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A60480 The doctrine of the Church of England, concerning the Lord's Day, or Sunday-Sabbath as it is laid down in the liturgy, catechism, and book of homilies, vindicated from the vulgar errours of modern writers, and settled upon the only proper and sure basis of God's precept to Adam, and patriarchal practice, where an essay is laid down to prove, that the patriarchal Sabbath instituted, Gen. 2. 3. celebrated by the patriarchs before the Mosaick Law, and re-inforc'd in the fourth precept of the Decalogue, was the same day of the VVeek, viz. Sunday, which Christians celebrate in memory of the perfecting of the creation of the world by the redemption of mankind. Smith, John, Rector of St. Mary's in Colchester. 1683 (1683) Wing S4110; ESTC R3081 78,815 242

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blessing Adam in turning him from his Iniquity before the beginning of Days natural on the sixth Creating-Day and will continue the Exercise of it to the end of Days natural otherwise he would not be a Priest without beginning and end of Days Heb. 7. 3. 4. That Adam did not defer his Repentance but forthwith complied with the gracious Terms that were tendred him cannot be doubted if we seriously consider how utterly incredible it is that he who was so ashamed of himself and his Nakedness should refuse to beg at any rate Raiment of Christ to cover his Nakedness Rev. 3. That he who was so confounded in himself as he ran to hide himself in the Bushes from the Presence of God should stand consulting whether he should accept or refuse Mercy offered That he whose own Conscience and God greater than his Conscience had condemned so as he saw his Soul drawing nigh unto the Grave and his Life to the Murderers should when God not by a Servant but his Son sent this Message to him I have received the Atonement I have accepted the Ransom Job 33. reject the Benefit of that Atonement the Fruit of that Ransom That he who had known what it was to have Communion with God should under the deepest and most deplorable sense of its loss not be ready to imbrace the means of recovering that Communion Especially if we duly ponderate to what end those Beasts were slain of whose Skins God made them Coats of Honour seeing Adam and Eve could not slay them for Food for the Flesh of Animals was not allowed Mankind for Meat till after the Flood That their Flesh was offered in Sacrifice is the common Tenet of most judicious Divines and that partly it was disposed of that way seems very probable but the Scripture does more than hint two other ends of slaying those Beasts which I wonder have not been taken notice of The first for the striking of the Covenant betwixt God the Father and the Son when that Oath which the Sacred Scripture so frequently mentions past betwixt them Psalm 110. 4. The Lord sware and will not repent This Oath past at Christ's Initiation into his Mediatorship Forasmuch as that was not without an Oath c. Heb. 7. 20. By this Oath Christ became or was made the Surety of that better Covenant and more antient than that of Moses These Covenants by Oath for the greater solemnity thereof were made thus Beasts being cut in twain and the parts laid a sunder one against another as Shoulder against Shoulder and Leg against Leg with a space to go between The Parties covenanting passing betwixt the Pieces made Oath Gen. 15. 18. Jer. 24. 18. The Covenant which they made when they cut the Bullock in twain and passed between the parts of it saying Let me be struck as this Beast is struck if I break this Covenant whence came the Phrase of ferire foedus to strike or smite Covenant Now this Oath was given and taken betwixt God the Father and the Son before Christ called to Adam saying Where art thou for otherwise he would have entred upon his Mediatory Office without an Oath And it is very probable that the Voice of God walking in the Garden which Adam heard before that Call was the Voice of the Son of God passing through the Parts of the divided Beasts The Second end of slaying Beasts was for the striking of the Covenant betwixt God and Adam a thing usual in the Ratification of all other Covenants betwixt God and Man as that with Abraham Gen. 15. 18. That with the Jews Exod. 24. 5. half of the Blood of the Sacrifices was sprinkled upon the Altar which represented God and the other half upon the People or the twelve Pillars representing the twelve Tribes after they had consented to the Covenant at the reading of the Book saying Behold the Blood of the Covenant which the Lord hath stricken with you concerning all these Words See Ainsworth on Psal 50. 5. My Saints that have stricken a Covenant with me by Sacrifice But the Apostle's Argument Heb. 9. 16. Where a Testament is there must of necessity be the Death of the Testator For a Testament is of no force at all while the Testator liveth from whence he inferreth that therefore the first Testament was not without Blood will with equal Firmness support this Inference That the first Covenant of Grace with Adam was ratified by Blood And that the Testator must of necessity be dead in Type and Effigy as well at the sealing of that as this And now in the third place comes in that other use of the Flesh of these slain Beasts to wit Adam's offering them in Sacrifice as a Burnt-Offering for the Lord. Thus at that mutual Stipulation betwixt God and Israel Ex. 24. 5. They offered Burnt-Offerings and Sacrifices of Peace unto the Lord. And at God's covenanting with Noah he offered Burnt-Offerings Gen. 8. 20. in all likelihood of the Beasts that had been first cut in twain For this was a Covenant by Oath Isa 54. 9. I have sworn that the Waters of Noah shall no more go over the Earth and therefore struck not only by God's stretching out his Right-hand and swearing as the Hebrew Doctors conceive but by passing between the pieces of the Bullock c. that being the most ancient Patriarchal Mode of ratifying a Covenant by Oath and taken up from this Primitive Example of God's Covenanting with Adam Here we have an account of the disposal of the Flesh of those Beasts with whose Skins God apparell'd Adam and Eve fully consonant to the holy Scriptures and such as speaks Adam to have consented to the Covenant upon its first proposal and the New Creature Man restored by Faith in Christ to have been brought forth into actual Existence before that Seventh Day whereon God rested 5. And now and not till now the Heavens and the Earth were finished and all the Hoast of them when this Captain of the Lord's Hoast had his Commission sealed had mustered his Army and administred Sacramentum Militare the Military Oath to his holy Elect and faithful Ones his Army on Earth was but a small Company consisting but of two but it was terrible with Banners the Banner of Love over it the Banner of defiance against the Enemy who took this Captain of their Salvation for so many and beheld in these two such a Troop coming tho but of Sheep yet led on by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah as at its first looking out in this Morning of the day of Grace the ramping and roaring Lion was Thunder-strook prostrate laid flat upon the Ground and made to creep upon his Belly had none to side with him ever since save his own profligated Angels that had forsaken their first Station and a cripled crew of Kaitiffs that were bowed together by Satan and could not stand upright a Company of Monsters in human shape with two-legg'd Bodies and four-footed Souls and had