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A12120 The countryman vvith his houshold Being a familiar conference, concerning faith towards God, and good workes before men; fitted for the capacitie of the meanest. By R.S. preacher of the word at Arley. See the contents more particularly before the booke. Sherrard, Robert. 1620 (1620) STC 22427; ESTC S102598 97,338 274

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take this for a taste which if you will read and sing togither with all your Houshold but once on euerie worke day in the Euening you shall finde that those who can learne any thing shall before the yeare goe about performe it by heart of themselues although they bestow no other time vpon it A godly Hymne or Psalme collected out of the booke of DAVIDS Psalms and composed of choise verses which do breifely point at some of the cheifest Lessons of Faith towards God and of good Workes towards Men all for the most part in forme of prayer praise to God Fit for the more ignorant sort to sing at their ordinarie worke and at other times convenient to the glory of God and their owne edification Psal 92 vers 1 IT is a thing both good and meete to praise the Highest Lord And to thy name O thou most High to sing withone accord vers 2 To shew the kindnesse of the Lord betime ere day be light And eke declare his truth abroad when it doth draw to night Psal 55 vers 1 O God giue eare and do apply to heare me when I pray And when to thee I call and cry hide not thy face away Psal 39 vers 9 From all the sinnes that I haue done Lord quite me out of hand And make me not a scorne to fooles that nothing vnderstand Psal 143 vers 2 If thou O Lord do straitly marke our foule iniquitie O Lord who can before thee stand excused for to be Psal 130 vers 4 But mercy and compassion O Lord are still with thee That men may loue feare the name of thy great Maiestie Psal 111 vers 10 His feare true wisedome doth begin his lawes obserue do they That any vnderstanding haue his praise doth last for aie Psal 119 vers 133 Direct my footsteps by thy word that I thy will may know And neuer let iniquitie thy seruant ouerthrow vers 36 Incline my heart thy lawes to keepe and couenants to embrace And from all filthie auarice Lord shield me with thy grace vers 37 From vaine desires and worldly lusts turne backe mine eyes and sight Giue me the spirit of life and power to walke thy waies aright The second part Psal 133 vers 1 Behold how good a thing it is and pleasant for to see Brethren together fast to hold the bond of amitie Psal 41 Ver. 1 And he is blest that carefull is the needy to consider For in the season perillous the Lord will him deliuer Psal 94 Ver. 12 And Lord that man is happie sure whom thou dost keepe in awe And through correction dost procure to teach him in thy Lawe Psal 72 Ver. 4 Yet thou dost helpe the weake poore with aid and make them strong And eke destroy for euermore all those that doe them wrong Psal 116 Ver. 10 I did belieue therefore I spake yet I was troubled sore Psal 119 Ver. 94 But I am thine saue me my God for I haue sought thy lore Psal 43 Ver. 5 Why art thou then so sad my soule and fretst thus in my brest Still trust in God for him to praise I hold it euer best Psal 125 Ver. 4 Doe well O Lord vnto all those that vpright are in heart But those that vnto crooked waies shall choose to turne apart Vers 5 Them shall the Lord with workers lead of all iniquity But peace vpon his Israell for euermore shall be Psal 80 Vers 19 O Lord of Hostes through thy good grace conuert vs vnto thee Behold vs with a pleasant face and then full safe are wee Psal 57 Vers 13 Set forth and shew thy selfe O God aboue the heauens bright Extoll thy praise on earth abroad thy Maiestie and might Parent I pray you what Psalmes of Dauid do you iudge most edifying and comfortable for our ordinary vse Pastor Twelue select Psalmes Me thinketh the first the fourth the eight the twelfth the fifteenth the ninteenth the twenty fifth the thirty second the fiftie first the seuenty third the one hundred third and the hundred ninteenth are easiest and fittest for an ignorant familie For the which I referre you to your Psalme books specially I recommend the fifteenth Psalme vnto you wherein a true Christian is pithily and summarily described by his proper marks and fruits And if any of you can sing the tune of Psalme 136. and 148. you may sometimes vse the same fifteenth Psalme which I haue paraphrased in this forme following and fitted to be sung in that tune also by two the one making the question and the other answering An Hymne made vpon the fifteenth Psalme Psalme 15. in another tune in manner of a Dialogue and may be song by two the one representing IEHOVA and the other DAVID To the tune of Psalme 136. Dauid 1. IEhoua omnipotent shew forth what folke they are Shall soiourne in thy tent As Pilgrimes wont to fare The members here Of Church fighting but aye dwelling in heauens there Iehoua 2. The righteous soule he walkes vpright in constant wise Entire and Iustice workes his carefull exercise Likewise the truth in heart doth speake without deceit the simple sooth 3. This man maliciouslie depraueth not with tongue So neither frowardly his neighhour doth he wrong Ne knowes slandour nor yet doth broch a foule reproach ' gainst his neighbour 4. Each vile one is abhor'd in his vnpartiall eye Free fearers of the Lord he much doth magnifie And if he sweareth though hurt there-frō to him do come himselfe not spareth 5. On gaine his heart 's not bent as vsurers for vse Nor ' gainst the innocent reward at all doth chuse Dauid Good godly deede why then doth he Iehoua for charity and not for meede Dauid These marks Lord are they true Iehoua These markes be veritie Dauid O'rethrowne iust shall I rue Iehoua O'rethrowne iust shall not be Nor any ill to him whose way goes not astray from this my will Parent What ordinances hath the Lord appointed and left vnto his Church in his wisedome and mercy to further speciall prayer and thankesgining in more extraordinary occasions Pastor Fasting for Prayer feasting for thanksgiuing and Vowes for both Which learne in the larger Catechismes and specially in the booke intituled A Treatise of Christian Religion ☞ THE FOVRTH PART Concerning the Sacraments of the New testament The third outward mean of Grace first in generall Parent WHat are the Sacraments of the Testament Childe a Gen. 17.1 7 11. Rom. 4.11 1 Cor. 11.25 Publike and holy signes and Actions ordained by the Lord Iesus mystically setting forth and sealing the Couenant of Grace Seruant Hath God ordained the Sacraments to begin grace in any persons Scholler b Rom. 4.11 10.14 17. No but God by his spirit in Christ doth by the Sacraments confirme and strengthen grace where it is already begunne Seruant How then doe you esteeme the Sacraments in respect of Christs minde towards you Scholler c Acts 2.38 1 Cor. 11.24 25
so long as he continueth the earnest desire of my heart in this behalfe and my godly labours amongst them For this course that I speake of and you do now begin to embrace if it be well performed and accepted will by Gods blessing make mens houses yea the meanest cottages honourable and reuerend in the account of all godly men as we doe read that sundry in the primitiue Churches founded by the Apostles were adorned by the name of m Rom. 16.5 1 Cor. 16.19 Col. 4.15 Philem. v. 2. Churches the worthiest societies of men in the world Parent Nay rather I and my Familie and such as we haue béen haue cause to gréeue and be ashamed for our strangenesse to you to whomsoeuer else might benefit vs in grace as you haue shewed yea and to feare lest God in his iustice should cast vs out of the number and reckoning of Christian houses as n Genes 21.10 12 14. Abraham at Gods commandement cast out Hagar and Ishmael out of his house because we are so far from the o 2 Tim. 3.5 power of Godlinesse that we want the forme thereof in our houses which ought to be as you haue said as so many Churches both for the forme and power of godlinesse vnlesse it shall please God to direct vs to take a better course and that with spéed and to blesse it vnto our vse Wherefore sir I pray you let me obtaine your present counsell and furtherance to reforme my Houshold and to plant good order therein for this great worke of Gods Holy Gospell And euen now if your time and occasions will permit come in p Act. 10.33 that we may heare all the things that are commanded you of God Pastor You speake in fit time for I am not altogither vnprouided at this present to confer my small gift vnto you and your houshold q Luk. 10.5 Peace be to this house Parent r Psal 129.8 The Blessing of the Lord be vpon vs. Will you that I call in my people that they may enioy the benefit of our Conference at this time Pastor It shall not neede to doe so now till I haue made a Preparatiue by a course which I haue in hand and then hereafter by the grace of God we will proceed altogither My Preparatiue is by this Booke wherein I haue set downe such informations Helps as I iudge most needfull and fit for such Housholds as yours is This therefore I will bestow on you vpon condition you will promise me that you will not be slacke to vse it in your house according to the directions thereof so far forth as you shall finde it vpon iust tryall to be the truth according to Godlinesse and conuenient for your estate For this Booke doth not onely touch the cheifest points of Faith towards God and Good Workes before Men and that in the plainest manner I could deuise for the vnderstanding of the weakest persons and breifely expoundeth the Lords prayer the Ten Commandements and the Confession of Faith with the doctrine of the Sacraments and diuers ſ See the Table of the Contents other necessarie things but also it prescribeth certaine formes of Prayer Thanksgiuing and some Psalmes or Hymnes which you may vse for prayer and praise to God your owne edification and comfort and the stirring vp of others to seeke the Lord with you All which things I desire you not onely to read once or twise ouer for nouelties sake as many are wont to do in these dayes without any further vse in a manner but also to follow the directions and course therein aduised vnlesse you can meete with a fitter helpe for your better inabling and drawing on to call vpon and magnifie Gods name and to confesse his sauing truth of your selues without the guidance of set formes and till you can with iudgement make choise of such Psalmes for priuate vse as are sutable for any condition of minde or bodie you shall be in Parent I most heartily thanke you But I pray you do you propose all that you haue written in this booke to be learned by heart Pastor No But my meaning is Note 1 First that the three formes of Prayer to wit two for the working daies and the the third for the Sabbath the Explanation of the Creede and the direction for singing of the Psalmes be constantly vsed though they be read vpon the booke either by your selfe or some other of your house whom you shall appoint till you or some other I say of your house shall be able either to vse them without the booke or otherwise to conceiue prayer c. of your selues which indeed is the thing that you must principally labour for Note 2 Secondly that all such Questions and Answers as doe passe betweene the Parent and the Childe shall bee learned by heart of all them whose hearts God shall moue and inable to labour therein wheresoeuer they be placed in the Booke and in such order as they stand as also the two formes of thanksgiuing before and after meate And those things are principall and fundamentall points of Religion and therefore most needfull to be learned Note 3 And thirdly those Questions and Answers which passe betwixt the Seruant and the Scholler wheresoeuer they be throughout all the fiue parts of the Booke I doe commend vnto the often and diligent reading and noting of the well-disposed vnlesse it shal please them of their owne accord to get by heart any choise matter which they shall finde in it to be most for their good For daily vse and constant practise in reading good matter specially being penned in forme of Conference and pithily shall by Gods blessing in tract of time preuaile much euen aboue expectation though one cannot attaine to learne euery word in order by heart at least it will bee a Meane to increase knowledge and to make the Points of Doctrine much easier in hearing the publike Ministery Now this part of the Conference I meane betwixt the Seruant and the Scholler containeth sometimes Explanations somtimes Reasons and sometimes Vses of the Points of Doctrine professed in the Conference betwixt the Parent and the Childe and sometimes markes of sauing grace to direct the weaker sort to iudge and discerne the better of their spirituall estate and sometimes confutation of errors and taking away of doubts By Scholler I vnderstand such a one as can write read the English tongue in any ready competent sort though he want other literature And because this kinde of Schollers are better fitted to heare the preaching of the word to look into the holy Scriptures with more likelyhood of fruit than others who haue not those gifts of writing reading I haue therefore assigned him to make answer to the Seruant who also by reason of his or her age and experience for the most part ought to haue more judgment than the Childe in points that tend vnto greater perfection and growth And
haue deliuered vnto you But because l 1 Cor. 3.7 neither he that planteth is any thing nor he that watereth but God that giueth the increase therefore you must not presume vpon your own strength resolution and diligence in vsing this or any other Meane of Grace neither can you make a right conscience of your promise and dutie to bestow your carefull endeuour in following any good directions nor looke for any blessing of God at all vpon your paines vnlesse you shall make speciall prayer vnto him For which causes I haue framed you one short forme of prayer to be vsed by you during your infirmitie at such times as you shall set your selfe in any speciall manner to learne or teach by heart any part of the booke when you begin and I haue copied out on of S. Pauls prayers with some small addition thereto for the conclusion of your labour The former is placed in the forefront of the conference and the latter in the end of all Parent How much am I and such weaklings as I bound to praise God for your Loue and Paines who haue so carefully prouided fit helps for our guidance in our great weaknes m Heb. 6.1 that we may goe on to perfection if we be not very retchlesse Pastor Beware then you bee not retchlesse Remember Gods promise that n Luk. 11.9 10. if you will seeke you shall finde o Psal 145.18 and the Lord will be neere vnto you if you will call vpon him in truth yea p 2 Chron. 15.2 with you while you be with him q 2 Chr. 16.9 for the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to shew himselfe strong in the behalfe of them whose heart is perfect toward him Who euer sought the Lord in holinesse and failed of sauing grace or of any necessarie comfort or succor r Luk. 11.13 Who hath truly desired the Holy Spirit and our heauenly Father hath not giuen him Debate the matter with your selfe Hath God intrusted you with soules putting them vnder your hands Å¿ Gen. 33.5 35.2 yea and made you instruments to beget soules the noblest creatures in earth and will you be carelesse of their eternall saluation Hath God honoured you with them and will you not honour God by them Or will you seeme to teach them to honour God and will not your selfe honour God with and amongst them Do you looke that they should learne the word of God at your mouth and will you not guide them by your owne conuersation Will you not commend that vnto them by the liuely and constant practise of your example which they may imitate vnto eternall life What delight I pray you hath the Lord in you that content yourselues to receiue honour and obedience at your peoples hands and t Iohn 5.44 seeke not the honour that commeth from God onely And what u Mat. 16.26 can all your earthly meanes aduantage them when they want the true treasure For cast the eye of your minde vpon that base esteeme which the supreme God the Possessor of Heauen Earth hath of that Householder his people that are prophane and carelesse of true pietie and vpon that his most fearefull curse inflicted and to be inflicted on the impenitent and obdurate in their sinne though they seeme for the present to be in neuer so great safegard and flourishing prosperitie which curse they cannot any waies escape but by timely repentance and conuersion vnto God For as Zophar saith * Iob. 20 24 25 26 27 28 29. He shall flee from the yron weapon and the bowe of steele shall strike him through It is drawne and commeth out of the bodie yea the glistering sword commeth out of his gall terrours are vpon him All darknes shall be hid in his secret places * That is The vengeance of God is apt and prone to seize vpon him as vpon its proper and right subiect A metaphor taken from such matter as towe drystraw c. which being put into the fire neede no blowing as greene wood doth but taketh fire and flame straight-waies a fire not blowne shall consume him It shall goe ill with him that is left in his tabernacle The heauen shall reueale his iniquitie and the earth shall rise vp against him The increase of his house shall depart and his goods shall flow away in the day of his wrath This is the portion of a wicked man from God and the Heritage appointed vnto him by God Yea and though as Iob sheweth x Iob. 21.14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21. their seed seemeth to be established in their sight with them and their of spring before their eyes Their houses are safe from feare neither is the rod of God vpon them Their Bull gendreth and faileth not their Cow calueth and casteth not her calfe They send forth their litle ones like a flocke and their children dance They take the timbrell and harpe and rtioyce at the sound of the Organe They spend their dayes in wealth Yet in a moment goe downe to the graue Therefore they say vnto God Depart from vs for we desire not the knowledge of thy wayes What is the Almighty that we should serue him and what profit should we haue if we pray vnto him Lo their good is not in their hand The counsell of the wicked is far from me How oft is the candle of the wicked put out and how oft commeth their destruction vpon them God distributeth sorrowes in his anger They are as stubble before the winde and as chaffe that the storme carrieth away God layeth vp his iniquitie for his children he rewardeth him and he shall know it His eyes shall see his destruction and he shall drinke of the wrath of the Almighty What pleasure then hath he in his house after him when the number of his moneths is out of in the middest Wherefore it is your wisdome to forecast what sufficient answer you shall be able to make vnto the Great Iudge at that day when he will demand Giue an account of thy stewardship for thou maist be no longer steward Luk. 16.2 Parent But it is a lamentable thing to see how most folkes do reject all this counsell of God which you haue stood vpon as needlesse fantasticall new and vpstart Pastor The obiection or rather blasphemous slander that it is needlesse and fantasticall hath bin sufficiently confuted by the Holy Scriptures as you haue heard already The same we may say for their shamelesse censure that it is new and vpstart For besides that the Lord himselfe in his holy word doth call vpon vs to aske for the old wayes or pathes where is the good way and to walke therein assuring vs that we shall finde rest for our soules Ier. 6.16 the godly Fathers in all ages haue cryed vnto the people for the same thing And amongst those that haue laboured in the Church of God since Christ we may
read many worthy testimonies to this purpose of which I will onely acquaint you with the graue and memorable speech of Chrysostome in his second Sermon vpon IOHN * Chrysost in Joan. Hom. 2. Illud vos admonendos hortandosque censeo pernecessarium vt quo nunc estis animo perseueretis neque in hoc tantùm consessu sed domi quoque vir cum vxore pater cū filio invitem de his frequenter vltro citroque suam ferant inquirant sententiam velintque probatissimam hanc pulcherrimā inducere consuetudinem Nec mihi quispiam dicat pueros in his occupari non oportere Non enim tantùm opus est vt his vacent admonitionibus verùm etiam solis And afterwards Nonne irā Dei in vos meritò provocatis cùm caeteris rebus certo tempore diligenti curâ adhibitâ in diuinarum rerum dectrinâ pueros exerceri molestū intempestivūque ducitis Nō sic non sic inquā fratres dilectissimi Haec profecto atas his maximè admonitionibus indiget Tenera est citò qua ei instillantur imbibit audita accipit tanquā sigillo auditus cera hoc est puerorū animis impresso Praeterea vita cius in auditu est in ipsis ferè inanis vt vel ad virtutem vel ad vitiū facilè possit deflectere Si quis igitur eos ab ipsis incunabulis quaso vitiorum vestibulis ad viam virtulis abstraheret in habitu quodā natura rectè viuendi cos confirmaret neque sponte sua facilè in deteriora prolaberentur cùm ciusmodi à teneris ad virtutem eos alliceret c. I iudge it very necessarie saith he to admonish and exhort you that you would continue in the minde you are now in and not onely in this assembly but at home also you would oftentimes speake reason and inquire of these things too and fro one with another bringing in this most commendable and excellent custome the husband with the wife and the father with the childe And let none obiect to me that children ought not to be busied herein For they haue neede not onely to intend these admonitions but also to giue themselues to nothing else And afterwards Do you not deseruedly prouoke the wrath of God against your selues seeing you take certaine times and vse diligent care for other matters but count it troublesome and vnseasonable to exercise your children in the learning of Gods matters These things ought not to be so as you doe my most beloued brethren Verily this age of childhood standeth in greatest neede of these admonitions For it is tender and quickly sucketh in whatsoeuer is instilled into it and what it heareth it receiueth and like as waxe taketh the impression of a seale so childrens mindes doe in hearing Moreouer their manner of life consisteth much in hearing and they are of that qualitie for the most part that they may easily be bowed either to vertue or vice If any then would waine them from their cradles as it were from the entry of vices vnto the way of vertue he may settle them in a certaine habit and nature of liuing well from whence they shall not easily fal back of their owne accord vnto any very bad courses sithens by such vsage they are allured vnto vertue from their tender age And vpon Matthew in Sermon 5. he exhorteth Housholders to call to remembrance and to repeat Sermons newly heard vpon the weeke day with their familie at home before they do busie themselues with other matters Now then you must not be discouraged by any such reprochfull termes from seeking and setting forth the sweet y 2 Cor. 2.14 sauour of the knowledg of God in your place and calling for Satan is euer wont z 1 Thess 2.18 to labor the hindrance of Gods word by the a Iude ver 14 15 16 17 18. vngodly speeches of foolish and malitious persons as by all other meanes he can vse whom b 1 Pet. 5.9 Ephes 6.10 11 c. to 21. 2 Thess 3.1 2. 2 Cor. 2.11 you must resist by Faith Prayer Wisdome and Diligence in all holy meanes vnto the vttermost of your power and then surely the Lord will bruise him vnder your feete shortly Rom. 16.20 To conclude I require you c 2 Tim. 4.1 c. before God and the Lord Iesus Christ who shall iudge the quicke and dead at his appearing in his kingdom that you neither neglect the publike preaching of his word d Act. 17.11 nor the tryall of doctrine by the holy Scriptures nor yet the priuate reading of the same vnder pretence of vsing this or any other good Bookes whatsoeuer For the holy Bible is the Booke of Bookes whereof I would wish you to read one Chapter at the least euery worke-day morning and to cause your folkes euery one both great and small seuerally to render you a sentence thereof in the euening before you goe to prayers with them * For their rawnesse sake you may appoint ech of them by name some short and pithy sentence out of the Chapter as soone as you haue read it in the morning and wish them to thinke of it in the day time that so they may giue you an account of it the more easily in the euening remembring that they are e Psal 1.2 Deut. 5.32 33. blessed who exercise themselues in Gods Law both day and night to do thereafter And f Act. 20.32 I commend you to God and to the word of his grace which is able to build you vp and to giue you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified g Philip. 1.9 10 11. And I pray God that your loue may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all iudgement that you may approue things that are excellent that you may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ being filled with the fruits of righteousnes which are by Iesus Christ vnto the glory and praise of God Parent Amen Pastor So I leaue you to your Booke h 2 Cor. 13.11 Farewell Parent i 2 Thess 3.16 The Lord be with you THE COVNTRY-MAN WITH HIS HOVSHOLD A Forme of Prayer before Conference Parent TEach vs O Lord by thy most holy Spirit we heartily pray thée that wée may know Thée thy Law thy Gospell our selues our sinnes and duties aright and that we may put all to good vse namely to the glory of thy blessed Name to the further humiliation sanctification and true comfort of our owne Soules and Bodies and to the edification and profit of our Neighbours through thy onely Son Christ Iesus our Lord and Sauiour Childe Amen Seruant Amen Scholler Amen ☞ THE FIRST PART Concerning the Law or Couenant of Workes Parent WHat is the voice of the Law or Couenant of workes Child a Rom. 10.5 with Mat. 19.16 17. Do this and thou shalt liue for euer Parent Which is
l 2 Tim. 2.12 and to suffer with Christ that I may also reigne with him Finally I humbly pray thée to sanctifie my heart that I may m m Esai 58 13. turne away my foote from doing my pleasure on this thy holy-day and that I may call the Sabbath a delight the holy of the Lord honourable and may honour thée not doing mine own waies nor finding mine owne pleasure nor speaking mine own words but n n 2 Pet. 1.5 giuing all diligence o o Phil. 2.12 to worke out my owne saluation with feare and trembling specially in p p Lam. 3.40 searching and trying my waies and turning againe vnto thée Lord according to thy blessed Gospell through thine onely Sonne Christ Iesus my Sauiour and Redéemer vnto whom with thy holy Maiestie and thy sanctifying and comforting Spirit be of me in my most willing and constant endeuours and of all other thy seruants in thy Church likewise ascribed and giuen all honour glory praise might maiestie and dominion both on this thine owne holiday and for euer world without end Amen Parent But what if any of vs seuerally and alone hauing no other to ioyne with vs but must pray solitarily vnlesse we altogither omit the dutie after the manner of our prophane and irreligious neighbours would vse those two formes of prayer which you haue composed for the whole Familie on the worke-daies Or what if my whole Familie or any two or more of them would in their priuate fellowship vse that forme of prayer which you haue drawne for a Christian in solitary towards the beginning of the Lords day May we not so vse either the one or the other as may be most for our comfort and edification Pastor Yea you may easily doe so if you will And you are bound to doe so rather then omit the dutie altogither Prouided that in such a case when you doe vse the two formes which are for the worke-daies as also for the formes of thanks-giuing before and after Meales you do heedfully put the singular number for the plurall as I for We Me for Vs My or Mine for Our c. And that when mo than one of you shall joyne togither in the forme which is for the Lords day you doe vse the plurall number for the singular as We for I Vs for Me Our for My or Mine c. The which course if you be driuen of necessitie to take or do sometimes voluntarily performe it will also proue one helpe to inable you to conceiue prayers of your selues without the helpe of these or any other formes to be read vpon a Booke much sooner For as I told you at the first that is the end I shoote at in setting you downe these formes and which you ought to labour for in vsing these or any other godly formes vnto the vttermost of of your power And assure your selues that though you be very ignorant and weake at this present yea and seeme to your selues that you can do litle or nothing this way I meane to conceiue prayer of your selues * Note these directiōs you ignorant persons and remember to follow them in the feare of God haue a speciall care to examine your selues on the Lords day in secret and to renew your peace with God in a more setled and comfortable turning of your feete vnto his testimonies Psal 119.19 with 92.11 12 13. yet if you will conscionably seeke the Lord your owne saluation diligently frequent the Ministerie that God hath sanctified vnto you delight in the often fellowship of the Godly whom the Lord hath indued with sauing knowledge already desire their helpe in prayer and therein ioyne with them and in their absence which to the greatest number of you must needs fall out very often attentiuely constantly and carefully vse these or any other godly formes of prayer and thanksgiuing God will blesse you with such vnderstanding of your spirituall estate that you shall in far shorter time then you thinke attaine to the end of your godly desires which is to lay away your Bookes and out of your owne feelings to make your petitions and thanksgiuings vnto the Lord vpon any occasion either ordinarie or more speciall and rare But if you shall neglect this counsell of God and profanely put off the holy duties of praier and thanksgiuing from time to time or performe them but coldly carelesly vnreuerently or vaine-gloriously as the hypocrites doe then verily be you afraid lest the Lord should in his wrath iudge you spiritually and so you continue blind and ignorant or after a sort superstitious in vsing a set forme now than and lest you haue alwaies such neede of a Booke to pray vpon that without it you shall be able to say litle more then * Behold a peece of the old wiues their very best prayers Lord haue mercy vpon vs forgiue vs our sinnes blesse our house and our harbour and all that euer we would haue good of and send vs heauen at our last end yea and lest you fall from praying vpon a Booke as I haue knowne some to meere nothing or worse than nothing Note Beware then of an idle forme and bare externall deuotion or ceremonie of Godlinesse without seeking the power thereof As also of such a manner of learning as neuer to be able to come to the knowledge of the truth Which fearefull iudgement God doth therefore commonly inflict because the heart is not zealous sincere nor godly disposed to see obey and continue in the whole sauing truth of God but resolueth to stand out against some part of it or to follow some sinfull lusts still 2 Tim. 3.5 6 7 8. Parent Lastly I pray you collect vs such a Hymne or Psalme out of Dauids Psalmes as breifely toucheth the most necessarie graces and which we may sing to Gods glorie and our owne edification and comfort in following the labours of our vocations and callings and at other times when we thinke good Pastor But you must consider Gods proceeding with you in all things your owne necessities and estate and accordingly seeke out and sing such Psalmes as God hath fitted for you in his Booke to vse vnto your better mouing and stirring vp to liue vnto his glorie and your owne spirituall growth in faith and a good conscience Parent We will not forget to bestow our labour that way euerie day once at the least in the choise of some Psalme or parcell of a Psalme according to our weake iudgement if God permit Howbeit because we haue not any one Psalme of conuenient shortnesse that setteth forth the cheifest points and most necessarie graces of Christianitie fitted for our capacitie and because many of my people are dull to learne manie Psalmes prescribe vs one which my ignorant ones may learne by heart and whereby we may haue a taste of the heauenly sweetnesse which the Godlie doe gather in their religious vse of diuine and spirituall songs Pastor Then