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A02483 An ansvvere to a treatise vvritten by Dr. Carier, by way of a letter to his Maiestie vvherein he layeth downe sundry politike considerations; by which hee pretendeth himselfe was moued, and endeuoureth to moue others to be reconciled to the Church of Rome, and imbrace that religion, which he calleth catholike. By George Hakewil, Doctour of Diuinity, and chapleine to the Prince his Highnesse. Hakewill, George, 1578-1649.; Carier, Benjamin, 1566-1614. Treatise written by Mr. Doctour Carier.; Carier, Benjamin, 1566-1614. Copy of a letter, written by M. Doctor Carier beyond seas, to some particular friends in England. 1616 (1616) STC 12610; ESTC S103612 283,628 378

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be_v in_o the_o eastern_a church_n 8._o he_o be_v worse_o than_o a_o infidel_n that_o provide_v not_o for_o those_o of_o his_o own_o household_n to_o conclude_v we_o neither_o speak_v nor_o write_v against_o lawful_a vow_n but_o the_o rashness_n of_o they_o and_o impossibility_n in_o perform_v they_o not_o against_o true_a virginity_n but_o the_o feign_a show_n of_o it_o and_o the_o prefer_v it_o by_o so_o many_o degree_n before_o the_o honourable_a estate_n of_o marriage_n not_o against_o necessary_a poverty_n but_o the_o voluntary_a choice_n of_o it_o when_o more_o good_a may_v be_v do_v by_o possess_v and_o use_v those_o mean_n god_n have_v send_v we_o not_o against_o fast_v but_o the_o pharesaicall_a use_n of_o it_o and_o make_v it_o part_v of_o divine_a worship_n not_o against_o pray_v but_o the_o performance_n of_o it_o in_o a_o strange_a tongue_n rather_o for_o custom_n then_o for_o conscience_n rather_o by_o number_n then_o by_o weight_n in_o draw_v near_o unto_o god_n with_o our_o lip_n when_o our_o heart_n be_v far_o from_o he_o not_o against_o watch_v but_o the_o pretend_a apish_a imitation_n and_o merit_n in_o it_o not_o against_o obedience_n but_o the_o abuse_n of_o it_o in_o the_o enterprise_v of_o damnable_a and_o desperate_a attempt_n last_o not_o against_o austerity_n of_o life_n but_o incivility_n and_o that_o show_v of_o wisdom_n which_o s._n paul_n censure_v in_o the_o second_o to_o the_o col._n consist_v in_o voluntary_a religion_n and_o humbleness_n of_o mind_n and_o not_o spare_v the_o body_n you_o do_v well_o to_o add_v that_o all_o these_o be_v require_v in_o a_o monastical_a conversation_n but_o how_o they_o be_v or_o be_v perform_v god_n know_v and_o the_o world_n not_o undeserued_o suspect_v b._n c._n 26._o upon_o these_o condition_n the_o lord_n the_o commons_o and_o the_o clergy_n be_v content_a to_o believe_v that_o the_o king_n be_v supreme_a head_n of_o the_o church_n of_o england_n not_o that_o they_o do_v think_v so_o indeed_o or_o that_o they_o desire_v to_o augment_v his_o authority_n but_o that_o they_o may_v be_v protect_v by_o he_o &_o free_o enjoy_v those_o commodity_n which_o they_o think_v schism_n have_v bring_v unto_o they_o and_o fear_v the_o unity_n of_o the_o church_n may_v again_o take_v from_o they_o hence_o do_v arise_v a_o necessity_n of_o inveigh_v against_o the_o pope_n and_o the_o church_n of_o rome_n as_o against_o antichrist_n and_o babylon_n and_o the_o great_a enemy_n of_o the_o state_n of_o england_n insomuch_o that_o that_o clergy_n man_n be_v most_o acceptable_a to_o they_o and_o in_o their_o opinion_n most_o worthy_a of_o preferment_n that_o can_v most_o confident_o preach_v and_o write_v the_o most_o foul_a and_o monstrous_a assertion_n of_o the_o pope_n and_o the_o church_n of_o rome_n though_o they_o be_v never_o so_o false_a it_o these_o and_o such_o like_a be_v those_o temporal_a respect_n which_o will_v fain_o seem_v the_o daughter_n of_o those_o doctrine_n which_o themselves_o have_v bring_v forth_o and_o to_o be_v divide_v from_o the_o catholic_a church_n by_o doctrine_n when_o they_o themselves_o have_v cause_v the_o doctrine_n of_o division_n g._n h._n 26._o upon_o these_o condition_n you_o say_v that_o the_o lord_n and_o commons_o and_o clergy_n be_v content_a to_o believe_v that_o the_o king_n be_v supreme_a head_n of_o the_o church_n of_o england_n whereas_o yourself_o before_o confess_v that_o these_o condition_n be_v afterward_o grant_v to_o the_o clergy_n who_o notwithstanding_o be_v the_o forward_a in_o persuade_v the_o king_n to_o accept_v and_o assume_v that_o title_n as_o may_v appear_v by_o the_o book_n set_v out_o by_o the_o whole_a convocation_n of_o england_n entitle_v the_o institution_n of_o a_o christian_a man_n beside_o the_o treatise_n of_o diverse_a particular_a bishop_n to_o the_o same_o purpose_n as_o namely_o stephen_n gardiner_n discourse_n of_o true_a obedience_n together_o with_o bonner_n preface_n annex_v to_o it_o longelands_n sermon_n and_o tunstal_v letter_n to_o cardinal_n poole_n all_o which_o be_v extant_a to_o be_v read_v and_o see_v at_o this_o day_n and_o sure_o he_o that_o shall_v observe_v their_o vehement_a protestation_n special_o of_o gardener_n who_o i_o hold_v the_o most_o sufficient_a among_o they_o for_o learning_n and_o withal_o the_o soundness_n and_o weight_n of_o the_o reason_n which_o they_o enforce_v against_o the_o pope_n pretend_a jurisdiction_n will_v easy_o believe_v that_o they_o think_v in_o very_a deed_n as_o they_o write_v that_o their_o mind_n and_o their_o pen_n concur_v in_o one_o but_o from_o hence_o you_o say_v arise_v a_o necessity_n of_o envy_v against_o the_o pope_n and_o the_o church_n of_o rome_n as_o against_o antichrist_n and_o babylon_n as_o if_o his_o holiness_n have_v never_o be_v grace_v with_o the_o title_n of_o antichrist_n before_o henry_n assume_v his_o title_n of_o supreme_a head_n nor_o rome_n call_v babylon_n before_o england_n be_v free_v from_o that_o babylonish_n captivity_n whereas_o your_o famous_a cardinal_n have_v none_o other_o proof_n from_o scripture_n that_o s._n peter_n be_v ever_o at_o rome_n but_o by_o expound_v rome_n to_o be_v the_o babylon_n from_o whence_o he_o date_v his_o first_o epistle_n and_o when_o the_o several_a mark_n of_o antichrist_n shall_v be_v apply_v to_o any_o so_o proper_o as_o to_o the_o bishop_n of_o rome_n i_o will_v confess_v he_o be_v injurious_o so_o style_v in_o the_o mean_a time_n i_o can_v hardly_o imagine_v any_o so_o foul_a and_o monstrous_a assertion_n which_o some_o of_o your_o pope_n have_v not_o deserve_v even_o by_o the_o confession_n of_o your_o own_o writer_n it_o be_v enough_o to_o make_v a_o modest_a man_n blush_v in_o read_v and_o relate_v that_o which_o they_o blush_v not_o to_o act_v nay_o boast_a of_o be_v act_v in_o so_o much_o as_o i_o doubt_v not_o but_o i_o may_v confident_o affirm_v that_o neither_o the_o catalogue_n of_o emperor_n take_v in_o the_o heathenish_a among_o the_o christian_n nor_o any_o one_o succession_n of_o king_n in_o the_o world_n since_o the_o first_o creation_n of_o it_o to_o this_o present_a age_n ever_o afford_v so_o many_o monster_n of_o man_n so_o many_o incarnate_a devil_n so_o expert_a in_o all_o kind_n of_o villainy_n as_o that_o of_o your_o pope_n neither_o can_v any_o one_o king_n or_o emperor_n be_v name_v who_o some_o of_o your_o pope_n have_v not_o outstripped_n and_o what_o need_v then_o any_o imitation_n of_o your_o side_n in_o feign_v false_a assertion_n where_o true_a be_v so_o plentiful_a b._n c._n 27._o in_o all_o these_o and_o all_o other_o doctrine_n of_o division_n man_n have_v receive_v great_a countenance_n and_o encouragement_n from_o geneva_n for_o although_o m._n john_n calvin_n be_v never_o any_o good_a subject_n or_o friend_n to_o bishop_n savoy_n duke_z or_o king_n yet_o he_o do_v so_o fit_a the_o common_a people_n with_o new_a doctrine_n that_o no_o gospel_n can_v be_v so_o afford_v please_v to_o they_o nor_o so_o light_a some_o as_o he_o for_o find_v geneva_n to_o be_v fall_v out_o both_o with_o their_o bishop_n who_o be_v their_o ancient_a prince_n and_o their_o duke_n to_o who_o they_o grenoble_n pretend_v against_o their_o bishop_n and_o to_o be_v all_o in_o a_o combustion_n among_o themselves_o for_o want_v of_o government_n although_o he_o be_v then_o a_o stranger_n and_o a_o very_a apostate_n young_a man_n of_o some_o six_o and_o twenty_o or_o seven_o and_o twenty_o year_n old_a at_o the_o most_o yet_o he_o think_v good_a upon_o the_o opportunity_n to_o give_v the_o venture_n and_o to_o step_v in_o himself_o to_o be_v founder_n of_o a_o new_a church_n and_o state_n among_o they_o and_o for_o that_o purpose_n he_o method_n find_v they_o such_o a_o catechism_n as_o they_o may_v easy_o contemn_v all_o ancient_a learning_n and_o authority_n and_o save_v themselves_o by_o a_o strong_a fancy_n which_o he_o call_v far_o faith_n and_o this_o please_v the_o burgher_n of_o geneva_n so_o well_o that_o they_o call_v a_o meeting_n and_o cause_v all_o the_o citizen_n to_o swear_v that_o that_o catechism_n be_v true_a and_o all_o himself_o popery_n false_a as_o may_v appear_v in_o calvin_n life_n write_v by_o beza_n and_o prefix_v to_o his_o epistle_n and_o although_o the_o ministerial_a presbytery_n of_o geneva_n have_v lose_v much_o of_o m._n calvin_n greatness_n yet_o the_o city_n have_v have_v the_o governor_n fortune_n ever_o since_o by_o the_o help_n of_o their_o neighbour_n to_o hold_v out_o against_o their_o bishop_n and_o the_o duke_n and_o all_o their_o ancient_a governor_n g._n h._n 27._o you_o pass_v on_o in_o this_o section_n and_o the_o next_o to_o pass_v your_o censure_n upon_o geneva_n and_o calvin_n in_o as_o much_o as_o from_o they_o we_o have_v receive_v great_a countenance_n and_o encouragement_n whereas_o neither_o geneva_n nor_o calvin_n be_v
his_o argument_n sometime_o beyond_o the_o extent_n of_o the_o letter_n &_o such_o extravagant_a matter_n as_o he_o draw_v in_o upon_o the_o bye_n i_o think_v it_o sufficient_a to_o reply_v unto_o in_o my_o marginal_a note_n so_o that_o in_o one_o of_o the_o two_o nothing_o i_o think_v worth_a the_o answer_n have_v escape_v unanswered_a and_o i_o shall_v crave_v that_o courtesy_n of_o the_o reader_n if_o he_o receive_v not_o satisfaction_n in_o the_o one_o to_o have_v recourse_n to_o the_o other_o and_o this_o i_o take_v to_o be_v fair_a and_o just_a deal_n without_o exception_n once_o i_o be_o sure_a i_o have_v deal_v with_o he_o as_o myself_o in_o like_a case_n shall_v desire_v to_o be_v deal_v withal_o which_o i_o take_v to_o be_v the_o safe_a rule_n of_o just_a deal_n sure_o a_o matter_n it_o be_v of_o little_a labour_n and_o credit_n but_o less_o honesty_n to_o deal_v as_o fitz-simon_n have_v do_v with_o mr._n mason_n who_o learned_a and_o painful_a book_n of_o the_o lawful_a 324._o consecration_n of_o our_o bishop_n he_o pretend_v he_o read_v over_o and_o confute_v in_o 15._o day_n but_o his_o chief_a confutation_n as_o may_v easy_o appear_v to_o the_o reader_n stand_v in_o deny_v act_n vouch_v out_o of_o the_o public_a register_n or_o as_o eudaemon_n the_o common_a packhorse_n of_o rome_n have_v late_o deal_v with_o my_o lord_n of_o salisbury_n answer_v his_o antilogie_n a_o book_n of_o about_o 60._o sheet_n full_a of_o variety_n of_o learning_n and_o evident_a proof_n with_o a_o libel_n of_o some_o three_o or_o four_o sheet_n at_o most_o which_o he_o have_v also_o rather_o stain_v with_o rail_v at_o person_n and_o catch_v at_o word_n than_o make_v offer_v to_o answer_v so_o much_o as_o one_o material_a point_n and_o to_o speak_v a_o truth_n i_o have_v good_a reason_n to_o think_v he_o rather_o write_v it_o that_o the_o title_n may_v be_v seen●_n in_o the_o common_a catalogue_n then_o that_o the_o book_n itself_o may_v common_o be_v read_v in_o regard_n that_o the_o work_n be_v so_o slender_a and_o the_o copy_n so_o few_o that_o as_o it_o be_v scarce_o to_o be_v have_v so_o be_v it_o scarce_o worth_a the_o read_n be_v have_v himself_o profess_v that_o he_o write_v it_o ne_fw-la magni_fw-la aliquid_fw-la latere_fw-la in_fw-la ●o_o libro_fw-la putarent_fw-la quem_fw-la nemo_fw-la confutasset_fw-la lest_o man_n shall_v think_v some_o great_a matter_n lie_v hide_v in_o that_o book_n which_o no_o man_n have_v confute_v but_o he_o that_o shall_v compare_v both_o may_v well_o say_v notwithstanding_o his_o answer_n that_o no_o man_n have_v yet_o confute_v it_o somewhat_o more_o wise_o and_o wary_o have_v he_o deal_v with_o casaubon_n exercitation_n answer_v only_o the_o four_o chapter_n of_o his_o first_o exercitation_n and_o promise_v a_o whole_a volume_n to_o follow_v after_o against_o the_o rest_n in_o imitation_n belike_o of_o richard_n stanihurst_n who_o have_v publish_v his_o flourish_n to_o a_o future_a combat_n with_o his_o nephew_n mr._n dr._n vsher_n but_o i_o think_v we_o shall_v see_v the_o full_a encounter_n both_o of_o the_o one_o and_o the_o other_o by_o leisure_n pollicitis_fw-la dive_v quilibet_fw-la esse_fw-la potest_fw-la but_o tarda_fw-la solet_fw-la magnis_fw-la rebus_fw-la inesse_fw-la fides_fw-la a_o easy_a matter_n it_o be_v to_o promise_v great_a matter_n but_o not_o so_o easy_a to_o perform_v they_o be_v promise_v for_o my_o own_o part_n i_o must_v confess_v i_o have_v make_v a_o large_a answer_n then_o either_o the_o treatise_n answer_v deserve_v or_o the_o state_n of_o my_o body_n and_o my_o leisure_n be_v to_o make_v so_o often_o return_v from_o a_o remote_a part_n of_o the_o kingdom_n to_o my_o attendance_n in_o court_n can_v well_o permit_v or_o indeed_o myself_o at_o first_o project_v but_o i_o have_v now_o find_v it_o true_a in_o my_o own_o experience_n which_o i_o have_v often_o hear_v observe_v by_o other_o to_o fall_v out_o many_o time_n in_o writing_n as_o it_o do_v in_o building_n many_o alteration_n and_o addition_n present_v themselves_o beside_o and_o beyond_o the_o first_o design_n it_o be_v write_v of_o fame_n but_o it_o may_v as_o true_o be_v say_v of_o this_o kind_n of_o writing_n vires_fw-la acquirit_fw-la ●undo_fw-la it_o gather_v strength_n in_o go_v as_o in_o eat_v a_o man_n sometime_o get_v a_o stomach_n which_o be_v the_o reason_n together_o with_o a_o expectation_n that_o either_o some_o more_o able_a pen_n will_v have_v undertake_v this_o encounter_n or_o some_o matter_n of_o great_a importance_n promise_v by_o the_o author_n himself_o and_o pelitier_n will_v ere_o this_o have_v be_v publish_v to_o the_o world_n that_o my_o answer_n have_v be_v differ_v till_o now_o but_o if_o it_o be_v well_o enough_o it_o be_v soon_o enough_o how_o well_o it_o be_v let_v the_o reader_n judge_v who_o notwithstanding_o i_o shall_v desire_v to_o suspend_v his_o judgement_n till_o he_o have_v hear_v both_o party_n speak_v which_o request_v i_o think_v be_v but_o reasonable_a consider_v i_o have_v deal_v so_o favourable_o with_o the_o adverse_a party_n as_o to_o set_v down_o all_o at_o full_a that_o he_o can_v say_v for_o himself_o with_o who_o if_o i_o deal_v in_o my_o answer_v as_o if_o he_o be_v still_o alive_a it_o be_v to_o be_v ascribe_v to_o himself_o who_o in_o the_o conclusion_n of_o his_o letter_n profess_v he_o send_v his_o soul_n therein_o neither_o be_v that_o i_o have_v do_v herein_o without_o example_n of_o those_o by_o who_o greatness_n if_o need_n be_v small_a fault_n may_v be_v countenance_v it_o be_v i_o hope_v sufficient_a that_o i_o neither_o intend_v thereby_o to_o wrong_v the_o dead_a or_o deceive_v the_o live_n neither_o let_v it_o be_v think_v unblamable_a that_o be_v by_o profession_n a_o divine_a i_o have_v meddle_v so_o much_o in_o matter_n of_o state_n it_o be_v rather_o out_o of_o the_o necessity_n of_o the_o argument_n to_o be_v reply_v unto_o than_o any_o desire_n or_o disposition_n of_o my_o own_o far_o than_o to_o make_v it_o appear_v to_o the_o world_n that_o the_o religion_n by_o we_o profess_v be_v more_o suitable_a to_o the_o preservation_n of_o the_o civil_a power_n and_o in_o special_a the_o form_n of_o policy_n establish_v among_o we_o than_o that_o religion_n which_o dare_v accuse_v we_o of_o the_o contrary_a of_o which_o i_o may_v true_o say_v that_o in_o the_o term_n it_o now_o stand_v it_o do_v not_o so_o much_o uphold_v temporal_a policy_n as_o it_o be_v uphold_v by_o it_o and_o yet_o like_o the_o ivy_n which_o rise_v by_o clasp_v the_o oak_n have_v it_o at_o length_n overtop_v the_o oak_n of_o sovereignty_n itself_o whereas_o on_o the_o other_o side_n we_o have_v hitherto_o have_v none_o other_o support_n but_o the_o mere_a evidence_n of_o truth_n and_o divine_a assistance_n and_o so_o according_a to_o that_o receive_a principle_n of_o nature_n be_v still_o nourish_v by_o the_o same_o mean_n as_o it_o be_v first_o breed_v it_o make_v we_o confident_a that_o it_o will_v both_o grow_v the_o better_a and_o last_v the_o long_o thus_o commend_v thou_o to_o god_n grace_n the_o work_n to_o thy_o charitable_a censure_n and_o myself_o to_o thy_o christian_a prayer_n i_o rest_v thou_o in_o our_o common_a saviour_n george_n hakewil_n ❧_o the_o publisher_n preface_n to_o the_o reader_n before_o dr._n carrier_n book_n have_v exact_o peruse_v good_a reader_n this_o treatise_n here_o present_v to_o thy_o view_n and_o find_v it_o both_o in_o stuff_n and_o stile_n to_o be_v learned_o and_o eloquent_o contrive_v i_o take_v myself_o in_o some_o sort_n oblige_v in_o christian_a duty_n to_o divulge_v it_o in_o print_n to_o the_o world_n it_o unwitting_o i_o confess_v to_o the_o author_n howbeit_o encroach_a upon_o his_o charitable_a consent_n who_o i_o be_o well_o assure_v be_v most_o forward_o to_o defray_v his_o talon_n in_o aught_o wherein_o the_o catholic_a roman_a religion_n may_v be_v advance_v of_o this_o firm_a and_o full_a resolution_n he_o have_v make_v effective_a proof_n not_o only_o in_o word_n but_o also_o in_o work_n the_o author_n as_o it_o be_v notorious_o know_v have_v gain_v us._n name_n and_o fame_n among_o the_o protestant_n have_v be_v a_o teacher_n in_o their_o college_n a_o preacher_n in_o their_o pulpit_n a_o doctor_n in_o their_o school_n a_o canon_n in_o their_o church_n chaplain_n to_o the_o king_n his_o most_o excellent_a majesty_n flow_v in_o wealth_n support_v with_o the_o hypocrisy_n credit_n of_o the_o court_n most_o likely_a in_o short_a time_n to_o it_o aspire_v to_o high_a ecclesiastical_a preferment_n have_v he_o persist_v in_o the_o course_n of_o his_o former_a profession_n yet_o notwithstanding_o all_o these_o worldly_a allurement_n which_o be_v in_o good_a sooth_n they_o wondrous_a entice_a bait_n to_o hook_n and_o to_o hold_v a_o unstayed_a soul_n mr._n doctor_n
fire_n her_o navy_n and_o with_o three_o thousand_o spaniards●_n subdue_v ireland_n to_o the_o spanish_a dominion_n these_o and_o many_o other_o sufficient_a reason_n to_o provoke_v she_o we_o find_v record_v by_o hieronimus_fw-la catena_n in_o the_o life_n of_o pius_fw-la quintus_fw-la who_o be_v secretary_n to_o cardinal_n alexandrin_n that_o pope_n nephew_n so_o that_o though_o he_o have_v in_o that_o discourse_n discover_v many_o thing_n to_o the_o world_n of_o pius_n his_o proceed_n against_o that_o queen_n before_o unknowen_a to_o our_o english_a yet_o may_v we_o well_o by_o reason_n of_o his_o place_n afford_v he_o credit_n as_o also_o in_o regard_n his_o book_n be_v print_v and_o publish_v in_o rome_n itself_o with_o the_o privilege_n and_o approbation_n of_o sixtus_n quintus_n next_o successor_n to_o pius_n save_v one_o and_o have_v she_o not_o good_a reason_n then_o to_o suffer_v such_o law_n to_o be_v make_v by_o her_o parliament_n as_o may_v cry_v quittance_n with_o the_o pope_n and_o church_n of_o rome_n yet_o i_o will_v be_v bold_a to_o say_v that_o less_o innocent_a blood_n nay_o less_o blood_n be_v shed_v in_o she_o 44._o year_n in_o maintenance_n of_o christ_n and_o her_o own_o authority_n against_o the_o usurpation_n of_o the_o pope_n then_o in_o her_o sister_n four_o year_n in_o maintenance_n of_o the_o pope_n usurpation_n against_o her_o own_o and_o her_o successor_n lawful_a authority_n insomuch_o as_o a_o italian_a and_o he_o no_o protestant_a as_o i_o guess_v give_v this_o testimony_n of_o she_o 568._o tanta_fw-la extitit_fw-la eius_fw-la animi_fw-la moderatio_fw-la atque_fw-la innata_fw-la clementia_fw-la ut_fw-la non_fw-la immerito_fw-la etc._n etc._n so_o great_a and_o so_o apparent_a be_v the_o moderation_n of_o her_o mind_n and_o inbred_a clemency_n that_o not_o undeserued_o it_o may_v be_v say_v of_o she_o which_o the_o ancient_a history_n have_v leave_v to_o posterity_n of_o alexander_n severus_n bear_v of_o his_o mother_n mammaea_n nempe_fw-la anaematon_n hoc_fw-la est_fw-la citra_fw-la sanguinem_fw-la namely_o that_o she_o have_v govern_v her_o kingdom_n without_o bloodshed_n cum_fw-la suapte_v natura_fw-la semper_fw-la à_fw-la caedibus_fw-la &_o crudelitate_fw-la abhorreat_fw-la for_o even_o her_o nature_n do_v abhor_v the_o thought_n of_o slaughter_n or_o cruelty_n &_o so_o he_o go_v on_o in_o a_o large_a discourse_n of_o her_o praise_n and_o when_o he_o thus_o write_v she_o have_v reign_v twenty_o year_n it_o be_v a_o marvel_n as_o the_o late_a bishop_n of_o lincoln_n in_o his_o answer_n to_o parson_n have_v well_o observe_v their_o index_n expurgatorius_fw-la have_v not_o scour_v he_o ere_o this_o and_o for_o this_o nay_o their_o own_o priest_n shall_v speak_v for_o queen_n elizabeth_n law_n who_o 277._o say_v that_o consider_v jesuitical_a practice_n shadow_v under_o the_o cloak_n of_o religion_n all_o the_o law_n enact_v against_o catholic_n be_v make_v with_o great_a moderation_n and_o clemency_n as_o come_v from_o a_o prince_n most_o mild_a and_o merciful_a nor_o have_v they_o cause_n to_o urge_v repeal_n of_o any_o statute_n make_v so_o long_o as_o jesuit_n take_v such_o course_n nay_o which_o be_v more_o parson_n himself_o in_o the_o preface_n to_o the_o first_o part_n of_o his_o triple_a conversion_n commend_v queen_n elizabeth_n for_o her_o moderate_a government_n and_o that_o be_v in_o the_o last_o year_n of_o her_o reign_n and_o yet_o by_o the_o way_n it_o be_v worth_a the_o note_n that_o in_o one_o and_o the_o same_o leaf_n have_v so_o commend_v she_o in_o one_o page_n marry_o than_o she_o be_v alive_a in_o the_o very_a next_o page_n for_o then_o he_o hear_v she_o be_v dead_a in_o a_o preface_n to_o his_o majesty_n he_o compare_v she_o to_o dioclesian_n for_o cruelty_n whereas_o her_o sobriety_n and_o clemency_n be_v such_o that_o her_o brother_n king_n edward_n be_v wont_n common_o to_o call_v she_o his_o sweet_a sister_n temperance_n neither_o do_v she_o ever_o hear_v of_o any_o capital_a punishment_n though_o never_o so_o deserve_v upon_o offender_n even_o of_o such_o as_o have_v seek_v she_o own_o death_n but_o it_o breed_v a_o kind_n of_o horror_n and_o sadness_n in_o she_o whereby_o have_v not_o her_o counsellor_n earnest_o inculcate_v the_o necessity_n of_o some_o exemplary_a justice_n many_o dangerous_a attempter_n have_v escape_v due_a punishment_n which_o move_v she_o to_o say_v be_v once_o question_v with_o a_o great_a c.c.c._n divine_a in_o oxford_n about_o book_n meet_v for_o prince_n to_o study_v on_o that_o her_o read_n of_o senecade_n clementia_n have_v do_v she_o much_o good_a but_o some_o will_v persuade_v she_o it_o have_v do_v her_o state_n as_o much_o harm_n howsoever_o i_o will_v shut_v up_o this_o point_n with_o s._n 48._o augustine_n when_o he_o be_v entreat_v to_o mediate_v for_o a_o mitigation_n of_o some_o strait_a law_n if_o prince_n serve_v christ_n in_o make_v law_n for_o christ_n they_o do_v what_o they_o ought_v i_o will_v not_o gain_v say_v they_o and_o yourself_o grant_v that_o this_o course_n seem_v in_o poli●ie_n necessary_a for_o she_o who_o be_v the_o daughter_n of_o king_n henry_n the_o viii_o by_o anne_n bulloyne_n bear_v with_o the_o contempt_n of_o rome_n the_o disgrace_n of_o spain_n and_o the_o prejudice_n of_o scotland_n and_o it_o be_v true_a indeed_o that_o it_o both_o seem_v and_o be_v a_o necessary_a course_n for_o she_o not_o only_o in_o policy_n but_o in_o piety_n who_o be_v the_o daughter_n of_o he_o who_o upon_o just_a reason_n unhorse_v the_o pope_n of_o his_o pretend_a authority_n by_o she_o who_o be_v not_o only_o a_o zealous_a professor_n but_o a_o patroness_n of_o that_o truth_n which_o we_o profess_v and_o for_o her_o birth_n with_o the_o contempt_n of_o rome_n and_o disgrace_n of_o spain_n it_o seem_v by_o her_o course_n she_o be_v not_o unwilling_a to_o have_v it_o so_o interpret_v but_o for_o the_o prejudice_n of_o scotland_n she_o be_v upon_o all_o occasion_n so_o far_o as_o she_o conceive_v it_o stand_v with_o her_o safety_n and_o honour_n most_o willing_a to_o express_v the_o contrary_n and_o sure_o by_o her_o live_n and_o die_v in_o a_o single_a state_n without_o marriage_n she_o rather_o prepare_v a_o way_n to_o the_o furtherance_n of_o that_o title_n which_o we_o now_o see_v to_o our_o great_a comfort_n as_o she_o will_v also_o no_o doubt_n to_o she_o si_fw-la quis_fw-la modo_fw-la sensus_fw-la in_o vmbris_fw-la if_o there_o be_v any_o feeling_n or_o knowledge_n in_o the_o dead_a of_o these_o temporal_a and_o transitory_a affair_n see_v it_o be_v fall_v out_o to_o be_v as_o true_a in_o that_o succession_n as_o it_o be_v in_o its_o own_o nature_n strange_a mira_n cano_fw-la sol_fw-la occubuit_fw-la nox_fw-la nulla_fw-la secuta_fw-la est_fw-la b._n c._n 33._o but_o now_o that_o your_o majesty_n be_v by_o the_o consent_n of_o all_o side_n come_v to_o the_o crown_n and_o your_o undoubted_a title_n settle_v with_o long_a succession_n the_o case_n be_v very_o much_o alter_v for_o your_o majesty_n have_v no_o need_n of_o dispensation_n nor_o will_v to_o pull_v down_o church_n nor_o no_o dependence_n at_o all_o on_o henry_n the_o viii_o and_o if_o this_o schism_n can_v have_v prevent_v your_o title_n with_o the_o divorce_n of_o one_o wife_n and_o the_o marry_n of_o five_o more_o neither_o your_o mother_n nor_o yourself_o shall_v ever_o have_v make_v queen_n elizabeth_n afraid_a with_o your_o right_n to_o the_o crown_n of_o england_n and_o therefore_o though_o it_o be_v necessary_a in_o reason_n of_o state_n to_o continue_v the_o elizabeth_n doctrine_n of_o division_n as_o long_o as_o the_o fruit_n of_o that_o doctrine_n do_v continue_v yet_o now_o the_o fruit_n of_o schism_n be_v all_o spend_v and_o that_o parenthesis_n of_o state_n be_v at_o a_o end_n there_o be_v no_o reason_n but_o that_o the_o old_a sentence_n may_v return_v again_o and_o be_v continue_v in_o that_o sense_n as_o if_o the_o parenthesis_n have_v be_v clean_o leave_v out_o and_o that_o god_n have_v of_o purpose_n cross_v the_o fleshly_a pretence_n of_o schism_n and_o raise_v your_o majesty_n to_o restore_v it_o as_o your_o most_o wise_a and_o catholic_a progenitor_n king_n henry_n the_o vii_o do_v leave_v it_o g._n h._n 33._o if_o his_o majesty_n by_o the_o consent_n of_o all_o side_n be_v come_v to_o the_o crown_n why_o do_v clement_n the_o viii_o the_o year_n before_o his_o entrance_n and_o that_o as_o his_o majesty_n witness_v in_o the_o conclusion_n of_o his_o answer_n to_o paulus_n quintus_n his_o first_o breve_fw-la contrary_a to_o his_o manifold_a vow_n and_o protestation_n at_o the_o same_o time_n and_o as_o it_o be_v with_o the_o same_o breath_n deliver_v to_o diverse_a of_o his_o majesty_n agent_n abroad_o send_v to_o confederates_n henry_n garnet_n jesuite_n their_o archpriest_n in_o england_n two_o bull_n to_o the_o contrary_a the_o one_o to_o the_o clergy_n and_o the_o other_o
man_n of_o their_o own_o side_n reject_v it_o as_o a_o mere_a ●able_n for_o he_o 1564._o report_v that_o have_v for_o the_o space_n of_o full_a seven_o year_n fight_v with_o diverse_a disease_n and_o grief_n yet_o be_v he_o therefore_o never_o a_o whit_n less_o diligent_a in_o his_o function_n nor_o abstein_v from_o continual_a writing_n and_o at_o length_n die_v of_o the_o disease_n call_v the_o difficulty_n of_o breathe_v nay_o genebrard_n though_o far_o from_o the_o ingenuity_n of_o thuanus_n and_o one_o that_o rail_v most_o impotent_o upon_o calvin_n yet_o dare_v not_o charge_v he_o herewith_o and_o be_v ashamed_a to_o defile_v his_o chronicle_n with_o such_o a_o impudent_a lie_n fr._n junius_n say_v that_o he_o be_v at_o geneva_n then_o wen_n calvin_n die_v yet_o neither_o see_v nor_o hear_v nor_o know_v nor_o perceive_v any_o such_o thing_n nor_o so_o much_o as_o ever_o dream_v of_o any_o such_o matter_n in_o a_o word_n he_o be_v visit_v in_o his_o sickness_n by_o sundry_a excellent_a personage_n by_o the_o syndicks_n of_o the_o city_n by_o the_o minister_n by_o other_o all_o which_o be_v witness_n of_o the_o sickness_n whereof_o he_o die_v and_o cal._n theod._n beza_n who_o faithful_o write_v his_o life_n and_o death_n whereof_o as_o he_o say_v he_o have_v be_v a_o spectator_n sixteen_o year_n together_o testify_v that_o in_o he_o be_v propose_v unto_o all_o a_o most_o excellent_a pattern_n of_o christian_a both_o life_n and_o death_n which_o say_v he_o be_v as_o easy_a to_o calumniate_v as_o it_o be_v hard_o to_o imitate_v these_o thing_n consider_v i_o refer_v i_o now_o unto_o the_o reader_n indifferency_n whether_o be_v more_o worthy_a of_o credit_n the_o whole_a city_n of_o geneva_n and_o so_o many_o notable_a man_n present_v at_o his_o sickness_n and_o death_n and_o testify_v of_o his_o peaceable_a holy_a and_o christian_a departure_n or_o one_o hieron_n bolseck_n a_o knight_n of_o the_o post_n twice_o banish_v thrice_o a_o runagate_n who_o of_o a_o carmelite_n become_v a_o physician_n or_o rather_o a_o quacksalver_n a_o swear_a enemy_n to_o calvin_n one_o that_o have_v be_v from_o geneva_n more_o than_o ten_o year_n together_o and_o have_v sell_v his_o pen_n unto_o his_o lord_n and_o friend_n to_o defame_n calvin_n and_o thus_o much_o in_o defence_n of_o those_o man_n who_o the_o dr._n term_v the_o monster_n of_o our_o age_n now_o although_o the_o unhappy_a end_n of_o some_o particular_a man_n be_v no_o demonstrative_a proof_n and_o scarce_o a_o conjectural_a sign_n of_o the_o falsehood_n of_o that_o religion_n which_o they_o profess_v and_o that_o church_n in_o which_o they_o make_v their_o last_o end_n yet_o that_o it_o may_v appear_v in_o requital_n of_o the_o dr._n or_o rather_o the_o cardinal_n how_o unhappy_o some_o zealous_a persecutor_n of_o such_o as_o have_v forsake_v fellowship_n with_o the_o church_n of_o rome_n have_v end_v their_o life_n i_o can_v refer_v the_o reader_n to_o a_o large_a discourse_n touch_v that_o point_n towards_o the_o end_n of_o the_o second_o part_n of_o the_o act_n and_o monument_n and_o also_o in_o hassenmullerus_fw-la in_o the_o conclusion_n of_o his_o book_n neither_o can_v the_o like_a just_a exception_n be_v take_v against_o their_o evidence_n as_o against_o that_o of_o bolseck_n and_o cochlaeus_fw-la but_o i_o will_v content_v myself_o with_o the_o testimony_n of_o thuanus_n a_o profess_a member_n of_o that_o church_n which_o mr._n doctor_n call_v catholic_a yet_o such_o a_o one_o as_o beside_o his_o great_a pain_n and_o diligence_n in_o the_o search_n of_o truth_n have_v singular_a mean_n for_o the_o find_n of_o it_o out_o himself_o be_v now_o precedent_n in_o the_o court_n parliament_n of_o paris_n where_o his_o father_n have_v be_v premier_n precedent_n before_o he_o this_o man_n than_o 1547._o testify_v first_o of_o the_o cardinal_n of_o s._n andrew_n in_o scotland_n who_o condemn_v george_n wiseheart_n unto_o the_o fire_n that_o stand_v at_o a_o window_n sumptuous_o set_v forth_o with_o cushion_n and_o hang_n of_o silk_n to_o behold_v his_o execution_n &_o george_n be_v exhort_v when_o the_o fire_n begin_v to_o burn_v to_o be_v of_o good_a courage_n this_o flame_n indeed_o answer_v he_o be_v painful_a to_o my_o body_n but_o it_o do_v no_o whit_n dismay_v my_o mind_n but_o he_o that_o now_o from_o aloft_o look_v down_o so_o proud_o upon_o i_o as_o arrogant_o as_o now_o he_o sit_v so_o ignominious_o within_o these_o few_o day_n shall_v he_o lie_v along_o which_o soon_o after_o come_v to_o pass_v for_o be_v miserable_o slay_v his_o dead_a body_n be_v in_o the_o open_a sight_n of_o all_o lay_v along_o in_o the_o same_o window_n from_o whence_o he_o have_v so_o joyful_o behold_v the_o burn_a of_o wiseheart_n and_o so_o the_o event_n say_v thuanus_n verify_v his_o prophecy_n 1550._o john_n roman_n a_o monk_n and_o cruel_a persecutor_n invent_v a_o new_a kind_n of_o torment_n for_o the_o persecute_v he_o will_v draw_v upon_o their_o leg_n boot_n full_a of_o hot_a boil_a grease_n and_o then_o set_v spur_n upon_o their_o heel_n je_o will_v demand_v of_o they_o whether_o they_o be_v not_o sufficient_o appoint_v for_o their_o journey_n but_o understand_v that_o a_o summons_n be_v grant_v out_o against_o he_o by_o the_o parliament_n of_o aix_n to_o answer_v for_o his_o cruelty_n and_o that_o by_o the_o commandment_n of_o francis_n the_o i_o he_o flee_v unto_o auinion_n where_o think_v himself_o safe_a from_o man_n yet_o he_o escape_v not_o say_v thuanus_n the_o vengeance_n of_o god_n for_o he_o be_v spoil_v by_o his_o own_o servant_n of_o all_o that_o he_o have_v and_o bring_v to_o extreme_a poverty_n his_o body_n also_o be_v so_o full_a of_o loathsome_a ulcer_n that_o oftentimes_o he_o wish_v for_o death_n which_o yet_o he_o can_v not_o obtain_v but_o after_o a_o long_a time_n and_o horrible_a torment_n ibid._n oppeda_n another_o bloody_a persecutor_n be_v call_v to_o answer_v for_o his_o more_o than_o barbarous_a cruelty_n in_o the_o parliament_n of_o paris_n by_o the_o appointment_n of_o the_o say_a king_n francis_n escape_v indeed_o that_o danger_n by_o the_o commendation_n of_o the_o guise_n and_o together_o with_o his_o colleague_n be_v restore_v unto_o his_o former_a dignity_n nevertheless_o soon_o after_o he_o be_v strike_v with_o horrible_a pain_n in_o his_o entrails_n wherewith_o he_o be_v a_o long_a time_n torment_v and_o at_o length_n in_o the_o mid_n of_o most_o cruel_a torment_n breathe_v forth_o his_o cruel_a soul_n god_n say_v thuanus_n inflict_v on_o he_o that_o just_a punishment_n which_o the_o judge_n exact_v not_o which_o though_o it_o be_v long_o in_o come_v yet_o fall_v the_o more_o heavy_o when_o it_o come_v 1●60_n albaspineus_n when_o protestant_n be_v bring_v forth_o to_o execution_n advise_v to_o stop_v their_o mouth_n that_o they_o may_v not_o speak_v unto_o the_o people_n not_o long_o after_o fall_v deep_o in_o love_n with_o a_o certain_a woman_n he_o fall_v withal_o out_o of_o his_o wit_n and_o be_v strike_v also_o with_o the_o lousy_a disease_n he_o die_v in_o most_o grievous_a torment_n his_o friend_n put_v a_o bridle_n into_o his_o mouth_n to_o force_v he_o to_o receive_v some_o sustenance_n which_o yet_o he_o frantike_o refuse_v have_v decree_v to_o famish_v himself_o because_o of_o the_o unsufferablenesse_n of_o his_o pain_n ibid._n ponsenatius_fw-la another_o butcher_n be_v fall_v into_o great_a debt_n have_v riotous_o waste_v both_o his_o own_o patrimony_n and_o his_o wife_n dowry_n upon_o conscience_n of_o his_o wicked_a life_n fall_v likewise_o mad_a whereupon_o despair_v of_o his_o salvation_n &_o be_v chain_v up_o by_o his_o friend_n with_o lamentable_a shriek_n and_o rend_v of_o himself_o he_o finish_v his_o life_n in_o extreme_a poverty_n final_o cardinal_n 1552._o crescentius_n the_o pope_n agent_n in_o the_o council_n of_o trent_n have_v spend_v much_o of_o the_o night_n in_o write_v letter_n to_o the_o pope_n and_o at_o length_n rise_v from_o his_o chair_n he_o seem_v to_o see_v a_o dog_n which_o with_o huge_a jaw_n fiery_a eye_n and_o ear_n hang_v down_o to_o the_o ground_n furious_o come_v towards_o he_o and_o by_o and_o by_o couch_v under_o the_o table_n then_o call_v his_o servant_n and_o light_n be_v bring_v when_o he_o see_v the_o dog_n no_o where_o appear_v he_o be_v astonish_v at_o it_o and_o thereupon_o fall_v into_o many_o sad_a cogitation_n and_o so_o into_o sickness_n which_o he_o no_o soon_o feel_v but_o present_o he_o despair_v of_o life_n although_o his_o physician_n and_o friend_n give_v he_o good_a hope_n of_o recovery_n at_o last_o be_v carry_v from_o thence_o to_o verona_n and_o even_o at_o death_n door_n he_o will_v often_o call_v upon_o they_o that_o attend_v he_o to_o take_v heed_n of_o the_o dog_n and_o to_o keep_v he_o from_o come_v upon_o his_o