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A54971 Plain-dealing, or, A Second dialogue between Humphrey and Roger as they were returning home from choosing knights of the sheir to sit in Parliament Humphrey.; Roger. 1681 (1681) Wing P2350; ESTC R8054 4,684 2 View Text
A54975 Plain-dealing, or, A second dialogue between Humphrey and Roger, as they were returning home from choosing Knights of the sheir to sit in Parliament 1681 (1681) Wing P2354; ESTC R8054 4,691 2 View Text
A70389 Restitution to the royal author, or, A Vindication of King Charls the Martyr's most excellent book intitutled 'Eikōn basilikē' from the false, scandalous, and malicious reflections lately published against it Levett, William.; Keble, Samuel. 1691 (1691) Wing K121B; ESTC R36779 4,996 9 View Text
A19523 A short treatise declaringe the detestable wickednesse, of magicall sciences as necromancie. coniurations of spirites, curiouse astrologie and such lyke. Made by Francis Coxe Coxe, Francis, fl. 1560. 1561 (1561) STC 5950; ESTC S105100 9,432 34 View Text
A59630 Tachygraphy the most exact and compendious methode of short and swift writing that hath ever yet beene published by any / composed by Thomas Shelton ... ; approoved by both unyversities. Shelton, Thomas, 1601-1650?; Hall, Ralph. 1641 (1641) Wing S3074; ESTC R37153 12,990 67 View Text
A29109 A sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable Lord Mayor and Aldermen, and citizens of London, at St. Lawrence Jewry, on Saturday, September the 28th, 1700 at the election of the Lord Mayor, for the year ensuing / by Samvel Bradford ... Bradford, Samuel, 1652-1731. 1700 (1700) Wing B4122; ESTC R19662 14,119 30 View Text
A42899 A sermon of St. Peter preach'd before Her Majesty the Queen-Dowager, in her chappel at Somerset-House, on the twenty ninth of June, 1686 : being St. Peter and St. Paul's Day / by Thomas Godden ... Godden, Thomas, 1624-1688. 1686 (1686) Wing G920; ESTC R21804 17,094 44 View Text
A42783 The further vindication, &c. of Mr. Owen consider'd in a letter to a friend Gipps, Thomas, d. 1709. 1699 (1699) Wing G779A; ESTC R213345 19,437 28 View Text
A78586 The true lavv of free monarchy, or The reciprocall and mutuall duty betvvixt a free king and his naturall subjects. By a well affected subject of the kingdome of Scotland.; True lawe of free monarchies James I, King of England, 1566-1625. 1642 (1642) Wing C2; Wing J145; Thomason E238_23; ESTC R6414 20,111 16 View Text
A05390 A fruitfull sermon made in Poules churche at London in the shroudes, the seconde daye of February by Thomas Leuer Lever, Thomas, 1521-1577. 1550 (1550) STC 15543; ESTC S120436 21,246 80 View Text
A49461 The good and faithful servant set forth in a sermon preached at Hatfield Broad-Oake in Essex, August 2. the day before the funeral of Mr. John Warren, sometime minister of the gospel there. Now published with some small additions, and a brief account of his life and character. By Henry Lukin. Lukin, H. (Henry), 1628-1719. 1696 (1696) Wing L3474A; ESTC R218826 22,563 42 View Text
A44096 The principles of Christian religion in twenty questions and answers whereunto is added, a compendious history of the most memorable passages of Holy Scripture by way of questions and answers, for the use and benefot of the inhabitants of the parish of Wotton in Oxford shire. By John Hoffman B.D. minister of Gods Word. Hoffman, John, b. 1601 or 2. 1653 (1653) Wing H2348; ESTC R215272 23,157 80 View Text
B07589 A treasure of knowledge: springing from the fountaine of godlinesse, which is the word of God. A little catechisme, wherin is handled the doctrine of the knowledge of God in Iesus Christ. : Also a briefe and pithie exposition of the Ten Commandements of almightie God ... / plainely expounded and delclared in questions and answers, by the late faithfull minister and seruant of Iesus Christ, William Dyke.. Dyke, William 1620 (1620) STC 7431.5; ESTC S91798 25,491 89 View Text
B08603 Masora. A collection out of the learned master Joannes Buxtorfius's Commentarius Masorethicus. / By Clement Barksdale. Buxtorf, Johann, 1564-1629.; Barksdale, Clement, 1609-1687. 1665 (1665) Wing B6348A; ESTC R221405 27,661 74 View Text
A16120 An exposition touching al the bokes of holie Scripture, and their excellencie 1553 (1553) STC 3033.5; ESTC S120619 39,647 110 View Text
A03887 A briefe chronologie of the holie scriptures as plaine and easie as may be, according to the extent of the seuerall historicall bookes thereof. Comprised first in a few verses to a short vievve for some helpe of memorie: and afterward more particularly layd forth and explaned, for a further light to the course and proceeding of the holy sorte. With a catalogue of the holy prophets of God, as touching the times wherein they prophesied. Aylett, Robert, 1583-1655?, attributed name. 1600 (1600) STC 14; ESTC S490817 39,775 88 View Text
A01377 The Christians profession, or A treatise of the grounds and principles of diuinity by way of question and answer. In which all the chiefe grounds of religion are so plainely proued and explained by the Word of God, as that the meanest capacitie may by reading vnderstand the same. I. G., fl. 1630. 1630 (1630) STC 11498; ESTC S120492 43,346 118 View Text
A34245 The confession of faith, of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands with the formes which they use ... translated out of Dutch into English.; Belgic confession. English Brès, Guy de, 1522-1567. 1689 (1689) Wing C5784; ESTC R12576 43,584 48 View Text
A66600 God, the King, and the countrey, united in the justification of this present revolution containing also animadversions on Dr. William Sherlock's book intituled, The case of allegiance due to soveraign powers, stated and resolved, according to scripture and reason, and the principles of the Church and England / by Tim. Wilson ... Wilson, Timothy, 1642-1705. 1691 (1691) Wing W2950; ESTC R8407 46,572 49 View Text
A86502 The peasants price of spirituall liberty. VVherein is represented the complexion of the times, and considerations to cure it. In three sermons. By Nathaniel Homes, D.D. Homes, Nathanael, 1599-1678. 1642 (1642) Wing H2571; Thomason E151_1; ESTC R15127 49,057 90 View Text
A33984 Utrum horum, or, The nine and thirty articles of the Church of England, at large recited, and compared with the doctrines of those commonly called Presbyterians on the one side, and the tenets of the Church of Rome on the other both faithfully quoted from their own most approved authors / by Hen. Care. Care, Henry, 1646-1688. 1682 (1682) Wing C535; ESTC R2383 50,749 167 View Text
A33491 A plain and rational vindication of the liturgy of the Church of England collected out of the discourses of some of the reverend bishops and doctors of the same church, by way of question and answer / by J. Clvtterbvck, Gent. Clutterbuck, J. (John) 1699 (1699) Wing C4743; ESTC R35618 52,978 73 View Text
A02926 The preacher, or Methode of preachinge, vvrytten in Latine by Nich[olas] Hemminge, and translated into Englishe by I.H. Very necessarye for all those that by the true preaching of the Worde of God, labour to pull down the Synagoge of Sathair, and to buyide vp the Temple of God Hemmingsen, Niels, 1513-1600.; Horsfall, John. 1574 (1574) STC 13065; ESTC S116593 54,033 218 View Text
A08820 The historie of the Bible briefly collected by way of question and ansvver. Read and corrected by the author.; History of the Bible. Pagit, Eusebius, 1547?-1617. 1605 (1605) STC 19106; ESTC S100467 61,308 288 View Text
A14282 Ten introductions how to read, and in reading, how to vnderstand; and in vnderstanding, how to beare in mind all the bookes, chapters, and verses, contained in the holie Bible. With an answer for lawyers. Physitions. Ministers. Vaughan, Edward, preacher at St. Mary Woolnoth. 1594 (1594) STC 24599; ESTC S119031 61,414 222 View Text
B30874 The tryals of Henry Cornish, Esq for conspiring the death of the King, and raising rebellion in this kingdom : and John Fernley, William Ring, and Elizabeth Gaunt for harbouring and maintaining rebels, at the Sessions-house in the Old-Bailey, London and County of Middlesex, on Monday, Octob. 19, 1685. Cornish, Henry, d. 1685.; Fernley, John, d. 1685.; Ring, William, d. 1685.; Gaunt, Elizabeth, d. 1685. 1685 (1685) Wing T2250A 67,831 45 View Text
A35932 A testimony to the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government of the Church of Scotland, and the covenanted work of reformation as it was profess'd in the three kingdoms together with an account of the persecution of some of the most eminent in our days for their adherence to the same / as it was left in write by ... Mr. John Dick ; to which is added, his last speech and behaviour on the scaffold, on the fifth day of March 1684 ... never published till now ... Dick, John, d. 1684. 1684 (1684) Wing D1381; ESTC T178184 75,083 59 View Text
A08870 An introduction into the bookes of the prophets and apostles Written by Peter Palladius, Doctor of Diuinity and Byshop of Rochil. Faithfully translated out of Latin into English. By Edw. Vaughan.; Isagoge ad libros propheticos et apostolicos. English Palladius, Peder, 1503-1560.; Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560.; Vaughan, Edward, preacher at St. Mary Woolnoth. 1598 (1598) STC 19153; ESTC S113915 75,737 224 View Text
A11230 A diuine dictionarie, or, The Bible abreuiated Containing the whole Scripture. Being most necessarie for the present finding out of any part thereof. By T.S. [sic] H. S., fl. 1616. 1615 (1615) STC 21493.5; ESTC S120477 80,435 148 View Text
A10573 A declararation [sic] of the twelue articles of the christen faythe with annotations of the holy scripture, where they be grounded in. And the righte foundation and principall comon places of the hole godly scripture, a goodly short declaration, to all Christians profitable and necessarye for to come to the right vnderstondynge of holy Scripture compyled for the commodite of al christen people. By D. Vrbanum Regium.; Erklärung der zwölf artikel Christlichs gelaubens. English Rhegius, Urbanus, 1489-1541.; Lynne, Walter. 1548 (1548) STC 20843; ESTC S115780 81,702 234 View Text
A66571 A discourse of monarchy more particularly of the imperial crowns of England, Scotland, and Ireland according to the ancient, common, and statute-laws of the same : with a close from the whole as it relates to the succession of His Royal Highness James Duke of York. Wilson, John, 1626-1696. 1684 (1684) Wing W2921; ESTC R27078 81,745 288 View Text
A26586 Medulla Bibliorum, The marrow of the Bible, or, A logico-theological analysis of every several book of the Holy Scripture together with so many English poems ... : whereunto is added a chronological (marginal) annotation of the times and seasons, wherein divers acts and occurrences in the Holy Scripture hapned: partly translated out of an anonymous Latine authour, and partly amplified and enlarged ... / by William Ainsworth ... Ainsworth, William, d. 1671. 1652 (1652) Wing A818; ESTC R22312 82,051 222 View Text
A17599 Aphorismes of Christian religion: or, a verie compendious abridgement of M. I. Calvins Institutions set forth in short sentences methodically by M. I. Piscator: and now Englished according to the authors third and last edition, by H. Holland.; Institutio Christianae religionis. English. Abridgments Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564.; Piscator, Johannes, 1546-1625.; Holland, Henry, 1555 or 6-1603. 1596 (1596) STC 4374; ESTC S107177 82,272 222 View Text
A54780 The nurse of pious thoughts wherein is briefly shewed that the use which Roman Catholikes do make of sacred pictures, signes, and images is not idolatry or any other misdemeanour (as some imagine), but the nurse of pious thoughts and healthfull meditations / written by F.P. Philopater. Philopater, F. P. 1652 (1652) Wing P21; ESTC R25515 84,169 280 View Text
A14946 A spyrytuall and moost precyouse pearle Teachyng all men to loue and imbrace the crosse, as a mooste swete and necessary thyng, vnto the sowle, and what comfort is to be taken thereof, and also where and howe, both consolacyon and ayde in all maner of afflyccyons is to be soughte, and agayne, how all men should behaue them selues therein, accordynge to the word of God. Sett forth by the moste honorable lorde, the duke hys grace of Somerset, as appeareth by hys epystle set before the same.; Kleintot, von trost und hilff. English. Werdmüller, Otto, 1511-1552.; Coverdale, Miles, 1488-1568.; Somerset, Edward Seymour, Duke of, 1506?-1552, attributed name.; Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. 1550 (1550) STC 25255; ESTC S105089 87,629 226 View Text
A01107 The true dyffere[n]s betwen ye regall power and the ecclesiasticall power translated out of latyn by Henry lord Stafforde; De vera differentia regiae potestatis et ecclesiasticae. English. Fox, Edward, 1496?-1538.; Stafford, Henry Stafford, Baron, 1501-1563. 1548 (1548) STC 11220; ESTC S102496 87,647 232 View Text
A19031 An advertisement concerning a book lately published by Christopher Lawne and others, against the English exiled Church at Amsterdam. By Richard Clyfton teacher of the same church Johnson, Francis, 1562-1618. 1612 (1612) STC 5449; ESTC S118626 88,142 134 View Text
A16497 God and man. Or, a treatise catechisticall wherein the sauing knowledge of God and man is plainely, and breifely declared, whereby such as are ignorant may be helped, to heare sermons with profit, to reade the Bible or other bookes with iudgement, to receiue the Lords Supper with comfort, to discerne betweene truth and error, with vnderstanding, and to giue an answere to their minister, or any other that shall aske them a reason of their faith, with readinesse. Collected out of the sacred Scriptures, and the most orthodoxe and best approued diuines ancient and moderne, for the good of such as desire to be made wise to saluation, and heires of eternall life. By I.B. preacher of the Word. Boughton, John, preacher of the word. 1623 (1623) STC 3410; ESTC S106544 88,185 194 View Text
A05251 [Here begynneth the table of a book entytled the book of good maners.]; Livre de bonnes moeurs. English Legrand, Jacques, ca. 1365-1415.; Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491. 1487 (1487) STC 15394; ESTC S101027 88,438 130 View Text
A04766 Ouranognōsia. Heauenly knowledge A manuduction to theologie. Written in Latin by Barthol. Keckerm. done into English by T.V. Mr. of Arts. Keckermann, Bartholomäus, ca. 1571-1608 or 9.; Vicars, Thomas, d. 1638.; Vicars, Thomas, d. 1638. Briefe direction how to examine our selues before we go to the Lords table. 1622 (1622) STC 14896; ESTC S103956 89,591 228 View Text
A28933 The history of the Vaudois. Wherein is shewn their original; how God has preserved the Christian religion among them in its purity, from the time of the Apostles to our days; the wonders he has done for their preservation, with the signal and miraculous victories that they have gained over their enemies; how they were dispersed, and their churches ruined; and how at last they were re-established, beyond the expectation and hope of all the world. / By Peter Boyer ... ; and newly translated out of French by a person of quality.; Abrégé de l'histoire des Vaudois. English Boyer, P. (Pierre), 1619-ca. 1700.; Boyer, Abel, 1667-1729.; Person of quality. 1692 (1692) Wing B3918A; ESTC R5697 97,378 276 View Text
A68694 An abridgeme[n]t of all the canonical books of the olde Testament written in Sternholds meter by VV. Samuel minister. The names of the books are in the next leaf following. Samuel, William, fl. 1551-1569. 1569 (1569) STC 21690; ESTC S110818 97,894 378 View Text
A28908 Pandaemonium, or, The devil's cloyster being a further blow to modern sadduceism, proving the existence of witches and spirits, in a discourse deduced from the fall of the angels, the propagation of Satans kingdom before the flood, the idolatry of the ages after greatly advancing diabolical confederacies, with an account of the lives and transactions of several notorious witches : also, a collection of several authentick relations of strange apparitions of dæmons and spectres, and fascinations of witches, never before printed / by Richard Bovet ... Bovet, Richard, b. ca. 1641. 1684 (1684) Wing B3864; ESTC R15851 101,986 250 View Text
A78070 The little Bible of the man or the Book of God opened in man by the power of the Lamb. Wherein God is the spirit or inside of the book, and man the letter or out-side of it. In whom, as in a glass, you may both behold the spirit and letter of the holy Scriptures in the new man; fulfilled and explained from Genesis to Jeremiah. This is the first volume of Gods Book in man. Written by a weak instrument of the Lords, Capt. T. Butler. Butler, Thomas, Captain. 1649 (1649) Wing B6339; Thomason E1260_2; ESTC R208898 105,337 331 View Text
A04767 Heavenly knowledg directing a Christian to ye assurance of his salvation in this life / written in Latin by Barthol. Keckerm. ; done into English by T.V. Keckermann, Bartholomäus, ca. 1571-1608 or 9.; Vicars, Thomas. Treatise written to the glory of gods grace, against free-will. 1625 (1625) STC 14897; ESTC S1099 106,438 362 View Text
A15992 The Song of Songs, which was Salomons metaphrased in English heroiks by way of dialogue. With certayne of the brides ornaments, viz. poeticall essayes vpon a diuine subiect. Whereunto is added a funerall elegie, consecrate to the memorie of that euer honoured Lord, Iohn, late Bishop of London. By R.A. Aylett, Robert, 1583-1655? 1621 (1621) STC 2774; ESTC S104589 110,486 224 View Text
A01638 A golden chaine of divine aphorismes written by John Gerhard Doctor of Divinitie and superintendent of Heldburg. Translated by Ralph Winterton fellow of Kings Colledge in Cambridge; Loci communes theologici. English Gerhard, Johann, 1582-1637.; Winterton, Ralph, 1600-1636.; Cecil, Thomas, fl. 1630, engraver. 1632 (1632) STC 11769; ESTC S103039 111,208 568 View Text
A01637 The summe of Christian doctrine written originally in Latine by John Gerhard ... and translated by Ralph Winterton ...; Aphorismi succinct et selecti. English Gerhard, Johann, 1582-1637.; Winterton, Ralph, 1600-1636. 1640 (1640) STC 11769.5; ESTC S4062 111,557 338 View Text
A47705 Pious instructions, in meeter fitted to the weaker capacities. Leo of S. Mary Magdalen. 1693 (1693) Wing L1097; ESTC R12062 112,916 324 View Text
A32350 The blessed Jew of Marocco: or, A Blackmoor made white. being a demonstration of the true Messias out of the law and prophets / by Rabbi Samuel, a Iew turned Christian ; written first in the Arabick, after translated into Latin, and now Englished ; to which are annexed a diatriba of the Jews sins and their miserie all over the world, annotations to the book ... with other things for profit in knowledge and undertanding, by Tho. Calvert ... Samuel, Marochitanus.; Calvert, Thomas, 1606-1679. 1648 (1648) Wing S545; ESTC R8621 114,898 246 View Text
A05185 The book of Ruth expounded in twenty eight sermons, by Levves Lauaterus of Tygurine, and by hym published in Latine, and now translated into Englishe by Ephraim Pagitt, a childe of eleuen yeares of age Lavater, Ludwig, 1527-1586.; Pagitt, Ephraim, 1574 or 5-1647. 1586 (1586) STC 15319; ESTC S108368 118,172 336 View Text
A13257 A confession of fayth made by common consent of diuers reformed churches beyonde the seas: with an exhortation to the reformation of the Churche. Perused and allowed accordinge to the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions.; Confessio Helvetica Posterior. English. Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.; Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575.; Old, John, fl. 1545-1555. 1568 (1568) STC 23554; ESTC S118060 120,110 316 View Text
A13216 Redde debitum. Or, A discourse in defence of three chiefe fatherhoods grounded upon a text dilated to the latitude of the fift Commandement; and is therfore grounded thereupon, because 'twas first intended for the pulpit, and should have beene concluded in one or two sermons, but is extended since to a larger tract; and written chiefely in confutation of all disobedient and factious kinde of people, who are enemies both to the Church and state. By John Svvan. Swan, John, d. 1671. 1640 (1640) STC 23514; ESTC S118031 127,775 278 View Text
A05142 The seconde [seventh] sermon of Maister Hughe Latimer which he preached before the Kynges Maiestie [with?]in his graces palayce at Westminster, ye xv. day of Marche [-xix daye of Apryll], M.ccccc.xlix. Latimer, Hugh, 1485?-1555. 1549 (1549) STC 15274.7; ESTC S122869 128,935 442 View Text
A06118 A true chronologie of the times of the Persian monarchie, and after to the destruction of Ierusalem by the Romanes Wherein by the way briefly is handled the day of Christ his birth: with a declaration of the angel Gabriels message to Daniel in the end of his 9. chap. against the friuolous conceits of Matthew Beroald. Written by Edvvard Liuelie, reader of the holie tongue in Cambridge. Lively, Edward, 1545?-1605. 1597 (1597) STC 16609; ESTC S108759 129,093 343 View Text
A19658 A deliberat answere made to a rash offer, which a popish Antichristian catholique, made to a learned protestant (as he saieth) and caused to be publyshed in printe: Anno. Do[mini] 1575 Wherein the Protestant hath plainly [and] substantially prooued, that the papists that doo nowe call themselues Catholiques are in deed antichristian schismatiks; and that the religious protestants, are in deed the right Catholiques: VVriten by Robert Crowley: in the yeere, 1587. Crowley, Robert, 1518?-1588. 1588 (1588) STC 6084; ESTC S110998 131,595 191 View Text
A97309 The whole body of Christian religion, by Hieron. Zanchius. Translated out of Latine by D. Ralph Winterton. Zanchi, Giralamo, 1516-1590.; Winterton, Ralph, 1600-1636. 1659 (1659) Wing Z7; Thomason E1897_1; ESTC R209936 137,419 420 View Text
A57377 Clavis Bibliorum The key of the Bible, unlocking the richest treasury of the Holy Scriptures : whereby the 1 order, 2 names, 3 times, 4 penmen, 5 occasion, 6 scope, and 7 principall parts, containing the subject-matter of every book of Old and New Testament, are familiarly and briefly opened : for the help of the weakest capacity in the understanding of the whole Bible / by Francis Roberts ... Roberts, Francis, 1609-1675.; Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. 1648 (1648) Wing R1583; ESTC R20707 139,238 403 View Text
A88696 Vindiciæ contra tyrannos: a defence of liberty against tyrants. Or, of the lawfull power of the prince over the people, and of the people over the prince. Being a treatise written in Latin and French by Junius Brutus, and translated out of both into English. Questions discussed in this treatise. I. Whether subjects are bound, and ought to obey princes, if they command that which is against the law of God. II. Whether it be lawfull to resist a prince which doth infringe the law of God, or ruine the Church, by whom, how, and how farre it is lawfull. III. Whether it be lawfull to resist a prince which doth oppresse or ruine a publique state, and how farre such resistance may be extended, by whome, how, and by what right, or law it is permitted. IV. Whether neighbour princes or states may be, or are bound by law, to give succours to the subjects of other princes, afflicted to the cause of true religion, or oppressed by manifest tyranny.; Vindiciae contra tyrannos. English Languet, Hubert, 1518-1581.; Walker, William, 17th cent. 1648 (1648) Wing L415; Thomason E430_2; ESTC R34504 141,416 156 View Text
A02621 The apology of Iohan Bale agaynste a ranke papyst anuswering both hym and hys doctours, that neyther their vowes nor yet their priesthode areof the Gospell, but of Antichrist. Anno Do. M.CCCCC.L. A brefe exposycyon also upo[n] the .xxx chaptre of Numerii, which was the first occasion of thys present varyaunce. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum. Bale, John, 1495-1563. 1550 (1550) STC 1275; ESTC S100596 145,229 320 View Text
A09453 A reformed Catholike: or, A declaration shewing how neere we may come to the present Church of Rome in sundrie points of religion: and vvherein we must for euer depart from them with an advertisment to all fauourers of the Romane religion, shewing that the said religion is against the Catholike principles and grounds of the catechisme. Perkins, William, 1558-1602. 1598 (1598) STC 19736; ESTC S114478 146,915 390 View Text
A51123 Antichrist unvailed by the finger of Gods power and his visage discovered by the light of Christ Jesus, and his ministers, members, works, and lying wonders, manifested by the spirit of God, a manifestation whereof is given to every man (and woman) to profit withal : with friendly and serious invitations, exhortations, and warnings to all professors of Christianity, to beware of that antichristian spirit that leadeth to destruction, and of those teachers, who are influenced by it / written in the love of God by a prisoner (at Lancaster castle) for the testimony of truth, and one of the people called (in scorn) Quakers, Henry Mollineux. Mollineux, Henry, d. 1719. 1695 (1695) Wing M2393; ESTC R13417 147,325 285 View Text
A68091 A preparation to the most holie ministerie wherein is set downe the true meanes to be well prepared to the same, by an exact description, and consideration, of the necessitie, excellencie, difficultie, and great profit therof; with the maruellous effects of the same: also a liuely exhortation to all youth, to giue themselues to the studie therof: and a confutation of the obiections which may be brought in any sort to touch the same: verie profitable and necessarie in these our times, ... Diuided into two bookes. Written in French by Peter Gerard, and translated into English by N.B. Gerard, Pierre. 1598 (1598) STC 11754; ESTC S108635 151,047 320 View Text
A35697 Jus regiminis, being a justification of defensive arms in general and consequently, of our revolutions and transactions to be the just right of the kingdom. Denton, William, 1605-1691. 1689 (1689) Wing D1067; ESTC R2231 155,945 104 View Text
A69075 Christian religion: substantially, methodicalli[e,] [pla]inlie, and profitablie treatised Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. 1611 (1611) STC 4707.5; ESTC S118584 158,929 324 View Text
A07822 Salomon or A treatise declaring the state of the kingdome of Israel, as it was in the daies of Salomon Whereunto is annexed another treatise, of the Church: or more particularly, of the right constitution of a Church. Morton, Thomas, of Berwick. 1596 (1596) STC 18197.7; ESTC S112936 159,289 238 View Text
A63071 Theologia theologiæ, the true treasure, or, A treasury of holy truths, touching Gods word, and God the word digg'd up, and drawn out of that incomparable mine of unsearchable mystery, Heb. I. 1, 2, 3 : wherein the divinity of the holy Scriptures is asserted, and applied / by John Trappe ... Trapp, John, 1601-1669. 1641 (1641) Wing T2047; ESTC R23471 163,104 402 View Text
A41223 An exact abridgement of the general history of the world from the creation to the year 1685 / by the accurate pen of a learned historian. Ferrar, Richard. 1698 (1698) Wing F808H; ESTC R37805 167,803 349 View Text
A05738 The Christian mans closet Wherein is conteined a large discourse of the godly training vp of children: as also of those duties that children owe vnto their parents, made dialogue wise, very pleasant to reade, and most profitable to practise, collected in Latin by Bartholomew Batty of Alostensis. And nowe Englished by William Lowth.; De oeconomia Christiana. English. Batt, Barthélemy, 1515-1559.; Lowth, William. fl. 1581. 1581 (1581) STC 1591; ESTC S101091 168,239 212 View Text
A86304 The stumbling-block of disobedience and rebellion, cunningly laid by Calvin in the subjects way, discovered, censured, and removed. By P.H. Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662. 1658 (1658) Wing H1736; Thomason E935_3; ESTC R202415 168,239 316 View Text
A50893 A defence of the people of England by John Milton ; in answer to Salmasius's Defence of the king.; Pro populo Anglicano defensio. English Milton, John, 1608-1674.; Washington, Joseph, d. 1694. 1692 (1692) Wing M2104; ESTC R9447 172,093 278 View Text
A36871 The history of the English and Scotch presbytery wherein is discovered their designs and practices for the subversion of government in church and state / written in French, by an eminent divine of the Reformed church, and now Englished.; Historie des nouveaux presbytériens anglois et escossois. English Basier, Isaac, 1607-1676.; Du Moulin, Peter, 1601-1684.; Bramhall, John, 1594-1663.; Playford, Matthew. 1660 (1660) Wing D2586; ESTC R17146 174,910 286 View Text
A16763 A treatise of christian beneficence, and of that like christian thankefulnese which is due to the same The which, as they are duties of singular account with God, so are they of as necessarie vse to all christians, for the keeping of faith and a good conscience, as are fire and water for common vse and comfort to the naturall life of all men. Allen, Robert, fl. 1596-1612. 1600 (1600) STC 367; ESTC S112321 178,520 256 View Text
A40123 A battle-door for teachers & professors to learn singular & plural you to many, and thou to one, singular one, thou, plural many, you : wherein is shewed ... how several nations and people have made a distinction between singular and plural, and first, in the former part of this book, called The English battle-door, may be seen how several people have spoken singular and plural...: also in this book is set forth examples of the singular and plural about thou, and you, in several languages, divided into distinct Battle-Doors, or formes, or examples; English Latine, Italian, Greek, Hebrew, Chaldee, Syriack, Arabick ... and how emperors and others have used the singular word to one, and how the word you came first from the Pope, likewise some examples, in the Polonian, Lithuanian, Irish and East-Indian, together with ... Swedish, Turkish ... tongues : in the latter part of this book are contained severall bad unsavory words, gathered forth of certain school-books, which have been taught boyes in Enland ... / George Fox, John Stubs, Benjamin Farley. Fox, George, 1624-1691.; Stubbs, John, 1618?-1674.; Furly, Benjamin, 1636-1714. 1660 (1660) Wing F1751; ESTC R7810 179,823 234 View Text
A31027 A just defence of the royal martyr, K. Charles I, from the many false and malicious aspersions in Ludlow's Memoirs and some other virulent libels of that kind. Baron, William, b. 1636. 1699 (1699) Wing B897; ESTC R13963 181,275 448 View Text
A93277 Two books of Mr Sydrach Simpson, late master of Pembroke-Hall in Cambridg; and preacher of the Gospel in London. Viz. I. Of unbelief; or the want of readiness to lay hold on the comfort given by Christ. II. Not going to Christ for life and salvation is an exceeding great sin, yet it is pardonable. In the first book is shewed (besides many other things) 1 What unbelief it is that is here spoken of ... 7 Helps to attain readiness in beleeving. In the second book is shewed, 1 That unbelief is a great sin, and exceeding provoking unto God ... 7 God hath pardoned unbelief, and wil pardon it. Simpson, Sidrach, 1600?-1655.; Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672.; Loder, John, 1625 or 6-1673. 1658 (1658) Wing S3827; Thomason E962_1-2; ESTC R203574 187,195 298 View Text
A08276 A commentarie or exposition vpon the first chapter of the prophecy of Amos delivered in xxi. sermons in the parish church of Meisey Hampton in the diocesse of Gloucester, by Sebastian Benefield ... Hereunto is added a sermon vpon 1. Cor. 9.19. wherein is touched the lawfull vse of things indifferent. Benefield, Sebastian, 1559-1630. 1613 (1613) STC 1861; ESTC S101601 198,690 274 View Text
A17001 A reuelation of the holy Apocalyps. By Hugh Broughton.. Broughton, Hugh, 1549-1612. 1610 (1610) STC 3884; ESTC S105818 199,417 348 View Text
A06764 An anatomi, that is to say a parting in peeces of the mass Which discouereth the horrible errors, and the infinit abuses vnknowen to the people, aswel of the mass as of the mass book, very profitable, yea most necessary for al Christian people. VVith a sermon of the sacrament of thankesgyuyng in the end, whiche declareth whether Christ be bodyly in the sacrament or not. By Chrystes humble seruant Anthoni de Adamo.; Annotomia della messa. English Mainardi, Agostino, 1487-1563. 1556 (1556) STC 17200; ESTC S111869 206,001 464 View Text
A61130 A treatise partly theological, and partly political containing some few discourses, to prove that the liberty of philosophizing (that is making use of natural reason) may be allow'd without any prejudice to piety, or to the peace of any common-wealth, and that the loss of public peace and religion it self must necessarily follow, where such a liberty of reasoning is taken away / translated out of Latin.; Tractatus theologico-politicus. English Spinoza, Benedictus de, 1632-1677. 1689 (1689) Wing S4985; ESTC R21627 207,956 494 View Text
A00294 A booke intituled, The English Protestants recantation, in mattersof religion wherein is demonstratiuely proued, by the writings of the principall, and best learned English Protestant bishops, and doctors, and rules of their religion, published allowed, or subscribed vnto, bythem, since the comminge of our King Iames into England, that not onely all generall grownds of diuinitie, are against the[m], but in euery particular cheife question, betweene Catholicks & them, they are in errour, by their owne iudgments : diuided accordingly, into two parts, whereof the first entreateth of those generall grounds, the other of such particular controuersies, whereby will also manifestely appeare the vanitie of D. Morton Protest. Bishop of Chester his boke called Appeale, or, Ansuueare to the Catholicke authour of thebooke entituled, The Protestants apologie. Broughton, Richard. 1617 (1617) STC 10414; ESTC S2109 209,404 418 View Text
A69076 A treatise of Christian religion. Or, the whole bodie and substance of diunintie. By T.C.; Christian religion Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603.; Bradshaw, William, 1571-1618. 1616 (1616) STC 4707.7; ESTC S107471 214,101 390 View Text
A08598 The harmonie of Holie Scriptures vvith the seuerall sentences of sundry learned and vvorthy vvriters : collected for the comfort of all such as are desirous to seeke after theyr soules health / by I.B. Bentley, James. 1600 (1600) STC 1891.5; ESTC S1177 217,904 567 View Text
A16752 A treasurie of catechisme, or Christian instruction. The first part, which is concerning the morall law or ten Commandements of Almightie God: with certaine questions and aunswers preparatory to the same Allen, Robert, fl. 1596-1612. 1600 (1600) STC 366; ESTC S100095 232,397 320 View Text
A60244 Critical enquiries into the various editions of the Bible printed in divers places and at several times together with Animadversions upon a small treatise of Dr. Isaac Vossivs, concerning the Oracles of the sibylls, and an answer to the objections of the late Critica sacra / written originally in Latin, by Father Simon of the Oratory ; translated into English, by N.S.; Disquisitiones criticae de variis per diversa loca et tempora Bibliorum editionibus. English Simon, Richard, 1638-1712.; N. S.; M. R. 1684 (1684) Wing S3800; ESTC R12782 236,819 292 View Text
A86280 Certamen epistolare, or, The letter-combate. Managed by Peter Heylyn, D.D. with 1. Mr. Baxter of Kederminster. 2. Dr. Barnard of Grays-Inne. 3. Mr. Hickman of Mag. C. Oxon. And 4. J.H. of the city of Westminster Esq; With 5. An appendix to the same, in answer to some passages in Mr. Fullers late Appeal. Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662.; Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.; Bernard, Nicholas, d. 1661.; Hickman, Henry, d. 1692.; Harrington, James, 1611-1677. 1659 (1659) Wing H1687; Thomason E1722_1; ESTC R202410 239,292 425 View Text
A19072 Politique discourses upon trueth and lying An instruction to princes to keepe their faith and promise: containing the summe of Christian and morall philosophie, and the duetie of a good man in sundrie politique discourses vpon the trueth and lying. First composed by Sir Martyn Cognet ... Newly translated out of French into English, by Sir Edward Hoby, Knight.; Instruction aux princes pour garder la foy promise. English Coignet, Matthieu, sieur de La Thuillerie, 1514-1586.; Hoby, Edward, Sir, 1560-1617. 1586 (1586) STC 5486; ESTC S108450 244,085 262 View Text
A13823 The revvard of religion Deliuered in sundrie lectures vpon the booke of Ruth, wherein the godly may see their daily and outwarde tryals, with the presence of God to assist them, and his mercies to recompence them: verie profitable for this present time of dearth, wherein manye are most pittifully tormented with want; and also worthie to bee considered in this golden age of the preaching of the word, when some vomit vp the loathsomnes therof, and others fall away to damnable securitie. Topsell, Edward, 1572-1625? 1596 (1596) STC 24127; ESTC S105980 250,925 363 View Text
A11408 Part of Du Bartas English and French, and in his owne kinde of verse, so neare the French Englished, as may teach an English-man French, or a French-man English. With the commentary of S.G. S. By William L'Isle of Wilburgham, Esquier for the Kings body.; Seconde sepmaine. Day 2. English Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590.; Lisle, William, 1579?-1637.; Goulart, Simon, 1543-1628. 1625 (1625) STC 21663; ESTC S116493 251,817 446 View Text
A15824 A modell of divinitie, catechistically composed Wherein is delivered the matter and method of religion, according to the creed, ten Commandements, Lords Prayer, and the Sacraments. By Iohn Yates, Bachelour in Diuinitie, and minister of Gods word in St Andrewes in Norvvich. Yates, John, d. ca. 1660.; Yates, John, d. ca. 1660. Short and briefe summe of saving knowledge. aut; Richardson, Alexander, of Queen's College, Cambridge. 1622 (1622) STC 26085; ESTC S103644 253,897 373 View Text
A49450 A new history of Ethiopia being a full and accurate description of the kingdom of Abessinia, vulgarly, though erroneously called the empire of Prester John : in four books ... : illustrated with copper plates / by ... Job Ludolphus ... ; made English, by J.P., Gent.; Historia Aethiopica. English Ludolf, Hiob, 1624-1704.; J. P., Gent. 1682 (1682) Wing L3468; ESTC R9778 257,513 339 View Text
A44019 Tracts of Mr. Thomas Hobbs of Malmsbury containing I. Behemoth, the history of the causes of the civil wars of England, from 1640 to 1660, printed from the author's own copy never printed (but with a thousand faults) before, II. An answer to Arch-bishop Bramhall's book called the catching of the Leviathan, never before printed, III. An historical narration of heresie and the punishment thereof, corrected by the true copy, IV. Philosophical problems dedicated to the King in 1662, but never printed before.; Selections. 1682 Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679. 1682 (1682) Wing H2265; ESTC R19913 258,262 615 View Text
A07463 The foreste or Collection of histories no lesse profitable, then pleasant and necessarie, dooen out of Frenche into Englishe, by Thomas Fortescue.; Silva de varia lección. English Mexía, Pedro, 1496?-1552?; Fortescue, Thomas, fl. 1571. 1571 (1571) STC 17849; ESTC S112653 259,469 402 View Text
A17018 The iudgement of the Apostles and of those of the first age, in all points of doctrine questioned betweene the Catholikes and Protestants of England, as they are set downe in the 39. Articles of their religion. By an old student in Diuinitie. Broughton, Richard. 1632 (1632) STC 3898; ESTC S114820 265,017 428 View Text
A40805 Christian loyalty, or, A discourse wherein is asserted that just royal authority and eminency, which in this church and realm of England is yielded to the king especially concerning supremacy in causes ecclesiastical : together with the disclaiming all foreign jurisdiction, and the unlawfulness of subjects taking arms against the king / by William Falkner ... Falkner, William, d. 1682. 1679 (1679) Wing F329; ESTC R7144 265,459 584 View Text
B00554 The bloudy rage of that great antechrist of Rome and his superstitious adherents, against the true church of Christ and the faithfull professors of his gospell. Declared at large in the historie of the Waldenses and Albigenses, apparently manifesting vnto the world the visibilitie of our Church of England, and of all the reformed churches throughout Christendome, for aboue foure hundred and fiftie years last past. Diuided into three parts ... / All which hath bene faithfully collected out of the authors named in the page following the preface, by I.P.P.M. ; Translated out of French by Samson Lennard.; Histoire des Vaudois. English Perrin, J. P. (Jean Paul); Lennard, Samson, d. 1633. 1624 (1624) STC 19768.5; ESTC S114511 267,227 475 View Text
A23828 The judgement of the ancient Jewish church, against the Unitarians in the controversy upon the holy Trinity, and the divinity of our Blessed Saviour : with A table of matters, and A table of texts of scriptures occasionally explain'd / by a divine of the Church of England. Allix, Pierre, 1641-1717. 1699 (1699) Wing A1224; ESTC R23458 269,255 502 View Text
A85769 The throne of David, or An exposition of the second of Samuell wherein is set downe the pattern of a pious and prudent Prince, and a clear type of of [sic] the Prince of Princes Christ Iesus the sonne of David and his spirituall kingdome by William Guild D.D. and minister of Gods word at King-Edward in Scotland. Guild, William, 1586-1657. 1659 (1659) Wing G2212; Thomason E984_8; ESTC R207805 271,425 357 View Text
A43199 Ductor historicus, or, A short system of universal history and an introduction to the study of that science containing a chronology of the most celebrated persons and actions from the creation to this time, a compendious history of ... transactions ... of the ancient monarchies and governments of the world, an account of the writings of the most noted historians ... together with definitions and explications of terms used in history and chronology, and general instructions for the reading of history / partly translated from the French of M. de Vallemont, but chiefly composed anew by W.J., M.A. Hearne, Thomas, 1678-1735.; Vallemont, abbé de (Pierre Le Lorrain), 1649-1721. Elémens de l'histoire. 1698 (1698) Wing H1309; ESTC R15760 279,844 444 View Text
A50529 Diatribae discovrses on on divers texts of Scriptvre / delivered upon severall occasions by Joseph Mede ...; Selections. 1642 Mede, Joseph, 1586-1638. 1642 (1642) Wing M1597; ESTC R233095 303,564 538 View Text