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A00183 Articles to be enquired of, within the archdeaconry of Glocester, in the ge[ne]rall visitation of the right wor. M. Samuel Burton, Archdeacon of the dioces of Glocester holden in the yeere of our Lord God, 1618, in the 16. yeere of the raigne of our most gracious soueraigne Lord James, by the grace of God, King of Great Britaine, France & Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. Church of England. Diocese of Gloucester. 1618 (1618) STC 10213.3; ESTC S4279 11,476 15

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ARTICLES TO BE ENQVIRED OF WITHIN THE ARCHdeaconty of Glocester in the gerall Visitation of the Right Wor M. Samuel Burton Archdeacon of the Dioces of Glocester Holden in the yeere of our Lord God 1618. In the 16. yeere of the Raigne or our most gracious Soueraigne Lord James by the grace of God King of Great Britaine France Ireland Defender of the Faith c. LONDON Printed for Nathaniel Butter 1618. The tenor of the Oath to be ministred to the Church-wardens and Sworne-men YOu shall Sweare that vpon due consideration of the Articles giuen you in charge to present vnto You shall particularly present all the Wants Defects and also all offences and offenders therin required of wherein you shall deale truly and faithfully So help you God LEVIT 19.12 Yee shall not sweare by my Name falsely neither shalt thou profane the Name of thy God ARTICLES TO BEE ENQVIRED OF WITHIN THE Archdeaconrie of the Diocesse of Glocester in the Visitation to be holden in the yeere of our Lord God 1618. ¶ Articles concerning the Cleargie WHether hath your Minister read the Constitutions set foorth by his Maiestie once euery yéere vpon some Sundaies or Holidaies in the afternoone before diuine seruice according as by the Canons he is bound 2 Whether doth your Minister vse to pray for the Kings Maiesty King Iames for the Quéenes Maiestie the Prince and all their royall Progenie giuing vnto him such stile and title of Supreme Gouernour in all causes and ouer all persons as well Ecclesiasticall Temporall as by law are due vnto him exhorting their Parishioners to yéeld him obedience according to the same and also in their sayd Sermons doe pray for all Archbishops Bishops and other Ecclesiasticall persons according to the fifty fiue Canon 3 Whether is the prescript forme of diuine Seruice vsed by your minister vpon Sundayes Holidayes Wednesdaies and Fridaies according to the Booke of Common Prayer And whether doth your minister duely obserue all the orders rites and ceremonies prescribed in the said booke of common prayer as well in reading publike prayers the Letany as also in administring the Sacraments in such māner forme wearing the Surples as in the Booke of common prayer by law now established is enioyned 4 Whether doth your Minister administer the holy Communion so often and at such time as that euery Parishioner may receiue the same at the least thrice in euerie yéere whereof once at Easter as by the booke of Common Praier is appointed And whether doth your Minister receiue the same himselfe on euerie daie that hee administreth it to others knéeling at the same administreth it to none but such as do knéele at the receiuing thereof and vse the words of the Institution according to that booke at euerie time that the bread and wine is receiued in such manner forme as by the promise of the 21. Canon is directed or wherein is hee faultie and whether is warning giuen by him before hand for the Communion as the 22. Canon requireth 5 Whether hath your minister admitted any notorious Offenders or Schismatiques to the Communion contrary to the 26 and 27 constitutions without satisfaction by due course of Law before enioyned them or reiected any from the Communion who were not by publike presentment or other open scandall infamous and detected of some notorious crime by common fame published in the Parish 6 Whether the Minister together with the Church-wardens and Quest-men doe take diligent héede and care that not onely all and euery of your Parishioners doe receiue thrice in euery yéere as aforesaid but also that no strangers of any other Parish doe forsake their owne Minister and parish to receiue with you contrary to the 28 Canon 7 Whether doth your Minister vse to signe the children with the signe of the crosse when they are baptized according to the Booke of Common Praier and the thirtieth canon and whether he hath deferred or wilfully refused to baptize any infant in his parish being in danger hauing béene duly enformed of the weaknesse thereof and whether the childe hath died in his default without baptisme contrary to the 68 and 69 canons 8 Whether is your minister continually resident with you vpon his Benefice or for how long time hath he been absent and where is he resident for the most part and what other Benefice hath he 9 Whether doth your minister being a Preacher preach vsually according to the constitutions either in his owne cure with you or else in some other church or chappell néere adioyning where no Preacher is according to the 45 Canon or how oft hath he been negligent in that behalfe 10 Whether is your minister a Preacher allowed if yea then by whom if not whether doth hee procure Sermons to bee preached among you once in euery moneth at the least by such as are lawfully licensed according to the 46 canon or doth contribute toward a licenced Preacher if his liuing will beare it 11 Whether hath your minister another Benefice and whether doth he supply his absence by a Curate that is sufficiently licensed to preach in in that cure of his whereon he himselfe is not resident or otherwise in case he doth not finde a Preaching minister there by reason of the smalnesse thereof whether doth hee preach at both of his Benefices vsually himselfe according to the 47 canon 12 Whether is your Curate licenced to serue by the Bishop of this Diocesse or by any other and by whom whether doth your minister or Curate serue more cures then one contrary to the 48 canon if yea then what other Cure doth he also serue 13 If your minister bee not licenced to preach as aforesayd whether doth he read homilies or rather take vpon him to expound the Scriptures either in his owne cure or elsewhere contrary to the 49 canon If yea then you are to present him specifie the place where he hath so preached 14 Whether hath any person beene admitted to preach within your church or chappell but such as you haue well knowen to be sufficiently licensed whom haue you so admitted you shall present their names and how oft haue any such béene admitted to preach and by whose procurement and whether haue you caused euery strange Preacher licensed or not licensed to subscribe his name together with the day whē he preached according to the 50 and 51 canons and if he were licenced then by whom he was licensed And whether haue they or any other preached in your church not being soberly decently apparelled according to the 74 canon 15 Whether doth your Lecturer and Preacher reade diuine seruice and administer the Sacraments in his owne person twice euery yéere obseruing all the ceremonies in the Booke of common Prayer established according to the 56 canon 16 Whether doth your Minister weare the Surplice whilest hée is saying the publike prayers and administring the Sacraments and if he be any Graduate whether then doth he also weare vpon
his Surplice during the times aforesaid such a hood as by the order of his Vniuersitie is agréeable to his degrée according to the 58 canon 17 Whether doth your Minister on euery Sunday and Holiday before Euening prayer for halfe an houre or more examine instruct the youth and ignorant persons of his parish in the ten Commandements the Articles of Beléefe the Lords Prayer as also the Catechisme last set foorth in the Booke of Common Prayer whereby the children of the Parish may be prepared for confirmation according to the 90 canon 18 Whether hath your minister without licence from the Archbishop the Bishop of the Dioces or his Chancellor solemnized marriage betwixt any parties the Banes not being three seuerall Sandayes or Holidayes first published in time of Diuine seruice in the seuerall churches or chappels of seuerall abode according to the booke of Common prayer and the 62 canon and that also betwixt the houres of eight and twelue in the forenoone contrary vnto the 102 canon 19 Whether hath your minister since the last canons published solemnized any mariage betwixt any persons being vnder the age of 21 yéeres although the Banes be thrice asked before such time as the Parents haue made knowen vnto him their consent therunto contrary to the 99 and 100 canons and whether hath he married any of another Diocesse and who are they and by what authority and when 20 Whether doth your Minister vpon Sundaies at morning praier declare vnto the Parishioners what Holidaies and fasting daies are appointed to bée kept the wéeke following according to the 64. Canon wherby they may be put in minde to prepare themselues accordingly and to repaire to Church to publike praier as by law they are bound 21 Whether doth anie Minister in the Rogation daies vse the perambulation of the circuit of the Parish appointed by law and in the same perambulation mooue the people to giue thankes to God for his benefits vsing such Psalmes Praiers Homilies as are to that end set forth 22 Whether doth anie man being neither minister nor Deacon read Common praier openly in your Church or Chappell or administer the Sacrament of Baptisme or solemnize matrimonie or take vpon him to practize anie other ministeriall dutie in the Church that is prescribed to be executed particularlie by such as are either ministers or Deacons and what is his name that so doth 23 Whether doth your minister euerie six months denounce in his Parish all such of his Parish as doe perseuere in the sentence of excommunication not séeking to be absolued and whether hath hee admitted anie person excommunicate into the Church without a certificate of his absolution from the Ordinarie or other competent Iudge vnder his seale according to the Canons 24 Whether doth your Minister being a Preacher endeauour labor diligently with mildnes and temperance to conferre with thereby to reclaime the popish recusants in his Parish from their errors if there be any such there being and whether is he painefull in visiting the sicke according to the Booke of common prayer the canons in that case prouided 25 Whether is your Parson Vicar Lecturer or Curate too much frequent or ouer conuersant with or a fauourer of Recusants whereby he may be suspected not to be sincere in Religion 26 Whether hath your minister or anie other taken vpon him the place of a minister preached baptized children vnlesse in case of necessitie solemnized marriage churched anie woman or ministred the holie communion in anie priuate house or houses If yea then where whom and how often hath he so offended in anie of the Premises 27 Whether hath your Minister taken vpon him to appoint anie publike or priuate fasts or prophesies not approoued and established by law or publike authoritie or hath he attempted vpon anie pretence either of possession by fasting praier to cast out diuels contrarie vnto the 72. canon 28 Whether hath your Minister or anie other person or persons within your Parish vsed to méete in anie priuate house or other place and to holde priuate conuenticles contrarie to the 73. Canon if yea then you shall present them all and euerie one of them 29 Whether doth your Minister vse such decencie and comelinesse in his apparell as by the 74. Constitution is enioyned as be all at home as when he goeth abroad 30 Whether doe you know in your parish any that hauing heertofore taken vpon him or them the order of Preisthood or of a Deacon hath since relinquished the same and betaken himselfe in the course of his life as a lay man neglecting his vocation if yea then you shall present his name and the place of his abode 31 Whether is your Minister noted or defamed to haue obtained his benefice by symonie or reputed to be an incontinent person or doth kéepe anie man or woman in his house that are suspected either to bee of euill Religion or bad life himselfe to be a common drunkard or to be a common hunter of Tauernes Ale houses or other suspected places a common gamester or player at dice or other vnlawfull games a common Swearer or notorious person or faulty in any other crime punishable by the Ecclesiasticall censures whereby he is offensiue and scandalous to his function or ministery 32 Whether doth your Minister vse the forme of Thankesgiuing to to women after childbirth and whether hath he admitted any thereunto that was begotten with childe in adultery or fornication without license of his Ordinary And whether haue any married wiues refused to come to Church according to the Book of Common Praier to giue God thanks after childbirth if any bee faulty héerein you shall present their names 33 Whether doth your Minister baptize anie children in anie Bason or other vessell then in the ordinarie Font being placed in the Church according to the 81. canon or doth vse to put anie Bason into it Articles concerning the Church WHether haue you in your seuerall churches and chappels the booke of constitutions or canons Ecclesiasticall ready to bée read by your minister according to his Maiesties pleasure published by his Highnesse authoritie vnder the great seale of England 2 Whether is there in your church or chappell one parchment Register Booke prouided for Christnings Mariages and Burials and whether is the same duely and exactly kept according to the Constitutions in that behalfe prouided and a transcript thereof brought in yéerely within one moneth after Easter into my Lord Bishops principall Registers Office And whether doth your minister vpon euerie Sundaie read the names of all such as haue béene married christned or buried in the wéeke before 3 Whether haue you prouided a faire great Bible of the last Translation the book of Common prayer lately commanded by his Maiesties authoritie onely to be vsed and the Booke of Homilies and two Psalters and whether haue you in your Church or Chappell a Font of stone set vp in the ancient vsuall place a conuenient decent Communion Table standing vpon a frame with a carpet of silke or some other decent stuffe and a faire Linnen cloth to lay thereon at the Communion time and whether i● the same then placed in such conuenient sort within the Chancell or Church as that the minister may be best heard in his prayer and
haue heard you shall not faile to present the whole truth in that behalfe 31 Whether ther be any person or persons Ecclesiasticall or Temporall within your Parish or elsewhere within this Diocesse that haue retained or kept in their custodie or that read sell vtter disperse carrie or deliuer to others any English bookes or libells set foorth either on this side or beyond the Seas by Papists or Sectaries against the Kings supremacie in causes Ecclesiasticall or against true Religion and Catholike doctrine now publikely professed in this Church or the Gouernment or Discipline of the Church of England now within this Realme receiued and established by common Authority and what their Names and Syrnames are 32 Whether there be any in your Parish who are noted knowne or suspected to conceale or kéepe hidden in their houses any Masse-bookes Portesses Breuiaries or other bookes of Popery or superstition or anie Chalices Copes Vestments Albes or other Ornaments of superstition vncancelled or vndefaced which is to bee coniectured they doe kéepe for a day as they call it 33 Whether any of your Parishioners hauing a Preacher to their Parson Vicar or Curate or doe absent themselues from his Sermons and resort to any other place to heare other Preachers 34 Whether there be any Inkéepers Ale-wiues Victuallers or Tiplers that suffer or doe admit any person or persons in their Houses to Eate Drinke or play at Dice Cards Tables Bowles or such like Games in the time of common Prayer or Sermon on Sundaies or Holydaies or any Butchers or others that commonly vse to sell meate or other things in the time of common prayer preaching or reading of Homilies And whether in any Faires or common markets falling vpon Sundaies there be shewing of any wares before morning praier be done And whether any Markets and selling of wares be vsed or suffered in any Church yards on the Saboth day by common Packe men and Pedlers going about or any Butchers 35 Whether hath your Minister or any of your Parish without the consent or priuity of the Ordinary caused any to doe penance or be punished either openly or otherwise for any crime punishable by Ecclesiasticall Lawes onely and what bée the Names of the parties that haue béene so punished and in what manner 36 Whether there be any in your Parish who will come to heare the Sermon but will not come to the publike prayer appointed by the book of common prayer making a Schisme or diuision as it were between the vse of publike Prayer and Preaching And whether there be any who being present at publike prayer doe not deuoutly and humbly knéele vpon their knées at such times as by the booke of common prayer they are appointed to wit when they make a generall confession of their sins when all Prayers and Collects are read and at the receiuing of the Holy Communion c. And what are their Names that haue at any time shewed themselues vndutifull and vnreuerend in that behalfe 37 Whether there bee any married women or others within your parish which after child birth refuse or contemne to come to the Church to giue God thanks for their safe deliuery and to haue their praiers publikely appointed in that behalfe by the booke of Common Prayer 38 Whether any within your Parish doe resort into Barnes Fields Woods priuate houses or to any extraordinary exposition of Scriptures or conferences together or that be drawers or perswaders of others to any such schismaticall conuenticle 39 Whether any doe kéepe their children vnbaptized longer then is conuenient vnlesse that it be for sicknesse of the childe or other vrgent occasion And whether any doe carry their children from the Parish they are borne in to other parishes to be baptized and so refuse their owne parish or doe bring strange Ministers into their owne houses to baptize their children priuately according to their owne Fantasies 40 Whether you haue knowne or heard any Fidlers or Minstrels or any other persons which goe vnder the name of Musitians and Waytes which either at Weddings Churchings or any other Feasts or méetings haue sung or vse to sing any Songs Ballads or Rimes tending to the disgrace of Religion or the Ministers thereof or tending to Profanenes or the corruption of good manners You shall truely present the names of such if you know them or can learne them As also the names of the Housholder or Housholders in whose house or houses they haue sung such songs as also the particular names of them before whom they haue sung them 41 VVhether doe the Church-wardens of your parish looke diligently to the mending of the Church wayes and whether the said waies bee at the time of the yéere so sufficiently mended that the Parishioners may conueniently come to Church from all places of the parish in winter time 42 Whether doe you know of any other matter of Ecclesiasticall cognizance worthy the presentment in your Iudgement aboue not expressed which you hold fit to be reformed And if you doe you shall likewise present the same by vertue of your Oathes AT the deliuery of your bill of Presentment you are likewise in the sayd bill to set downe the names of all such as haue beene buried at any time since the last Visitation being Men Mayds or Widowes And likewise the Minister Church-wardens and Side-men of euery parish must in the sayd bill of Presentment set downe besides their presenting which they make of all Recusants and Non-communicants this Note following Recusants Men Recusants Women Non-communicants of both Sex Communicants of both Sex in the whole Parish So set downe the number of euery one The Minister Church-wardens and Side-men must put their hands to this note And the olde Church-wardens are to be chosen Side-men