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A16641 Abdias the prophet, interpreted by T.B. fellovv of Magdalene College in Oxforde. Seene and allowed according to the order appoynted Brasbridge, Thomas, fl. 1590. 1574 (1574) STC 3548; ESTC S109671 43,473 114

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declaration of this double and triple sence of the Scripture and the manifolde commoditie thereof let vs consider the historie of Dauid persecuted by Saule and after exalted to the kingdome of Israell As touching the letter euery Christian mā that hath read the bookes of Samuel doth cōfesse that Dauid was liuing about a thousand yeres befere the cōming of our Sauiour in the flesh that béeing persecuted of king Saule he was diuers times in danger of death from the which God did wonderfully deliuer him and also deliuered Sauls into his hands but he would not lay hāds vpon him vnto death And when tidings was brought him that Saule was dead he executed the messenger as a murtherer bicause he confessed that he had slayn him Then he was proclaymed king and after that he was established in the kingdome he committed adultrie with Bethsabe and caused hir husband to be slayne and did other things displeasant vnto God for the whiche he was gréeuously punished This is the truth of the letter As touching the morall we learne by Dauids fall and the punishmēt of his wickednesse to looke circumspectly vnto our selues and to feare the Iudgemēt of God for our iniquities We learne by his whole life that affliction is a good scholemaster vnto godlinesse in that it restrayneth our carnall lustes and kéepeth downe our flesh but cōtrariwise prosperitie maketh vs forget the lawes of god for Dauid in aduersitie would not slay Saul the king when he was deliuered into his hands although he were his deadly enimie giuing vs an ensample of our duetie towards our Prince so narowly did he looke vnto his pathes but in prosperity he neglected Gods cōmandemēts swarued from his ordinances by cōmitting adultrie murther other offences Wherby we are taught that prosperitie is a slipperie place to stand vpon It is like an high stéepe mountayne narrow in the top vpō the which a man standing is in danger of euery wind to be blowē down to break his neck except he hold fast by some trée or hide him selfe vnder some bush or such like so in prosperity we are in dāger of euery assault of the flesh world diuel except we hold fast by a true faith in Christ who is a sure stay our only stay both in prosperitie aduersitie without whō we can not be safe neither in the moūt of honor welth nor in the valley of afflictiō For it may be that by the meanes of much rain the valley may be ouerflowē with water they drouned that dwel in it vnlesse they saue them selues by a bote or suche other meanes so in aduersitie we are in dāger to be ouerwhelmed with the waues of affliction to be prouoked to forsake God excepte we cleaue fast vnto Christ by a liuely fayth who is our only arke of saluation Therfore Dauid doth not say I trust in the valley but I trust in the Lord wherfore do they say vnto my soule flye vnto the mountains Thus much of the moral in the history of Dauid There is in it also an allegory or mystery prefiguring our sauiour Christ which we lerne by the words of the prophets Ezechiel Hoshea where God speaketh in thē after this sort I will set a shepherd ouer my shéepe he shall feede them euen my seruāt Dauid he shal féede them he shall be their shepheard I the Lord wil be their God and my seruant Dauid shall be the Prince among them he shall be king ouer thē and they shal haue one shepheard and my seruant Dauid shal be their Prince for euer The children of Israell shall turne and séeke the Lorde their God Dauid their king and shall feare the Lorde his goodnesse in the later days These Prophets Hoshea and Ezechiel liued the one thrée hundred yeres the other foure hundred yeres after Dauid Therfore séeing they prophesie of a Dauid to come after them in the later dayes and bicause they call him an euerlasting king which can not be verified of Dauid literally béeing a mortall man it is euident that they do meane an other prefigured by Dauid that is to say our Sauiour who gouerneth the true Israelites that is to say the elect people of God for euer who also in the Gospel calleth himselfe the good shepheard giuing vs to vnderstand that he is that Dauid the shepheard of Gods people of whome the Prophets do speake Therfore the historie of Dauid is mystically expounded thus Dauid in aduersitie therby brought downe as I may say vnto hell dothe signifie our Sauiour taking our nature vpon him and debacing him selfe vnto the lowest degrée hūbling him selfe vnto the death euen vnto the death of the crosse and Dauid deliuered from his enimies and placed in the kingdome doth signifie our Sauiour rising frō death and ascending vnto heauen where he is exalted vnto the right hand of God and gouerneth all the worlde Thus this historie may truly be expounded wherby we may vnderstande that in the holy scriptures much more is to be considered than the letter at the first sight offreth vnto vs After this sorte also the Apostle teacheth vs to expounde the historie of Salomon Dauids sonne God sayd vnto Dauid that he would giue him a sonne whose throne he would establish for euer and he would be his father and he should be his sonne where the letter directeth vs vnto Salomon who then had established the kingdome vnto him selfe when he had put to death those that rebelled against him and his father But the holy Ghost in the person of Salomon as in a type and figure teacheth vs that our sauiour Christ hauing subdued all the enimies of his father and of him selfe shall reigne for euer quietly with his faythfull seruants that herken vnto his lawes submit themselues vnto his gouernment Vnto this expositiō the Apostle leadeth vs where he applieth the words of almightie God vnto our sauiour saying Christ is so much the more excellent than Angels as he hath gotten him a more excellent name thā they For vnto which of the Angels saide he at any time Thou art my sonne this day haue I begotten thée And agayn I wil be his father he shall be my sonne Therefore séeing that the Apostle expoundeth the words to be spokē of our Sauiour which literally do appertein vnto Salomō I say that Salomō was a figure of our sauiour that in the history of Salomon there is an allegory besides the letter Likewise Ionas in the whales belly after deliuered by the power of God was not only an example of Gods omnipotent goodnesse but also a figure of the buriall resurrection of our Sauiour as we are taught by his owne interpretation in the Gospell And Hoshea the Prophet declaring the benefites of God towards the Israelites their vnthankfulnesse for the same reciteth their deliuerance out of Egypt In whom God