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A40171 An epistle to all Christians to keep to yea, yea, and nay, nay, and to fulfil their words and promises by G.F. Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1682 (1682) Wing F1804; ESTC R28648 2,759 10 View Text
A61219 A discourse of the misery of Hell and happiness of Heaven grounded from the following words, Matth. 25, 46, And these shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life eternal. Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. 1697 (1697) Wing S5116; ESTC R26941 13,459 16 View Text
A45178 The spirituall verses and prose of James Hunt concerning the advancment of Christ his glorious and triumphing church : which by degrees shall flourish over the face of the whole world, which will be to the overthrow of the Divill, and the false church. Hunt, James, 17th cent. 1643 (1643) Wing H3736; ESTC R2040 13,960 18 View Text
A46707 A plain and short discourse concerning the nature of the Lord's Supper, and the end of celebrating it to which is added, A paraphrase of all those places in the New Testament, wherein the Lord's Supper is mentioned / by John Jeffery ... Jeffery, John, 1647-1720. 1699 (1699) Wing J516; ESTC R1646 20,211 33 View Text
A25662 The antidote proved a counterfeit, or, Error detected and believers baptism vindicated containing an answer to a nameless author's book entituled An antidote to prevent the prevalency of anabaptism / by Hercules Collins. Collins, Hercules, d. 1702. 1693 (1693) Wing A3498; ESTC R26646 22,680 25 View Text
A26011 A svpport for the sinking heart in times of distresse, or, A sermon preached in London to uphold hope and allay feare Ianuary 4th which was a day of great trouble and deepe danger in the city / by Simeon Ash. Ashe, Simeon, d. 1662. 1642 (1642) Wing A3967; ESTC R15872 23,491 36 View Text
A71021 Euaggelion aionuon tes oukoumenes tes mellouses, or, The saints first revealed and covenanted mercies shortly approaching as being the main scope of revelation-prophesie : opened and resolved by Christ's divine key of prophesie ... / by W. Sherwin ... Sherwin, William, 1607-1687? 1676 (1676) Wing S3403; ESTC R34223 26,059 22 View Text
A45142 The middle-way in one paper of the covenants, law and gospel : with indifferency between the legalist & antinomian / by J.H. Humfrey, John, 1621-1719. 1674 (1674) Wing H3693; ESTC R16428 27,351 35 View Text
A96442 An ansvver to Mr. Francis Cornvvells positions & inferences, concerning dipping, anabaptisme, antipædobaptisme, tythes, and consecrated churches. Wherein the English Ministry is vindicated from the Anti-Christianisme, so deeply by him charged upon them. Published in speciall reference to the good of Mr Cornwells misled congregation. / By Robert Whittle, minister of the word of God at East-Malling in Kent. Whereunto are annexed, the fore-mentioned positions of Mr Francis Cornvvell, entituled, the Nevv Testament ratified with the blood of the Lord Jesus, is the Magna Charta of Beleevers in Jesus the Christ dipped; by which they are justified to be no hereticks. Whittle, Robert, 1597 or 8-1679.; Cornwell, Francis. New testament ratified with the blood of the Lord Jesus. 1647 (1647) Wing W2046; Thomason E516_1; ESTC R206141 27,828 25 View Text
A66115 Remarks of an university-man upon a late book, falsly called A vindication of the primitive fathers, against the imputations of Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum, written by Mr. Hill of Killmington Willes, John, 1646 or 7-1700. 1695 (1695) Wing W2302; ESTC R11250 29,989 42 View Text
A56605 A book for beginners, or, A help to young communicants that they may be fitted for the Holy communion, and receive it with profit. By S. Patrick, D.P. Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. 1680 (1680) Wing P751; ESTC R218754 33,198 242 View Text
A78965 The great danger of covenant-refusing, and covenant-breaking. Presented in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable Thomas Adams Lord Mayor, and the Right Worshipfull the sheriffes, and the aldermen his brethren, and the rest of the Common-councell of the famous City of London, Jan. 14. 1645. Upon which day the solemne League and Covenant was renued by them and their officers with prayer and fasting at Michael Basinshaw, London. / By Edmund Calamy, B.D. and pastor of Aldermanbury London.; Great danger of covenant-breaking, &c. Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. 1646 (1646) Wing C254; Thomason E327_6; ESTC R200648 37,036 51 View Text
A19153 A sermon preached at Paules-Crosse, vpon the 1. of Nouember, being All-Saints Day, anno 1607. By Sa: Collins, Batchelour in Diuinitie, and fellow of the Kings Colledge in Cambridge Collins, Samuel, 1576-1651. 1607 (1607) STC 5564; ESTC S108507 41,043 100 View Text
A33491 A plain and rational vindication of the liturgy of the Church of England collected out of the discourses of some of the reverend bishops and doctors of the same church, by way of question and answer / by J. Clvtterbvck, Gent. Clutterbuck, J. (John) 1699 (1699) Wing C4743; ESTC R35618 52,978 73 View Text
A02926 The preacher, or Methode of preachinge, vvrytten in Latine by Nich[olas] Hemminge, and translated into Englishe by I.H. Very necessarye for all those that by the true preaching of the Worde of God, labour to pull down the Synagoge of Sathair, and to buyide vp the Temple of God Hemmingsen, Niels, 1513-1600.; Horsfall, John. 1574 (1574) STC 13065; ESTC S116593 54,033 218 View Text
A26689 Divers practical cases of conscience satisfactorily resolved ... to which are added some counsels & cordials / by Joseph Alleine ... Alleine, Joseph, 1634-1668. 1672 (1672) Wing A969; ESTC R170093 56,044 102 View Text
A65888 A sober expostulation with some of the clergy against their pretended convert Francis Bugg his repeated gross abuse of the people called Quakers, in his books and pamphlets, viz., his New Rome arrainged, History of Quakerism, Second summons, Picture of Quakerism, and other pamphlets which may serve to invalidate the authority of the snake in the grass, as it refers to his books. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1697 (1697) Wing W1959; ESTC R20305 65,396 156 View Text
A36441 A phenix, or, The Solemn League and Covenant whereunto is annexed : 1. The form and manner of His Majesties coronation in Scotland, with a sermon then preached on that occasion, by Robert Douglas of Edenburgh, II. A declaration of the Kings Majesty to all his loving subjects of the Kingdoms of Scotland, &c. in the yeare 1650, III. The great danger of covenant-breaking, &c., being the substance of a sermon preached by Edm. Calamy, the 14 of Jan., 1645, before the then Lord Mayor of the city of London, Sir Tho. Adams : together with the shieriffs [sic], aldermen, and Common-Councell of the said city : being the day of their taking the Solemn League and Covenant at Michael Basenshaw, London. Douglas, Robert, 1594-1674.; Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. Great danger of covenant-breaking.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II) 1662 (1662) Wing D2034; ESTC R5271 65,771 176 View Text
A65671 Infant baptism plainly proved a discourse wherein certain select arguments for infant baptism, formerly syllogyistically handled, are now reviewed, abbreviated, and reduced to a plain method, for the benefit of the unlearned, and persons of weaker capacity / by Joseph Whiston ; with a large epistle to the pious and learned among the anti-pædobaptists, especially the authors of the late confession of their faith. Whiston, Joseph, d. 1690. 1678 (1678) Wing W1694; ESTC R1322 72,861 137 View Text
A13836 The three questions of free iustification. Christian liberty. The use of the Law Explicated in a briefe comment on St. Paul to the Galatians, from the 16. ver. of the second chapter, to the 26. of the third. By Sam. Torshell pastor of Bunbury in Cheshire. Torshell, Samuel, 1604-1650. 1632 (1632) STC 24143; ESTC S101743 73,396 324 View Text
A05123 A treatise touching the Word of God written, against the traditions of men handled both schoolelike, and diuinelike, where also is set downe a true method to dispute diuinely and schoolelike / made by A. Sadeele ; and translated into English, by Iohn Coxe ...; Locus de verbo Dei scripto, adversus humanas traditiones. English Chandieu, Antoine de, 1534-1591.; Coxe, John, fl. 1572. 1583 (1583) STC 15257; ESTC S106888 76,765 187 View Text
A59933 Exanastasis, or, The saints rising out of the heap or mass of dead bodies contained in the globe of the earth and sea ... Rev. 20. 5 hereunto, by way of preface, is here prefixed the comprisal of the substance of our former parcels ... / by William Sherwin ... Sherwin, William, 1607-1687? 1674 (1674) Wing S3401; ESTC R34222 79,342 95 View Text
A01735 A short reply vnto the last printed books of Henry Barrow and Iohn Greenwood, the chiefe ringleaders of our Donatists in England VVherein is layd open their grosse ignorance, and foule errors: vpon which their whole building is founded. By George Gyfford, minister of Gods holy worde, in Maldon. Gifford, George, d. 1620. 1591 (1591) STC 11868; ESTC S118836 80,934 106 View Text
A67836 An apology for Congregational divines against the charge of ... : under which head are published amicable letters between the author and a conformist / by a Presbyterian : also a speech delivered at Turners-Hall, April 29 : where Mr. Keith, a reformed Quaker ... required Mr. Penn, Mr. Elwood ... to appear ... by Trepidantium Malleus ... Trepidantium Malleus. 1698 (1698) Wing Y76; ESTC R34116 83,935 218 View Text
A08896 Fiscus papalis. Siue, Catalogus indulgentiarum & reliquiarum septem principalium ecclesiarum vrbis Romæ. Ex vetusto manuscripto codice vere & fideliter descriptus. = A part of the Popes exchequer, that is A catalogue of the indulgences and reliques belonging to the seauen principall churches in Rome. Laying downe the spirituall riches and infinite treasure which (as sure as the Pope is holy & true) are to be found in the Catholike Roman Church, whereof the poore heretikes in England haue not one mite. Taken out of an antient manuscript, and translated. Together with certaine notes and comments explaining the more difficult place, for the ease and helpe of good Catholikes, who had best goe to Rome, to trie the vertue of the glorious indulgences. By a Catholike diuine. Crashaw, William, 1572-1626. 1617 (1617) STC 19174; ESTC S114000 84,865 184 View Text
A49128 The inspiration of the New Testament asserted and explain'd in answer to some modern writers / by C.G. La Mothe ... La Mothe, Claude Grostête, sieur de, 1647-1713. 1694 (1694) Wing L298; ESTC R5817 93,204 238 View Text
A42204 Grotius, his arguments for the truth of Christian religion rendred into plain English verse.; De veritate religionis Christianae. English Grotius, Hugo, 1583-1645.; Virgil. Bucolica. 4. English. 1686 (1686) Wing G2085; ESTC R5887 94,061 191 View Text
A02267 True religion explained and defended against ye archenemies thereof in these times In six bookes. Published by authority for the co[m]mon good.; De veritate religionis Christianae. English Grotius, Hugo, 1583-1645.; Cecil, Thomas, fl. 1630, engraver.; Franciscus a Sancta Clara, 1598-1680. 1632 (1632) STC 12400; ESTC S122528 94,326 374 View Text
A76955 Of Christs testaments, viz: baptisme and the Supper. Written in two bookes. The 1. of holy Baptisme, how it is to be understood in the ground thereof, and why a Christian should be baptised. The 2. of the holy supper of the Lord Christ, what it is, with the benefit and effects of it, and how the same may be worthily participated of. And how these are to be understood, both according to the Old and New Testament. Set forth from the true theosophicall ground, through the three principles of the divine revelation, and presented to the children of God for the information of their understandings. / Written in the yeare of Christ 1624. by Jacob Behm of Old Seidenberg alias Teutonicus Philosophus. And Englished by John Sparrovv, barrister of the Inner Temple London.; Von Christi Testamenten. English Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.; Sparrow, John, 1615-1665? 1652 (1652) Wing B3412; Thomason E665_4; ESTC R14724 100,767 137 View Text
A18910 A briefe of the Bible drawne first into English poësy, and then illustrated by apte annotations: togither vvith some other necessary appendices. By Henoch Clapham. Clapham, Henoch. 1596 (1596) STC 5332; ESTC S108001 105,612 254 View Text
A42085 Discourses upon several divine subjects by Tho. Gregory ... Gregory, Thomas, 1668 or 9-1706. 1696 (1696) Wing G1932; ESTC R7592 108,242 264 View Text
A63765 An endeavour to rectifie some prevailing opinions, contrary to the doctrine of the Church of England by the author of The great propitiation, and, A discourse of natural and moral-impotency. Truman, Joseph, 1631-1671. 1671 (1671) Wing T3140; ESTC R10638 110,013 290 View Text
A34451 The Philosophical epitaph of W.C. Esquire for a memento mori on his tomb-stone, vvith three hieroglyphical scutcheons and their philosophical motto's and explanation : with the philosophical Mercury, nature of seed and life, and growth of metalls, and a discovery of the immortal liquor alchahest : the salt of tartar volatized and other elixirs with their differences. Also, A brief of the golden calf, the worlds idol : discovering the rarest miracle in nature, ... / by Jo. Fr. Helvetius. And, The golden ass well managed and Midas restor'd to reason, or, A new chymical light : demonstrating to the blind world that good gold may be found as well in cold as hot regions, and be profitably extracted out of sand, stones, gravel and flints &c. .../ written by Jo. Rod. Glauber. With Jehior, aurora sapientiae, or, The day dawning or light of wisdom : containing the three principles or original of all things whereby are discovered the great and many mysteries of God, nature and the elements, hitherto hid, now revealed / all published by W.C. Esquire. : with a catalogue of chymical books. Cooper, William, fl. 1668-1688.; Helvetius, Johann Friedrich, d. 1709. Vitulus aureus, quem mundus adorat & orat. English.; Glauber, Johann Rudolf, 1604-1670. Novum lumen chimicum. English. 1673 (1673) Wing C6062; Wing C6061_PARTIAL; ESTC R6283 114,421 261 View Text
A13202 A defence of the Holy Scriptures, worship, and ministerie, used in the Christian Churches separated from Antichrist Against the challenges, cavils and contradiction of M. Smyth: in his book intituled The differences of the Churches of the Separation. Hereunto are annexed a few observations upon some of M. Smythes censures; in his answer made to M. Bernard. By Henry Ainsworth, teacher of the English exiled Church in Amsterdam. Ainsworth, Henry, 1571-1622? 1609 (1609) STC 235; ESTC S117973 115,496 140 View Text
A35761 Faith grounded upon the Holy Scriptures against the new Methodists / by John Daille ; printed in French at Paris anno 1634, and now Englished by M.M. Daillé, Jean, 1594-1670.; M. M. 1675 (1675) Wing D115; ESTC R25365 115,844 322 View Text
A09026 The grounds of diuinitie plainely discouering the mysteries of Christian religion, propounded familiarly in diuers questions and answeres: substantially proued by scriptures; expounded faithfully, according to the writings of the best diuines, and euidently applyed by profitable vses, for the helpe and benefite of the vnlearned which desire knowledge. To the which is prefixed a very profitable treatise, containing an exhortation to the study of the word, with singular directions for the hearing and reading of the same. By Elnathan Parr minister of the word, at Palgraue in Suffolke.; Grounds of divinitie. Parr, Elnathan, d. 1622. 1614 (1614) STC 19314; ESTC S103147 128,560 328 View Text
A42238 The truth of Christian religion in six books / written in Latine by Hugo Grotius ; and now translated into English, with the addition of a seventh book, by Symon Patrick ...; De veritate religionis Christianae. English Grotius, Hugo, 1583-1645.; Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. 1680 (1680) Wing G2128; ESTC R7722 132,577 348 View Text
A19650 An apologie, or defence, of those Englishe writers [and] preachers which Cerberus the three headed dog of hell, chargeth wyth false doctrine, vnder the name of predestination. Written by Robert Crowley clerke, and vicare of Sainct Giles without Creple-gate in London Crowley, Robert, 1518?-1588. 1566 (1566) STC 6076; ESTC S119169 136,938 214 View Text
A20950 A learned treatise of traditions, lately set forth in French by Peter Du Moulin, and faithfully done into English by G.C.; Des traditions et de la perfection et suffisance de l'Escriture Saincte. English Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658.; G. C. 1631 (1631) STC 7329; ESTC S111075 138,687 440 View Text
A57377 Clavis Bibliorum The key of the Bible, unlocking the richest treasury of the Holy Scriptures : whereby the 1 order, 2 names, 3 times, 4 penmen, 5 occasion, 6 scope, and 7 principall parts, containing the subject-matter of every book of Old and New Testament, are familiarly and briefly opened : for the help of the weakest capacity in the understanding of the whole Bible / by Francis Roberts ... Roberts, Francis, 1609-1675.; Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. 1648 (1648) Wing R1583; ESTC R20707 139,238 403 View Text
A43587 The sure mercies of David: or, a second part of Heart-treasure Wherein is contained the supream and substance of gospel-mercies purchased by Christ, and promised in the covenant of grace, together with the several ways how they are made and are to be improved for the saints fort and defence, settlement and incouragement in shaking and back-sliding times. Being the fruit of some meditations upon Isa. 55. 3. By O. Heywood an unprofitable minister of the gospel.; Heart-treasure. Part 2. Heywood, Oliver, 1629-1702. 1670 (1670) Wing H1775; ESTC R216795 143,081 284 View Text
A33961 Defensative armour, against four of Sathan's most fiery darts viz. temptations to atheistical and blasphemous impressions and thoughts, self-murther, despair, and presumption : wherein is discoursed the nature of these temptations, the several tempters to these sins, the arguments ordinarily used by the tempters in the inforcing of them, and some proper advice is offered to those who are exercised with them / by J.C. D.D. ... Collinges, John, 1623-1690. 1680 (1680) Wing C5312; ESTC R12985 145,095 356 View Text
A60227 The life and death of Sir Henry Vane, Kt., or, A short narrative of the main passages of his earthly pilgrimage together with a true account of his purely Christian, peaceable, spiritual, gospel-principles, doctrine, life and way of worshipping God, for which he suffered contradiction and reproach from all sorts of sinners, and at last, a violent death, June 14. Anno, 1662 : to which is added, his last exhortation to his children, the day before his death. Sikes, George. 1662 (1662) Wing S3780; ESTC R19959 148,120 164 View Text
A68595 A briefe and piththie summe of the Christian faith made in forme of a confession, vvith a confutation of all such superstitious errours, as are contrary therevnto. Made by Theodore de Beza. Translated out of Frenche by R.F.; Confessio Christianae fidei. English Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.; Fills, Robert, fl. 1562. 1565 (1565) STC 2007; ESTC S101755 149,544 418 View Text
A19367 A supplication exhibited to the most mightie Prince Philip king of Spain &c. VVherin is contained the summe of our Christian religion, for theprofession whereof the Protestants in the lowe Countries of Flaunders, &c. doe suffer persecution, vvyth the meanes to acquiet and appease the troubles in those partes. There is annexed An epistle written to the ministers of Antwerpe, which are called of the confession of Auspurge, concerning the Supper of our sauiour Iesus Christ. VVritten in French and Latine, by Anthonie Corronus of Siuill, professor of Diuinitie. Corro, Antonio del, 1527-1591.; Corro, Antonio del, 1527-1591. Epistle or godlie admonition, to the pastoures of the Flemish Church in Antwerp. aut 1577 (1577) STC 5791; ESTC S116690 149,833 422 View Text
A80739 Divine drops distilled from the fountain of Holy Scriptures: delivered in several exercises before sermons, upon twenty and three texts of Scripture. By that worthy gospel preacher Gualter Cradock, late preacher at All-Hallows Great in London. Cradock, Walter, 1606?-1659. 1649 (1649) Wing C6757; Thomason E585_8; ESTC R206263 151,866 263 View Text
A54199 Quakerism, a new nick-name for old Christianity being an answer to a book entituled Quakerism no Christianity, subscribed by J. Faldo : in which the rise, doctrine and practice of the abused Quakers are truly, briefly and fully declared and vindicated from the false charges ... made by that adversary with a key opening the true meaning of some of their doctrine ... / by one of them and a sufferer with them in all their sufferings, William Penn. Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1672 (1672) Wing P1347; ESTC R30094 154,759 271 View Text
A76078 The Church of England a true church: proved in a disputation held by John Bastwick Doctor in Physick, against Mr. Walter Montague in the Tower. Published by authority. Bastwick, John, 1593-1654. 1645 (1645) Wing B1058; Thomason E297_18; ESTC R200205 156,945 174 View Text
A67258 Of the benefits of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, to mankind Walker, Obadiah, 1616-1699.; R. H., 1609-1678. 1680 (1680) Wing W405; ESTC R18640 157,560 244 View Text
A77360 Christ and the covenant the work and way of meditation. : Gods return to the soul, or nation; together with his preventing mercy. : Delivered in ten sermons, (viz.) 1. Christs personal excellencies, the object of our love. 2. Christ crucified, the object of our faith. 3. The new covenant of grace opened. 4. Christ the mediator of the new covenant. 5. The way and spirit of the new covenant, or New Testament. 6. The blood of sprinkling. 7. The sweetness and profitableness of divine meditation. 8. The work and way of this meditation. 9. Gods return to the soul and nation. 10. Preventing mercy. / By W.B. Bridge, William, 1600?-1670. 1667 (1667) Wing B4449A; ESTC R225773 165,221 279 View Text
A49900 The lives of Clemens Alexandrinus, Eusebius, Bishop of Cæsarea, Gregory Nazianzen, and Prudentius, the Christian poet containing an impartial account of their lives and writings, together with several curious observations upon both : also a short history of Pelagianism / written originally in French by Monsieur Le Clerc ; and now translated into English. Le Clerc, Jean, 1657-1736. 1696 (1696) Wing L820; ESTC R22272 169,983 390 View Text
A80622 The grounds and ends of the baptisme of the children of the faithfull. Opened in a familiar discourse by way of a dialogue, or brotherly conference. / By the learned and faithfull minister of Christ, John Cotton, teacher of the Church of Boston in New-England. Cotton, John, 1584-1652.; Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680. 1646 (1646) Wing C6436; Thomason E356_16; ESTC R201141 171,314 214 View Text
A80742 Gospel-libertie in the extensions limitations of it. Wherein is laid down an exact way to end the present dissentions, and to preserve future peace among the Saints. VVhereunto is added good newes from heaven; to the worst of sinners on earth. The former in nine sermons on 1 Cor. 10. 23. All things are lawfull for me, but all things are not expeaient. The latter in three sermons on Luke 2. 10. Feare not, for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people. By Walter Cradock late preacher at All-Hallows Great in London; Cradock, Walter, 1606?-1659.; Homes, Nathanael, 1599-1678. 1648 (1648) Wing C6762A; ESTC R204983 178,682 290 View Text
A13952 A briefe institution of the common places of sacred divinitie Wherein, the truth of every place is proved, and the sophismes of Bellarmine are reprooved. Written in Latine, by Lucas Trelcatius, and Englished by Iohn Gawen, minister of Gods word.; Scholastica, et methodica, locorum communium s. theologiæ institutio. English Trelcatius, Lucas.; Gawen, John, minister of Gods word. 1610 (1610) STC 24261; ESTC S103024 183,328 620 View Text
A11015 A treatise of Gods effectual calling: written first in the Latine tongue, by the reuerend and faithfull seruant of Christ, Maister Robert Rollock, preacher of Gods word in Edenburgh. And now faithfully translated for the benefite of the vnlearned, into the English tongue, by Henry Holland, preacher in London; Tractatus de vocatione efficaci, quae inter locos theologiæ communissimos recensetur, deque locis specialioribus, qui sub vocatione comprehenduntur. English Rollock, Robert, 1555?-1599.; Holland, Henry, 1555 or 6-1603.; Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605. 1603 (1603) STC 21286; ESTC S116145 189,138 276 View Text
A61130 A treatise partly theological, and partly political containing some few discourses, to prove that the liberty of philosophizing (that is making use of natural reason) may be allow'd without any prejudice to piety, or to the peace of any common-wealth, and that the loss of public peace and religion it self must necessarily follow, where such a liberty of reasoning is taken away / translated out of Latin.; Tractatus theologico-politicus. English Spinoza, Benedictus de, 1632-1677. 1689 (1689) Wing S4985; ESTC R21627 207,956 494 View Text
A14450 A learned and excellent treatise containing all the principall grounds of Christian religion Set downe by way of conference in a most plaine and familiar manner. Written first in French by maister Mathew Virell, after translated into Latine: and now turned into English for the vse of our country-men.; Religion chrestienne declarée par dialogue. English Virel, Matthieu.; Egerton, Stephen, 1555?-1621? 1594 (1594) STC 24768; ESTC S119631 209,162 292 View Text
A19033 The plea for infants and elder people, concerning their baptisme, or, A processe of the passages between M. Iohn Smyth and Richard Clyfton wherein, first is proved, that the baptising of infants of beleevers, is an ordinance of God, secondly, that the rebaptising of such, as have been formerly baptised in the apostate churches of Christians, is utterly unlawful, also, the reasons and objects to the contrarie, answered : divided into two principal heads, I. Of the first position, concerning the baptising of infants, II. Of the second position, concerning the rebaptising of elder people. Clyfton, Richard, d. 1616. 1610 (1610) STC 5450; ESTC S1572 214,939 244 View Text
A86417 Philosophicall rudiments concerning government and society. Or, A dissertation concerning man in his severall habitudes and respects, as the member of a society, first secular, and then sacred. Containing the elements of civill politie in the agreement which it hath both with naturall and divine lawes. In which is demonstrated, both what the origine of justice is, and wherein the essence of Christian religion doth consist. Together with the nature, limits, and qualifications both of regiment and subjection. / By Tho: Hobbes.; De cive. English Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679.; Vaughan, Robert, engraver. 1651 (1651) Wing H2253; Thomason E1262_1; ESTC R202404 220,568 406 View Text
A45277 A Christian vindication of truth against errour concerning these controversies, 1. Of sinners prayers, 2. Of priests marriage, 3. Of purgatory, 4. Of the second commandment and images, 5. Of praying to saints and angels, 6. Of justification by faith, 7. Of Christs new testament or covenant / by Edw. Hide ... Hyde, Edward, 1607-1659. 1659 (1659) Wing H3864; ESTC R37927 226,933 558 View Text
A94173 Ten lectures on the obligation of humane conscience Read in the divinity school at Oxford, in the year, 1647. By that most learned and reverend father in God, Doctor Robert Sanderson, Bishop of Lincoln. &c. Translated by Robert Codrington, Master of Arts. Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663.; Codrington, Robert, 1601-1665. 1660 (1660) Wing S631; ESTC R227569 227,297 402 View Text
A79435 Yahweh Tsidkenu or The plain doctrin of the justification of a sinner in the sight of God; justified by the God of truth in his holy word, and the cloud of witnesses in all ages. Wherein are handled the causes of the sinners justification. Explained and applied in six and twenty sermons, in a plain, doctrinal and familiar way, for the capacity, and understanding of the weak and ignorant. By Charles Chauncy president of Harvard Colledge in Cambridge in New-England. Chauncy, Charles, 1592-1672. 1659 (1659) Wing C3739; Thomason E979_11; ESTC R222074 232,660 312 View Text
A60244 Critical enquiries into the various editions of the Bible printed in divers places and at several times together with Animadversions upon a small treatise of Dr. Isaac Vossivs, concerning the Oracles of the sibylls, and an answer to the objections of the late Critica sacra / written originally in Latin, by Father Simon of the Oratory ; translated into English, by N.S.; Disquisitiones criticae de variis per diversa loca et tempora Bibliorum editionibus. English Simon, Richard, 1638-1712.; N. S.; M. R. 1684 (1684) Wing S3800; ESTC R12782 236,819 292 View Text
A86599 An antidote against Hen. Haggar's poysonous pamphlet, entitled, The foundation of the font discovered: or, A reply wherein his audaciousness in perverting holy scriptures and humane writings is discovered, his sophistry in arguing against infant-baptism, discipleship, church membership &c. is detected, his contradictions demonstrated; his cavils agains M. Cook, M. Baxter, and M. Hall answered, his raylings rebuked, and his folly manifested. By Aylmar Houghton minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and teacher to the congregation of Prees, in the county of Salop. Houghton, Aylmer. 1658 (1658) Wing H2917; Thomason E961_1; ESTC R207689 240,876 351 View Text
A35308 A solemn call unto all that would be owned as Christ's faithful witnesses, speedily and seriously, to attend unto the primitive purity of the Gospel doctrine and worship, or, A discourse concerning baptism wherein that of infants is disproved as having no footing nor foundation at all in the Word of God, by way of answer to the arguments made use of by Mr. William Allen, Mr. Sidenham, Mr. Baxter, Dr. Burthogge, and others for the support of that practice : wherein the covenant made with Israel at Mount Sinai ... : together with a description of that truly evangelical covenant God was pleased to make with believing Abraham ... / by Philip Carey ... Cary, Philip. 1690 (1690) Wing C742; ESTC R31291 244,449 284 View Text
A27051 A treatise of knowledge and love compared in two parts: I. of falsely pretended knowledge, II. of true saving knowledge and love ... / by Richard Baxter ... Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1689 (1689) Wing B1429; ESTC R19222 247,456 366 View Text
A77854 Vindiciæ legis: or, A vindication of the morall law and the covenants, from the errours of papists, Arminians, Socinians, and more especially, Antinomians. In XXIX. lectures, preached at Laurence-Jury, London. / By Anthony Burgess, preacher of Gods Word. Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664. 1646 (1646) Wing B5666; Thomason E357_3; ESTC R201144 253,466 294 View Text
A26921 Richard Baxter's dying thoughts upon Phil. I, 23 written for his own life and the latter times of his corporal pains and weakness.; Dying thoughts upon Philippians I, 23 Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1683 (1683) Wing B1256; ESTC R2942 256,274 424 View Text
A49184 Remarks on the R. Mr. Goodwins Discourse of the Gospel proving that the Gospel-covenant is a law of grace, answering his objections to the contrary, and rescuing the texts of Holy Scripture, and many passages of ecclesiastical writers both ancient and modern, from the false glosses which he forces upon them / by William Lorimer ... Lorimer, William, d. 1721. 1696 (1696) Wing L3074; ESTC R22582 263,974 188 View Text
A30249 Vindiciae legis, or, A vindication of the morall law and the covenants, from the errours of Papists, Arminians, Socinians, and more especially, Antinomians in XXX lectures, preached at Laurence-Jury, London / by Anthony Burgess ... Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664. 1647 (1647) Wing B5667; ESTC R21441 264,433 303 View Text
A69506 A vindication of the truth of Christian religion against the objections of all modern opposers written in French by James Abbadie ... ; render'd into English by H.L.; Traité de la verité de la religion chrétienne. English Abbadie, Jacques, 1654-1727.; H. L. (Henry Lussan) 1694 (1694) Wing A58; Wing A59; ESTC R798 273,126 448 View Text
A14923 The soules progresse to the celestiall Canaan, or heavenly Jerusalem By way of godly meditation, and holy contemplation: accompanied with divers learned exhortations, and pithy perswasions, tending to Christianity and humanity. Divided into two parts. The first part treateth of the divine essence, quality and nature of God, and his holy attributs: and of the creation, fall, state, death, and misery of an unregenerated man, both in this life and in the world to come: put for the whole scope of the Old Testament. The second part is put for the summe and compendium of the Gospell, and treateth of the Incarnation, Nativity, words, works, and sufferings of Christ, and of the happinesse and blessednesse of a godly man in his state of renovation, being reconciled to God in Christ. Collected out of the Scriptures, and out of the writings of the ancient fathers of the primitive Church, and other orthodoxall divines: by John Welles, of Beccles in the County of Suffolk. Welles, John, of Beccles. 1639 (1639) STC 25231; ESTC S119607 276,075 406 View Text
A10130 A treatise of the Sabbath and the Lords-day Distinguished into foure parts. Wherein is declared both the nature, originall, and observation, as well of the one under the Old, as of the other under the New Testament. Written in French by David Primerose Batchelour in Divinitie in the Vniversity of Oxford, and minister of the Gospell in the Protestant Church of Roven. Englished out of his French manuscript by his father G.P. D.D. Primerose, David.; Primrose, Gilbert, ca. 1580-1642. 1636 (1636) STC 20387; ESTC S115259 278,548 354 View Text
A93770 The reviler rebuked: or, A re-inforcement of the charge against the Quakers, (so called) for their contradictions to the Scriptures of God, and to their own scriblings, which Richard Farnworth attempted to answer in his pretended Vindication of the Scriptures; but is farther discovered, with his fellow-contradictors and revilers, and their doctrine, to be anti-Scriptural, anti-Christian, and anti-spiritual. By John Stalham, a servant of the great bishop and shepherd of souls, appointed to watch his little flock at Terling in Essex. Stalham, John, d. 1681. 1657 (1657) Wing S5186; Thomason E914_1; ESTC R203642 283,651 368 View Text
A02919 The faith of the church militant moste effectualie described in this exposition of the 84. Psalme, by that reuerend pastor, and publike professor of Gods word, in the famous vniuersitie of Hassine in Denmarke, Nicholas Hemmingius. A treatise written as to the instruction of the ignorant in the groundes of religion, so to the confutation of the Iewes, the Turkes, atheists, Papists, heretiks, and al other aduersaries of the trueth whatsoeuer. Translated out of Latine into English, &c. by Thomas Rogers. Hemmingsen, Niels, 1513-1600.; Rogers, Thomas, d. 1616. 1581 (1581) STC 13059; ESTC S118432 286,633 582 View Text
A30566 Christ inviting sinners to come to him for rest by Jeremiah Burroughes. Burroughs, Jeremiah, 1599-1646. 1659 (1659) Wing B6060; Wing B6072_v1; ESTC R207640 299,082 422 View Text
A35949 A brief exposition of the evangel of Jesus Christ according to Matthew by David Dickson ... Dickson, David, 1583?-1663. 1651 (1651) Wing D1400; ESTC R13881 307,666 370 View Text
A34956 The iustification of a sinner being the maine argument of the Epistle to the Galatians / by a reverend and learned divine.; Commentarius in Epistolam Pauli Apostoli ad Galatas. English Crell, Johann, 1590-1633.; Lushington, Thomas, 1590-1661. 1650 (1650) Wing C6878; ESTC R10082 307,760 323 View Text
A23831 Reflexions upon the books of the Holy Scriptures to establish the truth of the Christian religion. Volume I in two volumes. Allix, Pierre, 1641-1717. 1688 (1688) Wing A1227; ESTC R29574 310,757 644 View Text
A29671 The sacred and most mysterious history of mans redemption wherein is set forth the gracious administration of Gods covenant with man-kind, at all times, from the beginning of the world unto the end : historically digested into three books : the first setteth down the history from Adam to the blessed incarnation of Christ, the second continueth it to the end of the fourth year after his baptisme ..., the third, from thence till his glorious coming to judgement / by Matthew Brookes ... Brookes, Matthew, fl. 1626-1657. 1657 (1657) Wing B4918; ESTC R11708 321,484 292 View Text
A18933 The conuerted Iew or Certaine dialogues betweene Micheas a learned Iew and others, touching diuers points of religion, controuerted betweene the Catholicks and Protestants. Written by M. Iohn Clare a Catholicke priest, of the Society of Iesus. Dedicated to the two Vniuersities of Oxford and Cambridge ... Clare, John, 1577-1628.; Anderton, Lawrence, attributed name.; Anderton, Roger, d. 1640?, attributed name. 1630 (1630) STC 5351; ESTC S122560 323,604 470 View Text
A09990 The nevv covenant, or the saints portion A treatise vnfolding the all-sufficiencie of God, and mans uprightnes, and the covenant of grace. delivered in fourteene sermons vpon Gen. 17. 1. 2. Wherevnto are adioyned foure sermons vpon Eccles. 9.1. 2. 11. 12. By the late faithfull and worthie minister of Iesus Christ Iohn Preston. Dr. in Divinitie, chaplaine in ordinary to his Maiestie, maister of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and sometimes preacher of Lincolnes Inne. Preston, John, 1587-1628.; Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635.; Davenport, John, 1597-1670. 1629 (1629) STC 20241; ESTC S101919 353,487 626 View Text
A69820 The expiation of a sinner in a commentary vpon the Epistle to the Hebrevves.; Commentarius in Epistolam ad Hebraeos. English Crell, Johann, 1590-1633.; Lushington, Thomas, 1590-1661. 1646 (1646) Wing C6877; ESTC R12070 386,471 374 View Text
A04540 A Christian plea conteyning three treatises. I. The first, touching the Anabaptists, & others mainteyning some like errours with them. II. The second, touching such Christians, as now are here, commonly called Remonstrants or Arminians. III. The third, touching the Reformed Churches, with vvhom my self agree in the faith of the Gospel of our Lord Iesus Christ. Made by Francis Iohnson, pastour of the auncient English Church, now sojourning at Amsterdam in the Low Countreyes. Johnson, Francis, 1562-1618. 1617 (1617) STC 14661; ESTC S107828 395,581 331 View Text
A44247 The doctrine of life, or, Of mans redemption, by the seed of Eve, the seed of Abraham, the seed of David, &c. as it was taught in severall periods of time, from Gen. 3. 15. till Christ came in the flesh, to fulfill all typicall prefigurations of him by his death : wherein also sundry other fundamentall points are discussed and cleared from some common mistakes : as Daniels chronologie of seventy sevens, which is cleared from the uncertainty which too many expositors have unadvisedly cast upon it : and about the Jewes calling, that it must not be understand of any return to Canaan, or of their restauration to a perspicuous common wealth any more, but of the calling of a remnant of them to the faith, in the countries where they live dispersed : and with the true nature of our Lords sufferings, with sundry other such like points, as may be seen in the table : propounded by way of question and answer, with annotations thereunto annexed : divided into three parts / by Edward Holyoke of New-England. Holyoke, Edward, d. 1660. 1658 (1658) Wing H2534; ESTC R22353 401,616 468 View Text
A26886 Certain disputations of right to sacraments, and the true nature of visible Christianity defending them against several sorts of opponents, especially against the second assault of that pious, reverend and dear brother Mr. Thomas Blake / by Richard Baxter ... Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1658 (1658) Wing B1212; ESTC R39868 418,313 558 View Text
A47629 A treatise of divinity consisting of three bookes : The first of which handling the Scripture or Word of God, treateth of its divine authority, the canonicall bookes, the authenticall edition, and severall versions, the end, properties, and interpretation of Scripture : The second handling God sheweth that there is a God, and what he is, in his essence and several attributes, and likewise the distinction of persons in the divine essence : The third handleth the three principall works of God, decree, creation and providence / by Edward Leigh ... Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671. 1646 (1646) Wing L1011; ESTC R39008 467,641 520 View Text
A07350 The English catechisme explained. Or, A commentarie on the short catechisme set forth in the Booke of common prayer Wherein diuers necessarie questions touching the Christian faith are inserted, moderne controuersies handled, doubts resolued, and many cases of conscience cleared. Profitable for ministers in their churches, for schoole masters in their schooles, and for housholders in their families. By Iohn Mayer, Bachelour of Diuinitie.; English catechisme Mayer, John, 1583-1664. 1622 (1622) STC 17733; ESTC S100659 485,672 636 View Text
A42234 The illustrious Hugo Grotius Of the law of warre and peace with annotations, III parts, and memorials of the author's life and death.; De jure belli et pacis. English Grotius, Hugo, 1583-1645.; Barksdale, Clement, 1609-1687. 1655 (1655) Wing G2120; ESTC R16252 497,189 832 View Text
A38026 Polpoikilos sophia, a compleat history or survey of all the dispensations and methods of religion, from the beginning of the world to the consummation of all things, as represented in the Old and New Testament shewing the several reasons and designs of those different administrations, and the wisdom and goodness of God in the government of His church, through all the ages of it : in which also, the opinion of Dr. Spencer concerning the Jewish rites and sacrifices is examin'd, and the certainty of the Christian religion demonstrated against the cavils of the Deists, &c. / by John Edwards ... Edwards, John, 1637-1716. 1699 (1699) Wing E210; ESTC R17845 511,766 792 View Text
A15735 A defence of M. Perkins booke, called A reformed Catholike against the cauils of a popish writer, one D.B.P. or W.B. in his deformed Reformation. By Antony Wotton. Wotton, Anthony, 1561?-1626.; Perkins, William, 1558-1602. Reformed Catholike.; Bishop, William, 1554?-1624. Reformation of a Catholike deformed: by M. W. Perkins. 1606 (1606) STC 26004; ESTC S120330 512,905 582 View Text
A57230 Choice observations and explanations upon the Old Testament containing in them many remarkable matters, either not taken notice of, or mistaken by most, which are additionals to the large annotations made by some of the Assembly of Divines : to which are added some further and larger observations of his upon the whole book of Genesis perused and attested by the Reverend Bishop of Armagh, and Mr. Gataker Pastor of Rederith / by ... John Richardson ... Richardson, John, 1580-1654.; Ussher, James, 1581-1656.; Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654.; Westminster Assembly (1643-1652) 1655 (1655) Wing R1385; ESTC R3676 529,737 519 View Text
A57980 A survey of the spirituall antichrist opening the secrets of familisme and antinomianisme in the antichristian doctrine of John Saltmarsh and Will. Del, the present preachers of the army now in England, and of Robert Town, by Samuel Rutherfurd ... Rutherford, Samuel, 1600?-1661. 1648 (1648) Wing R2394; ESTC R22462 573,971 671 View Text
A54580 The happy future state of England, or, A discourse by way of a letter to the late Earl of Anglesey vindicating him from the reflections of an affidavit published by the House of Commons, ao. 1680, by occasion whereof observations are made concerning infamous witnesses : the said discourse likewise contains various political remarks and calculations referring to many parts of Christendom, with observations of the number of the people of England, and of its growth in populousness and trade, the vanity of the late fears and jealousies being shewn, the author doth on the grounds of nature predict the happy future state of the realm : at the end of the discourse there is a casuistical discussion of the obligation to the king, his heirs and successors, wherein many of the moral offices of absolution and unconditional loyalty are asserted : before the discourse is a large preface, giving an account of the whole work, with an index of the principal matters : also, The obligation resulting from the Oath of supremacy to assist and defend the preheminence or prerogative of the dispensative power belonging to the king ... Pett, Peter, Sir, 1630-1699. 1688 (1688) Wing P1883; ESTC R35105 603,568 476 View Text
A80762 Mr. Baxters Aphorisms exorcized and anthorized. Or An examination of and answer to a book written by Mr. Ri: Baxter teacher of the church at Kederminster in Worcester-shire, entituled, Aphorisms of justification. Together with a vindication of justification by meer grace, from all the Popish and Arminian sophisms, by which that author labours to ground it upon mans works and righteousness. By John Crandon an unworthy minister of the gospel of Christ at Fawley in Hant-shire. Imprimatur, Joseph Caryl. Jan: 3. 1654. Crandon, John, d. 1654. 1654 (1654) Wing C6807; Thomason E807_1; ESTC R207490 629,165 751 View Text
A36185 The nature of the two testaments, or, The disposition of the will and estate of God to mankind for holiness and happiness by Jesus Christ ... in two volumes : the first volume, of the will of God : the second volume, of the estate of God / by Robert Dixon. Dixon, Robert, d. 1688. 1676 (1676) Wing D1748; ESTC R12215 658,778 672 View Text
A11445 The supper of our Lord set foorth according to the truth of the Gospell and Catholike faith. By Nicolas Saunder, Doctor of Diuinitie. With a confutation of such false doctrine as the Apologie of the Churche of England, M. Nowels chalenge, or M. Iuels Replie haue vttered, touching the reall presence of Christe in the Sacrament; Supper of our Lord set foorth in six bookes Sander, Nicholas, 1530?-1581. 1566 (1566) STC 21695; ESTC S116428 661,473 882 View Text
A45335 A practical and polemical commentary, or, exposition upon the third and fourth chapters of the latter epistle of Saint Paul to Timothy wherein the text is explained, some controversies discussed, sundry cases of conscience are cleared, many common places are succinctly handled, and divers usefull and seasonable observations raised / by Thomas Hall ... Hall, Thomas, 1610-1665. 1658 (1658) Wing H436; ESTC R14473 672,720 512 View Text
A57969 The due right of presbyteries, or, A peaceable plea for the government of the Church of Scotland ... by Samuel Rutherfurd ... Rutherford, Samuel, 1600?-1661. 1644 (1644) Wing R2378; ESTC R12822 687,464 804 View Text
A51302 An explanation of the grand mystery of godliness, or, A true and faithfull representation of the everlasting Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the onely begotten Son of God and sovereign over men and angels by H. More ... More, Henry, 1614-1687. 1660 (1660) Wing M2658; ESTC R17162 688,133 604 View Text