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A88696 VindiciƦ contra tyrannos: a defence of liberty against tyrants. Or, of the lawfull power of the prince over the people, and of the people over the prince. Being a treatise written in Latin and French by Junius Brutus, and translated out of both into English. Questions discussed in this treatise. I. Whether subjects are bound, and ought to obey princes, if they command that which is against the law of God. II. Whether it be lawfull to resist a prince which doth infringe the law of God, or ruine the Church, by whom, how, and how farre it is lawfull. III. Whether it be lawfull to resist a prince which doth oppresse or ruine a publique state, and how farre such resistance may be extended, by whome, how, and by what right, or law it is permitted. IV. Whether neighbour princes or states may be, or are bound by law, to give succours to the subjects of other princes, afflicted to the cause of true religion, or oppressed by manifest tyranny.; Vindiciae contra tyrannos. English Languet, Hubert, 1518-1581.; Walker, William, 17th cent. 1648 (1648) Wing L415; Thomason E430_2; ESTC R34504 141,416 156

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should bee utterly ruined Also at all such times as they left the service of God they were delivered into the hands of the Canaanites and reduced in to slavery under their Tyranny Now this Covenant between God and the people in the times of the Judges had vigor also in the times of the Kings and was treated with them After that Saul had been anoynted chosen and wholly established King Samuel speakes unto the people in these termes Behold the King whom you have demanded 2 Sam. 12. and chosen God hath established him King over you obey you therefore and serve the Lord as well you as your King which is established over you otherwise you and your King shall perish As if hee should say you would have a King and God hath given you this here notwithstanding thinke not that God will suffer any encroachment upon his right but know that the King is as well bound to observe the Law as you and if he faile therein his delinquency shall be punished as severely as yours Briefly according to your desires Saul is given you for your King to lead you in the wars but with this condition annexed that he himself follow the Law of God After that Saul was rejected because he kept not 2 king 2. 4. 6. 12. his promise David was established King on the same condition so also was his Son Solomon for the Lord said If thou keep my Law I will confirm with thee the Covenant which I contracted with David Now concerning this Covenant it is inserted into the second book of the Chronicles as followeth There shall not faile there a man in my sight to sit upon the Throne of Israel yet so that thy children take heed 2 Chron. 6. 16. 7. 17. 2 king 33. 2. Deut 17. 18 1 Sam. 10. 25. to their way to walk in my Law as thou hast walked before me But if they serve Idols I will drive them from the Land whereof I have given them possession And therefore it was that the book of the Law was called the book of the Covenant of the Lord who commanded the Priests to give it the King according to which Samuel put it into the hands of Saul and according to the tenure thereof Josias yeelds himself soedetarie and vassal of the Lord. Also the Law which is kept in the Ark is called the Covenant of the Lord with the children of Israel Finally the people delivered from the captivity of Babylon doe renew the Covenant with God and do acknowledge 2 Chron. 6 11. Nehem. 9 38. throughout that Chapter that they worthily deserved all those punishments for their falsifying their promise to God It appears then that the Kings swear as vassals to observe the Law of God whom they confesse to be Sovereign Lord over all Now according to that which we have already touched if they violate their Oath and transgresse the law we say that they have lost their kingdome as vassalls loose their fee by committing fellony We have said that there was the same covenant between God and the Kings of Judah as before between God and the people in the times of Jud. 2. 24 4. 2. c. 9. 33. 1 Sam. 13. 13. 15. 26. Joshua and the Judges But we see in many places that when the people hath despised the Law or made covenants with Baal God hath delivered them into the hands of Eglon Jabin and other Kings of the Canaanites And as it is one and the same Covenant so those which do break it receive like punishment Saul is so audacious to sacrifice infringing thereby the Law of God and presently after saves the life of Agag King of the Amalekites against the expresse Commandement of God for this occasion he is called Rebell by Samuel and finally is chastized for his Rebellion Thou hast sacrificed saith he but thou hadst done better to obey God for obedience is more worthy than sacrifice Thou hast neglected the Lord thy God he also hath rejected thee that thou Reign no more over Israel This hath been so certainly observed by the Lord that the very children of Saul were deprived of their paternall inheritance for that he having committed high Treason did thereby incurre the punishment of Tirants which affect a Kingdom that no way appertains unto them And not only the Kings but also their children and successors have been deprived of the Kingdome by reason of such fellony Solomon revolted from God to worship Idols Incontinently the Prophet Abijah foretels that the Kingdome shall be divided under his Son Rehoboam Finally the word of the Lord is accomplished and ten Tribes which made the greatest portion of the Kingdome doe quit Rehoboam and adhere to Jeroboam his servant Wherefore is this for so much saith the Lord that they have left me to goe after Astoroche the God of the Sidoniens and Chamos the God of the Moabites c. I will also break in peeces their Kingdome as if he should say they have violated the Covenant and have not kept promise I am no more then tied unto them they will lessen my majesty and I will lessen their Kingdome Although they be my servants yet notwithstanding they will expel me my Kingdome but I will drive them out themselves by Jeroboham which is their servant Furthermore for so much as this servant fearing that the ten tribes for the cause of Religion should returne to Jerusalem set up Calves in Bethel and made Israel to sin withdrawing by this meanes the people far from God what was the punishment of so ingratfull a Vassall and wicked Traytor towards his Lord First his son died and in the end all his race even unto the last of the males was taken from the face of the earth by the sword of Baasa according to the judgement which was pronounced against him by the Prophet because he revolted from the obedience of the Lord God this then is cause sufficient often times also propounded for the which God doth take from the King his fee when he opposeth the Law of God withdraws himselfe from him to follow his enemies to wit Idols and as like crimes deserve like punishments we read in the holy Histories that Kings of Israel and of Juda which have so far forgotten themselves have in the end miserably perished Now although the forme both of the Church and the Jewish Kingdome be changed for that that which was before inclosed within the narrow bounds of Judea is now dilated throughout the whole World notwithstanding the same things may be said of Christian Kings the Gospell having succeeded the Law and Christian Princes being in the place of those of Jury There is the same Covenant the same Conditions the same Punishments and if they faile in the accomplishing the same God Almighty revenger of all perfidious disloyalty and as the former were bound to keep the Law so the other are obliged to adhere to the doctrine of the Gospel for