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A41715 A new way of reading the Bible according to the three Norfolk clergy-men, those champions against the Quakers. Edward Beekham, D.D. and rector of Gayten-Thorpe. Henry Meriton, rector of Oxborough. Lancaster Topcliffe, L.B. sometimes Sen. Fell. of Gon. and Caius College, Cambridge. Norfolk. Gouldney, Henry, 1656 or 7-1725. 1699 (1699) Wing G1449; ESTC R217423 1,710 3 View Text
B03294 Reflections upon a passage concerning the light within, in a book entituled, Primitive heresie, &c. / by Edmund Elys. Elys, Edmund, ca. 1634-ca. 1707. 1698 (1698) Wing E687A; ESTC R221228 1,918 4 View Text
A24629 An account of severall things that passed between His Sacred Majesty and Richard Hubberthorne Quaker on the fourth of June 1660 After the delivery of George Fox his letter to the King. Hubberthorn, Richard, 1628-1662. 1660 (1660) Wing A222A; ESTC R214806 3,466 14 View Text
A93309 The unskillful skirmisher rebuked for blasphemy being a brief answer to to a pamphlet entituled, A skirmish made upon Quakerism. Sixmith, Bryan, d. 1679. 1676 (1676) Wing S3924; ESTC R229399 3,659 7 View Text
A44846 Something that lately passed in discourse between the King and R.H. published to prevent the mistakes and errors in a copy lately printed contrary to the knowledge or intention of the party concerned ... therefore it was thought convenient for the removing of errors and mistakes to be reprinted in a more true form and order for the satisfaction of others [by] R. H. Hubberthorn, Richard, 1628-1662.; Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685. 1660 (1660) Wing H3235; ESTC R29444 3,714 10 View Text
A30015 A just rebuke to several calumnies, lyes & slanders reported against Thomas Budd Budd, Thomas, 1648-1699. 1692 (1692) Wing B5359; ESTC R2800 3,777 8 View Text
A30013 An expostulation with Thomas Lloyd, Samuell Jenings, and the rest of the twenty eight unjust judges and signers of the paper of condemnation against George Keith and the rest of his Friends, and complaint for a publick hearing and tryal before all impartial people Budd, Thomas, 1648-1699. 1692 (1692) Wing B5357; ESTC R2874 4,925 9 View Text
A81196 The reading Quakers vindicated from false aspersions; shewing that unneighbourly proceedings is no testimony of Christianity or real Quakers, but destructive to Christian society Curtis, Thomas, 17th cent. 1696 (1696) Wing C7691A; ESTC R231362 5,286 8 View Text
A40006 Some seasonable considerations to the young men & women who in this day of tryal are made willing to offer up themselves, estates or liberty, and suffer reproaches, with other hard usages in the streets of this city, and elsewhere, to bear a testimony for the life, light and truth of Jesus Christ and to all who make a profession of the same, this in the tender love of God is written / by Mary Forster. Forster, Mary, 1619?-1686. 1684 (1684) Wing F1604; ESTC R10778 6,261 14 View Text
A47132 George Keith's Complaint against the Quakers: or, An answer to the Quakers complaint against George Keith humbly presented to the clergy of the Church of England. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1700 (1700) Wing K155; ESTC R216623 6,858 11 View Text
A31340 A relation of some of the most material matters that passed in a publick dispute at Thriploe in Cambridgeshire the 15th day of the 2d month 1676 between Francis Holdcraft and Joseph Odde his assistant, both Presbyterian priests, on the one party, and Samuel Cater with some others of the Friends of truth called Quakers Cater, Samuel, d. 1711.; Holcroft, Francis, 1629?-1693.; Odde, Joseph.; Webb, John, 17th cent.; Baker, Jacob. 1676 (1676) Wing C1488; ESTC R29185 7,064 9 View Text
A44150 To all who desire satisfaction in the case of oathes shewing how far under the law it was lawful to swear, and how that in any case under the Gospel it is forbidden / by William Holgate. Holgate, William, fl. 1683-1686. 1683 (1683) Wing H2416; ESTC R10810 7,184 13 View Text
A25349 A call to all bishops and others who are zealous for the Book of Common Prayer (for which I have been also sometimes zealous) by way of remembrance : now to come to the way of the Quakers to the grace of God ... / J.A. Anderdon, John, 1624?-1685. 1670 (1670) Wing A3080; ESTC R23632 8,288 16 View Text
B03450 The Christianity of the people called Quakers asserted, by George Keith: in answer to a sheet, called, A serious call to the Quakers, &c. Attested by eight priests of the Church of England ... and affirmed by George Keith, or the new sworn deacon. Field, John, 1652-1723. 1700 (1700) Wing F861B; ESTC R177039 9,400 1 View Text
A30036 Quakerism anatomiz'd, by a charge against the Quakers, with a challenge to Richard Ashby, one of their teachers, to come forth in their vindication Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? 1694 (1694) Wing B5384; ESTC R9143 9,544 12 View Text
A47175 A serious call to the Quakers inviting them to return to Christianity Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1700 (1700) Wing K206; ESTC R221353 9,686 4 View Text
A47176 A serious dialogue betwixt a church-man and a Quaker Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1699 (1699) Wing K207; ESTC R26829 10,201 18 View Text
A47158 A looking-glass for all those called Protestants in these three nations Wherein they may see, who are true Protestants, and who are degenerated and gone from the testimony and doctrine of the antient Protestants. And hereby it is made to appear, that the people, called in derision Quakers, are true (yea the truest) Protestants, because their testimony agreeth with the testimony of the antient Protestants in the most weighty things wherein the Lord called them forth in that day. Particularly, with the testimony and doctrine of William Tindal, who is called a worthy martyr, and principal teacher of the Church of England;faithfully collected out of his works. By George Keith. Keith, George, 1639?-1716.; Tyndale, William, d. 1536. 1674 (1674) Wing K180; ESTC R218561 10,288 42 View Text
A42157 The baptist not Babylonish, or The Quakers tongue no slander Being a brief reply to a foolish and scandalous pamphlet called the Babylonish baptist. Written by G.W. a Quaker-teacher. Wherein his malice, insolence, and ignorance is discovered and detected. And a book lately published, intituled, Light from the sun of righteousness, is vindicated from those pretended contradictions, and groundless cavils made against it. H.G. Grigg, Henry. 1672 (1672) Wing G2021A; ESTC R219909 10,599 32 View Text
A64909 A just reprehension to John Norris of Newton St. Loe, for his unjust reflection on the Quakers in his book, entituled, Reflections upon the conduct of human life, &c together with his false representation of their principle of the light, in his postscript, wherein he opposes it to his notion of the divine ... ideal world, as he terms it, his confusion and self-contradiction therein manifested, and the doctrine and principle of the Quakers thereby cleared from his abuse ... / by Richard Vickris. Vickris, Richard, d. 1700. 1691 (1691) Wing V339; ESTC R10757 11,419 16 View Text
A54243 Truth further clear'd from mistakes being two chapters out of the book entituled, Primitive Christianity reviv'd : plainly acknowledging the benefit accruing by the death and suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of mankind, together with a comparison of the principles of the people called Quakers, and the perversions of their opposers, by way of postscript / by W.P.; Primitive Christianity reviv'd. Selections Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1698 (1698) Wing P1391; ESTC R33341 12,151 50 View Text
A30017 A true copy of three judgments given forth by a party of men, called Quakers at Philadelphia, against George Keith and his friends with two answers to the said judgments. Budd, Thomas, 1648-1699. 1692 (1692) Wing B5361; ESTC R1869 12,205 17 View Text
A47129 The causeless ground of surmises, jealousies and unjust offences removed, in a full clearing of faithful Friends, and a sober vindication of my innocency, and the Friends concerned with me in relation to the late religious differences and breaches among some of the people called Quakers in America. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1694 (1694) Wing K149; ESTC R1482 14,639 18 View Text
A46631 The Quakers subterfuge or evasion over-turned In the vindication of the late narrative, concerning the memorable hand of God against a Quaker, and his family, in the county of Lincoln. Wherein the unchristianlike dealings of the Quakers in their late book, entituled The anabaptists lying wonder detected, with an admonition to all Christians to beware of their delusions: with some antiqueries to John Whitehead, about his pretence to the ministery, and the state of the Quakers congregations. James, Ralph, 17th cent.; Whitehead, John, 1630-1696. 1672 (1672) Wing J433; ESTC R218748 17,609 26 View Text
A42713 A false witness examin'd and rebuk'd, and the stedfast, sincere obedience of the people called Quakers, unto Christ Jesus, their souls captain bishop and high-priest, asserted and vindicated : being an answer to a book, entituled, A declaration concerning the people called Quakers, &c., given forth by I know not who, there is subscribed to the said book, Christidulus Ecclestion, but whether this be the name of the author, or only a feigned name, is a question but I do not know the author by that name, nor do I hear of any that doth, neither did I ever know any man or woman by that name / by ... Wilson Gibson. Gibson, William, 1629-1684. 1674 (1674) Wing G683; ESTC R9682 18,480 20 View Text
A30542 Some of the principles of the Quakers (scornfully so called by men) vindicated and proved sound and true and according to the Scriptures in oposition to the false charges and lying reports given forth against the truth in two printed books put forth by one Philip Taverner, a supposed minister of the Gospel in Middlesex near Vxbridge ... / by Edw. Burrough. Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. 1658 (1658) Wing B6024; ESTC R28519 19,009 24 View Text
A27232 The Quakers challenge made to the Norfolk clergy, or, A relation of a conference between some clergy-men of the Church of England and some Quakers held (on the 8th of December 1698 in West-Dereham Church) in the county of Norfolk : together with those letters which passed between them in order thereunto : to which is added a certificate relateing to the challenge. Beckham, Edward, 1637 or 8-1714.; Meriton, Henry, d. 1707.; Topcliffe, Lancaster, 1646 or 7-1720. 1699 (1699) Wing B1654; ESTC R27616 19,882 30 View Text
A36217 The second part of An apostate-conscience exposed being an answer to a scurrilous pamphlet, dated the 11th of April, 1699. Written and published, by F. Bugg, intituled, Jezabel withstood, and her daughter Ann Docwra reproved for her lies and lightness, in her book, stiled, An apostate conscience exposed, &c. By Ann Docwra.; Apostate conscience exposed. Part 2. Docwra, Anne, 1624-1710. 1700 (1700) Wing D1780; ESTC R214990 20,559 50 View Text
A85147 The ranters principles & deceits discovered and declared against, denied and disowned by us whom the world cals Quakers. With a discovery of the mistery of the crosse of Christ. And a discovery of the true light and the false, with their wayes, worships, natures, properties and effects. &c. A vindication for the truth against the deceit. to clear the truth, of scandalls written for simple ones sake, that desire to know the truth as it is in Jesus. R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. 1655 (1655) Wing F501; Thomason E830_14; ESTC R207442 21,296 22 View Text
A65534 A brief and modest reply to Mr. Penn's tedious, scurrilous and unchristian defence against the Bishop of Cork Wettenhall, Edward, 1636-1713. 1699 (1699) Wing W1489; ESTC R38532 21,311 30 View Text
A51023 Mr. George Keiths reasons for renouncing Quakerism, and entering into communion with the Church of England with other remarkable occurrences that will be acceptable to all orthodox Christians, of every persuasion. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1700 (1700) Wing M2265A; ESTC R32938 22,833 38 View Text
A41273 A defence of An apology for the people called Quakers being in answer to a book entituled Quakerism exposed, or, Some papers deliver'd to the King and Parliament / by John Field. Field, John, 1652-1723.; Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? Quakerism exposed.; Field, John, 1652-1723. An apology for the people called Quakers. 1699 (1699) Wing F863; ESTC R29523 23,207 40 View Text
A62157 Some queries proposed, to the monethly meeting of the Quakers at Aberdeen; the sixth day of June, 1700. By Robert Sandilands With their answers thereto; together with some remarks thereupon. Published by authority. To which is prefixed a letter from George Keith, sent to the Quakers in Aberdeen, containing a very serious and Christian expostulation with his old friends, &c. Sandilands, Robert.; Keith, George, 1639?-1716. aut 1700 (1700) Wing S663; ESTC R220626 23,403 36 View Text
A70229 The Quakers appeal answer'd, or, A full relation of the occasion, progress, and issue of a meeting held in Barbican the 28th of August last past wherein the allegations of William Pen in two books lately published by him against Thomas Hicks, were answered and disproved, and Tho. Hicks, his quotations out of the Quakers own books attested by several as being appeal'd unto. Hicks, Thomas, 17th cent.; Kiffin, William, 1616-1701. 1674 (1674) Wing H1924; ESTC R2772 24,153 49 View Text
A75872 An answer to a book, titled, Quakers principles quaking: subscribed by the name of one Ralph Hale, with an epistle (so called) to the reader, subscribed with the name of one Zachariah Crofton. A principle of darkness, deceit, and confusion in Ralph Hale, and his fellow labourer in Sathans work Zachariah Crofton, is discovered by the Quakers principle, and the Quakers principle doth stand against the power of darkness, and all the false principles in the world, them to discover and lay open. The book was said to be modestly propounded by Ralph Hale, but in it I found so many lies, slanders, and false accusations, with confused, vain, and frivolous words, as many of them is not worth mentioning; yet, lest the author should boast in his mischief, I shall lay down somthing in answer to some few of them, in respect of the number of them. / A servant to the least in the houshold of faith, and the lest amonst his brethren, whose name in the flesh is William Adamson. Addamson, William, 17th cent. 1656 (1656) Wing A501; Thomason E897_3; ESTC R206690 24,865 37 View Text
A65854 The Christianity of the people commonly called Quakers vindicated from antichristian opposition sincerely tendered in behalf of the aforesaid people and their ancient friends by some of them. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1690 (1690) Wing W1912; ESTC R27067 25,012 34 View Text
A54085 The people called Quakers cleared by Geo. Keith from the false doctrines charged upon them by G. Keith and his self-contradictions laid open in the ensuing citations out of his books / by John Penington. Penington, John, 1655-1710.; Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. Postscript. 1696 (1696) Wing P1229; Wing P1230; ESTC R40279 25,467 55 View Text
A48937 Quakerism no paganism: or, A friendly reply to W.R. his unfriendly discourse intituled, Quakerism is paganism Shewing the insufficiency of what he hath written to unchristian the Quakers, and to render them as heathens and pagans to the people By W.L. a lover of peace more than of parties. Loddington, William, 1626?-1711. 1674 (1674) Wing L2805; ESTC R216893 25,726 71 View Text
A47149 Gross error and hypocrisie detected in George Whitehead and some of his brethern as doth appear from the disingenuous and hypocritical answer he and some others have given to some queries sent to the last Yearly Meeting of the people call'd Quakers, in the third month, 1695, by comparing the said answer with the printed books of the said George Whitehead, William Pemn, and John Whitehead, leading men in the said Meeting, wherein the great inconistency and contradiction of their present late answer to the express words and sentiments of their printed books is discovered : with a further account of their vile and pernicious errours / by George Keith. Keith, George, 1639?-1716.; Lancaster, William, 1650-1717.; Gratton, John, 1641-1712. 1695 (1695) Wing K172; ESTC R3387 26,885 44 View Text
A57809 The Quakers refuge fixed upon the rock of ages, though the swelling waters dash never so violently to overturn it wherein is prov'd, that the narrative of Ralph James is an absolute lying-wonder, according to his own definition : and also, the great controversie between the people of God called Quakers, and others, about the holy spirit of God and the Scriptures, truly stated, and very briefly discoursed, as it is owned by the Quakers, and the truth cleared from the false suggestions and deceitful insinuatins of the anabaptists about the said controversie : in answer to a subtil pamphlet, lately published, intituled, The Quakers subterfuge or evasion overturned : also a few queries propounded unto Ralph James, and the author of the subterfuge &c. / by Robert Ruckhill ; to which is added another postscript in answer to some queries propounded in the said pamphlet, wherein many untruths are suggested ; but herein the truth is cleared, and the evasion and deceit of the Baptists made more fully manifest by John Whitehead. Ruckhill, Robert.; Whitehead, John, 1630-1696. 1673 (1673) Wing R2169; ESTC R21457 28,153 51 View Text
A50497 A brief narrative of the second meeting between the people called Quakers and Baptists at the Meeting-place, near Wheeler-street, London, the 16th of the 8th moneth, 167[4] / published for information by W.M. ... [et al.] Mead, William, 1628-1713.; Hicks, Thomas, 17th cent. 1674 (1674) Wing M1565A; ESTC R29521 29,398 72 View Text
A89827 An answer to the booke called The perfect Pharisee under monkish holinesse: wherein is layd open, who they are that oppose the fundamentall principles of the doctrine of the Gospel, and the scripture practises, which the authors of that book would cast upon those they call Quakers, but are found to be themselves; who appear to be no ministers of the Gospel, but walke contrary to all that ever Christ sent forth in the scripture, scorning them who live the life of the scriptures, or are brought into the obedience of the same spirit. Published for no other end but to cleare the truth from the slanders of these men, who thereby goe about to deceive the simple, and keep them off from obedience to the truth. By one whom the world calls, James Nayler. Naylor, James, 1617?-1660. 1654 (1654) Wing N261; Thomason E735_2; ESTC R206955 29,772 36 View Text
A65842 A brief discovery of the dangerous principles of John Horne (a priest in Lin) and Thomas Moore junior both teachers of the people called Mooreians or Manifestarians, (and called by some free-willers or independants.) In answer to their book called A brief discovery of the people called Quakers, and a warning to all people to beware of them and of their dangerous principles, &c. Which book is a false narrative of two disputes, the one which they had with John Whitehead at Gedney in Lincoln-shire, and the other with Geo. Whitehead and Geo. Fox the younger, at Lin in Norfolke, both in the seventh moneth, 1659. Also priest Horns testimony against his brethren the priests. This is to go amonst the professors in England in discovery of the truth; ... By the truth which is in George Whitehead. John Whitehead. George Fox the younger. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723.; Whitehead, John, 1630-1696. aut; Fox, George, d. 1661. aut 1659 (1659) Wing W1896; ESTC R220960 30,510 44 View Text
A47188 The true copy of a paper given in to the yearly meeting of the people called Quakers at their meeting-place in Grace-Church-street, Lonon, 15 day of the 3d. month 1695. By George Keith, which was read by him in the said meeting, by their allowance. With a brief narrative of the most material passages of discourse betwixt George White-head, Charles Marshal, and George Keith, the said day, and the day following, betwixt George White-head, William Penn, and Francis Canfield on the one side, and George Keith on the other; ... Together with a short list of some of the vile and gross errors of George Whitehead, John Whitehead, William Penn, their chief ministers, and now having the greatest sway among them (being of the same sort and nature with the gross errors charged on some in Pensilvania) most apparently opposite to the fundamental doctrines of the Christian religion ... And a proposition to VVilliam Penn, to prove his charge, that G.K. is an apostate. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1695 (1695) Wing K220; ESTC R220379 30,855 34 View Text
A65869 Innocency triumphant over insolency and outrage of a self-condemned apostate in answer to Francis Bugg's most abusive and scandalous book, falsely stiled, New Rome arraigned &c., and in defence of the Christian testimony of G. Whitehead and eleven witnesses against the great defamation of perjury and pillory, unjustly cast upon them by the said F.B. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1693 (1693) Wing W1935; ESTC R24554 30,940 100 View Text
A54742 Proteus redivivus, or, The turner of Turners-Hall truly represented and the abuses and falsehoods of George Keith's fourth narrative, so far as they concern the author, examin'd and detected / by Daniel Phillips. Phillips, Daniel, d. 1748. 1700 (1700) Wing P2063; ESTC R32295 31,113 43 View Text
A32898 An old apostate justly exposed his treachery to the Holy God, his truth and people manifested, his great wickedness and uncleanness (which, by false covers, he has endeavoured to hide) laid open to the shame of him, and all his abettors : in a short answer, or some brief remarks, upon a very scandalous book lately published, stiled, The spirit of Quakerism, and the danger of their divine revelation laid open, subscribed, Henry Winder : also the nameless publisher therof, as justly reprehended for his enmity and great malice, in abusing an innocent people, by heaps of most gross lies, slanders, base insinuations and inferences, frothy and scurrilous scoffs and taunts, so void of Christianity, that probably no man, with a name, would undertake / by Thomas Camm. Camm, Thomas, 1641-1707. 1698 (1698) Wing C396; ESTC R21826 31,372 63 View Text
A54213 The skirmisher defeated and truth defended being an answer to a pamphlet, entituled, A skirmish made upon Quakerism / by William Penn. Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1676 (1676) Wing P1364; ESTC R21605 31,443 43 View Text
A36212 An apostate-conscience exposed, and the miserable consequences thereof disclosed, for information and caution By an ancient woman, and lover of truth, and the sincere friends thereof, A.D. Docwra, Anne, 1624-1710. 1699 (1699) Wing D1777A; ESTC R222630 32,446 69 View Text
A43234 The spirit of the Quakers tried, according to that discovery it hath made of it self in their great prophet and patriarch, George Fox, in his book titled, The great mystery of the great whore, &c. in an epistle to the said Quakers, but especially to the honest hearted amongst them ... : also, the judgment and sentence is pronounced by George Fox himself against himself and party in the persons of his adversaries / by a lover of truth and men. Hedworth, Henry. 1672 (1672) Wing H1352; ESTC R6264 33,758 47 View Text
A85149 The Scriptures vindication against the Scotish contradictors. By one John Stalham, and as he saith, preacher of the Gospel at Edenborough in Scotland. And the other tiled [sic], A serious review of some principles of the Quakers; wherein error is discovered, and truth defended; by P.E. and written with a pen at Edenborough, printed in the year 1655, and a written name, as if it were the printer called Peter English, but no printed name; and thus they shuffle, but laid open to their shame, and truth in this short answer is defended and cleared, and their errour is discovered, and they ensnared. Who both have manifested their contradictions both to the Scriptures, and their own writings, and so have not the people which they call Quakers. / Published by a servant of the Lord Jesus, in Yorkeshire in England, known to the world by the name of Richard Farneworth. R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. 1655 (1655) Wing F503; Thomason E854_9; ESTC R202120 34,303 40 View Text
A44841 The Quakers house built upon the rock Christ Wherein neither their doctrines, principles, nor practices can be confounded, not disproved; being neither damnable, nor pernitious. As Samuel Hammond hath falsly affirmed in his book called, The Quakers house built upon the sand: or, a discovery of the damnablenes of their pernitious doctrins, in his answer to G.W. which to prove, he lays down seven grounds of delusion, and five arguments of damnable doctrine. But in this answer his seven grounds is proved false in themselves, ...; and his five arguments is proved to be his own false positions, ... as first, he lays down false positions, and then proves them false; and then boasts, as if he had proved our doctrines or principles false: the truth of which is herein clearly made manifest, and wherein he falsly accuseth us, he is justly guilty himselfe. Also the ten fundamentall principles or doctrines of the hireling priest-hood, ... By a servant to the Church of Christ, ... Richard Hubberthorne. ... Hubberthorn, Richard, 1628-1662. 1659 (1659) Wing H3227A; ESTC R221606 34,515 47 View Text
A47156 The light of truth triumphing over darkness and ignorance, error and envy manifested in Robert Gordoun's late pretended testimony to the true Saviour : wherein every one whose eye is open may see his seat, and who have salt in themselves may favour his words, work and spirit and discern his deceitful dealing by smitting the innocent in secret, yet not with that subtilty which is able to cover in this day wherein light is manifesting the works of darkness : so, the Devil was here deficient but envy slays the foolish man : given forth in the 2 moneth 1670 / by George Keith, & G. White-head. Keith, George, 1639?-1716.; Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723.; Gordon, Robert, fl. 1669-1675. Testimony to the true Saviour. 1670 (1670) Wing K179; ESTC R2048 34,830 44 View Text
A33507 The whore unvailed, or, The mistery of the deceit of the Church of Rome revealed being a brief answer to a book entituled, the reconciler of religions, or, A decider of all controversies in matters of faith, written by a professed Roman Catholick who subscribes his name A.S. in which he endeavoured to prove the Church of Rome to be the true church ... / by a servant of the Lord, Josiah Coale ; whereunto is added the 14th Chap. of A.S. his book in which he declares the Protestant ... not to be true preachers ... Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668. 1665 (1665) Wing C4760; ESTC R37745 41,902 55 View Text
A29128 The conviction of James Naylor and his black spirit demonstrated from his own confessions, lyes, evasions, and contradictions in the maine points of doctrine by him held forth against the truth in answer to a book of his called Wickednesse weighed : the which was writt in answer to a little treatise called The Quakers quaking principles examined and refuted, written by Ellis Bradshavv ... / written by Ellis Bradshavve. Bradshaw, Ellis. 1656 (1656) Wing B4140; ESTC R37455 43,826 56 View Text
A54196 Primitive Christianity revived in the faith and practice of the people called Quakers written, in testimony to the present dispensation of God, through them, to the world, that prejudices may be removed, the simple informed, the well-enclined encouraged, and the truth and its innocent Friends, rightly represented / by William Penn. Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1696 (1696) Wing P1342; ESTC R15209 43,826 145 View Text
A28899 A defence of the Scriptures, and the Holy Spirit speaking in them, as the chiefe iudge of controversies of faith ... with a vindication of that honour due to magistrates, ministers, and others ... in a relation of a disputation at Chesterfield in the county of Darby, between some ministers of the Gospell and James Naylor, an erring Quaker ... : with some animadversions upon a lying relation of that disputation, published by Iames Nayler / by Immanuel Bourne ... Bourne, Immanuel, 1590-1672. 1656 (1656) Wing B3852; ESTC R23281 45,977 64 View Text
A47167 A refutation of three opposers of truth by plain evidence of the holy Scripture, viz. I. Of Pardon Tillinghast, who pleadeth for water-baptism, its being a Gospel-precept, and opposeth Christ within, as a false Christ. To which is added, something concerning the Supper, &c. II. Of B. Keech, in his book called, A tutor for children, where he disputeth against the sufficiency of the light within, in order of salvation; and calleth Christ in the heart, a false Christ in the secret chamber. II. Of Cotton Mather, who in his appendix to his book, called, Memorable providences, relating to witchcrafts, &c. doth so weakly defend his father Increase Mather from being justly chargeable with abusing the honest people called Quakers, that he doth the more lay open his fathers nakedness; and beside the abuses and injuries that his father had cast upon that people, C. Mather, the son, addeth new abuses of his own. And a few words of a letter to John Cotton, called a minister, at Plymouth in New England. By George Keith. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1690 (1690) Wing K199; ESTC W21703 49,228 77 View Text
A62900 The principles of the Papists by which their leaders put them upon bloody and treacherous practices, plainly demonstrated by the Scriptures to be most erroneous and wicked. And a few better principles briefly laid down, for them (or others) to meditate on, tending to a peaceable life among men, &c. And also a few quæries left them last of all, to satisfie their consciences in. Partly for the sakes of those among them whose consciences have some tenderness in them, and are not quite feared: partly also for those who through ignorance are too much inclining to them. Also there may be some service of these things to others. By a lover of truth, mercifulness, plain-heartedness, humility and fidelity, W. T. Tomlinson, William. 1679 (1679) Wing T1850; ESTC R221759 49,364 105 View Text
A47142 George Keith's explications of divers passages contained in his former books as also his free and open retractations of sundry other passages contained in the same, which may at present suffice for a reply to the late, as well as former books of Tho. Elwood, and John Penington, published against me, in respect of the most material things. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1697 (1697) Wing K163; ESTC R18950 49,736 50 View Text
A59958 William Penn and the Quakers either impostors, or apostates which they please: proved from their avowed principles, and contrary practices. By Trepidantium Malleus. Shewen, William, 1631?-1695. 1696 (1696) Wing S3427A; ESTC R221166 53,999 145 View Text
A47121 The anti-Christs and Sadduces detected among a sort of Quakers, or, Caleb Pusie of Pensilvania and John Pennington, with his brethren of the second days meeting at London called Quakers, proved antichrists and Sadduces out of a said book lately published by them called A modest account of the principal differences in point of doctrine betwixt George Keith and those of the people called Quakers in Pensilvania &c. : being an answer to the said book ... : with some few remarks on John Pennington's late book entitled The people called Quakers cleared &c. and Geo. Whitehead his postscript ...: and a postscript ... / by George Keith. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1696 (1696) Wing K138; ESTC R179313 54,978 49 View Text
A65873 The light and life of Christ within and the extent and efficacy thereof demonstrated. And the Quakers principles justified by the scriptures of truth, the doctrine of Christ and his Apostles, from the false and blasphemous constructions put upon them by William Burnet, in his book, stiled, The captial principles of the people called Quakers : herein the rest of the Baptists that own him may see, his antichristian spirit and doctrines detected ... / by ... G. Whitehead. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1668 (1668) Wing W1941; ESTC R20094 56,660 72 View Text
A54931 Truth vindicated and the lyars refuge swept away being an answer to a book set forth by Thomas Collier called A looking-glasse for Quakers, and also to some particulars in a book of his called A dialogue &c. : wherein the truth is cleared from those slanders ... : also an answer to his queries in the end of the book ... : together with an epistle to the people called Baptists ... / published by ... John Pitman, Jasper Batt. Pitman, John, d. 1658?; Batt, Jasper, d. 1702. 1658 (1658) Wing P2299; ESTC R28442 57,250 71 View Text
A30041 The Quakers set in their true light in order to give the nations a clear sight of what they hold concerning Jesus of Nazareth, the Scripture, water baptism, the Lords Supper, magistracy, ministry laws and government / historically collected out of their most approved authors, which are their best continuing books from the year of their rise, 1650 to the year of their progress 1696 by Francis Bugg, senior. Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? 1696 (1696) Wing B5389; ESTC R29140 57,509 61 View Text
A57953 Quakerism is paganism, by W.L.'s confession; in a book directed to Mr. N.L. citizen of London: or, Twelve of the Quakers opinions, called by W.L. The twelve pagan principles, or opinions; for which the Quakers are opposed to Christians examined and presented to William Penn. By W. R. a lover of Christianity. Russel, William, d. 1702.; Roberts, Daniel, 1658-1727. aut 1674 (1674) Wing R2358; ESTC R219761 57,659 96 View Text
A54129 A defence of a paper, entituled, Gospel-truths against the exceptions of the Bishop of Cork's testimony by W. Penn Penn, William, 1644-1718.; Penn, William, 1644-1718. Gospel-truths. aut; Wettenhall, Edward, 1636-1713. Testimony of the Bishop of Cork. aut 1698 (1698) Wing P1274; ESTC R218266 58,772 142 View Text
A40076 Dirt wipt off, or, A manifest discovery of the gross ignorance, erroneousness and most unchristian and wicked spirit of one John Bunyan ... which he hath shewed in a vile pamphlet publish'd by him, against The design of Christianity ... Fowler, Edward, 1632-1714. 1672 (1672) Wing F1701; ESTC R8698 59,846 88 View Text
A85986 The libertine school'd, or A vindication of the magistrates power in religious matters. In ansvver to some fallacious quæries scattered about the city of Limrick, by a nameless author, about the 15th of December, 1656. And for detection of those mysterious designs so vigorously fomented, if not begun among us, by romish engineers, and Jesuitick emissaries, under notionall disguises ... (politicæ uti & ecclesiasticæ. axiom. Arabic.) Published, by Claudus Gilbert, B.D. and minister of the Gospel at Limrick in Ireland. Gilbert, Claudius, d. 1696? 1657 (1657) Wing G702; Thomason E923_4; ESTC R202210 61,982 75 View Text
A47174 A serious appeal to all the more sober, impartial & judicious people in New-England to whose hands this may come ... together with a vindication of our Christian faith ... / by George Keith. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1692 (1692) Wing K205; ESTC R33000 63,270 72 View Text
A69672 Baptism and the Lord's Supper substantially asserted being an apology in behalf of the people called Quakers, concerning those two heads / by Robert Barclay. Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690. 1696 (1696) Wing B742A; ESTC R20190 64,146 145 View Text
A52440 Two treatises concerning the divine light the first, being an answer to a letter of a learned Quaker, which he is pleased to call, A just reprehension to John Norris for his unjust reflections on the Quakers, in his book entituled, Reflections upon the conduct of human life, &c., the second, being a discourse concerning the grossness of the Quakers notion of the light within, with their confusion and inconsistency in explaining it / by John Norris ... Norris, John, 1657-1711.; Norris, John, 1657-1711. Grossness of the Quaker's principle. 1692 (1692) Wing N1276; ESTC R2996 64,661 150 View Text
A65888 A sober expostulation with some of the clergy against their pretended convert Francis Bugg his repeated gross abuse of the people called Quakers, in his books and pamphlets, viz., his New Rome arrainged, History of Quakerism, Second summons, Picture of Quakerism, and other pamphlets which may serve to invalidate the authority of the snake in the grass, as it refers to his books. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1697 (1697) Wing W1959; ESTC R20305 65,396 156 View Text
A65893 Truth and innocency vindicated and the people called Quakers defended in principle and practice, against invidious attempts and calumnies, being a just examination of two books against the said people, entituled, I. examined by G. Whitehead ... Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1699 (1699) Wing W1969; ESTC R20356 65,800 86 View Text
A76759 A rejoinder consisting of two parts, the first entituled, The ballance, or, A vindication of the proceedings and judgement of Parliament and their ministers, in the cases of William (called lord) Craven, Christopher Love. : From the scandalous allegations and ironical reflections of Ralph Farmer ... in a late infamous libel of his, named, The imposter dethron'd, etc. ... Wherein the Commonwealth's case as to the one is briefly stated, and the treasons of the other are rehearsed as a looking-glass for the priests, and an awakening to England. : The second, Evil scattered from the throne, and the wheel brought over the wicked: in an examination of that part of The imposter dethron'd as is in way of reply to The throne of truth exalted, etc. Bishop, George, d. 1668. 1658 (1658) Wing B3004A; ESTC R170664 67,249 93 View Text
A43749 A testimony to the true Jesus and the faith of him wherein the way of the people called Quakers is in meekness and righteousness summed and weighed, first in a general examen of their spirit and chief principles, after in a particular review of the same as it is distinctly set forth in a book of theirs, called, Love to the Lost : wherein are many things useful for the discerning of spirits in this hour of darkness and temptation / by T. Higgenson. Higgenson, Thomas. 1656 (1656) Wing H1950; ESTC R31109 71,988 85 View Text
A30029 A modest defence of my book entituled, Quakerism expos'd as also of my broad sheet : with a scheme of the Quakers yearly synod, and other books presented anno 1699 to the Parliament : and G. Whitehead's inside turn'd outward, by reprinting his ancient book Ishmael, &c. intirely, shewing thereby the Quakers ancient testimony of contempt of the Holy Scriptures and blasphemy against the blessed Trinity ... / by Francis Bugg. Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724?; Atkinson, Christopher. Ishmael and his mother cast out into the wilderness. 1700 (1700) Wing B5375; ESTC R19514 73,450 146 View Text
A64913 Truth and innocency defended being a sober reply to some excesses in a treatise written by John Norris, concerning the divine light, wherein his personal reflections and misrepresentations of the Quakers about their principle of the light are further considered. Vickris, Richard, d. 1700. 1693 (1693) Wing V341; ESTC R22212 75,043 73 View Text
A65389 A further discovery of that generation of men called Qvakers by way of reply to an answer of James Nayler to The perfect Pharisee : wherein is more fully layd open their blasphemies, notorious equivocations, lyings, wrestings of the Scripture, raylings and other detestable principles and practices ... / published for the building up of the perseverance of the saints till they come to the end of their faith, even the salvation of their soules. Weld, Thomas, 1590?-1662. 1654 (1654) Wing W1268; ESTC R27879 78,750 103 View Text
A47759 Satan dis-rob'd from his disguise of light, or, The Quakers last shift to cover their monstrous heresies, laid fully open in a reply to Thomas Ellwood's answer (published the end of last month) to George Keith's Narrative of the proceedings at Turners-Hall, June 11, 1696, which also may serve for a reply (as to the main points of doctrine) to Geo. Whitehead's Answer to The snake in the grass, to be published the end of next month, if this prevent it not / by the author of The snake in the grass. Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. 1697 (1697) Wing L1149A; ESTC R2123 80,446 76 View Text
A30899 Quakerism confirmed, or, A vindication of the chief doctrines and principles of the people called Qvakers from the arguments and objections of the students of divinity (so called) of Aberdeen in their book entituled Quakerism convassed [sic] by Robert Barclay and George Keith. Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.; Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1676 (1676) Wing B733; ESTC R37061 83,121 93 View Text
B09558 A looking-glass for George Fox the Quaker, and other Quakers; wherein they may see themselves to be right devils. In answer to George Fox his book, called, Something in answer to Lodowick Muggletons book, which he calls The Quakers neck broken. Wherein is set forth the ignorance and blindness of the Quakers doctrine of Christ within them; and that they cannot, nor doth not know the true meaning of the Scriptures, neither have they the gift of interpretation of Scripture. As will appear in those several heads set down in the next page following. / Written by Lodowick Muggleton ... Muggleton, Lodowick, 1609-1698. 1667 (1667) Wing M3046; ESTC R10137 83,636 106 View Text
A40897 The great mysteries of godlinesse and ungodlinesse the one opened from that eternall truth of the un-erring Scripture of the ever-blessed Jesus, the other discovered from the writings and speakings of a generation of deceivers, called Quakrrs [sic] : wherein their sathanicall depths, and diabolicall delusions, not hitherto so fully known, are laid open ... / by Ra. Farmer ... Farmer, Ralph. 1655 (1655) Wing F441; ESTC R2695 85,891 106 View Text
A47140 An exact narrative of the proceedings at Turners-Hall, the 11th of the month called June, 1696 together with the disputes and speeches there, between G. Keith and other Quakers, differing from him in some religious principles / the whole published and revised by Goerge Keith ; with an appendix containing some new passages to prove his opponents guilty of gross errors and self-contradictions. Keith, George, 1639?-1716.; Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723.; Penn, William, 1644-1718.; Ellwood, Thomas, 1639-1713. 1696 (1696) Wing K161; ESTC R14328 86,182 64 View Text
A96468 Truth further defended, and William Penn vindicated; being a rejoynder to a book entitutled, A brief and modest reply, to Mr. Penn's tedious, scurrilous, and unchristian defence, against the bishop of Cork. Wherein that author's unfainess is detected, his arguments and objections are answered. / By T.W. and N.H. Wight, Thomas, ca. 1640-1724. 1700 (1700) Wing W2108; ESTC R204122 88,609 189 View Text
A56314 Satan's harbinger encountered, his false news of a trumpet detected, his crooked ways in the wildrnesse [sic] laid open to the view of the impartial and iudicious being something by way of an answer to Daniel Leeds his book entituled News of a trumpet sounding in the wildernesse &c. ... / by C.P. Pusey, Caleb, 1650?-1727. 1700 (1700) Wing P4249; ESTC W31244 94,113 127 View Text
A35120 The counterfeit convert discovered, or, William Haworth's book, entituled (The Quaker converted to Christianity re-established) refuted wherein his absurd assertion, viz. that our (own) righteousness consists in the gifts and vertues which the spirit of God works in our minds &c. is manifested ... / by John Crook and William Bayley ; also an answer to the postscript at the end of William Haworth's wicked pamphlet called An Antidote &c. by C.T. Crook, John, 1617-1699.; Bayly, William, d. 1675.; Taylor, Christopher, ca. 1615-1686. 1676 (1676) Wing C7199; ESTC R24285 95,721 143 View Text
A54095 An account of W. Penn's travails in Holland and Germany, anno MDCLXXVII, for the service of the Gospel of Christ, by way of journal containing also divers letters and epistles writ to several great and eminent persons whilst there. Penn, William, 1644-1718.; Penn, William, 1644-1718. To the churches of Jesus throughout the world. 1694 (1694) Wing P1244; ESTC R18015 98,942 298 View Text
A30022 A brief history of the rise, growth, and progress of Quakerism setting forth that the principles and practices of the Quakers are antichristian, antiscriptural, antimagistratical, blasphemous, and idolatrous from plain matter of fact, out of their most approved authors, &c. ... / by Francis Bugg, Senior. Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? 1697 (1697) Wing B5367; ESTC R23818 99,372 212 View Text
A54155 Judas and the Jews combined against Christ and his followers being a re-joynder to the late nameless reply, called, Tyranny and hypocrisie detected, made against a book, entituled The spirit of Alexander the Coppersmith rebuked, &c. which was an answer to a pamphlet, called, The spirit of the hat, in which truth is cleared from scandals, and the Church of Christ, in her faith, doctrine, and just power and authority in discipline is clearly and fully vindicated against the malicious endeavours of a confederacy of some envious professors and vagabond, apostate Quakers / by ... William Penn ; to which are added several testimonies of persons concern'd. Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1673 (1673) Wing P1307; ESTC R23117 100,153 131 View Text
A54224 The spirit of truth vindicated, against that of error & envy unseasonably manifested : in a late malicious libel, intituled, The spirit of the Quakers tryed, &c. / by a friend to righteousness and peace, W.P. Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1672 (1672) Wing P1375; ESTC R21576 102,800 151 View Text
A47124 The arguments of the Quakers, more particularly, of George Whitehead, William Penn, Robert Barclay, John Gratton, George Fox, Humphry Norton, and my own arguments against baptism and the Supper, examined and refuted also, some clear proofs from Scripture, shewing that they are institutions of Christ under the Gospel : with an appendix containing some observations upon some passages in a book of W. Penn called A caveat against Popery, and on some passages of a book of John Pennington, caled The fig leaf covering discovered / by George Keith. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1698 (1698) Wing K142; ESTC R7322 106,695 121 View Text
A62298 An antidote against Quakerisme wherein these following questions are opened, the truth concerning them proved, the contrary arguments examined and confuted ... / by Stephen Scandrett ... Scandrett, Stephen, 1631?-1706. 1671 (1671) Wing S817; ESTC R34024 108,858 138 View Text
A47199 The way to the city of God described, or, A plain declaration how any man may, within the day of visitation given him of God, pass out of the unrighteous into the righteous state as also how he may go forward in the way of holiness and righteousness, and so be fitted for the kingdom of God, and the beholding and enjoying thereof : wherein divers things, which occur to them, that enter into this way with respect to their inward trials, temptations, and difficulties are pointed at, and directions intimated, how to carry themselves therein ... / written by George Keith in the year 1669 ... : whereunto is added the way to discern the convictions, motions, &c of the spirit of God, and divine principle in us, from those of a man's own natural reason, &c. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1678 (1678) Wing K235; ESTC R33462 109,527 235 View Text
A47191 Truths defence, or, The pretended examination by John Alexander of Leith of the principles of those (called Quakers) falsly termed by him Jesuitico-Quakerism, re-examined and confuted : together with some animadversions on the dedication of his book to Sir Robert Clayton, then Mayor of London / by G.K. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1682 (1682) Wing K225; ESTC R22871 109,893 242 View Text
A87658 The pretended antidoe [sic] proved poyson: or, The true principles of the Christian & Protestant religion defended, and the four counterfit defenders thereof detected and discovered the names of which are James Allen, Joshua Moodey, Samuell Willard and Cotton Mather, who call themselves ministers of the Gospel in Boston, in their pretended answer to my book, called, The Presbyterian & independent visible churches in New-England, and else-where, brought to the test, &c. And G.K. cleared not to be guilty of any calumnies against these called teachers of New-England, &c. By George Keith. With an appendix by John Delavall, by way of animadversion on some passages in a discourse of Cotton Mathers before the General Court of Massachusetts, the 28th of the third moneth, 1690. Keith, George, 1639?-1716.; Delavall, John, d. 1693. 1690 (1690) Wing K192A; ESTC W42984 110,748 234 View Text
A47197 The way cast up, and the stumbling-blocks removed from before the feet of those who are seeking the way to Zion, with their faces thitherward containing an answere to a postcript, printed at the end of Sam Rutherford's letters, third edition, by a nameless author, indeed not without cause, considering the many lyes and falshoods therein, against the people, called Quakers, which are here disproved, and refuted / by George Keith ... Keith, George, 1639?-1716.; Rutherford, Samuel, 1600?-1661. 1677 (1677) Wing K233; ESTC R19568 115,272 246 View Text
A30032 New Rome unmask'd and her foundation shaken by a farther discovery of the grand errors, deep hypocrisies, popish practices, and pernitious principles of the teachers and leaders of the people call'd Quakers : containing also a brief answer to three books wrote by G. Whitehead, one of her chief cardinals ... against Fran. Bugg ... : as also a brief narrative between the said G. Whitehead and Fran. Bugg ... / by Francis Bugg. Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? 1692 (1692) Wing B5378; ESTC R34387 122,825 141 View Text
A47164 The Presbyterian and independent visible churches in New-England and else-where brought to the test, and examined according to the doctrin of Holy Scriptures ... : more particulary directed to those in New-England, and more generally to those in old England, Scotland, Ireland, &c. : with a call and warning from the Lord to the people of Boston and New-England, to repent, &c. : and two letters to the preachers in Boston, and an answer to the gross abuses, lies and slanders of Increase Mather and Nath. Morton, &c. / by George Keith. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1691 (1691) Wing K191; ESTC R21261 124,580 240 View Text
A65833 The accuser of our brethren cast down in righteous judgment against that spirit of hellish jealousie vented in a great confused book, falsly entituled, The Christian-Quaker distinguished from the apostate and innovator, in five parts ; the fallacy and force whereof being herein clearly detected & justly repelled. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1681 (1681) Wing W1887; ESTC R19917 128,311 327 View Text