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A27625 A sermon of the true, spiritual transubstantiation, oppos'd to the gross, carnal, imaginary transubstantiation wherein the true meaning of the Lord's Supper is opened, in order to a constant, habitual and actual preparation to it / by Beverley. Beverley, Thomas. 1687 (1687) Wing B2175; ESTC R18401 43,861 64

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Head Add hereunto This is most particularly the Language of Scripture in Sacramental or Testamentary Discourses Discourses concerning the Covenant according to that famous Instance Heb. 9. 19. 20. When Moses had spoken every Precept to the People according to the Law he took the Blood of Calves of Goats with Scarlet-wool and Hysop and sprinkled both the Book and the People saying upon the whole This Thing this whole Thing is the Blood of the Covenant which God hath enjoyn'd you Thus the Bread Blessed Broken Taken Eaten is the Body of Christ and proportionably the Blood This whole Thing the whole Doctrine and Law of the Gospel always 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 consider'd and embrac'd first and then the Bread so Blessed Broken Taken Eaten is the Body of Christ and accordingly this Cup or Wine particularly Blessed Divided Drunk And that not only in a figurative cold sacramental or commemorative Sense for that Divine Power that Eternal Spirit of Christ does infinitely propagate the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ representing his whole Humanity in all the saving Efficacies and mighty Effects proper thereunto as perpetually in the Doctrine and Truth of the Gospel in an intellectual way so in this Supper as in a sensible material Representation but yet only confirming assuring making present a divine spiritual Efficacy as hath been all along declar'd And even as the Bread and Wine have an undoubted evident Appearance to Sense are Eaten Tasted Concocted in the Stomach converted into Flesh Blood and Spirits so are the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ really present in the Bread in the Wine viz. in their spiritual Effects justly called his Body and Blood So that the Bread is in true spiritual Sense the Body of Christ to be eaten spiritually to be tasted spiritually to be turn'd into spiritual Life to the Soul in which Body and Blood go hand in hand with the Elements in all their natural Progress by their Spirituality and so that the want of due spiritual Action in all that profess Christ Jesus whether at or not at the Sacrament however particularly applied to that is an Offence against the very Body and Blood of Jesus Christ and brings a Guilt proportionable to the Offence All which hath the Full of a spiritual Transubstantiation and is the Thing we have pursued Head 4 I am come down now to the fourth Head viz. To enquire into this Thing How there came into the Christian Church such a Notion as that Fleshly Transubstantiation so earnestly contended for And I account it to these four Causes Cause 1 That this Great and Excellent Doctrine of the Gospel especially in that so often magnified Sixth of John and in the Institution of the Lord's Supper give great Warranty to observe a great and divine Mystery in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in his Supper That there must be some real sense of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ as preach'd in the Gospel as presented in the Lord's Supper Transubstantiated so as to be Meat and Drink indeed and to give Life to our Souls All this Mystery cannot be exhausted and drawn out in no more than a plain Assent to this that Christ dyed as an Attonement for the World if so much be allowed as Socinianism denies and gave a Body of Holy Precepts and Commands of an excellent Nature and that whoever lives in Obedience to these with Sincerity shall have that their Obedience imputed to them for Righteousness through the Covenant of Grace and justifie Men as perfect and unsinning Obedience should have been and done by the first Covenant with Adam Rationalists and Moralists draw down this Gospel-Mystery too low while they seem to acquit themselves to Reason and general Understanding and to carry all Things plausibly before that They lose the high Spirituality of Christianity which they are too ready to esteem no better than Jargon Cant and Non-sense There is a Gospel middle betwixt gross portentous carnal Transubstantiation and such an emaciating and shrinking up the great and unsearchable Treasures of the Gospel as if they did not much excell a Lecture out of Plato Plutarch Epictetus or some of the great Sages of Morality joyn'd to some Articles of Faith and Forms of Worship The way and manner of the Gospel speaking of these things and especially as our Lord and Saviour spake who spake as never man spake might well raise the Minds of Christians to look for something high and surpassing in the Mysteries of Christian Religion and beyond common Sense or common Reason 2. Many of those we call the Antients or Fathers coming out of the Heathen Learning and Eloquence into the Profession of Christianity Men of great Holiness Innocency and Sanctity of Conversation Contempt of the World Readiness to dye for the Name of Christ and generally Martyrs of curious and delicate Reason of very sublime Notion and Sentiments of a flowing Language softness and sweetness of Speech and accomplish'd with all the Gracefulnesses of Rhetorick taking the Scripture-Expressions and displaying upon them with that Magnificency and Gallantry of Words and all kind of Wit but not pursuing strongly and closely the Reason Strength and whole Analogy of Scripture nor guarding their Discourse by a Nervous Compare of Scripture with Scripture launch'd out into many free and liberal Expressions concerning these Things which not ballanc'd limited defended against possible Mistake at some Times and in some Veins of their Writings in this Matter might give occasion to the more grievous and dreadful Mistakes to such a course of Times as we may easily observe succeeded them And this they did at the higher rate undoubtedly out of a great Zeal for the Honour of Christian Religion for the Jews and Pagans speaking high of their Cabalaes Great Mysteries and Secrets of Religion and their Mystae who had the guard of these Mysteries their Priests and Devotoes The Fathers of the Christian Church knowing the true Excellency of Divine Mysteries and pitching upon this as easily the most remarkable viz. the Doctrine of eating the Flesh and drinking the Blood of Christ and this Doctrine in an especial manner consigned into the Mystery of the Lord's Supper to which is adjoyn'd that severe Discourse of the Apostle 1 Cor. 11. It was very obvious to them here especially to exalt the Glory of Christianity and of the holy Ministers of it as highly surmounting the Poor if true but therefore most poor because false Mysteries of outdated Judaism and much more of Paganism It is most evident at the very same Time in the very same Places of their Writings they in the same kind of flowing Eloquence intermix other Expressions that sufficiently argue How free they were from any Misapprehensions in these Things But their way of Writing being not by way of severe Examination of Scripture Notions and Texts not by the austere Beam of Scripture in its several Portions of Revealed Truth and of the Sacred Context nor having any surmise of the after