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A00214 Articles to be enquired of vvithin the diocesse of London In the third trienniall visitation of the Right Honourable, and Right Reverend Father in God, William, Lord Bishop of London, Lord High Treasurer of England. Holden in the yeare of our Lord God, 1640; Visitation articles. 1640 Church of England. Diocese of London. Bishop (1633-1660 : Juxon); Juxon, William, 1582-1663.; Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662. 1640 (1640) STC 10267; ESTC S101627 23,004 28

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be disposed may come to heare Gods Word and to pray with him Especially Is the Common Prayer said or sung distinctly and rev●rently upon such dayes as are appointed to be kept holy and upon their E●es Is the same said or sung at convenient and usu●ll times of those dayes and in such pl●ce of every Church as the people may be most edified thereby And doth the Pars●n U●car or Curate observe the Orders Rites and Ceremonies prescribed in the booke of Common Prayer as well in reading the holy Scripture and saying of prayers a● in administration of the Sacraments without either diminishing in regard of Preaching or in any other respect or adding any thing in the matter and forme thereof 2 Doth the Minister reade the Psalmes and Lessons appointed in the Kalendar for Morning and Evening Prayer And at the end of every Psalme throughout the yeare and likewise at the end of the Benedictus Benedicite Magnificat and Nunc dimittis doth he repeate Glory be to the Father c. And at the reading of the Lessons doth he stand and turne him so as he may best be heard of all such as be present And is the Creed called Athanasius Creed beginning with Whosoever will be saved said by your Minister constantly at the times appointed in the Common Prayer booke and doth your Minister sing or say any other Psalmes or Hymns other then aforesaid in the place of those contrary to Law 3 Doth your Parson Uicar or Curate say the Letanie on every Sunday duely throughout the yeare as also upon all Wednesdayes and Fridaies weekely though they be not holy-dayes In what convenient place of your Church or Chappell doth hee say the same and by whom was that place appointed Doth hee say the same at the accustomed houres of Service and is there warning giuen to the people by the tolling of a Bell And doth euery house-holder dwelling within halfe a mile of the Church come or send one at the least of his houshold to ioyne with the Minister 4 Doth your Minister read the Communion Service or the second Service on every Sunday and Holyday throughout the yeare though● there bee no Communion according as it is appointed in the Booke of Common Prayer 5 Doth your Parson re●ide upon his Bene●●ce or not If yea then being a licensed Preacher doth he preach one Sermon every Sunday in the yeare in his owne Cure or in some Church or Chappell neare adioyning having no lawfull impediment And being not a licensed Preacher doth he offer at any time to preach or expound the Scriptures or rather doth he procure Sermons to bee Preache● in his Cure once every moneth at the least by Preachers which bee lawfully licensed If he be licensed by the Lawes of this Realme not to reside upon his Benef●ce then in that Case doth he supply his cure by one that is a sufficient and Licensed Preacher And is your Curate allowed to serve there by the Bishop of the Diocesse or by the Ordinary of the place having Episcopall iurisdiction and by no other 6 Doth your Parson Uicar or Curate upon every Sunday and holy-day throughout the yeare when there is no Sermon reade one of the Homilies set forth by publike Authority Doth he use to read the same in the Pulpit only according as he is required in the Canons of the yeare 1571. And doth your Minister as well before the Homilie as before his Sermon move and exhort the people ●o ioyne with him in Prayer according to the forme laid downe in the book of Canons and doth hee use any other forme then is there prescribed 7 Have you in your Parish besides your Parson Uicar and Curate any Lecturer or Lecturers not having cure of soules therein Doth your Lecturer use before his Lectures the forme of prayer before remembred and no other forme And doth he twice at the least every yeare read the Divine Service on two severall Sundaies both in the fore-noone and afternoone publikely and at the usuall times and doth he as oft in every yeare administer the Sacraments of Baptisme and the Lords Supper in such manner and form and with the observation of such Rites and Ceremonies as are prescribed in the book of Common Prayer 8 Doe your Lecturer or Lecturers preach in their Gownes and not in their Cloaks according to his Maiesties Instructions An. 1629. Doth he professe his willingnesse to take upon him a Living with cure of soules in that place or Parish in the which he Lectures or elsewhere And doth he actually take such Cure or Benef●ce if any hath beene offered to him 9 Is your Lecturer licensed by the Bishop of the Diocesse And doth your Lecturer or any other Preacher that Lectureth or preacheth in your Church or Chappell impugne or confute any Doctrine formerly delivered in the same or in any Church neare adioyning before hee hath acquainted the Bishop of the Diocesse therewith and received order from him what to doe in that case for the avoiding of dissention 10 Doth your Lecturer conforme himselfe to the Lawes Ordinances and Rites Ecclesiasticall established in the Church of England If not you are to certifie the same unto the Bishop of the Diocesse or other Ordinary of the place to the end that if the said Lecturer doe not conforme himselfe after admonition his Licence may be voided and himselfe removed 11 Doth your Parson Uicar or Curate administer the Communion in your Church or Chappell so often and at such times as every parishioner may communicate at least thrice in the yeare whereof the Feast of Easter to be one And doth he give warning to his parishioners publikely in the Church at Morning prayer the Sunday before for the better preparation of themselves And doe such as purpose to communicat● signifie their minds unto the ●urate over night or the morning early 12 Doth your Minister admit to the receiving of the holy Communion such of his Cure which be openly knowne to live in sinne notorious without repentance or any who have openly or maliciously contended with their neighbours and will not be induced by him to a reconcilement Or any Church-wardens or Sidemen who having taken oath to present to their Ordinaries every such publike offence as they are particularly charged to enquire of in their severall parishes shall wittingly incurre the horrible crime of periurie 13 Doth he wittingly administer the same to any but to such as kneel or to any that refuse to bee present at the publike prayers or to any that bee common and notorious depravers of the booke of Common-prayer or of any thing contained in the Booke of Articles agreed upon in the Convocation Anno 1562. Or in the booke of Ordering Priests and Bishops or to any that hath spoken against and depraved his Maiesties Soveraigne Authority in causes Ecclesiasticall except such persons doe first acknowledge to the Minister before you
the Church-wardens that hee is sorry for the same and promise either by word of mouth or under his hand to doe so no more 14 Is the bread provided for the Holy Sacrament of the Lords Supper of the best and purest white-bread that may conveniently be gotten Doth the Minister take the same into his hands to blesse and consecrate it to that holy use as oft as he administreth the Communion Doth he so likewise with the wine provided And if any bread or wine bee newly brought doth he first use the words of the Institution before it be distributed to the Communicants 15 Doth your Minister as oft as he celebrateth the Communion receive the Sacrament first in both kindes himselfe and having so received the same doth he severally deliver the bread and wine to every Communicant in their ha●ds knéeling And at his delivery of the same doth hee reherse the whole forme mentioned in the Communion Booke saying The body of our Lord Iesus Christ c. or doth he only use some part thereof as he list himselfe 16 Doth your Parson Uicar or Curate administer the Communion at any time publikely in the congregation except there be foure or three at the least to communicate with him Doth he administer the same to any strangers which come often and commonly from their owne Parish Churches And doe you the Church-wardens give notice to your Minister of such strangers that so hee may remit them home to their owne Parish Churches there to Communicate with their owne Minister and neighbours 17 Doth your Minister except it be in times and cases of necessity Preach or administer the holy Communion in any private house in which there is no Chappell dedicated and allowed by the Ecclesiasticall lawes of this Kingdome Doth any Chaplaine living within your parish preach or administer the Communion in any other place then in the Chappell of the said houses Doth the Lords and Masters of such Chaplaines or houses at other times resort to their owne Parish Churches and there receive the holy Communion at least once in the yeare And doe any under Noble men and men qualified by law keepe any private Chaplaine in their house or houses 18 Doth your Minister refuse or delay to Christen any child that is brought to him to the Church on Sundayes or Holy-dayes knowledge thereof being given to him over night or in the morning before Morning prayer Doth hee proceed therein in all things according to the forme of publike Baptisme in the Common prayer Booke doth he neglect refuse or pretermit at any time to signe the child baptized with the signe of the crosse or doth hee admit the parent of a childe to answer as a Godfather to his own childe or any other person to be a Godfather or Godmother before the said pers●n so undertaking hath received the holy Communion 19 Doth your Minister being duly informed of the weaknesse and danger of death of any infant unbaptized in his Parish and being thereupon desired to goe unto the place and baptize the same either wilfully refuse to d●e it or negligently delay the time so that the child departeth without Baptisme ●hrough his def●ult if the childe so baptized doe recover afterwards is it brought into the Church by the Godfathers and Godmothers to the intent the congregation may bee certified of the Baptizing thereof according to the ●orme prescribed in the Common prayer Book 20 Doth your Minister having Cure and charge of ●oules doe his best endeavour to prepare children and make them ready for confirmation And to that end doth hee on every Sunday and Holyday before Evening prayer for the space of halfe an houre or more instruct the youth and ignorant persons of the parish according 〈◊〉 the Catechisme set forth in the Common prayer booke And are the afternoone Sermons in your● parish if you had any formerly turned into Catechising by way of questions and answers according to the Kings Instructions 21 Doth your Minister either bring or send in writing to the Bishop of the Diocesse the names of all those Children of his parish which can answer to the questions contained in the Catechisme that by the imposition of hands and prayer they may receive strength and defence against temptation And doth he admit any person or persons to y● holy Comm●nion untill such time as he or they can orderly say the catechisme and be confirmed 22 Doth your Parson Uicar or Curate celebrate Matrimony betwixt any persons without a facultie or Licence granted by authority Lawfull or without the Banes of Matrimony first published on three severall Sundayes or Holydayes in the parish Church or Chappell where the said parties dwell or at the times by Law prohibited without speciall Licence Or doth he celebrate the same in any other place than in the Church or in the Church at any other time than betweene the hours of eight and twelve in the forenoone and at that time betwixt such persons as are under the age of twenty one yeares without the consent of their parents signifie● unto him or a Licence granted to him so to doe 23 Doth your Minister in the solemnizing of holy Matrimony keepe himselfe to the forme and Ceremonies prescribed in the Common Prayer booke doth he at any time marry any without a King or without going to the Lords Table as it is appointed Doth he in case there bee no Sermon read those Texts of Scripture wherein the offices of man and wife are declared according as it is prescribed And doe the new married persons the same day of their marriage receive the holy Communion as by Law they ought 24 Doth your Minister or Curate resort to such of your parish as are dangerously sick if the disease be n●t probably suspected to be infectious to instruct and comfort them in that distresse doth hee exhort the sick party to be in charity with all the world and to dispose of his goods and declare his debts and doth he move him and that most earnestly to liberalitie towards the poore and to unburden his conscience 25 If any sick person finde his conscience troubled with anyweighty matter and doth unburden the same to his Priest or Minister doth the said Priest or Minister give him absolution according to the forme prescribed And have you ever heard that the said Priest or Minister hath revealed and made knowne at any time to any person whatsoever any crime or ●ffence committed to his trust and secrecy either in case of such extremity or any other case whatsoever except they be such crimes as by the lawes of this Realme the life of the sai● Priest or Minister ma●●e called in questi●n for concealing of it declare the name of the offender when and by whome you heare the ●ame 26 Doth the Curate that ministreth in your parish upon convenient notice giuen him
Prophecies or exercises in Market Townes or other places or doth attempt without such Licence upon any pretence whatsoever either of possession or obsession to cast out any Divell or Divels Who is it that offendeth in the premises c. 10 Doe any Priests or Ministers of the Word of God or any other persons meet together in any private hou●e or el●ewhere to consult upon any matter or course to be taken by them or by any other upon their motion and direction which may any way tend to the impeaching or depraving of the Church of E●gland or of the booke of Common Prayer or of any part of the Government or Discipline in the Church of England now established and who are they Concerning Churches the Ornaments Vtensils and other necessaries to the same belonging 1 IS your Parish Church or Chappell well and sufficiently repaired and so from time to time maintained and kept Are the windowes well glazed the floare kept paved plaine and even and all things there in such ●n orderly ●nd decent sort without dust or any thing that may bee either noysome or un●eemely as best becommeth the house of God 2 Are the ten Commandements set upon the East end of your Church or Chappell where the people may best see and reade the same and other chosen sen●ences written upo● the walls of your said Church or Chappell in convenient places 3 Doe the Cha●cels remaine as they have d●ne in times past that i● to say in the convenient situation of the Seates and in the ascent or 〈◊〉 unto the place appointed anciently for the standing of the holy Tab●● Is the Chancell of your Church or Chappell cleane kept and repaire● within and without in the windowes and otherwhere as appertaineth And is there a comely partition betwixt your Chancell and the body of the Church or Chappell as is required by the Law 4 Is the Church-yard of your Church or Chappell well and sufficiently sensed maintained and kept with walls ●ailes or poles as hath beene heretofore accustomed And if not then by whose neglige●●e or default is it that the fenses of the same are grown into decay 5 Are there any Playes Foasts Banquets Suppers Church-Ales Drinkings Temporall Courts or Le●tes Lay-iuries or Musters or is there any other prophane usage kept in your Church Chappell o● Churchyards of what sort soever By whom ●re your said Church or Chappell or Churchyard so prophaned as afore is said and by whose permission 6 Have you in the Chancell of your Church or Chappell a decent and convenient Table for the celebration of the Holy Comm●●ion Is i● so set as is directed in the Queenes Iniunctions and appointed by the Canon made in the Synod held at London Anno 1640. Have you a Carpet of silke or other decent stuffe appointed by the Ordinary to lay upon the Table in the time of Divine Service and a faire linnen cloth to lay upon the same in time of the Communion And is the said Carpet and linnen cloth laid constantly upon the Table at the times aforesaid 7 Have you a faire Communion Cup or Chalice of silver with a cover of the same and a decent standing pot or Flagon of pewter if not of purer metall in which the wine for the Communion is to be brought unto the holy Table Is the said Table Carpet Linnen cloth Cup or Flagon or either of them any wayes prophaned or otherwise imployed then to their owne proper and right holy uses 8 Have you in your Church or Chappell a Font of stone where Baptisme is to be administred decently made and kept as it ought to be Is the same set in the Ancient usuall place appointed for it and doth your Minister publikely baptize in the same Font only 9 Have you in your Church or Chappell a convenient Seat made 〈◊〉 the Minister to reade Service in as also a comely and decent Pulpit set in a convenient place within the same for the preaching of Gods Word and there seemely kept 10 Have you in your Church or Chappell a strong Chest with an hole in the upper part thereof 〈◊〉 the Almes of the poore Hath the same chest three severall keyes and is the one of them in the castodie of the Parson Uicar or Curat Is the same so set and fastened in the most convenient 〈◊〉 to the intent the parishioners may put into it their Almes for their poore neighbours 11 Have you a true note and Terrar of all the Glebes Lands Meadowes Gardens Orchards Houses stockes implements Tenements and portions of tythes lying out of your Parish which belong unto your Parsonage or Uicarage And is the same or a true Coppie of the same layed up in the Bishops Registry for a perpetuall Memory thereof 12 Have you a comely decent Surplisse with sleeves for the use of your Minister in saying the publike prayers or ministring the Sacraments and other rites of the Church together with an Universitie hood according to the degree of your said Minister And doth the Parson Uicar or Cu●●te use the same as oft as he officiates Gods publike Service administreth the Sacraments or dischargeth any publike duty in the Congregation 13 Have you a Bible of the largest volume allowed by Authoritie the booke of Common Prayer and the booke of Homilies all very well and fairely bound As also a booke of the Canons And Constitutions made in the Synod held at London Anno 1603. and ratified by the Kings Authority A booke of prayers for the 5. of November and for the 27. of March being the day of his Maiesties most happy Inauguration Have you a parchment Register booke wherein to keep upon record the severall Christenings Weddings and Burials which happen weekly quarterly or yearly in your Parish Have you also a Register booke wherein to write the names of all Preachers which come and Preach in your Church from other places And have you one sure Co●er with thrée lockes and keyes for keeping of the bookes aforesaid And doth one of your keyes remaine alwayes in the hands of your Minister Whether is your Parsonage-house or Vicarage-house Barnes Stables and other out-houses thereto belonging in good and sufficient repaire Whether hath any person in●roached upon the ground of your Church-yard or other consecrated ground if any hath then you shall present him and set out what quantitie of ground is so incroached upon and whether any new doore or window hath be●ne lately made into your Church or Church-yard and by what authority Concerning the Celebration of Divine Service the Administration of the Sacraments c. DOth your Minister or Curate that ministreth in your Parish Church or Chappell say daily the Morning and Evening Prayer in the same Parish Church or Chappell where he ministreth unlesse he be lawfully hindered And doth he cause a Bell to be tolled thereunto a convenient time before he begin that such as