror in our Hearts and Confusion in our Faces that every one of us hath more or lesse contributed to that vast heap of crying sins which hath now in so high a measure drawne down thy vengeance on us that we have abused thy Patience so long till we have at last turn'd it into Fury compelling thee by our often provocations to visit us in blood to make us teare out our owne bowels and by a strange unnaturall Warre raised we know not why thy Justice and our Sinnes excepted to become executioners of our selves and so to sinne afresh in the very punishments of sinne But alas what profit is there in our Blood or what Glory can come to thee by our Ruine Let it suffice O God that thou hast thus farr rebuked us in thine Anger but consume us not utterly for we are all thy People Say to the destroying Sword It is enough and let it be no longer drunk with the blood of thine Inheritance But look down upon our unfained Humiliation heare the Prayer which in the bitternesse of our Soules we powr out this day before thee accept of our Repentance and where it is defective let thy Holy Spirit make it up with Groanes that cannot be expressed Look upon thy Moses who standeth in the gap beseeching thee to turn thine anger from thy People remember what he hath suffer'd and the heavy things that thou hast shewn him and in the day when thou makest Inquisition for Bloud forget not his desires of Peace the endeavours which he hath used and the Prayers which he hath made to Thee for it Return all this O Lord with comfort into his Bosome And since thou hast already wrought so much for him as to bring these unhappy entangled differences to a Treaty take not off thine Hand till thou hast untyed every knot and cleared every difficulty Send thy Spirit into their Hearts who are entrusted with this great worke give them Bowells of Compassion toward their bleeding and expiring Country strike a Sense into them of the Bloud already shed and the Desolation to come which threatneth all if they prevent it not But above all let thy Feare run through all their consultations that remembring the sad account which in the last great day will be required of them they may lay aside every Sin and every Interest that may divert them from the wayes of Peace and by the guidance of thy Wisedome for in this all humane wisedome failes find out those blessed Expedients as may restore the voyce of Joy and Peace into our Dwellings in such a way as may be most to the Glory of thy Great Name the Settlement of the true Religion so long professed among us the Honour and Safety of the King 's Sacred Person and the Good of all H●s People Heare these our Prayers and perfect this great work through the mediation of thine owne dear Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen A Prayer O Most just and powerfull Lord God to whom vengeance belongeth we cannot but acknowledge that the manifold miseries which have befallen us are the due reward of our deeds and that we have deserved that the things which belong to our peace should still be hid from our eyes For when of thy owne free mercy thou wert pleased to grant us a long time of plenty and prosperity more then thou gavest to any of the Nations that are about us we became weary of our happinesse and by our ingratitude pulled upon us those judgments which now threaten desolation to this late flourishing Kingdome And since the time of our affliction thou hast given us space to repent and we repented not Iniquity hath still more and more abounded As heretofore thy mercies did not allure us so now thy judgments have not humbled us to a serious consideration of our misdeservings Now O Lord we finde our selves intangled and wearied by our owne counsels The troubles of our heart are inlarged Our iniquities and the punishments which attend upon them are a burden too heavy for us to bear And therefore in the anguish and bitternesse of our soules we returne unto thee humbly beseeching thee in whom alone is our helpe to have respect unto the prayers of thy servants O shut not up thy loving kindnesse in displeasure let not thine anger burne against the sheepe of thy pasture But binde up the breach of this people Let the sighing of the prisoners come before thee Behold the teares of the distressed Orphans and widowes and of all such as are oppressed and have no comforter How long O Lord holy and true doest thou forbeare to command deliverances Remember thy tender mercies which have beene ever of old and save us as thou hast done heretofore Remember thy promise of deliverance to those who call upon thee in the day of trouble And when the bloud that hath beene shed by oppression calls aloud for vengeance O then hearken unto the voice of thy Sonnes bloud which speakes better things behold the Lambe of God who was wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities And to this end regard the sincerity of thine Anointed maintaine thy owne cause and preserve unto him that power which thou hast given him binde his soule in the bundle of life let mercy and truth preserve him and let his Throne be established for ever before thee Blesse them that are peaceable and faithfull in the land And as for those that have risen up against him we beseech thee melt mollify their hearts to the entertainment of compassion and love reclaime them to obedience lay not their sinne to their charge but guide their feet into the way of peace Give to those that have done wrong the grace to repent and to those that have suffered wrong minds ready to forgive And if any shall be averse from peace O thou that art the wonderfull Counsellour turne their wisedome into foolishnesse confound their practices and let their mischeife returne upon their owne heads And when thou hast vouchsafed to give us that tranquillity which we begge at thy hands give us grace to embrace it with all thankfulnesse to obey our Governours to live at unity among our selves evermore blessing thy glorious name which is exalted above all blessing and praise through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen FINIS