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A96442 An ansvver to Mr. Francis Cornvvells positions & inferences, concerning dipping, anabaptisme, antip├Ždobaptisme, tythes, and consecrated churches. Wherein the English Ministry is vindicated from the Anti-Christianisme, so deeply by him charged upon them. Published in speciall reference to the good of Mr Cornwells misled congregation. / By Robert Whittle, minister of the word of God at East-Malling in Kent. Whereunto are annexed, the fore-mentioned positions of Mr Francis Cornvvell, entituled, the Nevv Testament ratified with the blood of the Lord Jesus, is the Magna Charta of Beleevers in Jesus the Christ dipped; by which they are justified to be no hereticks. Whittle, Robert, 1597 or 8-1679.; Cornwell, Francis. New testament ratified with the blood of the Lord Jesus. 1647 (1647) Wing W2046; Thomason E516_1; ESTC R206141 27,828 25

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Heb. 9. 10. of divers Washings or different Baptismes yet all be there called Baptismes 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 If there be divers and different sorts of Baptismes why doe you restraine the word to one sort and that of Dipping The Apostle tells us speaking of Baptisme Ephes 5. 26. that Christ cleanseth his Church with the washing of Water by the Word so that Baptisme is here called by the generall name of washing which is done other wayes as well as by Dipping by any application of water to the thing or the thing to water The Author of Eclesiasticus who was questionlesse well acquainted with the Ceremonies of the Hebrewes and the language of the Greeks calleth the sprinkling of the waer of Purification upon him that touched the dead 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 Baptismes from the dead Ecclus. 34. 25. as Casaubon well observes Yet we know that those Baptismes were by Gods speciall appointment but sprinklings Num. 19. 18. 20. The like manner of Purification had the Heathen both Greeks and Latins So that the word doth not not signifie Dipping onely but any Washing by powring on or sprinklng of water Neither can it be proved by Scripture that ever the Sacrament of Baptisme was administred by Dipping no one word seemeth to make for it although some urge Johns Baptizing of Jesus or Philips Baptizing of the Eunuch as for Johns Baptizing the Phrase Baptizing in Jordan implyes Dipping no more then Baptizing in a Font or Bason implyes Dipping in a Font or Bason and whereas it is said Jesus went up out of the Water the Word 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 which is translated out of signifies properly from so that it is went up from the water which he might doe without having been in the Water And as for the Eunuch and Philip they went downe both into the water and they came up out of the water so they might doe for any kinde of washing as to have water powred upon him as well as to be Dipped and it is not probable that being in his journey hee was provided of Cloathes fit to bee dipped in and if hee was to be stripped in the presence of others that may seem an undecent manner of approaching to Gods Ordinances unlesse we will turne Adamites For that instance Acts 2. 41. of three thousand we read not of their going to any River or place of Waters to be Dipped in and it would have been a ha●d matter to have Dipped three thousand in one day according to your manner neither is it probable that the Jaylor who at midnight was Bahtized went forth of his house or had in his house any conveniency for Dipping so that for ought that can be collected from Scripture Baptisme may be administred by any washing of Water Eph. 5. 26. either Dipping or Sprinkling or powring on of water As also the thing signified in Baptisme is as well expressed by other application of water as by Dipping as that the party Baptized is made partaker of the benefit of Christs Bloud-shed The Appostle having shewed Heb. 9. 13 14. That the bloud of Christ which was fore-signified by those Legall Sprinklings purgeth the conscience exhorteth Cap. 10. 22. to draw neare having our hearts sprinkled from an evill conscience and our bodies washed with pure water what sprinkling can this be but of the bloud of Christ and what washing of water can better than sprinkling expresse this sprinkling of Christs bloud which we are Elected unto 1 Pet. 1. 2. Elect unto obedience and sprinkling of the bloud of Jesus Christ So also Christians Heb. 12. 24. are come to Jesus the Mediatour of the New Testament and to the bloud of sprinkling that speaketh better things than that of Abell which cannot be understood but of the bloud of Jesus and because it is called the bloud of sprinkling when he is called the Mediatour of the new Covenant the Sacrament of our admission into this Covenant cannot better signifie and seale unto us that bloud of the Covenant than by sprinkling which also was fore-shewed by those Legall Sprinklings When the people entred into Covenant with God and promised obedience to what was written in the Booke of the Covenant Moses sprinkled the Bloud of the Covenant upon the people Exod. 24. 8. Also when Isaiah prophesied of the conversion of many Nations Isa 52. 15. he setteth it forth under that phrase of Sprinkling He shall sprinkle many Nations and how can they be said to be sprinkled upon their conversion but by the Seale of their admission even Baptisme administred unto them upon their conversion in many Nations by Sprinkling Not that I account Sprinkling necessary or Dipping unlawfull in Baptisme if this were the only difference we should quickly be reconciled any decent manner of applying and washing with water is indifferent to signifie the application of the benefit of Christs bloud to the party baptized And if it could be proved that Baptisme was administred by Dipping in the Apostles time yet it would not follow that the Church were therefore necessarily tyed to that particular in the administration being no Precept for it more than for any other kind of washing bare Example without Precept bindeth not we have Christs example for administring the Communion with unleavened bread after Supper and in a upper Chamber yet none will say we are bound to follow his example in these particulars because there is no Precept for them Thus supposing that Mr Cornewell hath laid a good foundation in his positions yet it appeares by his Hay and Stubble that he hath built upon it that he hath forgotten the Apostles Counsell 1 Cor. 3. 10. Let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon Now he begins to set up something against me and my Brethren to fight against He hopes it will appeare that Beleevers in Jesus the Christ Dipped are no Hereticks as Mr Whittle and his Brethren do affirme in publike they are Certainly his extreame weakenesse cannot but appeare in placing me so weake and unworthy in the front of my so much worthier Brethren but where and when did ever any of us affirme in publike this indefinite proposition thus indefinitely which may beare the force of an Universall which none of us will affirme that all Beleevers are Heretickes but if you will lay it as a particular that some which professe themselves Beleevers in Jesus Christ are Heretickes that will appeare too true there are more Articles of the Christian faith than one or two to be beleeved to keepe us from Heresie I approve of M. Cornwels profession of his faith in Christ as farre as he goeth without making mis-application of it in too much restraining the subject of Baptisme one way of which hereafter and too much enlarging it another way that voice of the Gospell Acts 2. 38. Be baptized in the name of Jesus belongeth as a Precept only to those which have not as yet been baptized but if Mr Corne. shall extend it to those that have been
Rev. 14. 12. cryeth from heaven for vengeance this day against you who now walke in the steps of the high Priest and Pharisees of old who killed the Lord Jesus and their owne Prophets and have persecuted us and please not God and are contrary to all men forbidding us to preach the Gospel to the Nations that they may be saved to fill up their sinne alwayes for the wrath of God is come upon them to the utmost 1 Thess 2. 15 16. But if you have hardened your hearts through the love of money which is the root of all your evill Yet good Lord open the understanding of the multitude of the people that you have so long deceived by your pretended holinesse and humane learning that remaine in mysticall Babylon yea and give them a true knowledge to depart from them and not be partakers of sinne denying the Lord Jesus the Christ Yea and the good Lord convince them that they have beene in the number of them that have persecuted the Lord Jesus in his members that have contended for the faith of Jesus Christ though they did ignorantly through unbeliefe so that they may trembling cry out What shall we doe Oh let thy good Spirit direct them ● to repent of their dead works and be baptized every one of them in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for remission of their sinnes yea and give them the gift of thy holy Spirit that they may willingly forsake their spirituall Aegypt the pleasures and profits of this world And chuse rather to suffer affliction with the people of God then enjoy the pleasures of sinne for a season yea and esteeme the reproach for Christ to be greater riches then all the treasures of Aegypt knowing there is a reward of glory sayd up for them in the highest heavens Heb. 11. 26. M. Whittle I read in the Scriptures but of two Testaments The first was made by the circumcised people of Israel and ratified with the blood of Calves and Goats c. And Moses sprinkled both the Booke and all the people saying This is the blood of the Covenant that God hath enjoyned you Exod. 24. 6 7 8. compared with Heb. 10. 19 20. This Testament was to continue and to be observed by the circumcised people in their generation without any alteration either by addition or dimunition under the penaltie of a curse untill the time of Reformation Heb. 9. 10. Namely untill Christ the substance of all the shadowes was come and crucified Ephess 2. 14 15. 2. The second or New Testament ratified with the blood of the Lord Jesus with all the Promises Ordinances Priviledges and the Inheritance therein bequeathed the Testator Jesus being dead is now in force to beleevers in Jesus the Christ dipped and is to remaine till Christ commeth againe to restore all things And no man or powers under the penaltie of Anath●ma Maranatha may adde to it or detract from it lest they dis-annull this last Testament Rev. 22. 18 19. These things being thus premised you may God enlightning you easily discerne the vanitie of that distinction that is now in use amongst you of the English Ministery by which you deceive your simple hearers namely that there is one promise belongeth to the gathering of a Church and another promise belongeth to a Church gathered First they say Abraham was called and circumcised and then his seed after him was to be circumcised So say they when God calleth his Church from Jewes and Heathen they must first beleeve and repent before they are baptized But when the Church is gathered then say they the promise belongeth to the beleever and his seed and the seed or infants of beleevers are to be baptized Now that you may see the vanitie of this distinction Moses that was faithfull in all his house as a servant layeth downe the subject matter who should worship God in Israel and keepe the Passe-over and the Ordinances thereof namely the circumcised Israelites Hence the Covenant of circumcision was given at once to Abraham and all borne in his house and bought with his money of any stranger which was not of his seed Every male amongst them must be circumcised the eighth day or else they must be cut off from the people the Covenant was broken And it is said of Abraham that he circumcised himselfe and Ismael his son and all borne in his house and bought with his money the selfe-same day that God commanded him Gen. 17. 9 10 11 12 13 14. So Gen. 17. 23 24 25 26 27. And If a stranger will keepe the Passeover to the Lord let all his Males be circumcised and then let them come neere and keepe it For no uncircumcised person shall ea●e thereof Exod. 12. 48. So that there was not on● way for the admittance of the father and another for the seed but one way for both and it was to be a token in their flesh for an everlasting Covenant namely that 〈◊〉 keeping the Law should have the Land of Canaan for an everlasting possession Gen. 17. 8 13. But when Israel changed this subject-matter she is called a rebellious house because she brought in strangers uncircumcised in flesh and uncircumcised in heart to eate of his bread and pollute his Sanctuary And God chargeth them to have broken his Covenant Ezek. 44. 6 7. compared with Gen. 17. 14. Exod. 12. 48. So the Lord Jesus that was faithfull in all his House as a Son which house are we beleevers in Jesus Christ dipped Heb. 3. 6. layeth downe how his Church should be gathered out of all Nations namely by preaching the everlasting Gospel and who shall be baptized namely every creature in every Nation that beleeveth in Jesus Christ and repenteth of his dead workes seeing the New Testament holdeth but one Lord Jesus Christ one Gospel-faith and one Baptisme So that a beleever in Jesus Christ dipped is the subject-matter to worship God in his spirituall house of the New Testament and no man under the penaltie of a curse might alter it Gal. 1. 8 9. And as the Prophet was not to shew any of the Israelites that had broken the Covenant in admitting strangers uncircumcised in flesh to come into his Sanctuary Ezek. 44. 6 7. untill they were ashamed of their abominations But if they were ashamed of all they had done then they were to shew them the forme of the house and the fashion thereof the going out thereof and the comming in thereof c. Ezek. 43. 10 11. Neither can you expect O you that are of the English Ministery that the Lord Jesus 〈◊〉 shew you the beautie of his spirituall House and the catring in there at and the O●d 〈…〉 thereof So long as contrary to your Covenant to oppose all Popery and Popish In 〈…〉 and to see a Reformation agreeable to the Word of God you joyne with th● Apostate 〈◊〉 the Priest and the Councell of the 66 Bishops in the dayes of cyprian yet in their time and a long season after they held baptizing of infants as an arbitrary thing untill it was after ratified by ● Decree in the time of Pope Innocentius 3. under the penaltie of E●communication for all N●●●nall Chruches under the Popes Jurisdiction to observe Namely that baptisme of infan●s of beleevers should succeed circumcision And by this Act of Fidus and the Councell of 66 Bishops and the Decree of Innocentius the third the Nationall Churches have ●roden the holy C●●●●● beleevers in Jesus Christ dipped under foot ne●re 42 moneths which reckoning a day 〈◊〉 year may amount to neer 1260 years Rev. 11. 2. unlesse the Lord of his free mercy open your 〈◊〉 with the eye-salve of his Spirit and make you ashamed of all your Traditions of infant-baptisme whereby you have enrighted a wrong subject to the Promises Ordinances Priviled g●● and Inheritance of the Spirituall house of the New Testament And when the Lord by his good Spirit shall convince you of all the evill you have done in Persecuting Christ in his Members 〈◊〉 contend for the Gospel faith and especially for oppos●●g the Lord Jesus in his Kingly and P●●ph●ticall Offices in all his outward administrations in admitting of Members into the spirituall Kingdome of the Lord Jesus Namely by repentance from dead workes confession of faith 〈◊〉 Jesus Christ and baptisme which are the three first principles of the Doctrine of Christ which all the members of the Churches of Judea which were in Christ tooke up and practised before they were added to the spirituall house in breaking of bread and prayer Heb. ● ● Act. 2. 41. So that you trembling cry out What shall we doe The holy Spirit by Peter that sp●●●eth will tell you Repent and be dipped every one of you in the Name of the Lord Iesus Christ for the remission of sinnes and yee shall receive the gift of the holy Spirit Then so many of 〈◊〉 as shall gladly receive his word shall be dipped and shall be added to the Congregation of beleevers in Jesus the Christ to continue in the Doctrine we have received from the Apostles 〈◊〉 in Sain●s fellow-ship that keepe the Commandement of God and the faith of Jesus Rev. 14. ●● and in breaking of bread and prayer Act. 2. 41. 42. and have a right to all the Promises 〈◊〉 ledges and Inheritance that Jesus Christ according to his New Testament hath purchased 〈◊〉 you that obey his Gospel Heb. 5. 8. Yours who is adjudged as Hereticks by you but because he refuseth to keepe the Traditions of the Elders but will rather observe the Commandement of Christ as the Pharisees of old upbraided Christs owne Disciples Matth. 15. 2. yet prayeth that God would open your understandings that you might understand the New Y●stament Christ hath ratified with his owne blood that yee might not sinne against his mercies and his members lest you stay your owne soules Francis Cornewell FINIS