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A32936 Articles of enquiry to be exhibited to, and answered by the ministers and church-wardens of every parish within the jurisdiction of the Right Reverend Father in God William by divine providence, Lord Bishop of Bristol in his second episcopal visitation, and the fourth year of his consecration. Church of England. Diocese of Bristol. Bishop (1678-1684 : Gulston); Gulston, William. 1682 (1682) Wing C4020; ESTC R40817 7,570 15

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Ordinary within fourteen days after Are any Schismaticks or depravers of the Religion or Government of this Realm received to the Communion without unfeigned Repentance TIT. IV. Of Catechism Marriage Burial with other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church 1. DOth your Minister upon Sundays and Holydays after the second Lesson in Evening prayer openly in the Church examine the Youth and other ignorant Persons in your Parish in the Catechism set forth in the Book of common-Common-Prayer And do all Fathers and Mothers Masters and Mistresses cause their Children Servants and Apprentices which haue not learn'd the said Catechisms to come to the Church at the time appointed obediently to hear and to be ordered by the Minister until they have learn'd the same 2. Doth your Minister against such times as are assigned for a Confirmation by the Bishop do his best endeavour to prepare and procure all such to be brought to the Bishop to be confirm'd And doth he admit any to the Communion who refuse or neglect to be confirmed 3. Is the Form of the Solemnization of Matrimony duly observed as is prescribed in the Common-Prayer and with the Ceremony of the Ring Or have any in your Parish been married after any other Form or without the Ring 4. Have any been married without the Banes of Matrimony three times published in the Parish-Church where the Parties dwell or without License granted by Lawful Authority for dispensing with the same Or within the times prohibited for Marriage without such License Or have any been married in any other place than in the Parish-Church or Chappel where one of them dwelleth without Banes or License 5. Is there any in your Parish that have married two Sisters one after another Or is there any that have been married within the Degrees prohibited by the Law of God expressed in a Table set forth by Authority Anno 1563 And is that Table set up in your Church 6. Hath your Minister married any in your Parish-Church under the Age of 21 years without the consent of their Parents Or hath he married any in private Houses 7. Do any cohabit together as Man and Wife being not lawfully married or it being not known by whom where or when they were married Or do any persons lawfully married live asunder and in whom is the fault 8. Doth your Minister resort to any Parishioner dangerouly sick having knowledge thereof the Disease not being suspected to be infectious to comfort them and exhort them to Repentance To make special Confession of their Sins if their Consciences be troubled that they may receive Absolution and the Holy Sacrament if they desire it 9. Have you any buried in your Church or Church-Yard that have been known Recusants or excommunicated persons or Felones de se And doth your Minister Burie the Dead according to the Book of Common prayer and the form therein contained 10. Doth your Minisier refuse to bury any Corps brought to the Church or Church-yard at convenient times convenient Warning being given him thereof and there being no lawful cause to the contrary Doth he bury any that die unchristened 11. Doth every Woman at the usual time after Childbirth come decently apparrelled to the Church and kneel down in the accustomed place or as the Ordinary doth direct to give thanks to God for her safe deliverance and doth the Minister perform his office therein 12. Is the Commination Exhortation prayers annexed in the Common Prayer used on the first day of Lent and at other times as the Ordinary shall appoint TIT. V. Of Ministers 1. DOth your Minister when he readeth publick prayers or administers the Sacrament wear a comely Surplice with Sleeves and if he be a Graduate such Hood as by the Orders of the Vniversity is agreeable to his degree 2. Is nothing proclaimed or published in the Church during divine Service but by the Minister only Nor by him any thing but what is prescribed in the Book of Common Prayer or enjoyned by the Ring or by the Ordinary of the place 3. Doth any one who is not a Priest Episcopally ordained presume to consecrate or administer the Holy Sacrament either publickly or privately or preach in private Houses where there are no Chappels consecrated and allowed by the Ecclesiastical Laws of this Realm Or doth any that is not a Deacon at least Episcopally ordained presume to read the Common Prayer in your Church or Chappel or baptize publickly or privately or assist in administring the Holy Communion 4. Is your Church a Parsonage Vicarage or a Stipendiary Cure If a Parsonage or Vicarage is it full or vacant if vacant how long hath it been so Who serveth the Cure Who receiveth the Profits And by what Authority If full who is the Incumbent By whom presented nominated admitted instituted and inducted and how long hath he been so 5. Is your Minister a Priest Episcopally ordained Hath he publickly read the thirty nine Articles in the Church in time of Common-Prayer and hath he declared his unfeigned assent thereunto Hath he since the last Act of Vniformity of publick Prayers openly and solemnly according to the Book by the said Act established read the Morning and Euening Prayer in your Church and after such reading publickly before the Congregation there assembled declared his unfeigned Assent and Consent to the Vse of all things in that Book contained And hath he subscribed the Declaration in the said Act and read the Ordinaries Certificate of his said Subscription together with the Declaration upon some Lord's Day in the presence of the Congregation 6. Hath he any other Parsonage Vicarage or Cure besides yours or any Chappels of Ease belonging to his Church What Curate or Curates assist him Are they Licensed Preachers What Stipend or Stipends have they And by whom payed 7. Is he Resident upon yours or any other of his Cures Doth he where he is Resident at least in every Month in the Church or Chappel himself in person read the Common-prayers and if occasion be administer each of the Sacraments and other Rites of the Church in such manner and form as in the Book of common-Common-Prayer prescribed 8. Is be a Licensed Preacher If so doth he preach once every Sunday in the Year or procure Sermons to be preached once every Month at least if he be unable himself And upon every Sunday when there is no Sermon doth he or his Curate read one of the Homilies set forth by Authority 9. Doth be labor to reclaim all Popish Recusants or other Sectaries if any be within his Parish 10. If your Church be a Stipendiary Cure have you a settled and constant Curate By whom nominated By whom Licensed How long hath be been so Is he a Priest Episcopally ordained Hath be subscribed the Declaration in the late Act for Vniformity Hath he read the Ordinaries Certificate of his Subscription together with the said Declaration in time of Divine Service doth be perform all the Offices of a Minister what stipend hath
ARTICLES OF ENQUIRY TO BE Exhibited to and Answered by the MINISTERS and CHURCH-WARDENS of every Parish within the JURISDICTION of the Right Reverend Father in God WILLIAM by Divine Providence Lord BISHOP of BRISTOL in his Second Episcopal Visitation and the Fourth Year of his Consecration LONDON Printed for William Crook 168● The Church-Wardens Oath YOur Oath is that you the Church-wardens for your parts and you the Sides-men for your parts shall well and faithfully execute your several Offices for your Parish as long as you shall continue in your Offices according to the Use and Custom there and the Law in that behalf and also duly and truly present such Crimes and Offences punishable by the Laws Ecclesiastical of this Land which shall come to your knowledge or notice all Favor and Affection Hatred and Malice or sinister Respect set apart So help you God in Jesus Christ Articles TO BE Exhibited Enquired of and Answered IN THE Diocess of Bristoll TIT. I. Of the Church of England 1. ARe there any in Your Parish that affirm that the King is not supream Governor over all Persons and in all Causes both Ecclesiastical Temporal within his Majesties Dominions 2. Have you any that oppose or deny any part of his Majesties Supremacy in Causes Ecclesiastical 2. Have you any that affirm that the Civil Magistrate ought not to prescribe any thing to Ecclesiastical Persons in or about the Publick Worship of God But that his Duty is only to protect their persons 4. Have you any that affirm That the Church of England is not a True Church and Apostolical or that the Form of Gods Worship therein as now established by Law containeth any thing in it that is contrary to the Word of God Or that the Rites and Ceremonies thereof as now established by Law are wicked or superstitious or Antichristian And therefore Godly People ought not to approve of or subscribe or use the same 5. Have you any that affirm that the Government of the Church of England under his Majesty by Arch-Bishops Bishops Deans Arch-Deacons and the rest that bear Office is Antichristian or repugnant to Gods Word 6. Have you any that affirm that the form or manner of making or consecrating Bishops Priests and Deacons contains any thing contrary to Gods Word or that they who are so made and consecrated are not lawful Bishops Priests and Deacons till they have some other call to these Divine Offices 7. Have you any that separate themselves from the Church of England and the publick Worship thereof and combine themselves in a new Brother-hood making rules and orders amongst themselves to be ruled and governed by in Church matters without the Kings authority or who hold private Conventicles with or are present at them 8. Are there any that have publish sell dispose or convey to others any seditious heretical or schismatical Books Libels or Writings TIT. II. Of Divine Service 1. ARe the Lords Days commonly called Sundays and other Holydays celebrated and kept according to the orders of the Church of England and Gods Holy Will and Pleasure Are the Fifth of November the Thirtieth of January and the Nine and Twentieth of May observed by frequenting the publick Worship according to Orders prescribed in that behalf Doth your Minister did all Holy-Days and Fasting-Days the Sunday before as it is appointed in the Book of common-Common-Prayer 2. Are Morning Evening prayer the Letany the rest of the Prayers the Administration of the Sacrament and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England duly performed and observed and in such Time Place and Manner as is by Authority prescribed without adding diminishing or altering Hath any other Form been used in your Church or Chappel Hath any one interrupted Your Minister in reading Divine Service administring the Sacraments or Preaching 3. Do all your Parishioners having no lawful impediment resort to the Parish Church or Chappel upon Sundays and holy-days then and there abide orderly and decently in the time of Common-Prayer Preaching and other Service of God there used Do any cover their Heads in time of Divine Service or not use such reverent gestures behaviour as become Christians in the House and Service of God as are by the Laws and Canons required 3. Did your former Church-Wardens diligently observe what Irregular Persons and Non-Conformists absent themselves from their own Parish Church And did they repair to the Iustices of Peace for their warrants to levie twelve pence upon the goods of such Person according as by law is required of them 4. Are any Idle Persons suffered to loyter in the Church-Yard or Church-Porch in time of Divine Service or Sermon Is there any unlawful gaming drinking or other disorder practised upon Sundays Especially in time of Divine service TIT. III. Of the Sacraments 1. IS the Sacrament of Baptism duly administred in Your Church or Chappel according to the Form thereof prescribed by the Church of England Are there such Godfathers and Godmothers used therein as are of age or have received the Sacrament of the Lords Supper 2. Have you any in your Parish that refuse to bring their Children to be baptized by the Minister according to the Book of common-Common-Prayer who are they how long have they done so 3. Do any of your Parishioners refuse to have their Children baptized by the Minister of your own Parish and either carry them out of the Parish or bring in a stranger to Baptize them 4. Are there any in your Parish yet unbaptized and of what age are they Have any died unbaptized And at what age By whose default Hath Your Minister refused to Baptize any Child brought to the Church or in case of necessity Oath being made thereof to Baptize any privately 5. Is the Sacrament of the Lords Supper duly Administred in your Church at the least thrice a year Master being one and doth every parishioner being of the age of sixteen years communicate accordingly and receive it kneeling 6. Is there convenient warning of every Communion given in the Church the Sunday before at Morning Prayer And did your former Churchwardens provide a sufficient quantity of Bread and Wine for the Communicants And is your Wine brought to the Table in a clean and sweet Pot of Pewter or some other purer Metal 7. Is the Wine and Bread as well that which is first set on the Table as that which is brought afterwards duly consecrated according to the Book of common-Common-Prayer before it be used 8. Doth your Minister admit any to the Communion that are excommunicate persons or live in open contention with their neighbours or are known to live in any grievous sin Or have any Churchwardens or Side-men heretofore neglected to present such publick Offences as they know to be committed in their Parishes and so incur the borrible crime of Perjury 9. Hath any of your Parish been debarred of the Holy Communion without just cause or without an account thereof given to the
be and by whom paid 12. Have you a Lecturer is be in Episcopal Orders by whom is be licensed Hath he openly read the thirty nine Articles Did he before his first Sermon read the Common-Prayer openly declare his assent and consent to all and every thing contained in that Book doth he do the same the first Sunday in every Month 13. Doth your Minister Preach or expound the Scripture without license in your Church or Chappel doth any Preacher confute any Doctrine delivered by any other Preacher in the Pulpit without acquainting the Bishop of the Diocess therewith or his Order Doth he in the Rogation days go in Perambulation of the Parish 14. Hath your Parson Vicar Lecturer or Curate or other Minister living in your Parish either directly or indirectly revealed any crime or offence any man hath privately confessed to him to unburthen his own Conscience or to receive spiritual Comfort 15. Doth your Minister frequent Taverns Alehouses or other suspected places doth he use gaming at Dice or Cards or Tables Doth he observe decency in his Apparel as is enjoyned in the seventy fourth Canon 16. Is your Minister of an Honest sober and holy Life or Conversation such as becomes the Gospel of Christ Doth any Priest or Deacon Voluntarily relinquish his profession and live in your Parish as a Lay-man TIT. VI. Of the Church and Church-yard 1. HAve you a Church or Chappel consecrated to the worship and Service of God is it separated from all prophane uses and kept for the former use only Is it sufficiently repaired Windows glazed and all things therein such as becometh the house of God 2. Have you in your Church or Chappel a Bible of the largest Volum and of the late Translation The book of Homelies set forth by Authority A common-Common-Prayer book approved and commanded by the late Act of Parliament 3. Is there in your Church or Chappel a convenient Seat or Desk for your Minister to read divine Service in And a comely and decent Pulpit with a Cloth or Cushion for the Preaching of Gods word 4. Is your Church-yard well and sufficiently senced by those who by Law ought to fence the same 5. Have you in your Church or Chappel a Chest for Alms with a hole in the upper part with three Reps one for the Minister one for the senior Church-warden and one for the Overseer of the Poor 6. Are the Seats in your Church kept in good repair Are the ten Commandements set up in some convenient place in your Church with the Creed the Lords Prayer and some choice Sentences of Scripture 7. Have you a Font of stone set in the Ancient and usual place of the Church or Chappel for the Administration of publick Baptism Is your Communion Table railed in covered with a Carpet in time of Divine Service and with a fair linnen Cloth at the time of Administration of the Sacrament is it secured from Prophanation 8. Have you a fair Surplice The two Books of Homelies fairly bound The Book of Canons and Constitutions Ecclesiastical A decent Bason to receive the Alms of well disposed People in Have you a Register-Book of Parchment for Christenings Weddings and Butials And a Coffer to keep these things in TIT. VII Of Glebes Tithes Houses and other Possessions and Revenues of the Church 1. HAve you a Parsonage or Vicarage-House Is it kept in good Repair with all the Edifices and Appurtenances thereto belonging 2. Have you a perfect Terrier of all the Glebe-lands Houses ●●thes Rents Pensions and other Possessions belonging to your Church In whose hands is it Is there a true Copy of it transmitted to be kept in the Bishop's Registry 3. Are any of the Glebe-lands Tithes or other Possessions of your Church enjoyed or occupied by the Patron or his Assigner or Assignees either with or without the consent of the Parson or Vicar What is the yearly Value or Rent Vpon what Covenants are they held How long have they been so 4. Have you any Church-house Alms-house School-house or other House for pious Vses Are they applyed to those Vses only Are they kept in good Repair If not in whom is the fault 5. Have you any Church Stock In whose hands is it To what Vses was it given Is it employed to the same Vses if not in whom is the fault 6. Have any of the Lands Tenements Tithes or other Possessions of the Church movable or immovable been known reported or suspected to have been alienated from the Church By whom and when 7. Are any Prescriptions or Compositions for Tithes pretended or claimed by any of the Parishioners which are not truly and really such nor warrantable by Law 8. Are there any Gift-Sermons belonging to your Church How many Who are the Donors thereof Are there any other customary Emoluments or Profits detained concealed and embezelled by any person or persons whatsoever Of what value are they And who is in sault TIT. VIII Of Church-Wardens ARe your Church-wardens and Side-men chosen according to the Canons 89 and 90 Do they make due Lewes for necessary Vses of the Church Do they give up a just account of all Moneys received and disbursed at the years end Do they together with the Side-men resort to their Parish Church and receive the Sacrament and see that other Parishioners do the like Do they admonish Offenders and if they amend not present them to the Ordinary Do they make full Presentments without favor or partiality According to the true intent and meaning of the Oath of a Church-Warden TIT. IX Of Schoolmasters 1. HAve you a Free School or other School in your Parish Is the Schoolmaster Licensed by the Ordinary under Hand and Seal Is he meet for that Office as well for Learning as sober Conversation and also for his soundness in Religion 2. Hath he subscribed to the First and Third Articles 〈◊〉 and to the two first Clauses of the Second Article according to the 36 and 37 Canons And also the Declaration specified in the late Act of Vniformity 4. Doth he teach and instruct his Scholars in the Catechism set forth in the Book of common-Common-Prayer Doth he himself repair to the Church upon Sundays and Holydays and also see that his Scholars do the like behaving themselves quietly and soberly all the time of Divine Service and Sermon 4. Doth any Schoolmaster instruct or teach Youth in any private House being not Licensed nor having subscribed or not repairing to the Church aforesaid TIT. X. Of Parish Clarks HAve you a Parish Clark chosen by the Minister sufficient for his Reading Writing and competent Skill in Singing Doth be receive his accustomed Wages Are they duly payed without Fraud Delay or Diminution TIT. XI Of Physicians Chyrurgeons and Midwives DOth any man in your Parish take upon him to practise Physick or Chyrurgery Or doth any Woman take upon her to exercise the Office of a Midwife without Approbation and License from the Ordinary TIT. XII Of the Parishioners 1. HAve you any Popish Recusants or Sectaries in your Parish Are any persons commonly known to be guilty of Adultery Fornication Incest Drunkenness Prophaneness Blasphemy Swearing Cursing Extortion or any other Wickedness 2. Are any Excommunicate in your Parish and yet dare presume to come to the Church How long have they been so and who resort to their Company 3. Are any deceased in your Parish whose last Wills and Testaments are not proved Or if they died intestate who hath administred and by what Authority 4. Is there any person in your Parish above the age of sixteen years yet doth neglect or refuse to come to the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper You are to present all such knowing that the Discharge of your Duty according to your Oaths is a means to reform Parishes and prevent God's Iudgments And if you neglect your Duty the Minister of every Parish may and ought to present as well the Offences committed as the Church-Wardens for not presenting the same Your full Presentments are to be given in at the present sitting of this Court and no further time to be expected to prevent future Neglects and Charges W. Bristoll FINIS