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The holie Bible conteynyng the olde Testament and the newe Non me pudet Euangelij Christi Virtus enim Dei est ad salutem Omni credenti Rom. 1o. ✚ ELISABETH DEI GRATIA ANGLIE FRANCIAE ET HIBERNIAE REGINA FIDEI ET DEFENSOR ETC ✚ HONI SOIT QVI MAL Y PENSE ❧ Proper lessons to be read for the first lessons both at Morning and Euening prayer on the Sundayes throughout the yere and for some also the seconde lessons Sundayes of Aduent Mattins Euensong The first Esai i. Esai ii ii v. xxiiii iii. xxv xxvi iiii xxx xxxii Sundayes after Christmas Mattins Euensong The first xxxvii xxxviii ii xli xliii Sundayes after the Epiphanie Mattins Euensong The first xliiii xlvi ii li. liii iii. lv lvi iiii lvii lviii v. lix lxiiii Septuagesima Gen. i. Gen. ii Sexagesima iii. vi Quinquagesima ix xii Lent Mattins Euensong First Sunday Gen. xix Gen. xxii ii xxvii xxxiiii iii. xxxix xlii iiii xliii xlv v. Exod. iii. Exod. v. vi ix x. Easter day Mattins Euensong i. Lesson Exod. xii Exod. xiiii ii Lesson Rom. vi Actes .ii. ¶ Sundayes after Easter   Mattins Euensong The first Num. xvi Num. xxii ii xxiii xxv iii. Deut. iiii Deut. v. iiii vi vii v. viii ix Sunday after Assention day Deut. xii Deut. xiii VVhitsunday Mattins Euensong i. Lesson Deut. xvi Wisdome .i. Actes .xix. ii Lesson Actes .x. Then Peter opened his mouth c. It fortuned when Apollo went to Corint c. vnto After these thinges Trinitie Sunday Mattins Euensong i. Lesson Gen. xviii Iosue i ii Lesson Mat. iii.   ¶ Sundayes after Trinitie The first Iosue .x. Iosue .xxiii. ii Iudic. iiii Iudic. v. iii. i. King ii i. King iii. iiii xii xiii v. xv xvi vi ii King xii ii King xxi vii xxii xxiiii viii iii. King xiii iii. King xvii ix xviii xix x. xxi xxii xi iiii King v. iiii King ix xii x. xviii xiii xix xxiii xiiii Ieremie v. Ieremie xxii xv xxxv xxxvi xvi Ezech. ii Ezech. xiiii xvii xvi xviii xviii xx xxiiii xix Daniel .iii. Daniel .vi. xx Ioel .ii. Miche .vi. xxi Abacuc .ii. Prouer. i. xxii Prouer. ii iii. xxiii xi xii xxiiii xiii xiiii xxv xv xvi xxvi xvii xix ❧ Lessons proper for holy dayes   Mattins Euensong S. Andrewe Prou. xx Prou. xxi S. Thomas the Apostle xxiii xxiiii Natiuitie of Christe     i. Lesson Esai ix Esai vii God spake once againe to Achas ii Lesson Luk. ii vnto And vnto men of good wyll Titus .iii. The kindnesse and loue c. ● Steuen     i. Lesson Prou. xxviii Eccle. iiii ii Lesson Act. vi and .vii. Steuen full of faith and power c vnto And when fourtie yeres c. Actes .vii. And when fourtie yeres were expired there appeared vnto Moyses c. vnto Steuen full of the holy ghost c S. Iohn     i. Lesson Eccle. v. Eccle. vi ii Lesson Apoc. i. Apoc. xxii Innocentes Iere. xxxi vnto Moreouer I hearde Ephraim Wisdome .i. Circumsition day     i. Lesson Gen. xvii Deut. x. ii Lesson Rom. ii And nowe Israel Coloss ii Epiphanie     i. Lesson Esai lx Esai lxix ii Lesson Luk. iii. vnto So that he was supposed to be the sonne of Ioseph Iohn .ii. vnto After this he went to Capernaum Conuertion of S. Paul     i. Lesson Wisdome .v. Wisdome .vi. ii Lesson Actes .xxii. vnto They hearde him Actes .xxvi. Purification of the virgin Marie Wisdome .ix. Wisdome .xii. S. Mathie Wisdome .xix. Eccle. i. Annunciation of our Lady Eccle. ii Eccle. iii. VVednesday afore Easter Osea .xiii. Osea .xiiii. Thursday afore Easter Daniel .ix. Iere. xxxi Good Friday Ge. xxii Esai liii Easter euen Zacharie .ix. Exod. xiii Munday in Easter weeke     i. Lesson Exod. xvi Exod. xvii ii Lesson Mat. xxviii Actes .iii. Tuesday in Easter weeke     i. Lesson Exod. xx Exod. xxxii ii Lesson Luk. xxiiii vnto And beholde two of them i. Corinth xv S. Marks Eclec iii. i Eccle. v. Philip and Iacob Eccle. vii Eccle. ix Assencion day Deut. x. iiii King ii Munday in whitson weeke     i. Lesson Gen. xi vnto These are the generation of Sem. Gen. xii Gather vnto me lxx men c. vnto Moyses and the elders returned ii Lesson i. Cor. xii   Tuesday in whitson weeke i. King xix Dauid came to Saul in Ramatha Deut. xxx S. Barnabe     i. Lesson Eccle. x. Eccle. xii ii Lesson Actes .xiiii. Actes .xv. vnto After certayne dayes S. Iohn Baptist     i. Lesson Mala. iii. Mala. iiii ii Lesson Mat. xiii Mat. xiiii vnto VVhen Iesus hearde S. Peter     i. Lesson Eccle. xv Eccle. xix ii Lesson Actes .iii. Actes .iiii. S. Iames. Eccle. xxi xxiii S. Bartilmewe xxv xxix S. Matthewe xxxv xxxviii S. Michael xxxix xliiii S. Luke li. Iob .i. S. Simon and Iude.     i. Lesson Iob. 24.25 xlii All Saintes     i. Lesson Wisdome .iii. vnto Blessed is rather the barren Wisdome .v. vnto His ielousie also ii Lesson Hebr. xi xii Saintes by faith vnto If ye endure chastening Apoc. xix vnto And ● sawe an angel stande ❧ Proper psalmes on certayne dayes   Mattins Euensong Christmas day Psal xix xlv lxxxv lxxxix Cx. Cxxxii. Easter day ii lvii Cxi Cxiii Cxiiii Cxviii Assencion day viii xv xxi xxiiii lxviii Cviii. VVhitsunday xlv lxvii Ciiii. Cxlv. Septuagesima before Easter ix weekes Sexagesima before Easter viii weekes Quinquagesima before Easter vii weekes Quadragesima before Easter vi weekes Rogations after Easter v weekes VVhitsunday after Easter vii weekes Trinitie sunday after Easter viii weekes ❧ The order hovve the rest of holy scripture beside the Psalter is appoynted to be read THe olde Testament is appointed for the first Lessons at Mornyng Euenyng prayer and shal be read through euery yere once except certayne bookes and chapters which be least edifiyng might best be spared therfore be left vnread ¶ The newe Testament is appoynted for the seconde Lessons at Mornyng Euenyng prayer and shal be read ouer orderly euery yere thrise beside the Epistles and Gospels Except the Apocalips out of the which there be only certayne Lessons appoynted vpon diuers proper feastes ¶ And to knowe what Lessons shal be read euery day Fynde the day of the moneth in the Kalender folowyng and there ye shall perceaue the bookes and chapters that shal be read for the Lessons both at Mornyng and Euenyng prayer ¶ And here is to be noted that whensoeuer there be any proper Psalmes or Lessons appoynted for the Sundayes or for any feast moueable or vnmoueable Then the Psalmes and Lessons appoynted in the Kalender shal be omitted for that tyme. ¶ Ye must note also that the Collect Epistle and Gospell appoynted for the Sunday shall serue all the weeke after except there fall some feast that hath his proper ¶ When the yeres of our Lorde may be deuided into foure euen partes which
hath had such care to prescribe these bookes thus vnto vs I say not prescribe them only but to maintaine them and defende them against the malignitie of the deuill and his ministers who alway went about to destroy them and yet could these neuer be so destroyed but that he woulde haue them continue whole and perfect to this day to our singuler comfort and instruction where other bookes of mortall wise men haue perished in great numbers It is recorded that Ptolomeus Philadelphus kyng of Egypt had gathered together in one librarie at Alexandria by his great coste and diligence seuen hundred thousand bookes wherof the principall were the bookes of Moyses whiche reserued not much more then by the space of two hundred yeres were all brent and consumed in that battayle when Caesar restored Cleopatra agayne after her expulsion At Constantinople perished vnder Zenon by one common fire a hundred and twentie thousande bookes At Rome when Lucius Aurel Antonius dyd raigne his notable librarie by a lightning frō heauen was quite consumed yea it is recorded that Gregorie the first did cause a librarie of Rome cōtayning only certaine Paynims workes to be burned to thintent the scriptures of God should be more read and studied VVhat other great libraries haue there ben cōsumed but of late daies And what libraries haue of olde throughout this realme almost in euery abbey of the same ben destroyed at sundry ages besides the losse of other mens priuate studies it were to long to rehearse VVherevpon seyng almightie God by his deuine pouidence hath preserued these bookes of the scriptures safe and sounde and that in their natiue languages they were first written in the great ignoraunce that raigned in these tongues and contrary to all other casualties chaunced vpon all other bookes in mauger of all worldly wittes who would so fayne haue had them destroyed and yet he by his mightie hande would haue them extant as witnesses and interpreters of his will toward mankind we may soone see cause most reuerently to embrace these deuine testimonies of his wyll to studie them and to search them to instruct our blinde nature so sore corrupted and fallen from the knowledge in whiche first we were created Yet hauing occasion geuen somewhat to recouer our fall and to returne againe to that deuine nature wherein we were once made and at the last to be inheritours in the celestiall habitation with God almightie after the ende of our mortalitie here brought to his dust agayne These bookes I say beyng of suche estimation and aucthoritie so muche reuerenced of them who had any meane taste of them coulde neuer be put out of the way neither by the spyte of any tiraunt as that tiraunt Maximian destoyed all the holy scriptures wheresoeuer they coulde be founde and burnt them in the middes of the market neither the hatred either of any Porphirian philosopher or Rhetoritian neither by the enuie of the romanystes and of such hypocrites who from tyme to time did euer barke against them some of them not in open sort of condempnation but more cunningly vnder suttle pretences for that as they say they were so harde to vnderstande and specially for that they affirme it to be a perilous matter to translate the text of the holy scripture and therefore it can not be well translated And here we may beholde the endeuour of some mens cauillations who labour all they can to slaunder the translatours to finde fault in some wordes of the translation but them selfe will neuer set pen to the booke to set out any translation at al. They can in their constitutions prouinciall vnder payne of excommunication inhibite al other men to translate them without the ordinaries or the prouinciall counsayle agree therevnto But they wyll be well ware neuer to agree or to geue counsayle to set them out VVhiche their suttle compasse in effect tendeth but to bewray what inwardly they meane if they coulde bring it about that is vtterly to suppresse them being in this their iudgement farre vnlike the olde fathers in the primatiue Church who hath exhorted indifferently all persons aswell men as women to exercise them selues in the scriptures which by Saint Hieroms aucthoritie be the scriptures of the people Yea they be farre vnlike their olde forefathers that haue ruled in this realme who in their times and in diuers ages did their diligence to translate the whole bookes of the scriptures to the erudition of the laytie as yet at this day be to be seene diuers bookes translated into the vulgar tongue some by kynges of the realme some by bishoppes some by abbottes some by other deuout godly fathers so desirous they were of olde tyme to haue the lay sort edified in godlynes by reading in their vulgar tongue that very many bookes be yet extant though for the age of the speache and straungenesse of the charect of many of them almost worne out of knowledge In whiche bookes may be seene euidently howe it was vsed among the Saxons to haue in their Churches read the foure gospels so distributed and piked out in the body of the euangelistes bookes that to euery Sunday and festiuall day in the yere they were sorted out to the common ministers of the Churche in their common prayers to be read to their people Nowe as of the most auncient fathers the prophetes Saint Peter testifieth that these holy men of God had the impulsion of the holy ghost to speake out these deuine testimonies so it is not to be doubted but that these latter holy fathers of the englishe Church had the impulsion of the holy ghost to set out these sacred bookes in their vulgar language to the edification of the people by the helpe whereof they might the better folowe the example of the godly Christians in the begining of the Churche who not only receaued the worde withall redinesse of heart but also did searche diligently in the scriptures whether the doctrine of the Apostles were agreable to the same scriptures And these were not of the rascall sort saith the deuine storie but they were of the best and of most noble byrth among the Thessalonians Birrhenses by name Yea the prophetes them selues in their dayes writeth S. Peter were diligent searchers to inquire out this saluatiō by Christe searching when and at what article of time this grace of Christes dispensation should appeare to the world VVhat ment the fathers of the Church in their writinges but the aduauncing of these holy bookes where some do attribute no certaintie of vndoubted veritie but to the canonicall scriptures Some do affirme it to be a foolishe rashe boldnesse to beleue hym who proueth not by the scriptures that whiche he affirmeth in his worde Some do accurse all that is deliuered by tradition not founde in the legall and euangelicall scriptures Some say that our fayth must needes stagger if it be not grounded vpon the aucthoritie of the scripture Some testifieth that
people after Moyses .32 yeres 2688. After Iosuah Othoniel gouerned .8 yeres Iud. 9. then Aod 80. Iud. 3. After Aod Debora fourtie Iudges 4. Then Gedeon other fourtie yeres Iudges 8. 2732. Abimelech gouerned after Gedeon three yeres Iud. 9. then Thola 23. yeres Iud. 10. Thola being deceassed the people were .18 yeres vnder the tyranny of the Ammonites Iud. 10. 2755. Iephte deliuered the people from the hands of the Ammonites gouerned .6 yeres Iud. 12. After Iephte Abessan gouerned .7 yeres Iud. 12. Then Elon 10. yeres Iud. 12. 2833. Abdon gouerned after Elon eyght yeres Iud. 12. Then Sampson .20 yeres Iud. 13. Then Eli fourtie yeres 1. Sam. 4. 2863. After Eli Samuel and Saul gouerned fourtie yeres but the scripture because of Sauls royall dignitie attributeth all this gouernment to him Actes 7. 2943. Dauid raigned after Saul 40. yeres 2. Sam. 5. Solomon his sonne raigned three yeres before the building of the temple which is .480 yeres after the departure out of Egypt 3. Kinges .6 and raigned in all .40 yeres 3. King .11 3004. Rehoboam the sonne of Solomon raigned .17 yeres 3. King 12. Also Abiam his sonne raigned three yeres 3. King 15. Then Asa 41. yeres 3. King .15 3041. Iosaphat raigned after Asa 25. yeres 3. King 15. And Ioram his sonne raigned three yeres with his father and fiue yeres alone 4. King 8. Ochozias raigned after Ioram 7. yeres 2. Chro. 22. 3117. Athalia the mother of Ochozias raigned seuen yeres 4. Reg. 11. Ioas raigned after her fourtie yeres 4. Reg. 12. After him Amasias his sonne raigned .29 yeres .4 Reg. 14. 3180. After Amasias the people were without king eleuen yeres as we may gather by the .14 and 15. chapter of the .4 Reg. Then Azarias raigned .52 yeres 4. Reg. 15. 3●41 Ioathan raigned after Azarias sixteene yeres 4. Reg. 15. After Ahaz his sonne raigned .16 yeres 4 Reg. 16. And after him Ezechias .29 yeres 4. Reg. 18. 3323. and 3. monethes Manasses the sonne of Ezechias raigned .55 yeres 4. Reg. 21. Amon his sonne two yeres 4. Reg. 21. Then Iosia 31. yeres 4. Reg. 22. And Iehoaz three monethes 4. Reg. 23. 3340. and 6. monethes Eliachim otherwyse called Ioachin raigned eleuen yeres 4. Reg. 23. And after him Iechonias three monethes after which time he was led captiue into Babylon 4. Reg. 23. 3421. and 6. monethes Sedechias raigned .11 yeres and then was slayne the citie of Hierusalem with the temple rased downe and the people led captiue into Babylon where they remayned .70 yeres 4. Re. 25. 3975. and 6. monethes After the 70. yeres of captiuitie Cyrus the first monarke of the Persians set the people at libertie againe and suffered them to returne into their owne lande It was reuealed to Daniel the prophete that there shoulde be 70. weekes of yeres which is 490. yeres reckening from the commaundement geuen to buyld the citie vntill Iesus Christ Dani. 9. And this commaundement was geuen by Darius Longimanus the twentith yere of his empire Nehem. 2. which was .64 yeres after the aforesayde deliueraunce VVherfore reckening the sayde 64. yeres after the deliueraunce and adding therto the .70 weekes aforesayde reuealed vnto Daniel we shall finde that from the sayde deliueraunce vntill the death of Christ there is fiue hundreth fiftie and foure yeres 5510. and 6. monethes From the natiuitie of Christ to this present yere we recken a thousande fiue hundred sixtie eyght from which number if we subtract the yeres from his birth vntil his death which is three and thirtie we shall finde that from the end of the sayd seuentie weekes of Daniel vntil this present yere it is .1535 yeres   All whiche aforesayde beyng well examined and reckened ye shall finde that since the creation of the world to this present yere of .1568 the yeres amount to .5503 yeres and sixe monethes ❧ The order of the bookes of the olde Testament The first part GEnesis Exodus Leuiticus Numerus Deuteronomium The seconde part Iosuah Iudges Ruth First kinges or Samuel 2. Kinges or Samuel 3. Kinges 4. Kinges 1. Cronicle 2. Cronicle 1. Esdras 2. Esdras Hester Iob. The thirde part of the Bible The Psalter The Prouerbes of Solomon Ecclesiastes or Preacher Cantica canticorum Esai Ieremi Lamentation of Ieremi Ezechiel Daniel Osea Ioel. Amos. Abdias Ionas Micheas Nahum Habacuc Sophonias Aggeus Zacharias Malachias The fourth part of the Bible called Apocryphus 3. Esdras 4. Esdras Tobias Iudith Booke of wysdome Ecclesiasticus or the booke of Iesus Syrach The reste of the booke of Hester Baruch The song of the three children The story of Susanna The story of Bel and the Dragon The prayer of Manasses 1. Machabees 2. Machabees The order of the bookes of the newe Testament The fifth part The Gospell S. Matthewe The Gospell S. Marke The Gospell S. Luke The Gospell S. Iohn The actes of the Apostles S. Paules Epistle to the Romanes 1. To the Corinthians 2. To the Corinthians To the Galathians To the Ephesians To the Philippians To the Colossians 1. To the Thessalonians 2. To the Thessalonians 1. Timothe 2. Timothe To Titus To Philemon To the Hebrues The Epistle of S. Iames. 1. Of S. Peter 2. Of S. Peter 1. Of S. Iohn 2. Of S. Iohn 3. Of S. Iohn The Epistle of S. Iude. The reuelation of S. Iohn The first booke of Moyses called in Hebrue of the first worde of the booke Bereschith and in Greke Genesis ❧ The first Chapter 2 The earth and the deapthes 3 Lyght 6 The firmament or heauen 10 The earth and the sea 14 The sunne the moone and the starres 21 Fisshes 24 The beastes of the earth 26 The creation of man 29 God geueth vnto man the power of procreation and subdueth all thynges vnto hym 30 Gods prouision for lyuelode 1 IN the beginnyng GOD created y e heauen and the earth 2 And the earth was without fourme and was voyde darknes was vpon the face of the deepe and the spirite of God moued vpon the face of the waters 3 And God sayde let there be light and there was light 4 And God sawe the lyght that it was good and God deuided the lyght from the darknes 5 And God called the light day and the darknes night and the euenyng the mornyng were the first day 6 And God said let there be a firmament betwene the waters and let it make a diuision betwene waters and waters 7 And God made the firmament and set the diuision betwene the waters which were vnder the firmament and the waters that were * aboue the firmament and it was so 8 And God called the firmament the heauen and the euenyng and the mornyng were the seconde day 9 And God saide let the waters vnder the heauen be gathered together into one place and let the drye lande appeare and it was so 10 And God called the drie lande y e earth
was not the king of Israel they turned backe from him 34 And a certayne man drewe a bowe ignorantly smote the king of Israel betweene the ribbes and his harnesse Wherfore he sayd vnto the driuer of his charettes Turne thy hand and cary me out of the hoast for I am hurt 35 And the battel encreased that day and the king stoode still in his charet against the Syrians and died at euen And the blood ran out of the wounde into the middes of the charet 36 And ther wēt a proclamation throughout the hoast about the goyng downe of the sunne saying Euery man to his citie and to his owne countrey 37 So the king died and was brought to Samaria and they buried the king in Samaria 38 And one washed the charet in the poole of Samaria the dogges licked vp his blood and they washed his armour according vnto the worde of the Lorde whiche he spake 39 The rest of the wordes that concerne Ahab and all that he did and the iuorie house whiche he made and all the cities that he buylded are they not written in the booke of the cronicles of the kinges of Israel 40 And so Ahab slept with his fathers Ahazia his sonne raigned in his steade 41 Iehosaphat the sonne of Asa began to raigne vpon Iuda in the fourth yere of Ahab king of Israel 42 And Iehosaphat was thirtie and fiue yeres old when he began to raigne and raigned twentie and fiue yeres in Hierusalem His mothers name was Azuba the daughter of Silhi 43 And he walked in all the wayes of Asa his father and bowed not therefrom but dyd that whiche was right in the eyes of the Lorde Neuerthelesse the high places were not taken out of the way for the people offred and burnt incense yet in the high places 44 And Iehosaphat made peace with the king of Israel 45 The rest of the wordes that concerne Iehosaphat the might that he vsed howe he warred are they not written in the booke of the cronicles of the kinges of Iuda 46 And the remnaunt of the stewes of the males which remayned in the dayes of his father Asa he put cleane out of the lande 47 There was then no king in Edom the deputie was king 48 And Iehosaphat made shippes in the sea to come through Tharsis to Ophir for golde but they went not for the shippes brake at Ezion Gaber 49 Then sayd Ahazia the sonne of Ahab vnto Iehosaphat Let my seruaūtes go with thy seruauntes in the shippes But Iehosaphat woulde not 50 And Iehosaphat dyd sleepe with his fathers was buried with his fathers in the citie of Dauid his father And Iehoram his sonne raigned in his steade 51 Ahazia the sonne of Ahab began to raigne ouer Israel in Samaria the seuenteenth yere of Iehosaphat king of Iuda raigned two yeres ouer Israel 52 But he did euyl in the sight of the Lord and walked in the way of his father in the way of his mother in the way of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat whiche made Israel to synne 53 For he serued Baal worshipped him and prouoked the Lorde God of Israel vnto wrath according vnto all that his father had done The ende of the third booke of the kinges after the reckening of the Latinistes whiche the Hebrues call the first booke of the kinges ❧ The fourth booke of the Kinges after the Latinistes which booke and the third together is but one with the Hebrues ¶ The first Chapiter 2 Ahazia by a fall falleth sicke and consulteth with Beelzebub 3 He is reproued by Elias 10 The captaines ouer fiftie were sent to Elias whereof two were burnt with fire from heauen by his prayer 17 Ahazia dyeth and Iehoram his brother succeedeth him 1 THen Moab rebelled against Israel after the death of Ahab 2 And Ahazia fell through a lattesse wyndowe of his vpper chamber that he had in Samaria and while he was in his sickenesse he sent messengers and saide vnto them Go and enquire of Beelzebub the god of Ekrom whether I shall recouer of this my disease 3 But the angell of the Lorde spake to Elias the Thesbite Arise and go vp against the messengers of the king of Samaria and say vnto them Is there not a God in Israel that ye go to aske counsel at Beelzebub the God of Ekrom 4 Wherefore thus saith the Lorde Thou shalt not come downe frō the bed on which thou art gone vp but shalt die the death And Elias departed 5 And when the messengers turned backe againe vnto him he saide vnto them Why are ye now come againe 6 They aunswered him There came a man vp against vs and sayde vnto vs Go turne againe vnto the king that sent you and saye vnto him thus saith the Lorde Is there not a God in Israel that thou sendest to enquyre of Beelzebub the God of Ekrom Therefore thou shalt not come downe from the bed on which thou art gone vp but shalt dye the death 7 And he said vnto them What maner of man was that which came vp and met you and tolde you these wordes 8 And they aunswered him It was an heery man and girt with a girdell of leather about his loynes And he saide It is Elias the Thesbite 9 Then the king sent vnto him a captayne ouer fiftie with his fiftie men which came to him and beholde he sat on the top of an hill And he spake vnto him Thou man of God the king hath saide come downe 10 Elias aunswered and saide to the captaine ouer the fiftie If I be a man of God let fyre come downe from heauen consume thee thy fiftie And there came fyre from heauen and consumed him and his fiftie 11 Againe also he sent vnto him an other captaine ouer fiftie with his fiftie And he spake and saide vnto him O man of God thus hath the king saide Make haste and come downe 12 Elias aunswered saide vnto them If I be a man of God let fyre come downe from heauen and consume thee and thy fiftie And there came fyre of God from heauen and consumed him and his fiftie 13 And the king yet againe sent the third captaine ouer fiftie with his fiftie men And the third captaine ouer fiftie went vp and came and fell on his knees before Elias and besought him sayde vnto him Oh man of God I pray thee let my lyfe and the lyfe of the fiftie thy seruauntes be precious in thy sight 14 Beholde there came fyre downe from heauen and burnt vp the two fore captaines ouer fiftie with their fifties therfore let my lyfe now be precious in thy sight 15 And the angell of the Lorde saide vnto Elias Go downe with him and be not afrayde of him And he arose and went downe with him vnto the king 16 And he saide vnto him thus saith the Lorde Forasmuch as thou hast sent messengers to aske counsell at
and the same people of the lande made Iosia his sonne king in his roome The .xxxiiii. Chapter 1 Iosia destroyeth the idoles 8 and restoreth the temple 14 The booke of the lawe is founde 21 He sendeth to Hulda the prophetisse for counsell 27 God heareth his prayer 31 He maketh a couenaunt with God 1 IOsia was eyght yeres olde when he began to raigne and he raigned in Hierusalem thirtie and one yeres 2 And he dyd that whiche was right in the sight of the Lord and walked in the wayes of Dauid his father and bowed neither to the right hand nor to the left 3 In the eyght yere of his raigne when he was yet a childe he began to seke after the God of Dauid his father And in the twelfth yere he began to purge Iuda Hierusalem from the high places groues carued images and images of metall 4 And they brake downe the aulters of Baalim euen in his presence and other images that were in greater honour then they he caused to be destroyed And the groues carued images and images of metall he brake and made dust of them and strowed it vpon the graues of them that had offered vnto them 5 And he burnt the bones of the priestes vpon the aulters of them and clensed Iuda and Hierusalem 6 And euen so did he in the cities of Manasse Ephraim Simeon vnto Nephthali and in the wildernesse of them rounde about 7 He plucked asunder the aulters the groues did beate the images stampe them to powder and cut downe all the idoles throughout all the lande of Israel and returned to Hierusalem againe 8 In the eyghtenth yere of his raigne when he had purged the lande and the temple he sent Saphan the sonne of Azaliahu and Maasiah the gouernour of the citie and Ioah the sonne of Ioahaz the recorder to repaire the house of the Lorde his God 9 And when they came to Helkiah the hie priest they deliuered the money that was brought into the house of God whiche the Leuites that kept the entryes had gathered of the hand of Manasse and Ephraim and of all that yet remayned in Israel and of all Iuda and Beniamin and they returned to Hierusalem 10 And they put it in the handes of the workmen that had the ouersight of the house of the Lorde they gaue it to the labourers that wrought in the house of the Lorde to repaire and mende the house 11 Euen to masons and carpenters gaue they it to get hewed stone timber for couples and for beames of the houses which y e kinges of Iuda had destroyed 12 And the men did the worke faythfully And the ouersears of them to courage them forward were Iahath and Obadiahu Leuites of the children of Merari and Secharia and Mesullam of the children of the Caathites and other of the Leuites whiche all could skill of instrumentes of musicke 13 And ouer the bearers of burthens and ouer all that wrought in whatsoeuer worckmanship it were were there scribes officers porters of the Leuites 14 And when they brought out the money that was brought into the house of the Lorde Helkia the priest founde the booke of the law of the Lorde geuen by Moyses 15 And Helkia aunswered and sayd to Saphan the scribe I haue found the booke of the law in the house of the Lord. And Helkia gaue the booke to Saphan 16 And Saphan caried the booke to the king and brought the king word againe saying All that was commited to thy seruauntes that do they 17 And they haue gathered together the money that was founde in the house of the Lord and haue deliuered it into the handes of the ouersears of the worke and to the handes of the worckmen 18 And then Saphan the scribe shewed the king saying Helkia the priest hath geuen me a booke and Saphan read in it before the king 19 And it fortuned that when the king had heard the wordes of the lawe he tare his clothes 20 And the king commaunded Helkia and Ahikam the sonne of Saphan and Abdon the sonne of Micah and Saphan the scribe and Asaa a seruaunt of the kinges saying 21 Go and enquire of the Lord for me and for them that are left in Israel and Iuda concerning the wordes of the booke that is founde For great is the wrath of the Lord that is fallen vpon vs because our fathers haue not kept the worde of the Lorde to do after all that is written in this booke 22 And Helkia and they that the king had appoynted went to Hulda a prophetisse the wyfe of Sallum the sonne of Thecuath the sonne of Hasra keper of the wardrope for she dwelt in Hierusalem within the seconde wall so they communed with her 23 She aunswered them Thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel Tell ye the man that sent you to me 24 Euen thus sayth the Lorde Beholde I will bring euyll vpon this place and vpon the inhabiters thereof euen al the curses that are written in the booke whiche they haue read before the king of Iuda 25 Because they haue forsaken me and haue offred vnto other gods to anger me with all maner workes of their handes therfore is my wrath set on fire against this place and shall not be quenched 26 And as for the king of Iuda which sent you to enquire of the Lord so shal ye say vnto him thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel concerning the wordes whiche thou hast hearde 27 Because thyne heart did melt and thou diddest meeke thy selfe before God when thou heardest his wordes against this place and against the inhabiters thereof and humbledst thy selfe before me and tarest thy clothes and weepedst before me that haue I heard also sayth the Lorde 28 Behold I wil take thee to thy fathers and thou shalt be put in thy graue in peace and thyne eyes shall not see all the mischiefe that I will bring vpon this place and vpon the inhabiters of the same And they brought the king worde againe 29 Then the king sent and gathered together all the elders of Iuda and Hierusalem 30 And the king went vp into the house of the Lorde and all the men of Iuda and the inhabiters of Hierusalem and the priestes and Leuites and all the people great and smal and the king did reade in their eares all the wordes of the booke of the couenaunt that was founde in the house of the Lorde 31 And the king stoode at his standing and made a couenaunt before the Lorde to folowe the Lorde and to kepe his commaundementes his witnesse and his statutes with all his heart and with al his soule and to fulfill the wordes of the appoyntment written in the sayd booke 32 And he set in their roome all them that were founde in Hierusalem and Beniamin and the inhabiters of Hierusalem did according to the couenaunt of the Lorde God of their fathers 33 And Iosia put away all
trueth to the grounde and thus shall it do and prosper 13 Vpon this I heard one of the sainctes speaking and one of the sainctes spake vnto Palmoni saying how long shal the vision of the dayly sacrifice and of the iniquitie of desolation endure to geue both the sanctuarie and the power to be troden vnder foote 14 And he aunswered me Vnto the euening and the morning two thousand and three hundred then shal the sanctuarie be cleansed 15 Now when I Daniel had seene this vision and sought for the vnderstanding of it beholde there stoode before me like the similitude of a man 16 And I heard a mans voyce betweene Vlai which cryed and saide O Gabriel make this man vnderstande the vision 17 So he came and stoode by me but I was afraide at his comming and fell downe vpō my face Then said he vnto me Vnderstand O thou sonne of man for at the time of the ende this vision shal be 18 Now as he was speaking vnto me I fell in a slumber vpon my face to the grounde but he touched me and set me vp in my place 19 And he saide Beholde I wyll shewe thee what shal be in the last wrath for in the time appoynted it shal be fulfilled 20 The ramme which thou sawest hauing two hornes is the king of the Medes and Perses 21 And the goate is the king of Grecia and the great horne that is betwixt his eyes that is the first king 22 But where as it brake foure other rose vp in the steade it signifieth that out of this people shall stande vp foure kingdomes but not so mightie as it 23 And in the ende of their kingdome when the wicked are come to the full a king of a fierce countenaunce and vnderstanding harde sentences shall stand vp 24 His power shal be mightie but not in his strength he shall destroy wonderfully he shall prosper practise and destroy the mightie and the holy people 25 And through his policie also he shall cause craft to prosper in his handes he shall extoll him selfe in his heart and in prosperitie he shall destroy many many one shal be put to death in his wealthinesse he shall stande vp against the prince of princes but he shal be destroyed without hande 26 And the vision of the euening and the morning which is declared is true therfore seale thou vp the vision for it shal be after many dayes 27 Vpon this was I Daniel feeble so that I lay sicke certaine dayes but when I rose vp I went about y e kinges busines and was astonied at the vision neuerthelesse no man vnderstoode it The .ix. Chapter 1 Daniel desireth to haue that prefourmed of God which he hath promised concerning the returne of the people from their banishment in Babylon 15 A true confession 20 Daniels prayer is harde 21 Gabriel the angel expoundeth vnto him the vision of the threescore and ten weekes 24 The annoynting of Christe 25 The building againe of Hierusalem vnder Nehemia 26 The death of Christe 1 IN the first yere of Darius the sonne of Ahasuerus which was of the seede of the Medes was made king ouer the realme of the Chaldees 2 Euen in the first yere of his raigne I Daniel vnderstoode by bookes the number of the yeres wherof the Lorde spake vnto Ieremie the prophete that he woulde accomplishe seuentie yeres in the desolation of Hierusalem 3 And I turned my face vnto the Lord God and sought by prayer and supplication with fasting sackcloth and asshes 4 I prayed vnto the Lorde my God made my confession saying O Lorde God great and fearefull which kepeth couenaunt and mercie with them that loue him and kepe his commaundementes 5 We haue sinned and haue committed iniquitie and haue done wickedly yea we haue rebelled haue departed from thy preceptes from thy iudgementes 6 We woulde not obey thy seruauntes the prophetes that spake in thy name to our kinges and princes to our forefathers and to all the people of the lande 7 O Lorde righteousnesse belongeth vnto thee vnto vs open shame as is come to passe this day vnto euery man of Iuda and to them that dwel at Hierusalem yea vnto all Israel whether they be farre or nye throughout all the landes whither thou hast driuen them because of their offences that they haue done against thee 8 Yea O Lorde vnto vs to our kinges princes to our forefathers that haue offended thee belongeth open shame 9 Vnto the Lorde our God pertayneth compassion and forgeuenesse though we haue rebelled against him 10 And we haue not obeyed the voyce of the Lorde our God to walke in his lawes which he layde before vs by the hande of his seruauntes the prophetes 11 Yea all Israel haue transgressed and gone backe from thy lawe so that they haue not hearkened vnto thy voyce wherefore the curse and oth that is written in the lawe of Moyses the seruaunt of God against whom we haue offended is poured vpon vs. 12 And he hath confirmed his wordes which he spake against vs and against our iudges that iudged vs to bring vpon vs such a great plague as neuer was vnder heauen lyke as it is now come to passe in Hierusalem 13 Yea all this plague as it is written in the lawe of Moyses is come vpon vs yet made we not our prayers before the Lorde our God that we might turne againe from our wickednes and vnderstand thy trueth 14 Therfore hath the Lord watched vpon the plague and brought it vpon vs for the Lorde our God is righteous in all his workes which he doth for we would not hearken vnto his voyce 15 And now O Lord our God thou that with a mightie hande hast brought thy people out of the lande of Egypt to get thy selfe a name which remayneth this day we haue sinned we haue done wickedly 16 O Lorde according to all thy righteousnes I beseche thee let thyne anger and thy wrath be turned away from thy citie of Hierusalem thy holy hill for because of our sinnes and for the wickednesse of our fathers Hierusalem and thy people are a reproche to all them that are about vs. 17 Now therefore O our God heare the prayer of thy seruaunt and his intercession O let thy face shine ouer thy sanctuarie that lyeth waste for the Lordes sake 18 O my God encline thyne eare hearken open thyne eyes beholde howe we be desolated yea and the citie also which is called after thy name for we do not present our prayers before thee in our owne righteousnes but in thy great mercies 19 O Lorde heare O forgeue Lorde O Lorde consider and do it defer not for thyne owne sake O my God because thy name is called vpon thy citie vpon thy people 20 As I was yet a speaking at my prayers knowledging myne
more to the worke of our handes Ye are our gods for in thee the fatherlesse findeth mercie 4 I wyll heale their rebellion I wyll loue them freely for mine anger is turned away from hym 5 I wyll be vnto Israel as the deawe and he shall growe as the lilie and his roote shall breake out as the trees of Libanus 6 His braunches shal spreade out abrode and be as faire as the oliue tree smell as Libanus 7 They that dwell vnder his shadowe shall returne growe vp as the corne and florishe as the vine he shall haue as good a name as the wine of Libanus 8 Ephraim shall say what haue I to do with idols any more I haue hearde him and loked vpon him I am like a greene firre tree vpon me is thy fruite founde 9 Who so is wise shall vnderstande these thinges and he that is right instruct wyll regarde them for the wayes of the Lorde are righteous such as be godly wyll walke in them as for the wicked they shall stumble therin ¶ The ende of the prophecie of