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A10699 A Catholicke conference betvveene Syr Tady Mac. Mareall a popish priest of VVaterforde, and Patricke Plaine a young student in Trinity Colledge by Dublin in Ireland VVherein is deliuered the certayne maner of execution that was vsed vpon a popish bishop, and a popish priest, that for seueral matters of treason were executed at Dublin the first of February, now last past. 16ll. Strange to be related, credible to be beleeued, and pleasant to bee perused. By Barnabe Rych, Gent. seruant to the Kinges most excellent Maiestie. Rich, Barnabe, 1540?-1617. 1612 (1612) STC 20981; ESTC S115901 41,203 61

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Church hath thus decreede and a good Catholicke should admit of nothing else nor neuer seeke further Pa. You were best to sticke fast to that ankerholde for if the authoritie of your Pope be not able to countervaile both Peter and Paul yea and to waigh vp Christ himselfe your whole religion is but Idolatry superstition and hypocrisie Ta. I tell you for the approbation of our religion although we had no Scriptures to helpe vs yet we haue such other circum stances whereby to confirme it as I hope the proudest Protestant in all your Colledge will be ashamed to make any doubt in the matter Pa. Our Protestants in the Colledge would be ashamed to make doubt of any thing that is apparantly true Ta. But they must haue scriptures for their confirmation I am sure they doe looke for that Pa. If it be for doubts in religion for matters of faith or for thinges that doe concerne our saluation they will beleeuc nothing but what is testified and to be approued by the Scriptures Ta. Then they stand vppon good securitie and so a man may trust a Dogge with a shoulder of mutton but these are vnbeleeuing Apostles that will not acknowledge Christ to be risen vnlesse with Thomas Dydimus they may feele the print of his woundes with their owne fingers but blessing light on them that haue not seene and yet will beleeue the Reuelations that haue bin sent the Visions that haue beene seene and the Myracles that haue bin wrought to the comfort of Catholickes and the confirmation of their religion let all the Diuines that be in your Colledge that doth so much impugne our Catholicke religion bring foorth but one Myracle that doth make for them and we will drop ten for one against them for the approuing of ours Pa. Indeed we bring no Myracles whereby to fortifie our religion but such as were performed by Christ and his Apostles many hundred yeares sithens Ta. And they be old ande ouer worne but we haue them euerie day spicke and span newe Miracles vppon Myracles one in anothers necke and those most admirable and strange to be reported Pa. And I thinke no lesse incredible to be beleeued Ta. For the certainety of them there is none will doubt but heretickes and now if I should speake but of halfe the Myracles that are expressed in our Catholicke hystories I might easely find matter wherewith to begin but neuer finde time when to make an ende I will therefore ouerpasse our Golden Legend a whole volume of Miracles extant in Folio besides many other that are contained in one holy booke of Conformities where mention is made aswell of birdes as beastes that came flocking together about Saint Francis to heare him preach and howe the Nighting gales and other singing birdes woulde come helpe him to sing Masse but these are of an old date I will therefore come to new matter what Myracles haue beene lately performed by our Lady of Hall set downe by Iustus Lypsius a most learned Iesuite who now but within these very few yeares write two learned Bookes full of Catholicke doctrine in the prayse of two Images the one of them called our Lady of Hall the other by the name of our Lady of Sichem both of them the Images of our blessed Lady the Virgine Mary the which two Images as Lypsius affirmeth haue performed greater myracles then the scriptures do testifie were done by Christ himselfe There is mention made of ten seuerall persons that were deliuered in a great extremitie from the danger of death but by thinking of our Lady of Hall Seuen others that were already dead were restored agayne to life being but layed before her Image now for curing of all maner of diseases as to make the dumbe to speake the deafe to heare the blind to see the lame to goe they are common things matters of small account shee dooth them with ease and great dexterity But amongst a number of other Myracles I will deliuer one for the comfort of Falconers Lypsius confidently reporteth in this foresaide booke that an angry disposed Lord would haue hanged his Falconer for loosing of his hawke and when the rope was about his necke and hee ready to bee executed hee did but call to his mind our Lady of Hall and at the very instant of his thought the hawke came flying and lighted on his shoulders and so saued his life I thinke I might weary the wisest man in Ireland if I shoulde set downe all what Lypsius hath reported of these two Ladies Pa. Doth your Lady of Hall vse to take no money for these cures you speake of doth she all these thinges gratis without any further consideration Ta. What miserable wretch would be so vngratefull as not to bestowe an offering of the mother of mercy Pa. Then I see it is not out of kinde for Ladies to take offerings but doe you call your Lady of Hall the mother of mercy Ta. Patricke be not an enemy to thine owne destruction doe but consider of this that followeth and vse thine owne iudgement This booke thus published by Lypsius of the Myracles that were performed by our Lady of Hall was contradicted by a Protestant minister of the lowe countries whereuppon Clarus Bonarscius a famous and a most learned Iesuite that was abiding in Antiwarpe but within these three or foure yeares which worthie champion of the Church of Rome incountered this deprauing Protestant this lowe countrey minister writing a booke agaynst him which he intituled The great Theater of the Iesuites honour in which booke amongst a great deale of other Catholicke matter in a most eloquent and learned manner he inveyeth and bitterly rageth against Protestants in generall forbearing to disgrace neither prince nor pesant that are not deuoted to the Catholicke Church of Rome and was not ashamed to detect and reprooue some Protestant princes particularly without any respect either to their estate or dignitie hauing thus clarkly rayled and raged against them he spendeth a little time to speake of his friend Lip sius whom when he had highly extolled for his Catholick zeale in writing of those 2. bookes he composeth an excellent poeme in the honour of our Lady of Hall the which he dedicateth to her selfe and to her young sonne In this Poeme amongst other Catholicke matters he confidently affirmeth the milke of our Lady to bee equall in comparison with the bloud of Christ and that our sinnes are cured aswell by her milke as by his bloud That God hath diuided his king dome with our Lady reseruing iustice to himselfe and yeelding mercy to her That a man may appeale from God to our Lady and that sins are sooner forgiuen by her intercession then by the mediation of Iesus Christ. Pa. But is it possible Syr Tady that any such booke shoulde be extant as you report wherein should bee published so horrible blasphemy Ta. Are you not ashamed to vse any such tearmes or to aske any such question I tell you there