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A84621 Naps upon Parnassus. A sleepy muse nipt and pincht, though not awakened such voluntary and jovial copies of verses, as were lately receiv'd from some of the wits of the universities, in a frolick, dedicated to Gondibert's mistress by Captain Jones and others. Whereunto is added from demonstration of the authors prosaick excellency's, his epistle to one of the universities, with the answer; together with two satyrical characters of his own, of a temporizer, and an antiquary, with marginal notes by a friend to the reader. Vide Jones his legend, drink sack and gunpowder, and so fall to't. Flatman, Thomas, 1637-1688. 1658 (1658) Wing F1140; Thomason E1849_1; ESTC R202004 43,151 115

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Christopher Cartwright Minister of the Gospel in York to which is prefixed a brief account to the Authours life and of his Work by R. Bolton 20. The way to bliss in three Books being a learned Treatise of the Philosophers Stone made publique by Elias Ashmole Esq 21. Wit restored in several Select Poems not formerly publisht by Sir John Mennis Mr. Smith and others 22. The Judges charge delivered in a Sermon before Mr. Justice Hall and Mr. Sergeant Crook Judges of the Assize at St. Mary Overies in Southwark by R. Purre M. A. Pastor of Camerwel in the County of Surrey a Sermon worthy of the perusal of all such persons as endeavour to be honest and just Practitioners in the Law 23. The Modern Assurancer the Clerks Directory containing the Practick Part of the Law in the exact Forms and Draughts of all manner of Presidents for Bargains and Sales Grants Feoffements Bonds Bills Conditions Covenants Jointures Indentures to lead the use of Fines and Recoveries with good Proviso's and Covenants to stand seized Charter parties for Ships Leases Releases Surrendets c. And all other Instruments and Assurances now in use intended for all young Students and Practicers of the Law by John Hern. 24. Moor's Arithmatick the second Edition much refined and diligently cleared from the former Mistakes of the Press A Work containing the whole Art of Arithmetick as well in Numbers as Species Together with many Additions by the Author to come forth at Machaelmas Term Likewise 25. Exercitatio Elleiptica Nova or a new Mathematicall Contemplation on the Oval Figure called an Elleipsis together with the two first Books of Mydorgius his Conicks Analiz'd and made so plain that the Doctrine of Conical Sections may be easily understood a Work much desired and never before publisht in the English Tongue by Jonas Moor Surveyor General of the great Level of the Fennes 26. The Joyes of Heaven the Saints support in Gods Promises on Earth Christs Sermons on the Beatitudes An Exposition of the fifth Chapter of St. Matthew delivered in several Sermons by Mr. Jeremiah Burroughs the last Sermons he preacht a little before his Death at St. Giles Cripple-gate London 27. Naps upon Parnassus A sleepy Muse nipt and pincht though not awakened Such voluntary and Jovial Copies of Verses as were lately receiv'd from some of the WITS of the Universities in a Frolick dedicated to Gondibert's Mistress by Captain Jones and others Whereunto is added for Demonstration of the Authors prosaick Excellency's his Epistle to one of the Universities with the Answer together with two Satyrical Characters of his own of a Temporizer and an Antiquary with Marginal Notes by a Friend to the Reader FINIS * Our Authors fancy was alway couchant for he made all his Verses in Bed * See the Author on his Mother's eyes * The Author hath borrowed several old Fancies out of Cleveland and others Simile * Acertain drug differing in color from Album Graecum * The two first letters of the two last words are the Christen and the Surname of him that made those Verses Mat. Parker the Ballad-maker Laureat of London * A Scotch title for the Devil * A Maxime * A minore ad majus * Well rhym'd Tutor Brains and Stairs * Where note she conceals her precious stones and the more modest she * Lofty because high and high because no body can reach them * An old Bodge * No false position in English good Sir * For colorem by a piece of an Aphaeresis and a piece of Syncope * You may read it Wodden * But when he does so he verifies the Proverb viz. Aethopem lavat. * g Aufertur in fine per Apocopen * A Lawterm a Jury brings in when it can't determine of a Case * In English a Grandvifier a grand Statesman in Turky * or 6s 8d * An English saw inver'st * A famous Scoth Poet I think he was * It should have been Falstaff if the rhyme had permitted it * Why who calls 'um so but you * A Province in Italy * A Scotch word for a Belly * This Verse is somewhat of the longest size * t. inseritur per Epenthesin * A Book much esteem'd by the Author * Not hot in effect but in operation * The devil a bit he h●●'s * Viz. Pluto's * Higgledy piggledy * Viz. A switchlock * A flower that seldom grew in the Authors garden * The Author was going to dinner when he made these * Eyes for tongues a very Figure * A wonderful thing that a King should be a man * And a good reason too for the King liv'd a little while after Ovid * What should they go in else in Blues * A strange Bird hardly to be found in Paradise * The Author is teaching his Muse to swim and so gives her good counsel * Now he barks bow wow * Backstroke and forestroke like a bell 1. * I think he means effeminated 't is a difficult place this * A short expression for looking cunningly 2. * Some read it doubletted * Datur penetratio dimensionum ergò falleris * For Arts and Sciences by a Figure call'd Metathesis * ☜ 3. * In plain English Fiddles 4. * Sucking bottles for new-borne pigs * al. An Ocean * He meaneth her blinde cheeks * His mothers belly * That 's ' a nasty word * The Kettle calls the Pottage-pot burnt arse Author Blackmore A. B. A. B. A. B. A. B. A. B. A. * His 〈◊〉 ha's now hopt into a Costard-mongers Basket B. * But he might ride by Sea thither * Not at Empty * Brave Jowlet * Not Gum water * And that was a fire bit * Female with Female surely this Bee had a Pego * What a devilish Lecher was this Bee * Here 's nothing but whoring and drinking * Thus viz. t-h-c-e * Where note the Texttakes some and the Devil takes others * It wanted a Periwig * A new kinde of Stuff a-la mode * al. The Pocky Eccho * Mark that well * One Billingsley wrote a Martyrology in Verse Anno 1657. * In contradistinction to Ladies Flowers * O bawdry * Sure the Authour's wits went on wool-gathering here * Now he conjures * Sanat confessio crimen All this I don't understand * A Ring for the Author * Olet lucernam * Here the Authours Muse is not troubled with corns Clodius accusat Maechos * Made of a piece of pack-thred * That is stealing of Books * 'T is plain here that he means the Praeadamitae * They had read the Apocrapha * Read it fundament * A kinde of wear like black Skarlet * That 's a good way to be blind indeed * Where note that tears are not Aqua vitae * Now he 's a dead Helicon it seems * No nor Science neither * Because you know Syncope tollit de medio there 's the wit * So are some women too * Otherwise cal'd Rugwork or stript carpetting * Meum tuum * The Authour excepts farting * Surely he means the nightwizzard for a witch is a woman and a woman can't * Grammercy Mr. Cleveland * 'T is no matter with what Eyes he look on 't * By which the Author means the end of the Book * Janus the name of a fish yclepped A Cods-head * If any one can bring the sense of this to the Cryer he shall be well paid for his pains * Where note Minerva's stomack is in her back * All to whoop him * A Clook in Folio * In th' Author's country there are Scarlet Turky-cocks * He means Cobler * Fornication is no immodest Action * Shitt * Tweakers by Jove * The Dutchwomens issue of the DILDO * A Description of this Character * Sir reverence * That is when he gave Danae a clap not a thunder clap now this same Jupiter was a devilish whoremaster c. see Farnaby upon Ovid Met. * A Dog and Bitch * One Jack Saturday * A Wit * Stone-cutters * A certain kind of Vermine that hath ne're a letter in his name * The poorer sort of the Author's country-men wear caps upon their shoes to conceal the holes at their toes Mysteries all * The Authour doth not accustome himself to piss in his standish