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A79606 Articles to be enquired of by the ministers church-wardens, and side-men of every parish within the arch-deaconry of ... in the ordinary visitation of the right worshipfull Doctor ... Arch-deacon of Lincoln. In the year of our Lord God, 166[-].; Visitation articles. 1665 Church of England. 1665 (1665) Wing C4053B; ESTC R229604 6,421 12

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man of a sober life and conversation or is his carriage in any kind disorderly or scandalous and unbeseeming a Minister 14. Doth your Minister every Sunday Holiday Thirtieth day of January Twenty ninth day of May and the fifth day of November distinctly gravely and reverently ●●ad the whole Divine Service appointed by the Book of common-Common-prayer 15. Doth he after the Sermon or Homily read and perform the rest of the Divine Service appointed to be read and performed according to the said Book 16. Doth your Minister Catechise the younger sort of People upon Sundayes and Holidaies and after the Second Lesson at Evening Prayer give notice before to the Masters of Families to send in so many of their Children and Servants as they shall think fit to be so catechised And doth he catechise by the Catechism set forth in the Book of common-Common-prayer 17. Doth he baptize any Children without signing them with the sign of the Cross according to the Book of common-Common-prayer 18. Hath your Minister married any Persons in the times forbidden to marry without due license in that behalf from the Ordinary The times forbidden are from Advent-Sunday till St Hillary-day from Septuagesima-Sunday till the eighth day after Easter-day and from Rogation till Trinity-Sunday 19. Doth your Minister year by year solemnly keep the Thirtieth day of January the Anniversary day of the murther of the late King and Martyr of blessed memory King Charles the First being a day appointed for Humiliation and Fasting the Twenty ninth of May the Anniversary day of Thanksgiving for the restauration of our gracious Sovereign King Charles the Second and the Fifth Day of November as a day of Thanksgiving for our deliverance from the Sun-power Treason And doth he duly read and perform the Divine service appointed for those dayes 20. Doth your Minister on the Sunday before did the Holy-dayes and Fasting-dayes appointed to be solemnized and kept the week following 21. Doth your Minister Preach Baptize or Administer the Communion in any private House except in case of necessity 22. Doth your Minister thrice a year at least whereof Easter to be one administer the holy Communion Doth he receive it himself kneeling or administer it to any person who doth not kneel 23. Doth your Minister upon Wednesdayes and Fridayes weekly go to Church and there say the Letany 24. The Minister is to assist the Church-wardens and Side-men in presenting and to present them in case they omit any thing in their presentments which they ought to present 25. Doth your Minister administer the holy Communion to any Person that Person not kneeling when he or she re●e●eth it 26. Doth your Minister according to the Book of Common Prayer when he intendeth to administer the holy Communion give warning thereof the next Sunday or Holy-Day fore going publiquely in your Parish Church or Chappel in time of Ordine Service And doth he on such Sunday or Holy-day so foregoing read the Exhortation by the Book of Common Prayer appointed in that case to be read 27. Doth your Minister when any excommunicate Person whom he doth know to be so or hath been published so to be in your Church or Chappel is within your Church or Chappel or intrudes into the same or who will not go our being required Doth your Minister in such case perform the Divine Service or Preach whilest such excommunicate Person is so present And doth he not as he ought desist and forbear to perform such Divine Service and Sermon till such Excommunicate Person be gone out of your Church and Chappel 28. Doth your Minister perambulate your Parish-Bounds in Rogation week as is appointed 29. Doth your Minister use and wear such decent Habit and Garments as by the 74 Canon of the Canons of this Church published in the Year 1604. are injoyned that is Priests Gowns and in their journies Priests Coats and within doors Cassocks never appearing in Hose and Doublet onely And doth he wear any Coife or wrought night-Cap but onely plain night-Caps of black silk satten or velvet TIT. IV. Concerning the Parishioners 1. IS there any in your Parish that make Profession of any other Religion then what is established in the Church of England And that refuse to come into the Publick Assemblies Prayers or Service of the Church If there be any what are their Names 2. Is there any person in your Parish that lieth under a Common fame or suspition of Adultery Fornication or Incest Are there any common Drunkards within your Parish or common Swearers or Blasphemers of Gods Name or any that are noted to be Raylers unclean or filthy talkers or sowers of sedition faction and discord amongst their neighbours 3. Do any of your Parish upon Sundayes or Holidayes follow their bodily and ordinary labour or permit their servants so to do are any Shops kept open or wares sold or do any Vintners In-keepers or other Victuallers and sellers of Beer or Ale suffer any persons to tipple or game in their houses upon those dayes 4. Doth every person in your Parish duly resort to your Church or Chappel upon Sundayes and Holidayes and there decently and orderly as well during Divine Service as Preaching the Word of God demean themselves reverently uncovering their heads kneeling at prayers standing up when the Creed and Gospel are read 5. Is there any in your Parish that refuse to send their Infant Children to be baptized in the Church unless in case of urgent danger or do they send them to be baptized in other Parishes or are they baptized after other Form than is appointed or are they kept unbaptized longer then is allowed or is there any Infants or more aged Persons as yet unbaptized 6. Is there any person in your Parish of 16 years of age who doth not receive the Sacrament three times in the year of which Easter is always to be one Doth any refuse to receive it kneeling or resort to other Parishes or do any Strangers come to your Parish Church to receive it 7. Are there any in your Parish that be denounced and declared excommunicate for any crime committed how long have they been so excommunicated and do any of your Parish keep society with them before they be reconcised to the Church and absolved 8. Are there any living in your Parish who have been unlawfully married contrary to the Laws of God or any that being lawfully divorced have married again or any that being lawfully married and not separated or divorced by course of Law do not cohabit together 9. Are there any married Women in your Parish who after their delivery from the peril of Child-birth refuse to make their publick thanksgiving to God in the Church And when they come so to do do they come decently apparelled and make their offerings according to custom 10. Are there any that refuse to pay their duty for Easter offerings or refuse to contribute to the Rates made for the repair of your Church or Chappel or any thing
ARTICLES TO BE ENQUIRED OF BY THE Minister Church-Wardens and Side-men of every Parish within the Arch-Deaconry of 〈…〉 IN THE Ordinary Visitation Of the Right Worshipfull Doctor R●p●●●● T●●●●k●●●●●● ARCH-DEACON of LINCOLN In the Year of Our Lord God 166● LONDON Printed by Tho. Newcomb 166● The Tenor of the Oath to be Administred to the Church-Wardens and Side-men YOu shall well and faithfully execute and perform your several Offices in your Parish and duely present such crimes and offences as are punishable by the Ecclesiastical Laws of this Land coming to your knowledge by fame report or otherwi●● 〈◊〉 help you God in Jesus Christ ARTICLES OF VISITATION and ENQUIRY within the Arch-Deaconry of LINCOLN TIT. I. Concerning Churches Chappels with the Ornaments and Furniture thereunto belonging 1. IS your Parish Church of Chappel in good and sufficient repair both for the Roof windows Floor and Seats 2. Hath any part of your Church Chappel or Steeple been demolished or pulled down what part and how long since or any of the Lead Timber or Bells thereunto formerly belonging any way imbezelled or sold and by whom 3. Is there a decent Fout of Stone with a Cover and doth the same stand at or near the neather end of your Church in such manner as anciently and usually Fonts have stood for the baptizing of Children Is there a decent Communion-table in your Chancel with a decent Carpet and another covering of white-linnen to be spread thereon at the time of the Administration of the Lords Supper and have you a fair Chalice or Communion Cup with a Cover and one or more Flagons 4. Have you a convenient Seat or Pew wherein to read Divine Service a Pulpit with a decent Cloth or Cushion a large Bible of the last Translation and a Book of common-Common-Prayer lately published Anno 1662. the Book of Homilies set forth by Authority and a printed Table of the degrees wherein Marriages are prohibited and a Book of Canons and Constitutions Ecclesiastical and a decent Surplice and Hood And are the Ten Commandments set upon the East-end of your Church or Chappel 5. Have you a Register-book in Parchment of Christenings Burials and Marriages and is the same kept in all points according to the ancient use 6. Have you a book of Paper to record the names and licenses of such strangers as are admitted to Preach in your Church or Chappel and do such strangers subscribe their names As also a third Book for the Church-wardens accompts As also a Chest with locks and keys wherein to keep the said Books and the aforementioned Furniture 7. Is the Table of the degrees of Marriage before mentioned hung up in your Church in some convenient publick place where it may be seen in legible Characters by any who desire to read it 8. Is the Creed the Lords Prayer the ten Commandments and such sentences of Scripture as the Minister thinketh fit painted up within the walls of the Church Chappel and Chancel Are the Kings Arms fairly painted and set up on the partition betwixt the Church and the Chancel 9. Are there any Funeral Monuments erected in your Church Chappel or Chancel or otherwise which stop up the windows or though they do not stop up the windows whether or no were they erected since the year of our Lord 1640. without due license from the Ordinary in the behalf present the names of the erectors of them TIT. II. Concerning the Church-yard the Houses Glebes and Tythes belonging to the Church 1. IS your Church-yard sufficiently fenced and decently kept Hath any person encroached upon the same or made any door into it and how long since 2. Is the House of your Parson Vicar or Curate and the Out-houses in good repair Have any of them been defaced or pulled down without licence Have there been any encroachments made upon the same or any of the ancient marks or bounds removed or changed and by whom 3. Have you a true and perfect Terrier of all the Gleve-lands Gardens Orchards Tenements or Cottages belonging to your Parsonage or Vicarage As also a note of such Pentions Rate-tythes and Portions of Tythes or other yearly profits either within or without your Parish as belong thereunto Have any of the same been with-held from your Minister and by whom as you know or have heard 4. Is there such a Terrier as in the Article immediately aforegoing is mentioned given into the Registers Office for this Arch-deaconry TIT. III. Concerning Ministers 1. IS your Minister a Priest or Deacon Episcopally ordained according to the Laws of the Church of England 2. Hath he been legally Instituted and Inducted into his Benefice And did he within two moneths after his Induction publickly in the Church upon some Sunday or Holiday in the time of Divine Service read the 39 Articles of the Church of England established by Authority and there publickly declare his assent thereunto 3. Is he resident among you how many weeks hath he been absent from you without urgent necessity 4. Hath your Minister a Curate Is he in holy Orders and conformable to the Laws of the Church Is he allowed by the Ordinary 5. Doth your Parson Vicar Curate or Lecturer if you have any perform his Office in all things according to the Rubrick of the book of common-Common-prayer lately established and the Act of Uniformity published therewith 6. Doth your Minister at the reading Divine Service wear Surplice and Hood 7. Doth he observe the Holy-dayes and Fasting-dayes the Ember-weeks and the yearly Perambulation in Rogation-week as is appointed by the Rubrick 8. Is your Minister licensed to Preach If so doth he constantly not having a reasonable impediment preach one Sermon in your Church or Chappel every Sunday or if he be not licensed or be hindred doth he procure one to supply his Office by preaching or reading one of the Homilies 9. Doth your Minister instruct the youth in your Parish in the Church Catechism and prepare and present them to be confirmed by the Bishop 10. Doth he neglect or delay to visit the Sick or to baptize any Infant that is in danger of death Doth he baptize any without Godfathers and Godmothers or admit either of the Parents to be Godfathers and Godmothers to their own Children 11. Hath your Minister married any Persons without publishing the Banes on three Sundayes or Holidayes or hath he married any in private houses or not between the hours of Eight and Twelve in the morning unless he had a license or dispensation so to do 12. Hath your Minister taken upon him to appoint any publick or private Fasts Prophesyings or Exercises not appointed by Authority Or doth he or any other either Minister or Lay person hold any Coventicles or Meetings in private houses within your Parish for people of several Families to resort unto under the pretence of Preaching Praying Thanksgiving or Humiliation contrary to the Laws and Canons in that case provided 13. Is your Parson Vicar Curate or Lecturer a
thereunto belonging 11. Do any refuse to bury their Dead according to the Rites of the Church of England and are there any Wills or Testaments of persons dead in your Parish that be yet unproved or any Goods administred without a due grant from the Ordinary Did any dying in your Parish or elsewhere leave any Legacy to your Church or Chappel or to the use of the Poor or to any other pious and charitable purposes What were those Legacies and how have they been bestowed 12. Is there any Strife and Contention among any of your Parish for their Pews or Seats in your Church Have any new Pews been erected in your Chancel or in the body of your Church or Chappel without leave from the Ordinary 13. Doth any person keep company with any Excommunicate person or persons after he or they be published excommucate in their Parish Churches or Chappels Doth any person buy sell traffick borrow lend or any other wayes converse with them but in case of necessity 14. Doth any person refuse or neglect to keep solemn as a fasting-day and as a day of humiliation the 30 day of January the 29 day of May and the fifth day of November every Year as days of Thanksgiving according as is appointed and doth every Parishioner go to Church on those days to hear and perform the Service then appointed 15. Do any of your Parish who are married within the degrees of marriages prohibited cohabite together 16. Do any come late to Prayers in the Church Do the Parishioners remain there with reverence not departing till all the Service be done and the last Blessing in the Common-prayer-Book be pronounced by the Minister 17. Doth any person neglect or refuse to do due and low reverence when the name of Jesus is mentioned in the time of Divine-Service 18. Doth every one present at Divine-Service in your Parish Church or Chappel carry him or her self reverently being every male uncovered in time of Divine-Service and Sermon and every person standing up at the reading of the Creed and the Gloria Patri according to the Book of common-Common-prayer and kneeling and answering as is there appointed TIT.V. Concerning Parish-Clarks and Sextons 1. HAve you belonging to your Church or Chappel a Parish-Clark aged 21 years at the least Is he of honest life and conversation sufficient or able to perform his duty in reading writing and singing Is he chosen by your Minister and doth he duely attend him in all Divine-Services at the Church Are his wages duely paid to him or who with-holdeth the same from him 2. Doth he diligently do his duty in keeping the Church clean and decent in tolling and ringing the Bells before Divine-Service and when any person is passing out of this life doth he upon notice toll a Bell that the neighbours may thereby be warned to recommend the dying person to the grace and favour of God 3. Doth your Parish-Clark or Sexton every Wednesday and Friday in due time toll a Bell to call the People to Church to come to Prayers with the Minister TIT. VI. Concerning School Masters Schools Physicians Chirurgeons and Midwives 1. DOth any person keep a publick or private School in your Parish who is not allowed thereunto by his Ordinary doth he teach his Scholars the Catechism of Religion set forth by Authority doth he cause his Scholars upon Sundayes and holidayes orderly to repair to your Church or Chappel and see that they behave themselves quietly and reverently during the time of Divine-Service and Sermon 2. Doth any in your Parish practise Physick or Chirurgery or any woman take upon her to exercise the office of a Midwife without License from the Ordinary TIT. VII Concerning Church-wardens and Side-men 1. ARe the Church-wardens of your Parish yearly and duely chosen by the joynt consent of your Minister and Parishioners or one of them by your Minister and the other by the Parishioners 2. Have the former and last Church-wardens given uy their accounts to the Parish and delivered up to the succeeding Church-wardens the moneys remaining in their hands together with all other things belonging to your Church or Chappel 3. You are further to understand That according to your Office you are to provide against every Communion appointed in your Church or Chappel a sufficiently quantity of fine white-Bread and good Wine according to the number of Communicants 4. Do the Church-wardens and Side-men do their duty in seeing decent order kept in time of Divine-Service and Sermon and that none be then covered Do they or some of them take care that none be then drinking in Ale-houses or tipling-houses on Sundayes or Holidayes or stay in the Church-Porch or without the Church neglecting Common-Prayer R●p●●●l T●●●●km●r●●● FINIS