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and_o go_v through_o hard_a and_o bitter_a contention_n and_o affliction_n of_o this_o life_n and_o yet_o then_o we_o be_v not_o in_o rest_n for_o the_o next_o station_n we_o come_v to_o be_v sin_n thorny_a there_o the_o people_n murmur_v against_o moses_n for_o meat_n in_o the_o evening_n god_n feed_v they_o with_o quail_n and_o they_o come_v to_o the_o place_n of_o sepulcher_n &_o leanness_n enter_v into_o their_o soul_n in_o the_o morning_n they_o be_v feed_v with_o manna_n to_o know_v that_o man_n live_v not_o by_o bread_n only_o but_o by_o every_o word_n that_o proceed_v out_o of_o the_o mouth_n of_o god_n deut._n 8._o they_o do_v all_o eat_v of_o the_o same_o spiritual_a meat_n 1._o cor._n 10._o this_o manna_n be_v to_o be_v gather_v as_o every_o man_n have_v need_v of_o it_o if_o any_o be_v reserve_v till_o morning_n it_o bring_v forth_o worm_n exod._n 16.20_o this_o saint_n paul_n apply_v to_o the_o use_n of_o wealth_n 2._o cor._n 8._o let_v it_o be_v of_o equality_n at_o this_o time_n that_o your_o abundance_n fulfil_v their_o want_n that_o their_o abundance_n may_v reach_v to_o your_o want_n that_o there_o may_v be_v a_o equality_n as_o it_o be_v write_v he_o that_o gather_v much_o have_v not_o overmuch_o and_o he_o that_o gather_v little_a have_v not_o over-little_a the_o sum_n of_o these_o stand_n be_v this_o that_o the_o soil_n be_v good_a and_o bad_a show_v we_o the_o manner_n of_o the_o man_n which_o live_v on_o the_o earth_n and_o with_o who_o we_o live_v at_o who_o hand_n we_o must_v look_v for_o bad_a deal_n more_o than_o for_o good_a this_o christ_n teach_v in_o the_o gospel_n when_o he_o will_v that_o those_o who_o will_v embrace_v he_o shall_v take_v up_o his_o cross_n and_o follow_v he_o after_o they_o come_v to_o rephidim_n where_o be_v no_o water_n for_o the_o people_n to_o drink_v the_o people_n murmur_v against_o moses_n the_o place_n be_v call_v tentation_n according_a to_o that_o of_o david_n psal_n 95._o hebr._fw-la 3_o to_o day_n if_o you_o will_v hear_v my_o voice_n harden_v not_o your_o heart_n as_o be_v the_o provocation_n in_o the_o day_n of_o temptation_n in_o the_o wilderness_n etc._n etc._n moses_n strike_v the_o rock_n and_o the_o rock_n be_v christ_n 1._o cor._n 10._o they_o drink_v all_o of_o the_o same_o spiritual_a drink_n etc._n etc._n jesus_n fight_v with_o ameleck_n moses_n erect_v a_o altar_n and_o call_v it_o jehovah_n my_o banner_n christ_n by_o death_n overcome_v he_o that_o have_v the_o power_n of_o death_n and_o we_o have_v a_o altar_n jesus_n christ_n the_o righteous_a heb._n 11._o then_o they_o come_v to_o horeb_n which_o have_v the_o soil_n very_o dry_a but_o sina_n on_o the_o top_n a_o hole_n where_o the_o wind_n make_v a_o fearful_a noise_n but_o zion_n be_v a_o pleasant_a and_o fruitful_a soil_n full_a of_o spring_n to_o wash_v away_o the_o blood_n of_o the_o beast_n that_o there_o be_v slay_v the_o land_n of_o chush_n always_o in_o servitude_n so_o we_o if_o we_o look_v only_o to_o have_v our_o life_n savour_n of_o civility_n our_o soul_n not_o lighten_v with_o the_o knowledge_n by_o christ_n we_o shall_v be_v continual_o in_o servitude_n and_o as_o these_o place_n come_v short_a of_o the_o glory_n of_o jerusalem_n so_o the_o jew_n not_o think_v on_o christ_n have_v their_o cogitation_n wander_v not_o find_v rest_n in_o their_o soul_n saint_n paul_n handle_v these_o two_o mountain_n in_o this_o sort_n galat._n 4._o by_o the_o which_o thing_n another_o thing_n be_v mean_v say_v he_o for_o these_o two_o hill_n be_v two_o testament_n the_o one_o agar_n of_o mount_n sinai_n which_o gender_v unto_o bondage_n be_v a_o mountain_n in_o arabia_n and_o it_o answer_v to_o jerusalem_n which_o now_o be_v and_o she_o be_v in_o bondage_n with_o her_o child_n but_o jerusalem_n which_o be_v above_o be_v free_a the_o mother_n of_o we_o all_o the_o persian_n wonder_v at_o the_o stateliness_n of_o jerusalem_n be_v in_o glory_n one_o thousand_o year_n saint_n paul_n call_v this_o time_n to_o christ_n the_o time_n of_o a_o child_n under_o a_o tutor_n the_o son_n be_v rom._n 15._o whatsoever_o be_v write_v be_v write_v for_o our_o learning_n that_o we_o through_o patience_n may_v have_v hope_n now_o say_v saint_n paul_n these_o thing_n be_v our_o example_n to_o the_o end_n we_o shall_v not_o lust_n after_o evil_a thing_n as_o some_o of_o they_o lust_v and_o fall_v in_o one_o day_n three_o and_o twenty_o thousand_o 1._o cor._n 10._o in_o this_o place_n sinai_n where_o the_o law_n be_v give_v many_o thing_n be_v to_o be_v consider_v the_o law_n be_v give_v that_o sin_n may_v be_v know_v to_o abound_v it_o be_v give_v by_o angel_n deut._n 33._o by_o a_o mediator_n moses_n there_o be_v one_o mediator_n of_o god_n and_o man_n the_o man_n christ_n jesus_n the_o mediator_n of_o the_o new_a testament_n heb._n 9_o it_o be_v give_v on_o the_o lord_n day_n in_o the_o morning_n the_o lord_n arise_v and_o shine_v from_o pharan_n with_o thousand_o of_o his_o angel_n with_o thunder_n lightning_n and_o earthquake_n moses_n erect_v a_o altar_n on_o twelve_o pillar_n and_o have_v make_v a_o sacrifice_n do_v read_v the_o book_n of_o the_o covenant_n and_o take_v the_o blood_n of_o ox_n and_o bull_n with_o water_n purple_a wool_n and_o isope_n do_v sprinkle_v the_o book_n say_v this_o be_v the_o blood_n of_o the_o covenant_n which_o god_n have_v command_v for_o you_o this_o be_v handle_v in_o the_o 9_o to_o the_o hebrew_n if_o the_o blood_n of_o ox_n and_o bull_n do_v sanctify_v to_o cleanness_n of_o the_o flesh_n how_o much_o more_o shall_v the_o blood_n of_o christ_n cleanse_v our_o conscience_n from_o dead_a work_n to_o serve_v the_o live_a lord_n moses_n go_v up_o to_o the_o mountain_n and_o fast_v forty_o day_n exod._n 32._o christ_n in_o the_o wilderness_n fast_v forty_o day_n luk._n 4._o the_o people_n turn_v the_o glory_n of_o god_n into_o the_o similitude_n of_o a_o calf_n that_o eat_v hay_n exod._n 32.6_o be_v not_o idolater_n as_o some_o of_o they_o be_v as_o it_o be_v write_v the_o people_n sit_v down_o to_o eat_v and_o drink_v and_o rise_v up_o to_o play_v 1._o cor._n 16._o moses_n break_v the_o two_o table_n which_o he_o receive_v from_o god_n write_v with_o the_o finger_n of_o god_n the_o levite_n kill_v three_o thousand_o of_o israel_n that_o have_v commit_v idolatry_n they_o regard_v not_o father_n mother_n brethren_z or_o sister_n this_o christ_n apply_v to_o all_o man_n mat._n 10._o he_o that_o love_v father_n or_o mother_n more_o than_o i_o be_v not_o worthy_a of_o i_o moses_n go_v up_o again_o to_o the_o mountain_n with_o two_o table_n prepare_v of_o himself_o continue_v forty_o day_n fast_v write_v the_o word_n of_o the_o former_a table_n in_o these_o this_o paul_n handle_v 2._o cor._n 3._o you_o be_v the_o epistle_n of_o christ_n minister_v of_o we_o write_v not_o with_o ink_n but_o with_o the_o spirit_n not_o in_o table_n of_o stone_n but_o in_o the_o table_n of_o heart_n of_o flesh_n the_o second_o year_n after_o their_o come_n from_o egypt_n the_o tabernacle_n be_v erect_v out_o of_o which_o the_o lord_n speak_v in_o a_o more_o manifest_a gracious_a sort_n than_o at_o any_o time_n before_o he_o have_v do_v to_o show_v himself_o in_o a_o special_a sort_n merciful_a christ_n his_o humane_a nature_n be_v the_o tabernacle_n the_o word_n become_v flesh_n and_o have_v his_o tabernacle_n among_o we_o joh._n 1._o in_o he_o all_o fullness_n dwell_v bodily_a col._n 4_o by_o grace_v all_o christian_n be_v a_o tabernacle_n es_fw-ge 10._o ap._n 21._o a_o cloud_n over-shadowed_a the_o tabernacle_n to_o the_o virgin_n marie_n gabriel_n say_v luk._n 1._o the_o power_n of_o the_o high_a shall_v overshadow_v thou_o so_o moses_n can_v not_o enter_v into_o the_o tabernacle_n of_o testimony_n because_o the_o cloud_n abide_v thereupon_o and_o the_o glory_n of_o the_o lord_n fill_v the_o tabernacle_n when_o christ_n be_v glorify_v on_o the_o mountain_n and_o a_o bright_a cloud_n over-shadowed_a he_o peter_n say_v let_v we_o make_v here_o three_o tabernacle_n one_o for_o thou_o one_o for_o moses_n and_o one_o for_o elias_n mat._n 17._o the_o temple_n of_o the_o tabernacle_n of_o witness_n be_v open_a and_o the_o temple_n be_v full_a of_o the_o smoke_n of_o the_o glory_n of_o god_n and_o no_o man_n can_v enter_v into_o the_o temple_n ap._n 15._o where_o the_o cloud_n remain_v they_o go_v forward_o with_o the_o ark_n christ_n have_v a_o white_a cloud_n under_o he_o ap._n 14._o nadab_n and_o abihu_n be_v consume_v with_o fire_n for_o offer_v strange_a fire_n before_o the_o lord_n to_o be_v a_o example_n how_o god_n be_v a_o consume_a fire_n against_o foolish_a zeal_n after_o this_o the_o child_n
god_n require_v by_o the_o law_n be_v spiritual_a as_o the_o reward_n which_o we_o ought_v to_o look_v for_o be_v spiritual_a you_o be_v also_o to_o note_n that_o there_o be_v seven_o time_n seven_o day_n after_o the_o eat_n of_o the_o lamb_n before_o the_o give_v of_o the_o law_n whereby_o we_o may_v know_v that_o god_n care_v not_o for_o civility_n without_o the_o knowledge_n of_o christ_n though_o the_o contrary_n be_v teach_v that_o it_o be_v enough_o so_o we_o be_v civil_a in_o life_n though_o our_o mind_n never_o think_v of_o the_o eat_n of_o the_o lamb_n but_o if_o we_o will_v live_v godly_a indeed_o all_o our_o care_n must_v be_v to_o esteem_v high_o of_o those_o rule_n which_o concern_v the_o teach_n of_o the_o redemption_n by_o christ_n for_o it_o be_v no_o commendation_n to_o live_v civil_o though_o a_o sin_n to_o miss_v in_o conversation_n and_o yet_o this_o honest_a behaviour_n among_o all_o man_n must_v not_o be_v neglect_v where_o it_o be_v say_v sanctify_v yourselves_o for_o to_o morrow_n be_v the_o sabbath_n if_o it_o be_v demand_v how_o the_o jew_n can_v understand_v this_o it_o may_v thus_o be_v answer_v god_n so_o speak_v that_o a_o child_n may_v understand_v it_o for_o adam_n fall_v in_o paradise_n the_o six_o day_n and_o sacrifice_v the_o seven_o which_o be_v as_o much_o as_o moses_n speak_v here_o this_o be_v the_o consent_n of_o the_o hebrew_n there_o be_v a_o question_n whether_o joseph_n in_o egypt_n and_o the_o jew_n in_o babylon_n do_v keep_v the_o sabbath_n for_o any_o thing_n that_o i_o can_v find_v they_o do_v it_o not_o public_o peradventure_o joseph_n may_v do_v it_o privatlie_o in_o respect_n of_o his_o own_o conscience_n but_o not_o otherwise_o and_o for_o the_o keep_n of_o the_o sabbathes_n by_o the_o jew_n in_o babylon_n we_o have_v a_o express_a example_n to_o the_o contrary_n there_o be_v a_o feast_n at_o shusan_n which_o be_v on_o the_o sabbath_n day_n which_o feast_n the_o jew_n likewise_o do_v solemnize_v immediate_o upon_o that_o there_o be_v a_o decree_n to_o destroy_v the_o jew_n the_o chaldee_n paraphra_v expound_v it_o to_o be_v for_o the_o contempt_n of_o the_o sabbath_n job_n in_o his_o book_n expound_v this_o commandment_n of_o honour_v father_n and_o mother_n by_o show_v how_o contumelious_o those_o do_v use_v he_o who_o father_n he_o will_v not_o have_v set_v with_o his_o dog_n saint_n paul_n show_v that_o this_o be_v the_o first_o commandment_n that_o have_v a_o promise_n annex_v show_v thereby_o that_o we_o be_v to_o be_v deal_v with_o like_a child_n by_o allurement_n to_o embrace_v common_a civility_n such_o be_v the_o perverseness_n of_o our_o nature_n jeremy_n tell_v the_o jew_n that_o if_o they_o will_v keep_v their_o sabbath_n they_o shall_v not_o go_v into_o captivity_n he_o thereby_o mean_v that_o by_o the_o true_a keep_n of_o the_o sabbath_n they_o must_v learn_v all_o religion_n for_o they_o must_v remember_v adam_n fall_n and_o the_o restore_n by_o christ_n and_o then_o the_o institute_n of_o the_o sabbath_n then_o must_v they_o come_v to_o sem_fw-mi and_o abraham_n and_o the_o promise_n and_o the_o offer_v up_o of_o isaac_n which_o be_v a_o figure_n of_o the_o lamb_n slay_v from_o the_o begin_n of_o the_o world_n and_o so_o through_o the_o story_n of_o the_o scripture_n the_o law_n be_v usual_o divide_v into_o two_o table_n the_o first_o second_o the_o four_o first_o commandment_n concern_v god_n the_o six_o last_o concern_v man_n the_o end_n of_o the_o law_n be_v christ_n which_o be_v excellent_o set_v down_o in_o the_o epistle_n to_o the_o hebrew_n which_o epistle_n begin_v in_o this_o sort_n at_o sundry_a time_n and_o in_o sundry_a manner_n god_n speak_v in_o the_o old_a time_n by_o the_o prophet_n as_o to_o adam_n the_o seed_n of_o the_o woman_n shall_v break_v the_o head_n of_o the_o serpent_n to_o noah_n bless_a be_v the_o god_n of_o sem._n to_o abraham_n in_o thy_o seed_n all_o nation_n in_o the_o earth_n shall_v be_v bless_v etc._n etc._n and_o now_o last_o by_o his_o son_n who_o he_o have_v make_v heir_n of_o all_o thing_n by_o who_o he_o make_v the_o world_n ●_o who_o be_v the_o brightness_n of_o his_o glory_n and_o the_o character_n of_o his_o substance_n sustain_v all_o thing_n by_o who_o the_o world_n be_v make_v far_o above_o all_o angel_n for_o in_o the_o beginning_n o_o lord_n thou_o establish_v the_o heaven_n they_o will_v perish_v but_o thou_o do_v remain_v and_o the_o angel_n they_o be_v but_o thy_o minister_a spirit_n for_o their_o sake_n which_o shall_v be_v heir_n of_o salvation_n now_o if_o every_o transgression_n and_o disobedience_n receive_v a_o just_a reward_n how_o shall_v we_o escape_v if_o we_o neglect_v so_o great_a salvation_n it_o be_v easy_a to_o make_v trial_n hereof_o for_o the_o world_n be_v make_v in_o the_o beginning_n to_o obey_v man_n the_o angel_n receive_v damnation_n for_o despise_v this_o and_o in_o respect_n hereof_o david_n say_v what_o be_v man_n that_o thou_o shall_v be_v mindful_a of_o he_o thou_o have_v make_v he_o a_o little_a inferior_a to_o the_o angel_n that_o thou_o may_v crown_v he_o with_o glory_n and_o honour_n and_o it_o be_v necessary_a that_o jesus_n shall_v take_v upon_o he_o the_o seed_n of_o abraham_n and_o so_o be_v make_v inferior_a to_o the_o angel_n by_o suffer_a death_n that_o so_o he_o may_v bring_v many_o child_n to_o glory_n and_o through_o death_n destroy_v he_o that_o have_v the_o power_n of_o death_n and_o by_o this_o victory_n over_o the_o devil_n be_v crown_v with_o glory_n and_o honour_n and_o have_v all_o thing_n put_v in_o subjection_n under_o his_o foot_n and_o by_o these_o his_o suffering_n he_o be_v make_v like_o unto_o his_o brethren_n that_o he_o may_v be_v merciful_a and_o a_o faithful_a high_a priest_n in_o thing_n concern_v god_n that_o he_o may_v make_v reconciliation_n for_o the_o sin_n of_o the_o people_n moses_n be_v a_o faithful_a witness_n hereof_o and_o they_o that_o believe_v he_o not_o but_o disobey_v be_v plague_v in_o the_o wilderness_n therefore_o while_o it_o be_v call_v to_o day_n harden_v not_o your_o heart_n lest_o he_o swear_v they_o shall_v not_o enter_v into_o my_o rest_n this_o doctrine_n be_v further_o make_v plain_a by_o aaron_n the_o anoint_v of_o the_o lord_n who_o office_n be_v to_o offer_v for_o his_o own_o sin_n and_o the_o sin_n of_o his_o brethren_n but_o his_o office_n cease_v this_o cease_v be_v figure_v before_o in_o melchisedech_n blessing_n abraham_n when_o levy_v be_v yet_o in_o abraham_n loin_n and_o therefore_o above_o abraham_n for_o the_o lesser_a be_v bless_v of_o the_o great_a to_o who_o abraham_n give_v tithe_n therefore_o the_o jew_n must_v go_v to_o a_o high_a religion_n than_o to_o the_o law_n and_o thy_o god_n contain_v more_o than_o ceremony_n we_o shall_v see_v this_o clear_a by_o the_o tabernacle_n in_o the_o which_o we_o be_v not_o to_o speak_v of_o the_o particular_a ceremony_n but_o of_o those_o chief_o which_o as_o refer_v to_o christ_n in_o the_o tabernacle_n there_o be_v two_o place_n the_o holy_a the_o holy_a of_o holy_a the_o holy_a be_v call_v the_o sanctuary_n of_o this_o world_n wherein_o be_v the_o candlestick_n table_n of_o shewbread_n etc._n etc._n the_o holy_a of_o holy_a do_v represent_v the_o state_n of_o heaven_n in_o which_o be_v the_o ark_n of_o the_o covenant_n of_o god_n in_o which_o ark_n there_o be_v reserve_v as_o a_o memory_n for_o all_o posterity_n a_o pot_n of_o manna_n aaron_n rod_n that_o always_o flourish_v and_o the_o table_n of_o the_o law_n the_o ark_n be_v cover_v and_o the_o cover_n thereof_o be_v call_v the_o mercy-seat_n which_o figure_v christ_n who_o be_v our_o propitiatory_a or_o mercy-seat_n to_o cover_v our_o iniquity_n over_o the_o mercy-seat_n be_v the_o form_n of_o two_o angel_n have_v relation_n to_o the_o angel_n that_o keep_v the_o way_n to_o the_o tree_n of_o life_n to_o show_v that_o none_o be_v worthy_a to_o come_v into_o that_o holy_a of_o holy_a but_o aaron_n the_o anoint_a of_o the_o lord_n who_o likewise_o figure_v christ_n both_o in_o name_n and_o office_n for_o aaron_n signify_v christ_n which_o in_o english_a be_v anoint_v and_o in_o office_n by_o enter_v once_o for_o all_o into_o the_o holy_a of_o holy_a for_o it_o be_v the_o office_n of_o the_o high_a sacrificer_n once_o every_o year_n to_o enter_v into_o this_o holy_a of_o holy_a with_o blood_n of_o this_o david_n speak_v psalm_n 40._o when_o he_o come_v into_o the_o world_n he_o say_v sacrifice_n and_o burn_a offering_n thou_o will_v not_o have_v but_o a_o body_n have_v thou_o ordain_v in_o the_o begin_n of_o thy_o book_n it_o be_v write_v that_o i_o shall_v do_v thy_o will_n o_o god_n then_o say_v i_o lo_o i_o