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A00167 Articles to be enquired of in the diocesse of Carlile, in the visitation of the reuerend father in God, Francis, Lord Bishop of Carlile Church of England. Diocese of Carlisle. Bishop (1626-1629 : White); White, Francis, 1564?-1638. 1627 (1627) STC 10172.5; ESTC S2634 11,300 16

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article_n to_o be_v enqvire_v of_o in_o the_o diocese_n of_o carlisle_n in_o the_o visitation_n of_o the_o reverend_a father_n in_o god_n francis_n lord_n bishop_n of_o carlisle_n anno_fw-la dom._n &_o consecrationis_fw-la suae_fw-la ❧_o imprint_v at_o london_n 1627._o the_o form_n of_o the_o oath_n to_o be_v minister_v unto_o the_o churchwarden_n and_o sideman_n you_o shall_v swear_v that_o you_o and_o every_o of_o you_o shall_v due_o consider_v and_o diligent_o inquire_v of_o all_o and_o every_o of_o these_o article_n give_v you_o in_o charge_n and_o that_o all_o affection_n favour_n hope_v of_o reward_n and_o gain_v or_o fear_v of_o displeasure_n or_o malice_n set_v aside_o you_o shall_v present_v all_o and_o every_o such_o person_n of_o or_o within_o your_o parish_n as_o have_v commit_v any_o offence_n or_o make_v any_o default_n mention_v in_o these_o or_o any_o of_o these_o article_n or_o which_o be_v vehement_o suspect_v or_o defame_v of_o any_o such_o offence_n or_o default_n wherein_o you_o shall_v deal_v upright_o and_o full_o neither_o present_v nor_o spare_v to_o present_v any_o contrary_a to_o truth_n have_v in_o this_o action_n god_n before_o your_o eye_n with_o a_o earnest_a zeal_n to_o maintain_v truth_n and_o virtue_n and_o to_o suppress_v vice_n so_o help_v you_o god_n and_o the_o holy_a content_n of_o this_o book_n article_n to_o be_v inquire_v of_o in_o the_o diocese_n of_o carlisle_n anno_fw-la dom._n article_n concern_v religion_n and_o doctrine_n 1_o whither_o be_v there_o any_o abide_n in_o opinion_n heretical_a opinion_n or_o resort_v to_o your_o parish_n that_o have_v wilful_o maintain_v and_o defend_v any_o heresy_n error_n or_o false_a opinion_n contrary_a to_o the_o faith_n of_o christ_n and_o holy_a scripture_n 2_o jtem_n whether_o do_v any_o in_o your_o parish_n church_n absence_n from_o church_n be_v 16._o year_n of_o age_n or_o upward_o or_o other_o lodging_n or_o common_o resort_v to_o any_o house_n in_o your_o parish_n wilful_o absent_a themselves_o from_o your_o parish_n church_n chappell_n or_o oratory_n upon_o sunday_n and_o holiday_n and_o other_o day_n appoint_v at_o morning_n and_o evening_n prayer_n or_o who_o come_v late_o to_o church_n and_o depart_v from_o church_n before_o divine_a service_n and_o sermon_n be_v end_v or_o whether_o be_v there_o any_o that_o persuade_v other_o to_o forbear_v or_o abstain_v come_v to_o church_n to_o hear_v divine_a service_n and_o receive_v the_o holy_a communion_n according_a to_o his_o majesty_n law_n in_o that_o behalf_n enact_v 3_o jtem_n whether_o be_v there_o any_o in_o your_o parish_n that_o have_v be_v conventicle_n unlawful_a conventicle_n or_o be_v vehement_o suspect_v to_o have_v be_v present_a at_o any_o unlawful_a assembly_n conventicle_n or_o meeting_n under_o colour_n or_o pretence_n of_o any_o exercise_n of_o religion_n or_o do_v any_o affirm_v and_o maintain_v such_o meeting_n to_o be_v lawful_a contrary_a to_o his_o majesty_n statute_n in_o that_o behalf_n 4_o item_n whether_o be_v there_o any_o within_o your_o parish_n that_o deny_v supremacy_n impugner_n of_o the_o king_n supremacy_n or_o persuade_v any_o to_o deny_v withstand_v and_o impugn_v the_o king_n majesty_n authority_n and_o supremacy_n in_o cause_n ecclesiastical_a within_o his_o realm_n 5_o jtem_n whether_o be_v there_o any_o abide_n in_o recusant_n popish_a recusant_n or_o resort_v to_o your_o parish_n that_o be_v or_o be_v common_o repute_v or_o take_v to_o be_v recusant_n papist_n refuse_v to_o repair_v to_o the_o church_n to_o hear_v divine_a service_n and_o receive_v the_o holy_a communion_n and_o be_v disobedient_a to_o his_o highness_n law_n in_o that_o behalf_n provide_v or_o do_v any_o publish_v fell_a or_o disperse_v any_o superstitious_a book_n or_o writing_n or_o other_o book_n libel_n or_o writing_n of_o any_o lectuary_n touch_v the_o religion_n state_n or_o ecclesiastical_a government_n of_o this_o kingdom_n of_o england_n present_v their_o name_n quality_n and_o condition_n do_v any_o papist_n keep_v a_o schoolmaster_n in_o his_o house_n which_o come_v not_o to_o church_n as_o be_v require_v what_o be_v his_o name_n and_o how_o long_o have_v he_o teach_v there_o or_o elsewhere_o article_n concern_v public_a prayer_n and_o administration_n of_o the_o sacrament_n ceremony_n deprave_v the_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n &_o ceremony_n first_o whether_o have_v any_o of_o your_o parish_n speak_v or_o declare_v any_o thing_n in_o the_o derogation_n or_o deprave_v of_o the_o form_n of_o god_n worship_n in_o the_o church_n of_o england_n &_o administration_n of_o the_o sacrament_n rite_n and_o ceremony_n set_v forth_o and_o prescribe_v in_o the_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n by_o the_o king_n majesty_n authorise_v and_o confirm_v do_v any_o preach_v speak_v or_o declare_v that_o it_o contain_v any_o thing_n which_o be_v not_o agreeable_a to_o the_o holy_a scripture_n prayer_n persuade_v any_o minister_n to_o alter_v the_o form_n of_o common_a prayer_n 2_o item_n whether_o have_v any_o in_o your_o parish_n cause_v procure_v or_o maintain_v any_o minister_n to_o say_v any_o common_a or_o public_a prayer_n or_o to_o administer_v either_o of_o the_o sacrament_n of_o baptism_n and_o the_o lord_n supper_n otherwise_o or_o in_o any_o other_o manner_n and_o form_n then_o be_v mention_v in_o the_o say_a book_n of_o common_a prayer_n or_o whether_o have_v any_o interrupt_v hinder_v let_v or_o disturb_v the_o minister_n to_o read_v divine_a service_n and_o administer_v the_o sacrament_n in_o such_o manner_n and_o form_n as_o be_v mention_v in_o the_o say_a book_n or_o interrupt_v he_o in_o his_o preach_n and_o sermon_n cross_n observation_n of_o the_o form_n of_o baptism_n and_o cross_n 3_o item_n whether_o be_v the_o sacrament_n of_o baptism_n right_o and_o due_o administer_v according_a to_o the_o prescript_n form_n express_v in_o the_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n with_o due_a observation_n of_o all_o rite_n and_o ceremony_n prescribe_v in_o the_o administration_n of_o the_o same_o without_o add_v or_o alter_v any_o part_n or_o parcel_n of_o any_o prayer_n interrogatory_n or_o not_o use_v the_o sign_n of_o the_o cross_n in_o the_o administration_n of_o the_o same_o godfather_n child_n refuse_v to_o be_v baptize_v or_o die_v without_o baptism_n parent_n of_o child_n admit_v godfather_n 4_o item_n whether_o be_v the_o sacrament_n of_o baptism_n refuse_v to_o be_v administer_v to_o any_o child_n bear_v in_o or_o out_o of_o wedlock_n their_o birth_n be_v make_v know_v unto_o the_o minister_n of_o the_o parish_n and_o offer_v to_o he_o to_o be_v baptize_v or_o have_v any_o such_o child_n die_v unbaptised_n 5_o jtem_n whether_o be_v the_o parent_n of_o any_o child_n to_o be_v baptize_v admit_v to_o be_v godfather_n and_o godmother_n to_o the_o same_o 6_o item_n ba●tisme_n private_a ba●tisme_n whether_o have_v there_o any_o child_n be_v baptize_v in_o private_a house_n by_o any_o lay_v person_n or_o midwife_n or_o popish_a priest_n or_o by_o any_o other_o minister_n but_o upon_o urgent_a occasion_n when_o the_o child_n be_v in_o danger_n of_o death_n 7_o jtem_n child_n baptise_v papist_n child_n whether_o have_v the_o child_n which_o have_v be_v bear_v to_o any_o popish_a recusant_n or_o beget_v by_o they_o in_o your_o parish_n be_v public_o baptize_v in_o your_o parish_n church_n by_o your_o parson_n vicar_n or_o curate_n or_o by_o who_o be_v they_o baptize_v or_o where_o to_o your_o knowledge_n 8_o jtem_n year_n receive_v the_o lord_n s●per_v thrice_o a_o year_n whether_o have_v the_o bless_a sacrament_n of_o the_o lord_n supper_n be_v due_o and_o reverent_o administer_v every_o month_n or_o thrice_o every_o year_n at_o least_o whereof_o once_o at_o easter_n within_o your_o parish_n church_n to_o every_o parishioner_n be_v of_o sixteen_o year_n of_o age_n or_o upward_o 9_o item_n whether_o be_v the_o say_v holy_a sacrament_n deliver_v unto_o communion_n kneel_v a●_n the_o communion_n or_o receive_v by_o any_o of_o the_o communicant_n within_o your_o parish_n that_o unreverent_o sit_v or_o stand_v or_o do_v not_o devout_o and_o humble_o kneel_v upon_o their_o knee_n 10_o item_n whether_o have_v any_o of_o your_o parish_n communion_n notorious_a ●fenders_n admit_v to_o th●_n communion_n which_o be_v open_o know_v to_o live_v in_o notorious_a sin_n without_o repentance_n or_o excommunicate_a person_n or_o schismatic_n common_a and_o notorious_a depravers_n of_o the_o religion_n and_o government_n of_o this_o realm_n without_o unfeigned_a sorrow_n show_v for_o their_o impiety_n and_o wickedness_n be_v admit_v to_o be_v partaker_n of_o the_o say_v holy_a communion_n 11_o jtem_n cause_n debar_v uther_n with_o cause_n whether_o have_v any_o of_o your_o parish_n be_v debar_v from_o the_o say_v holy_a communion_n without_o just_a cause_n and_o without_o intimation_n first_o give_v to_o the_o ordinary_a or_o bishop_n of_o the_o diocese_n and_o by_o who_o default_n article_n concern_v
the_o church_n the_o ornament_n thereof_o and_o the_o church_n possession_n first_o whether_o have_v you_o in_o your_o church_n or_o chapel_n church_n book_n and_o ●naments_n in_o the_o church_n the_o whole_a bible_n of_o the_o large_a volume_n and_o of_o the_o last_o translation_n the_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n late_o set_v forth_o by_o his_o majesty_n authority_n the_o two_o book_n of_o homily_n and_o bishop_n jewel_n apology_n all_o well_o and_o fair_o bind_v a_o font_n of_o stone_n set_v up_o in_o the_o ancient_a usual_a place_n a_o convenient_a and_o decent_a communion_n table_n with_o a_o carpet_n of_o silk_n or_o some_o other_o decent_a stuff_n continual_o lay_v upon_o the_o table_n at_o time_n of_o divine_a service_n table_n abuse_v of_o communion_n table_n and_o a_o fair_a linen_n clothe_v at_o the_o time_n of_o administer_a the_o communion_n and_o whether_o be_v the_o same_o table_n place_v convenient_o as_o it_o ought_v and_o whether_o be_v it_o so_o use_v in_o or_o out_o of_o time_n of_o divine_a service_n or_o sermon_n as_o be_v not_o agreeable_a to_o the_o holy_a use_n of_o it_o as_o by_o sit_v on_o it_o and_o by_o throw_v hat_n on_o it_o or_o write_v on_o it_o or_o be_v it_o abuse_v to_o other_o profane_a use_n be_v the_o ten_o commandment_n set_v upon_o the_o east_n end_n of_o your_o church_n with_o other_o sentence_n of_o scripture_n about_o furche_n ●ings_n apper●ning_n to_o furche_n 2_o item_n whether_o have_v you_o in_o your_o say_a church_n or_o chapel_n a_o convenient_a seat_n for_o your_o minister_n to_o read_v divine_a service_n in_o together_o with_o a_o comely_a pulpit_n set_v up_o in_o a_o convenient_a place_n with_o a_o decent_a cloth_n or_o cushion_n for_o the_o same_o a_o comely_a large_a and_o fine_a surplice_n a_o fair_a communion_n cup_n a_o flagon_n of_o silver_n or_o pewter_n with_o all_o other_o thing_n and_o ornament_n necessary_a for_o the_o celebration_n of_o divine_a service_n and_o administration_n of_o the_o sacrament_n and_o whether_o have_v you_o a_o chest_n for_o alm_n with_o three_o lock_n and_o key_n and_o another_o chest_n for_o keep_v the_o book_n and_o ornament_n of_o the_o church_n and_o the_o register_n book_n have_v you_o a_o register_n book_n in_o parchment_n book_n ●●gister_fw-la book_n for_o christen_n wedding_n and_o burial_n and_o be_v the_o same_o keep_v in_o all_o point_n according_a to_o the_o canon_n and_o have_v you_o a_o table_n set_v in_o your_o church_n of_o the_o degree_n wherein_o by_o law_n man_n be_v prohibit_v to_o marry_v use_n ●…parations_n church_n use_v parsonage_n use_n 3_o item_n whether_o be_v your_o church_n or_o chapel_n with_o the_o chancel_n thereof_o and_o your_o parsonage_n or_o vicarage_n house_n in_o good_a reparation_n if_o any_o be_v ruinate_v and_o waste_v in_o who_o be_v the_o default_n be_v your_o church_n chancel_n and_o chapel_n decent_o and_o comely_o keep_v aswell_o within_o as_o without_o and_o be_v the_o seat_n well_o maintain_v the_o steeple_n and_o bell_n preserve_v the_o window_n well_o glaze_v the_o floor_n keep_v pave_v plain_a and_o even_o church_n ●…eping_v clean_a church_n and_o all_o thing_n in_o orderly_a and_o decent_a sort_n without_o dust_n or_o any_o thing_n that_o may_v be_v either_o noisome_a or_o unseemly_a for_o the_o house_n of_o god_n as_o be_v prescribe_v in_o the_o 85._o canon_n ●…hurchyard_n ●…ncing_v and_o ●…eping_v the_o ●…hurchyard_n 4_o item_n whether_o be_v your_o churchyard_n well_o fence_v and_o keep_v without_o abuse_n if_o not_o who_o default_n be_v it_o have_v any_o person_n encroach_v upon_o the_o ground_n of_o the_o churchyard_n have_v any_o use_v a_o place_n consecrate_v to_o holy_a use_n profane_o or_o wicked_o have_v any_o quarrel_v or_o strike_v another_o in_o church_n or_o churchyard_n churchyard_n ●…ophaning_v ●…d_a annoy_v ●…e_a churchyard_n have_v any_o annoy_v your_o churchyard_n or_o the_o fence_n thereof_o by_o put_v in_o of_o cattle_n by_o hang_v of_o clothes_n or_o by_o lay_v there_o any_o dust_n dung_n or_o other_o filthiness_n vacant_a church_n vacant_a 5_o item_n whether_o be_v your_o church_n full_a or_o vacant_a of_o a_o incumbent_n if_o vacant_a who_o receive_v the_o fruit_n thereof_o and_o who_o serve_v the_o cure_n and_o by_o what_o authority_n and_o whether_o be_v it_o a_o parsonage_n vicarage_n or_o donative_n or_o appropriation_n good_n onceal_v of_o church_n good_n 6_o item_n what_o legacy_n have_v be_v give_v to_o the_o use_n and_o benefit_n of_o your_o church_n how_o have_v they_o be_v bestow_v who_o receive_v they_o and_o detain_v they_o without_o due_a employment_n do_v any_o detain_v or_o embezzle_v any_o of_o the_o church_n good_n or_o any_o other_o gift_n give_v to_o charitable_a use_n 7_o item_n whether_o have_v any_o in_o your_o parish_n deface_v recusant_n deface_v o●_n seemly_a or●ments_n bury_v of_o p●pish_a recusant_n or_o cause_v to_o be_v deface_v any_o monument_n or_o ornament_n in_o your_o church_n 8_o item_n whether_o have_v any_o popish_a recusant_n be_v lawful_o excommunicate_v be_v inter_v or_o bury_v in_o your_o church_n or_o church-yard_n before_o absolution_n of_o that_o censure_n and_o excommunication_n if_o yea_o then_o by_o who_o and_o when_o 9_o jtem_n whether_o be_v not_o the_o profit_n tithe_n church_n alienation_n o●_n tithe_n and_o profit_n of_o th●_n church_n and_o other_o commodity_n ecclesiastical_a impious_o and_o wicked_o to_o the_o dishonour_n of_o almighty_a god_n and_o prejudice_n of_o the_o sacred_a ministry_n convert_v to_o the_o use_n and_o benefit_n of_o covetous_a patron_n and_o by_o they_o receive_v and_o detain_v and_o how_o long_o have_v they_o be_v so_o use_v to_o your_o knowledge_n 10_o jtem_n whether_o have_v you_o the_o terrier_n of_o all_o the_o gleab-land_n church_n a_o terrier_n o●_n glebe_n land_n and_o other_o possession_n the_o church_n meadow_n garden_n orchyard_n house_n stock_n implement_n tenement_n and_o portion_n of_o tithe_n whether_o within_o your_o parish_n or_o without_o belong_v to_o your_o parsonage_n or_o vicarage_n take_v by_o the_o view_n of_o honest_a man_n in_o your_o say_a parish_n and_o whether_o the_o say_a terrier_n be_v lay_v up_o in_o the_o bishop_n registrie_n and_o in_o who_o hand_n be_v any_o of_o they_o now_o and_o if_o you_o have_v no_o terrier_n already_o make_v in_o parchment_n you_o the_o churchwarden_n and_o sideman_n together_o with_o your_o parson_n or_o vicar_n or_o in_o his_o absence_n your_o curate_n be_v to_o make_v diligent_a enquiry_n and_o presentment_n of_o the_o premise_n and_o make_v subscribe_v and_o sign_n the_o say_a terrier_n as_o aforesaid_a article_n concern_v minister_n and_o preacher_n of_o god_n holy_a word_n first_o whether_o be_v your_o minister_n parson_n vicar_n or_o curate_n minister_n degree_n of_o minister_n a_o graduate_n in_o either_o of_o the_o university_n or_o no_o if_o yea_o then_o of_o what_o degree_n be_v he_o a_o public_a preacher_n of_o god_n word_n and_o by_o who_o be_v he_o so_o license_v 2_o item_n whether_o do_v your_o minister_n distinct_o and_o reverent_o say_v divine_a service_n upon_o sunday_n and_o holiday_n sacrament_n observation_n of_o the_o form_n and_o time_n of_o common_a pray●…_n and_o sacrament_n &_o other_o day_n appoint_v to_o be_v observe_v by_o the_o book_n of_o common_a prayer_n as_o wednesday_n and_o friday_n and_o the_o eaves_n of_o every_o sunday_n and_o holiday_n at_o fit_a and_o usual_a time_n and_o do_v your_o minister_n due_o observe_v the_o order_n rite_n and_o ceremony_n prescribe_v in_o the_o say_a book_n of_o common_a prayer_n as_o well_o in_o read_v all_o public_a prayer_n and_o the_o litany_n as_o also_o in_o administer_a the_o sacrament_n solemnisation_n of_o matrimony_n visitation_n of_o the_o sick_a bury_v the_o dead_a church_v of_o woman_n and_o all_o other_o like_o rite_n and_o office_n of_o the_o church_n in_o such_o manner_n &_o form_n as_o in_o the_o say_a book_n of_o common_a prayer_n be_v enjoin_v without_o omission_n or_o addition_n of_o any_o thing_n and_o do_v he_o read_v the_o book_n of_o the_o last_o canon_n yearly_a ●…rplice_n continual_a ●ating_v of_o the_o ●…rplice_n 3_o jtem_n whether_o do_v your_o minister_n both_o morning_n and_o evening_n read_v divine_a service_n and_o administer_a the_o sacrament_n and_o other_o rite_n of_o the_o church_n wear_v the_o surplice_n according_a to_o the_o canon_n and_o do_v he_o never_o omit_v wear_v of_o the_o same_o at_o such_o time_n rite_n observation_n 〈◊〉_d rite_n 4_o jtem_n whether_o do_v your_o minister_n bid_v holiday_n and_o fasting-day_n as_o be_v appoint_v do_v he_o administer_v the_o holy_a communion_n every_o month_n or_o thrice_o in_o the_o year_n at_o least_o whereof_o once_o at_o easter_n to_o every_o parishioner_n do_v he_o receive_v the_o same_o himself_o on_o every_o day_n that_o he_o administer_v it_o to_o other_o and_o use_v the_o word_n of_o institution_n according_a