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A44410 A discourse concerning Lent in two parts : the first an historical account of its observation, the second an essay concern[ing] its original : this subdivided into two repartitions whereof the first is preparatory and shews that most of our Christian ordinances are deriv'd from the Jews, and the second conjectures that Lent is of the same original. Hooper, George, 1640-1727. 1695 (1695) Wing H2700; ESTC R29439 185,165 511

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actual partaking of the other be render'd in all Points of Privilege a perfect Israelite being admitted up to the Altar and entirely taken in under the Holy Wings The Pattern I now spoke of upon which they found this Proceeding is the course that was taken with the Children of Israel before Mount Sinai upon their Receiving of the Law (o) Mai. Issur Biah 13.2 3. They are suppos'd to have been all already Circumcis'd the House of Levi all along in Egypt and the Rest before the First Passover and now being come to the Mount they were Interrogated by Moses concerning their Obedience to the Covenant offer'd them (p) c. 19. Exod. 5. to which when they had agreed they were then directed to Sanctifie themselves and to wash their Clothes (q) v. 8. their whole Bodies upon which the Decalogue and some other Precepts were deliver'd them And then after another Stipulation made by the People both Burnt-Offerings and Peace-Offerings were Sacrific'd (r) Exod. 24. ● with the Blood of which themselves and the Book of the Covenant were sprinkled And lastly afterwards the Elders in their Name were admitted to come nearer to the sight of God and when they returned they eat of the Peace-Offerings (ſ) Aben Ezra in lo●um given them as it were from the Table of God § III. THIS was the manner of Initiation into the Jews Religion And when our Blessed Saviour was pleas'd to Ordain a New Covenant though he set aside Circumcision as belonging to one Sex and not agreeable to his general Design with whom there was to be neither Male nor Female no more than Jew or Greek Yet he retained Baptism for the same use and commanded the Apostles to admit the Converts to his Religion by that Ceremony Go teach says he or make Disciples of all Nations baptizing them (t) Matth. 28.19 And accordingly the Baptiz'd Christian was esteem'd thenceforth to be born again by that Water (u) Joh. 3. for so Nicodemus who was a Master in Israel ought to have understood our Master and Baptism is also stil'd the Washing of Regeneration (x) 1 Pet. 1.23 And with such a regard St. Paul might say (y) 2 Cor. 5.16 thenceforth he knew no man after the flesh whatever Kindred he might have had with him as a Hebrew of the Hebrews no not if he had so known Christ himself as some might then pretend to do For he that is in Christ is a new Creature and old things are past away And as the new Man and new born Babes are spoke in the Phrase of the Jews of the Baptiz'd so in respect to the Interrogatory us'd in that Office after their Example the Answer of a good Conscience towards God is mention'd we find together with the washing by Water or the putting away of the filth of the flesh (z) 1 Pet. 3.23 And lastly the Christian Proselytes by being baptiz'd were likewise render'd capable of receiving the Holy Ghost or as the Jews would speak of being over-shadowed by the Wings of the Divine Majesty and from that also they were in a State of Holiness and to be call'd the Saints of God So plainly does what the Scripture speaks concerning the Sacrament of Baptism discover to us that our Saviour was pleas'd to take it up from the Jewish Church to use it to the like purpose and to assign to it the same effect not varying so much as the Phrase This Accommodation in the general is manifest I say from the Scripture where Baptism is simply mention'd and without such Circumstances as might have attended it though not express'd But in the next Age we shall find it accompanied with such Rituals as may answer those other particulars of that Jewish Sacrament which we have set down above and are to remember in their proper place (a) Ch. 6. CHAP. III. § I. The Nature of the Paschal Sacrifice and the Description the Jewish Traditions give of that Supper § II. Agreeable to the History in the Gospels of our Lord 's Supper and to the Nature of it I Come next to the other Sacrament of our Lord's Supper which He was pleas'd to institute at a Paschal Supper and to borrow thence its Provision the Bread and Wine § I. THE Paschal Lamb was a Sacrifice of a peculiar compounded Nature (a) Exod. 12. As it was to be roasted with Fire it had something of a Burnt-Offering and might seem to be expiatory as it was then when the Blood of it was sprinkled upon their Doors at the first Institution By the same Blood it was federal also the Children of Israel entering by it into a New Covenant And as it was to be eaten all that night or burnt with fire and none left to the morning so it seem'd to be as an Offering for Thanksgiving (b) Le● 7.15 Now answerable to the kind of the Sacrifice was the Supper for which it was prepar'd It was a Festival Entertainment for Joy of the great Deliverance but it was to be eat with unleavened Bread and with bitter Herbs (c) 8. as Memorials of their former Afflictions And the manner of this Supper was thus as Maimonides pretends to tell (d) Tract de Solemnitat Pasch eodem de Veil interprete Cap. 8. In the first place They mingled a Cup of Wine to every one of the Company and the Master of the Family praising God the Creatour of the Fruit of the Vine in the ordinary Form which they use at other Meals He and they all drank beginning so and consecrating the Paschal Action which they were going now to celebrate For so too they us'd to consecrate and separate other sacred Actions from the common Actions of Life the Solemnity of the Sabbath for Example beginning it with a Cup of Wine at the Supper of the first Evening and concluding it with another at the close of the next Day And now after they had wash'd with a Common Prayer us'd at other Washings the Table was set furnish'd with bitter and sweet Herbs unleavened Bread a Sauce red like Brick and the Body of the Lamb for that is their manner of Expression together with the Flesh of the solemn Peace-Offering which was to be offer'd on some day of the Feast (e) Deut. 16.2 and was commonly sacrifc'd on this Day in the Morning (f) Maim de Sacr. Pasch cap. 10. §. 12 13. to help out the Supper When the Table was so set the Master blessing God for having created the Fruits of the Earth in the ordinary Form and as at other times they use to do took of the bitter Herbs about the Quantity of an Olive and dipping them in the red Sauce eat of them and distributed as much to each of the rest After this the Table was to be remov'd a little way from him to give Occasion and Space for the Questions suppos'd in Exodus (g) Exod. 12.26 about the Particularities of this Supper And in