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A60280 A sermon preach'd before the Societies for Reformation of Manners in Dublin, April the 11th, 1699 by Alex. Sinclare ; published at the desire of the said societies. Sinclare, Alex. 1699 (1699) Wing S3852; ESTC R33745 18,860 30

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Kingdom who speedily performed their Parts And therefore these inhabitants are chiefly to be understood of private Persons dwelling in this City and such only I expect my Hearers to be and therefore shall not be solicitous to extend the Words any further Secondly The Covenant of God c. is the Divine Law written in the Books of Moses and the Prophets with their solemnly declared Consent which gives it the proper Denomination of a Covenant This Book was found by Hilkiah the High-Priest in the Temple and brought to the King who read it in the Ears of the People both great and small that were met together in the House of the Lord and having solemnly engaged himself to walk after the Lord to keep his Commandments c. he caused them also to declare and give their Consent and is therefore called the Book of the Covenant v. 30. And in the Text the Covenant of God the God of their Fathers because it contains the Terms of that Covenant which God made with their Fathers Ex. 24.7.8 and the manner of its solemn Ratification when Moses sprinkled the Blood upon the Altar and the People who declared their Consent by saying All that the Lord hath said we will do and be Obedient Ex. 24.7 And now it may be well supposed that they Renewed this Covenant and expressly engaged themselves to perform all the words of it as it s here said They did according to the Covenant of God the God of their Fathers Thirdly They are chiefly commended here for doing according to this Covenant which signifies their faithful and active diligence by which they excell'd all others For whereas the rest were rather passive to suffer the Reformation to be carried on which they could not hinder and durst not oppose as it s said the King caused them by constraint to stand or give their Consent to the Covenant and that he made or compelled them by some necessary force upon their backward inclinations to serve even to serve the Lord their God But the more Noble inhabitants of Jerusalem offered themselves willingly and were active both to Reform themselves and to assist all they could to Reform others That they complied with the Covenant and were active to Reform themselves is plainly signified by this Expression And that it further implies their necessary Assistance to Reform others also will evidently appear if we consider these two things 1. That this Glorious Reformer put away all the abominations that were spied in the Land of Judah and in Jerusalem 2 King 23.24 and by a just execution of the Law reclaimed the people that were unwilling and compell'd them to serve the Lord which he could not do by himself alone but stood in need of Informers to assist him and we Read of none others that did so but these Honored Inhabitants of Jerusalem 2. That it was a part of the Covenant for the Divine Law commanded it That all the People should assist in the Punishment of notorious Offenders that could not otherways be Reclaimed Deut. 13. And we have no cause to doubt that the Zealous Inhabitants of Jerusalem did according to this part of the Covenant of God And their generous assistance was Crowned with Glorious Success to spread the Reformation in an eminent manner thro' the whole Kingdom and a special Mark of the Divine Favour and the Honour that comes from God is here fix't upon these Renown'd inhabitants of Jerusalem And now from all that hath been said doth clearly arise this Doct. 1. DoctriN 1. That it 's a singular advantage to the Publick Work of Reformation and will redound to the great Honour of the Inhabitants of the chief City of a Kingdom when they are vigorously engaged in it to Reform themselves and all others as they have Opportunity In Prosecution of this Truth I shall only propose to your Consideration these two Propositions that are implied and inforce them with two Arguments that are expressly contained in it 1. That when a Publick Reformation is happily begun by the Supreme Powers and carried on by the just Execution of necessary Laws in that Case made and provided All Persons should not only submit to them and be active to Reform themselves but also assist all they can in their several Stations and Capacities to Reclaim others For to resist and seek to be Revenged on them who are ready to perform such a kind and needful Office and so to render Evil for Good is hellish Madness and to Act like Devils incarnate Jo. 8.44 for as Christ says of such They are of their Father the Devil and the Lusts of their Father they will do who was a Murderer from the beginning And to be only Passive and tamely suffer themselves to be Reclaimed or patiently to bear the just Punishment of their Miscarriages is no better than brutish Subjection Ps 32.9 and to act like the Horse or Mule that must be held in with Bitt and Bridle Nay To be active only to comply with the Precepts of the Law and Reform themselves is but humane Prudence and to acquit themselves meerly as Men that are capable of Moral Government But to give a good Example by their own cheerful Obedience and vigorously endeavour to Reform others also is a Noble act of that excellent grace of Charity which the Christian Religion doth indispensibly require by which they imitate God himself and act like his Children And That this is the necessary Duty not only of Magistrates in Authority who must not bear the Sword in vain Ro. 13.4 but also of private Persons as they have Opportunity and Abilities in their Places and Stations to be aiding and assisting by their faithful Informations wise Counsels social Combinations vigorous Prosecutions liberal Contributions and all other lawful and necessary means to Reform a vitious Age. This hath been so fully Explained Proved Press't and Vindicated in those excellent Discourses that have been Publish't on this Occasion That I shall only refer you to them and proceed to another Proposition implied here 2. That the Inhabitants of the chief City of a Kingdom should be the most forward and active to engage themselves in this Work to be the first and most illustrious instances of sincere Obedience to the Laws by their own personal Reformation and also to assist with their utmost diligence in the just Execution of them upon Notorious Offenders that their fellow Citizens being first Reclaimed the whole Nation may be likewise Reformed This may well be expected from them who ought to be first and best acquainted with the Laws to be put in Execution And as they would be thought and are generally esteemed to be Men of better Parts and higher Improvements to have greater Abilities and more Advantages to excel others in Wisdom Riches Interest and Conduct and to be intrusted with many excellent Talents that qualify them to be useful Instruments in such a Work So they must give an awful