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A26945 The judgment of Mr. Baxter concerning ceremonies and conformity with a short reflection upon a scandalous pamphlet intituled, A proposition for the safety and happiness of the king and kingdom : in a letter to a gentleman of the House of Commons. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.; Gentleman of the House of Commons. 1667 (1667) Wing B1290; ESTC R5453 5,194 18 View Text
A86929 A iust provocation of Master Tombes, to make good his generall charge against Mr VVilliam Hussey's satisfaction to his scepticall exercitation. / By William Hussey, Minister of the Gospell, at Chesilhurst in Kent. Hussey, William, minister of Chiselhurst. 1646 (1646) Wing H3817; Thomason E357_6; ESTC R201148 6,254 12 View Text
A80582 Two queries worthy of serious consideration, concerning the gospel faith of the lord Jesus the Christ once given unto the saints, Matth. 16. 16. I Ioh. 5.1. Cornwell, Francis. 1646 (1646) Wing C6338; Thomason E324_13; ESTC R200616 6,647 8 View Text
A50868 A brief examination of some passages in the chronological part of a letter, written to Dr. Sherlock in his vindication in a letter to a friend. Milner, John, 1628-1702. 1700 (1700) Wing M2076; ESTC R37638 7,596 12 View Text
A96432 A summary of occurrences, relating to the miraculous preservation of our late sovereign lord King Charles II. after the defeat of his army at Worcester in the year 1651 faithfully taken from the express personal testimony of those two worthy Roman Catholics, Thomas Whitgrave ... and Mr. John Hudleston priest ... the eminent instruments under God of the same preservation ... Whitgrave, Thomas, fl. 1651.; Hudleston, John, 1608-1698. 1688 (1688) Wing W2015A; ESTC R233044 7,840 33 View Text
A76086 The Holy Scripture owned, and the Athenians injustice detected, by The abused Quaker. Abused Quaker. 1692 (1692) Wing B106A; ESTC R170410 8,260 2 View Text
A89787 Mr Sadler re-examined, or, His disguise discovered. Shewing, the grosse mistakes and most notorious falshoods in his dealing with the Commissioners for Approbation of Publike Preachers in his Inquisitio Anglicana. : Wherein also a brief and true account is given of their righteous proceedings with him and those that come before them. / By one who has been a constant eye and ear-witnesse of all their proceedings, though now in no relation to them. Nye, John, d. 1688.; Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672. 1654 (1654) Wing N1480; ESTC R203017 8,704 15 View Text
A63786 Truth's triumph over errour: or, The routing of the seven false prophets who have all lived in London in lesse then these 20. years: (viz.) Farnam, Bull, weavers, Robbins, Garment husbandmen. Smith, a shooe-maker. Muggleton and Reeve, taylors. Wherein is clearly discovered and confuted all their most blasphemous, damnable, false and rediculous tenents. Themselves and falshoods opened, anatomized, and dissected, and found to be no better then impostures, liers, deluders, and spirituall gypsies. Proved by time the mother of truth, reason, scripture, and their own contradictions. Written by Stephen Proud-love, a lover of the truth. 1653 (1653) Wing T3172A; ESTC R219214 8,882 17 View Text
A65656 A small present to a Roman Catholique in opposition to his present hear-say tradition, as not agreeable to the rule of faith ... / by Henry Whistler, Bac. Theol. Whistler, Henry. 1657 (1657) Wing W1678A; ESTC R30189 9,060 20 View Text
A47194 George Keith's vindication from the forgeries and abuses of T. Hick & W. Kiffin with the rest of his confederate brethren of the Barbican-Meeting held London the 28th of the 6th month, 1674. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1674 (1674) Wing K229; ESTC R29451 11,460 28 View Text
A59630 Tachygraphy the most exact and compendious methode of short and swift writing that hath ever yet beene published by any / composed by Thomas Shelton ... ; approoved by both unyversities. Shelton, Thomas, 1601-1650?; Hall, Ralph. 1641 (1641) Wing S3074; ESTC R37153 12,990 67 View Text
A40485 Friendly advice to the correctour of the English press at Oxford concerning the English orthographie 1682 (1682) Wing F2215; ESTC R6439 13,360 14 View Text
A93780 A sermon preached before His Majestie at Christ-Church in Oxford, on the 18. of April 1643. By William Stampe vicar of Stepney in the county of Middlesex. Stampe, William, 1611-1653? 1643 (1643) Wing S5194; Thomason E101_1; ESTC R11010 13,508 29 View Text
A85261 J.F.'s reply unto Thomas Crisp's rapsody of lies, slanders and defamations of J.F. and R.R. &c. entituled, The fifth part of Babel builders, &c. Field, John, 1652-1723. 1682 (1682) Wing F864C; ESTC R177045 14,382 16 View Text
A65972 Arguments against bowing at the name of Iesvs proving the unlawfullnesse and injustice of imposing that posture in Gods worship, which is neither injoyned by word of God, nor by the canon of the Church ... / composed abovt five years since by a reverend minister of the city of London. Reverend minister of the city of London.; Wickins, William, 1614-1699. 1641 (1641) Wing W2083; ESTC R24555 15,346 22 View Text
A45824 The corrector corrected: or, some sober reflections on a late book of Mr. Thomas Danson's published by him (as he pretends) to correct an immodest and false account (as he calls it) of two conferences between him and Mr. Ives, formerly printed about the saints perseverance. By which the former accounts of the said disputations are justified, and Mr. Danson's latter account justly blamed, as being filled with impertinencies, railings, false accusations, unchristian and unmanly reflections upon the person, opinion, and trade of his antagonist. Evidenced to the judgment of every ingenious reader. By Jer. Ives. Ives, Jeremiah, fl. 1653-1674. 1672 (1672) Wing I1097; ESTC R221622 15,362 33 View Text
A59540 A letter writ to an atheistical acquaintance upon his turning papist in his old age by a person of honour. Shannon, Francis Boyle, Viscount, 1623-1699. 1691 (1691) Wing S2964; ESTC R38232 15,643 30 View Text
A68347 A confutation of the Popish transubstantiation Together with a narration, how that the masse was at sundrie times patched and peeced by sundrie Popes. Wherein is contained a briefe summe of the reasons and arguments which those render, that will not receiue the masse. Translated out of French into English by Peter Allibond minister of the word of God. L'Espine, Jean de, ca. 1506-1597. Sommaire des raisons que rendent ceux qui ne veulent pas participer à la messe.; Sommaire des raisons que rendent ceux qui ne veulent pas participer à la messe. aut; Allibond, Peter, 1559 or 60-1628. 1592 (1592) STC 15511; ESTC S112323 15,671 54 View Text
A42787 A sermon against corrupting the word of God preached at Christ Church in Manchester upon a publick occasion on the 11th day of July, 1696 / by Thomas Gipps. Gipps, Thomas, d. 1709. 1697 (1697) Wing G781; ESTC R26767 15,690 33 View Text
A50698 Self-conviction, or, An enumeration of the absurdities, railings against the college, and physicians in general (but more especially, the writers against the apothecaries), non-sence, irrational conclusions, falsities in matters of fact, and in quotations, concessions, &c. of a nameless person and also, an answer to the rest of Lex talionis / collected and made by Christopher Merrett ... Merret, Christopher, 1614-1695. 1670 (1670) Wing M1841; ESTC R1984 16,813 34 View Text
A61317 An exposition upon Sir George Ripley's Epistle to King Edward IV written by Eirenæus Philalethes Anglus, cosmopolita. Philalethes, Eirenaeus.; Starkey, George, 1627-1665. 1677 (1677) Wing S5274; ESTC R8174 16,997 51 View Text
A28234 A little treatise concerning things indifferent in relation unto worship directed to the King and his council and all others who are concerned (or do think themselves so to be) in matters of religion : for them to weigh well, mind, and consider (if they please) ere any determination be had in things of that nature / by one that loves the truth and peace, George Bishope. Bishop, George, d. 1668. 1663 (1663) Wing B2997; ESTC R23090 17,476 24 View Text
A72911 An appeale of the orthodox ministers of the Church of England against Richard Mountague late bishop of Chichester, now bishop of Norwich. To the most illustrious, high, and honourable court of Parliament. And to the nobilitie, orthodox clergie, gentry, and communaltie of England. With the proceedings against him in Bow-Church. And an epistle to B. Mountague himselfe. also [sic], A supplication of the ministers of Scotland against the said Mountague. Wherein his dangerous heresies are revealed; and the character of an Arminian or Mountaguists is added. 1629 (1629) STC 18040; ESTC S125127 17,876 41 View Text
A40368 King Jesvs is the beleevers prince, priest, and law-giver, in things appertaining to the conscience, Isai. 55.4. Heb. 7.17. Jam. 4. 12. Or, The loyall spouse of Christ hath no head, nor husband, but royall King Jesvs. Written by Francis Cornwell, a minister of Jesus Christ, out of the learned workes of Mr. John Fox in his book of Martyrs, excepting onely some explanations of his owne, for the benefit of the reader. Cornwell, Francis.; Foxe, John, 1516-1587. Actes and monuments. 1645 (1645) Wing F2041; ESTC R208105 18,659 46 View Text
A70632 An answer to Sir Peter Leicester's Addenda, or, Some things to be added in his Answer to Sir Thomas Mainwarings book written by the said Sir Thomas Mainwaring. Mainwaring, Thomas, Sir, 1623-1689. 1674 (1674) Wing M298; ESTC R18031 20,134 55 View Text
A44636 The Trinity asserted a sermon preach'd before the Lord-Mayor and aldermen of the city of London, at the cathedral church of St. Paul, upon Trinity-Sunday, Anno Dom. 1700 / John Howard. Howard, John, 1647-1729? 1700 (1700) Wing H2983; ESTC R15897 20,219 33 View Text
A56706 A sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen at St. Bridget's Church, on Easter-Monday, 1696 by ... Symon, Lord Bishop of Ely. Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. 1696 (1696) Wing P854; ESTC R22927 20,343 43 View Text
A87649 Scripture security for conscience. Reconciling the safety of truth with the safety of persons. By an honest counterplot to keep off the execution of an expected ordinance. With a Scripture catechisme very usefull in these times. For advancing unity. Suppressing errour. Stating present controversies. Vindicating the covenanted reformation. I. K. 1646 (1646) Wing K12; Wing K13; Thomason E1188_2; ESTC R204917 20,384 48 View Text
A14386 Romphaiopheros = the sword-bearer. Or, The Byshop of Chichester's armes emblazoned in a sermon preached at a synod by T.V. B. of D. sometimes fellow of Queenes Colledge in Oxford, and now pastor of the church at Cockfield in Southsex. Vicars, Thomas, d. 1638. 1627 (1627) STC 24705; ESTC S119120 20,427 32 View Text
A26478 A testimony of antiquity shewing the ancient faith in the Church of England, touching the sacrament of the body and blood of the Lord here publickly preached, and also received in the Saxons time, above 600 years agoe.; Sermo de sacrificio in die Pascae. English Aelfric, Abbot of Eynsham.; Joscelyn, John, 1529-1603.; Parker, Matthew, 1504-1575.; Lisle, William, 1579?-1637. 1675 (1675) Wing A677; ESTC R38168 20,773 42 View Text
A20055 Dekker his dreame In which, beeing rapt with a poeticall enthusiasme, the great volumes of heauen and hell to him were opened, in which he read many wonderfull things. Dekker, Thomas, ca. 1572-1632. 1620 (1620) STC 6497; ESTC S105244 20,833 46 View Text
B00820 A briefe replie of Thomas Udall, Gent. to a short memorandum, or shew of answere against his booke intituled: A briefe view of the weake grounds of poperie: by B.C. student in diuinitie. Udall, Thomas. 1609 (1609) STC 24508.3; ESTC S95630 21,665 59 View Text
A10151 The right of Kings conteyning a defence of their supremacy, over all persons and in all causes, as well ecclesiasticall as civill, within their severall dominions : herewithall is proved by testimony of Holy Scripture, that Christian Kinges are to haue such dignity, and execute such office in the Christian church, as Gods kinges had exercised in the church under the lawe : which part of the mysterie of Gods will, as it hath been wickedly under poperie shut up from men, so it is in our tymes right needfull that the same be opened to all Christian nations. Procter, Thomas. 1621 (1621) STC 20410; ESTC S1281 21,909 36 View Text
A77449 Brief observations upon the vindication of the trinity and incarnation, by the learned Dr. W. Sherlock Sherlock, William, 1641?-1707. A vindication of the doctrine of the holy and ever blessed Trinity. 1690 (1690) Wing B4616B; ESTC R229472 21,969 16 View Text
B07159 A most humble supplication of many the Kings Maiesties loyall subiects, ready to testifie all civill obedience, by the oath, as the law of this realme requireth, and that of conscience; who are persecuted, onely for differing in religion, contrary to divine and humane testimonies as followeth.. Murton, John. 1621 (1621) STC 563.7; ESTC S95969 22,236 39 View Text
A53929 Advice to Balam's ass, or, Momus catechised in answer to a certaine scurrilous and abusive scribler, one John Heydon, author of Advice to a daughter / by T.P., Gent. Pecke, Thomas, b. 1637. 1658 (1658) Wing P1039; ESTC R7861 22,600 69 View Text
A30859 Baptism, infant-baptism, and Quakerism briefly, but impartially considered, in a letter to a friend with a short disswasive from the impiety, atheism, and popery of our age, in another letter : with an appendix. 1674 (1674) Wing B675; ESTC R22609 22,764 60 View Text
A34182 The bishop of London's charge to the clergy of his diocese at his visitation begun Ann. 1693 and concluded Ann. 1694. Compton, Henry, 1632-1713. 1696 (1696) Wing C5663; ESTC R32775 23,015 41 View Text
A42414 A resolution of three important questions (premis'd as a foundation to an intended exposition of the fourth and fifth chapters of the apocalypse) in answer to the late reverend and learned Dr. H. M. Wherein is shewed, I. That the fourth and fifth chapters of the Revelation, are properly a prophecy of things to come to pass after St. John's receiving of the vision of them. II. That by opening of the book, Rev. v. is meant, of prefigured the explaining of it. III. That by the throne in both the said chapters, is meant a throne of God on Earth, and not in the highest heaven. By W. G. V. T. Garrett, Walter. 1688 (1688) Wing G271A; ESTC R200685 23,074 29 View Text
A85434 Encouragements to faith Drawn from severall engagements both of Gods Christs heart to receive pardon sinners. By Tho: Goodwin, B.D. Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680. 1645 (1645) Wing G1242; Thomason E307_18; ESTC R200346 23,699 38 View Text
A93745 The mystery of iniquity somewhat laid open: in a letter to the present Governour wherein is also contained an history and recital and proposal of sundry things to be made known and remembred, and to be done accordingly. In that letter which I carried to thing house at Kensington on November 3. 1691. which was there burnt (as near as I can remember) the words contained therein was to this following effect, viz. Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. 1692 (1692) Wing S5124; ESTC R232302 23,922 25 View Text
A96102 The clerk of assize, judges-marshall, and cryer being the true manner and form of the proceedings at the assizes and generall goale-delivery, both in the Crown Court, and Nisi Prius Court, and the right wayes of entering of all pleas, verdicts, judgments, and orders in either of the said courts. To which is added an ancient brief tract of the common lawes of England, written in Latine. / By T.W. T. W. 1660 (1660) Wing W113; Thomason E2139_3; ESTC R203975 24,153 77 View Text
A61473 Free grace exalted, and thence deduced evangelical rules for evangelical sufferings : in two discourses made 29 March, and 10 May 1670, from Rom. 5, 21. Sterry, Peter, 1613-1672. 1670 (1670) Wing S5480; ESTC R38299 24,282 32 View Text
A25719 An Appendix to Mercurius reformatus, or, The new observator by the same author. 1692 (1692) Wing A3573; ESTC R30819 24,994 16 View Text
A56313 A modest account from Pensylvania of the principal differences in point of doctrine, between George Keith, and those of the people called Quakers, from whom he separated : shewing his great declension, and inconsistency with himself therein : recommended to the serious consideration of those who are turned aside, aud [sic] joyned in his schism. Pusey, Caleb, 1650?-1727. 1696 (1696) Wing P4248; ESTC R40087 25,043 138 View Text
A51526 An answer to two books the first being stiled a reply to Sir Thomas Mainwaring's book, entituled, An answer to Sir Peter Leicester's Addenda, the other stiled Sir Thomas Mainwaring's law-cases mistaken / written ... Sir T.M. Mainwaring, Thomas, Sir, 1623-1689. 1675 (1675) Wing M299; ESTC R21694 25,559 69 View Text
A18389 The harvest is at hand, vvherin the tares shall be bound, and cast into the fyre and brent. [...] Champneys, John, fl. 1548. 1548 (1548) STC 4956; ESTC S109141 25,651 110 View Text
A03880 A treatise of the vnvvritten Word of God, commonly called traditions. Written in Latin, by the R. Father Iames Gordon Huntley of Scotland, Doctour of Diuinity, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by I. L. of the same Society. The second part of the first controuersy; Controversiarum epitomes. English. Selections Gordon, James, 1541-1620.; Wright, William, 1563-1639. 1614 (1614) STC 13996.A; ESTC S115739 25,730 61 View Text
A28123 Bibliotheca novissima, or, A Catalogue of books on divers subjects containing, I. Books lately printed in England, II. Books newly reprinted, III. Books now in the press, with a short account of the particular design of several of them : together with a catalogue of books lately printed, now printing and reprinting in France, Germany, Holland, &c. 1693 (1693) Wing B2844; ESTC R34271 25,944 33 View Text
A06886 A declaration of thee power of Gods worde concerning the holy supper of the Lord, confutynge all lyers and fals teachers, whych mayntayne theyr maskynge mass inuented agaynst the woorde of God, and the Kynges Maiesties most godly proceadynge compyled anno d[omi]ni M.D.XLVIII Mardeley, John. 1548 (1548) STC 17317; ESTC S104366 26,391 72 View Text
A93576 The hidden things of Esau brought to light, and reproved in an answer to a book intituled A true relation of a dispute between Francis Fulwood, minister of West Alvington, in the county of Devon, and Thomas Salthouse, as it is said, of the county of Westmerland, before the congregation of them called Quakers, in the house of Henry Pollexpher Esquire, in the said parish of West. Published in the truth's defence, and sent abroad in the world, to pursue the unknown authors imperfect relation. By a follower of the Lamb in the war against the Beast and false prophet, known to the world by the name of Thomas Salthouse. Salthouse, Thomas, 1630-1691. 1657 (1657) Wing S473; Thomason E912_4; ESTC R204852 26,539 40 View Text
A56188 Philanax Protestant, or, Papists discovered to the King as guilty of those traiterous positions and practises which they first insinuated into the worst Protestants and now charge upon all to which is added, Philolaus, or, Popery discovered to all Christian people in a serious diswasive from it, for further justification of our gracious King and his honourable Parliaments proceedings for the maintenance of the Act of Uniformity. Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1663 (1663) Wing P4030; ESTC R7555 26,609 49 View Text
A41781 The infants advocate against the cruel doctrine of those Presbyterians who hold, that the greatest part of dying infants shall be damned : in answer to a book of Mr. Giles Firmin's entituled, Scripture warrant, &c. / by Tho. Grantham. Grantham, Thomas, 1634-1692. 1688 (1688) Wing G1538; ESTC R43209 26,760 32 View Text
A93730 The absolute truth, and utmost certainty of the word of God and that all things which are contained in the scriptures, yea to every tittle and iota thereof, will be fulfiled : demonstrated in a discourse on Rom IX. 6 / by Richard Stafford ... Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. 1699 (1699) Wing S5107F; ESTC R200365 26,764 34 View Text
A64336 The saints duty in contending for the faith delivered to them a sermon preached at Pauls church before the right honourable the Lord major, and aldermen of the city of London, July 17, 1659 / by John Templer ... Templer, John, d. 1693. 1659 (1659) Wing T666; ESTC R12673 26,766 48 View Text
A60369 A preservative against atheism and error wherein some fundamental points in religion ... are by way of question and answer handled, and with much brevity and clearness proved ... : to which is added a brief answer to William Russel in a book of his entituled No seventh-day-Sabbath in Christs New Testament / by W. Saller. Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. 1664 (1664) Wing S399; ESTC R37201 26,787 31 View Text
A01703 A fruitful sermon preached at Occham in the county of Rutland, the second of Nouember, 1583 by Thomas Gybson. Gybson, Thomas, fl. 1583. 1584 (1584) STC 11840.5; ESTC S2130 26,976 78 View Text
A78120 A small treatise of baptisme, or, dipping. VVherein is cleerely shewed that the Lord Christ ordained dipping for those only that professe repentance and faith. 1. Proved by scriptures. 2. By arguments. 3. A paralell [sic] betwixt circumcision and dipping. 4. An answere to some objections by P.B. Psal.119.l30. By Edvvard Barber. Barber, Edward, d. 1674? 1642 (1642) Wing B694; Thomason E143_17; ESTC R212733 26,999 39 View Text
A70718 A faithful narrative of the life and death of that holy and laborious preacher Mr. John Machin late of Astbury in the county of Chester. With a præfatory epistle thereunto; written by that excellent person Sir Charles Wolseley Baronet. Published for the furtherance of real piety in ministers and others. Newcome, Henry, 1627-1695.; Wolseley, Charles, Sir, 1630?-1714. 1671 (1671) Wing N896; ESTC R30742 27,053 108 View Text
A28227 A book of warnings, or, The visitation of the Lord's love to the King and his Parliament, the nobility and gentry, the arch-bishops and bishops &c., the presbytery, the Independents and Baptists, the people of these nations thorough [sic] his servant George Bishope. Bishop, George, d. 1668. 1661 (1661) Wing B2988; ESTC R18647 27,063 34 View Text
A01701 A fruitful sermon preached at Occham, in the countie of Rutland, the second of Nouember. 1583. By Thomas Gybson. Gibson, Thomas, M.A. 1584 (1584) STC 11839; ESTC S112170 27,150 83 View Text
A88149 A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons: at their publique fast, holden in Margarets Westminster. Febr. 24. 1646./47. / By John Lightfoot, Staffordiens. a Member of the Assembly of Divines. Lightfoot, John, 1602-1675. 1647 (1647) Wing L2069; Thomason E377_27; ESTC R201371 27,223 40 View Text
A53314 Poems on several occasions, written in imitation of the manner of Anacreon with other poems, letters and translations.; Poems. Selections Oldmixon, Mr. (John), 1673-1742. 1696 (1696) Wing O261; ESTC R10672 27,276 136 View Text
A08240 The copie of a letter sente to one maister Chrispyne chanon of Exceter for that he denied ye scripture to be the touche stone or trial of al other doctrines whereunto is added an appologie and a bulworke, in defe[n]ce of the same letter. Nicolls, Philip. 1548 (1548) STC 18575; ESTC S104162 27,471 96 View Text
A59927 Kleis Euangeliou tou mystikou, or, A key of the doctrines contained in this book for the better perusal thereof with some additions of Christs being heir of all things ... : and Abrahams being heir of the world ... : and of promised and covenant mercies to the father ... / by W.S. ... Sherwin, William, 1607-1687? 1672 (1672) Wing S3398; ESTC R34220 27,734 22 View Text
A10242 The heart of the king, and the king of the heart, or, A briefe vnfolding of that remarkable proverbe of the royall preacher ... written in the time of His Maiesties abode at Plimmouth, and preferred vnto him in his returne from thence, anno 1625 : together with a short meditation vpon 2. Sam. 24.15., preached at a weekely lecture in Deuon, in those fearefull times of mortalitie / by J.P. Master of Arts and minister of the gospell. Pyne, John.; J. P. 1628 (1628) STC 20521.8; ESTC S4427 27,924 64 View Text
A05257 The art of rhetorick concisely and compleatly handled exemplified out of holy writ, and with a compendious and perspicuous comment, fitted to the capacities of such as have had a smatch of learning, or are otherwise ingenious. By J.B. master of the free-school of Kinfare in Staffordshire. Barton, John, master of the free school of Kinfare. 1634 (1634) STC 1540; ESTC S114943 28,902 66 View Text
A91955 Episcopal government instituted by Christ, and confirmed by cleere evidence of Scripture, and invincible reason. / Collected by the pains of R.R. Preacher of the Gospell. Rollock, Robert, 1555?-1599. 1641 (1641) Wing R1885; Thomason E238_6; ESTC R4045 29,352 39 View Text
A14357 M. le Hucher minister of Amyens in France compelled to fly from the pure word of holy write; strucke dumme; and made to runne away Vppon the subiect of the B. Sacrament of the altar. By F. Francis Veron of the Society of Iesus, encountring him with the Bible of Geneua only. In the presence of the Duke de Longueuille. VVith a briefe and easie meanes, by which each Catholike may, in like manner, put to flight any minister or sectarie. Sent from Sieur de la Tour one of the sayd Dukes gentlemen, to Sieur de Rotois, gentleman of the Kings game.; Adrian Hucher ministre d'Amyens, mis à l'inquisition des passages de la Bible de Genève. English Véron, François, 1575-1649.; Catcher, Edward, 1584?-1624? 1616 (1616) STC 24675.5; ESTC S107356 29,473 96 View Text
A36251 Reflexions on a pamphlet entitled, Remarks on the occasional paper, numb. VIII relating to the controversy betwixt Dr. Hody and Mr. Dodwell and on another entitl'd A defence of the vindication of the depriv'd bishops, some time since seiz'd and suppress'd by the Government, and now reprinted : with an answer to a third call'd historical collections concerning church affairs. Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711.; Hody, Humphrey, 1659-1707. 1698 (1698) Wing D1816; ESTC R9160 29,610 34 View Text
A60556 An apology for the innocency and justice of the Quakers cause And a short elucidation of their principles. With some reflections upon J. Ives his papers. Written in the behalf of the Christian religion. By William Salmon professor of physick. Salmon, William, 1644-1713. 1674 (1674) Wing S421; ESTC R222357 30,083 114 View Text
A68554 A brief censure vppon two bookes written in answere to M. Edmonde Campions offer of disputation; Briefe censure uppon two bookes written in answere to M. Edmonde Campions offer of disputation. Parsons, Robert, 1546-1610. 1581 (1581) STC 19393; ESTC S106078 31,137 90 View Text
A07226 A revelation of the Revelation wherein is contayned, a most true, plaine, and briefe manifestation of the meaning and scope of all the Reuelation, and of euery mystery of the same : whereby the pope is most plainely declared and proued to bee Antichrist / by Thomas Mason ... Mason, Thomas, 1580-1619? 1619 (1619) STC 17623; ESTC S1299 31,570 120 View Text
B04456 Vindiciæ Judæorum, or A letter in answer to certain questions propounded by a noble and learned gentleman, touching the reproaches cast on the nation of the Jevves; wherein all objections are candidly, and yet fully cleared. By Rabbi Menasseh Ben Israel a divine and a physician. Manasseh ben Israel, 1604-1657. 1656 (1656) Wing M381; Thomason E.880[1]; Interim Tract Supplement Guide 482.b.3[7] 31,719 45 View Text
A40452 [The bleeding Iphigenia or An excellent preface of a work unfinished, published by the authors frind, [sic] with the reasons of publishing it.] French, Nicholas, 1604-1678. 1675 (1675) Wing F2177; ESTC R215791 32,472 106 View Text
A68315 The examinations of Henry Barrowe Iohn Grenewood and Iohn Penrie, before the high commissioners, and Lordes of the Counsel. Penned by the prisoners themselues before their deathes Barrow, Henry, 1550?-1593.; Greenwood, John, d. 1593. aut; Penry, John, 1559-1593. aut 1596 (1596) STC 1519; ESTC S113168 32,537 34 View Text
A60630 The faithful witness, or, A hand of love reached forth, that the blind may be guided, and the scattered gathered also, mans sinne and rebellion declared and the long-suffering of the Lord shewed: with a true call unto all people to meet the Lord by speedy repentance ..., also the state of professors plainly manifested ..., with a warning unto all the tender hearted amongst them to arise, and receive the hand of love ... : also, truth defended and cleared from the lyes and slanders declared by Ionathan Iohnson of Lincoln, a Baptist in profession / from one who bears no evil will to any man, but wisheth well to all men, and am known to many by the name of William Smith. Smith, William. 1659 (1659) Wing S4300; ESTC R38932 32,830 41 View Text
A10168 The first part of Protestants proofes, for Catholikes religion and recusancy Taken only from the vvritings, of such Protestant doctors and diuines of England, as haue beene published in the raigne of his Majesty ouer this kingdome. Broughton, Richard. 1607 (1607) STC 20448; ESTC S115460 32,897 40 View Text
A66381 The case of indifferent things used in the worship of God proposed and stated, by considering these questions : Qu. I. Whether things indifferent used in divine worship (or, whether there be any things indifferent in the worship of God?) : Qu. II. Whether a restraint of our liberty in the use of such indifferent things be a violation of it? Williams, John, 1636?-1709.; Bagshaw, Edward, 1629-1671. 1683 (1683) Wing W2689; ESTC R260 33,991 53 View Text
A25400 Of episcopacy three epistles of Peter Moulin ... / answered by ... Lancelot Andrews ... ; translated for the benefit of the publike.; Responsiones ad Petri Molinaei epistolas tres. English Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626.; Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. 1647 (1647) Wing A3143; ESTC R10969 34,395 66 View Text
A75703 Christ the riches of the Gospel, and the hope of Christians. A sermon preached at the funerall of Mr William Spurstow the only childe of Dr Spurstow at Hackney near London, Mar. 10. By Simeon Ashe preacher of the Gospel, and lecturer there. Ashe, Simeon, d. 1662. 1654 (1654) Wing A3950; Thomason E744_11; ESTC R207025 34,966 48 View Text
A03281 The dignitie of the Scripture togither with the indignity which the vnthankfull world offereth thereunto In three sermons vpon Hose. 8. 12. By Samuel Hieron. Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617. 1607 (1607) STC 13398; ESTC S119045 35,236 48 View Text
A55574 Common-prayer-book no divine service, or, XXVIII reasons against forming and imposing any humane liturgies or Common-prayer-books, and the main objections to the contrary, answered also, the English Common-prayer-book anatomized, likewise twelve arguments against diocesan and lord-bishops, with the main objections answered, and the great disparity between them, and Timothy and Titus, shewed / by Vavasor Powell. Powell, Vavasor, 1617-1670. 1661 (1661) Wing P3084; ESTC R40660 35,918 54 View Text
A04434 The svmme and svbstance of the conference which, it pleased his excellent Maiestie to haue with the lords, bishops, and other of his clergie, (at vvhich the most of the lordes of the councell were present) in his Maiesties priuy-chamber, at Hampton Court. Ianuary 14. 1603. / Contracted by VVilliam Barlovv, Doctor of Diuinity, and Deane of Chester. Whereunto are added, some copies, (scattered abroad,) vnsauory, and vntrue. Barlow, William, d. 1613. 1604 (1604) STC 1456.5; ESTC S100949 36,617 118 View Text
A24391 An Account of a vindication of the English Catholicks from the pretended conspiracy against the life and government of His Sacred Majesty undertaking to discover the chief falsities and contradictions contained in the narrative of Titus Oates, &c. 1681 (1681) Wing A194; ESTC R6713 36,984 36 View Text
A48496 Catastrophe mundi, or, Merlin reviv'd in a discourse of prophecies and predictions and their remarkable accomplishment : with Mr. Lilly's hieroglyphicks exactly cut, and notes and observations thereon as also a collection of all the antient (reputed) prophecies that are extant touching the grand revolutions like to happen in these latter ages / by a learned pen. Learned pen.; Lilly, William, 1602-1681. Monarchy or no monarchy. 1683 (1683) Wing L2214; ESTC R32469 37,157 144 View Text
A49116 The healing attempt examined and submitted to the Parliament convocation whether it be healing or hurtful to the peace of the church. Long, Thomas, 1621-1707. 1689 (1689) Wing L2968; ESTC R26161 37,353 36 View Text
A82585 The two olive trees: or, The Lords two anointed ones, which alwayes stand before Him, the ruler of the whole earth, Zach. 4. Described also Rev. 11. by the names of [brace] two witnesses, two olive trees, two candlesticks, two prophets. [brace] And shewing what they are in their own true nature, differing from all the new fancied ones, and in what manner they alwayes prophesie. How they are said to finish their testimony. How they were to be killed by the Beast, and when. How long their corps should lie in the streets of the Beasts great citie, dead and unburied. And when the spirit of life from God should enter into them, and they stand upon their feet again. And what great things should follow after the same to the end, and thence for ever. Published according to order. I. E. 1645 (1645) Wing E13; Thomason E270_1; ESTC R212360 37,813 48 View Text
A16120 An exposition touching al the bokes of holie Scripture, and their excellencie 1553 (1553) STC 3033.5; ESTC S120619 39,647 110 View Text
B11902 A spirituall purgation sent vnto al them that laboure of Luthers errour as touching the bodely presens of Christe our sauiour in the sacrament, and to al them that haue espyed the libertie of the gospel as touching theyr fleshe, yet seke not the lybertie to make free theyr spyrite from thys afore sayde errour. T. C., fl. 1548. 1548 (1548) STC 4312; ESTC S103887 40,056 162 View Text
A76857 Bloody Babylon discoverd [Londinatus, Christianus]. 1659 (1659) Wing B3227; Thomason E1928_3; ESTC R209991 40,143 119 View Text
A04479 A dyaloge describing the originall grou[n]d of these Lutheran faccyons, and many of theyr abusys, compyled by syr wyllyam Barlow chanon; Dyaloge descrybyng the orygynall ground of these Lutheran faccyons, and many of theyr abusys. Barlow, William, d. 1568. 1531 (1531) STC 1461; ESTC S110642 40,261 182 View Text
A65885 The rector examined about his book scandalously stiled, An antidote against the venom of Quakerism, by John Meriton, who calls himself A.M. rector of Boughton in Norfolk : and his observations remarked, and the Christianity of the people commonly called Quakers, re-asserted and vindicated, from his perversions and aspersions / by George Whitehead. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1699 (1699) Wing W1953; ESTC R20277 40,584 48 View Text
A04491 A dialoge describing the originall ground of these Lutheran faccions, and many of their abuses, compyled by syr William Barlow chanon, late byshop of Bathe; Dyaloge descrybyng the orygynall ground of these Lutheran faccyons, and many of theyr abusys Barlow, William, d. 1568. 1553 (1553) STC 1462; ESTC S101046 40,661 178 View Text
A86420 Fourteen queries and ten absurdities about the extent of Christ's death, the power of the creatures, the justice of God in condemning some, and saving others, presented by a free-willer to the Church of Christ at Newcastle, and answered by Paul Hobson a member of the said Church. In which answer is discovered, the extent of Christs death, the nature and truth of election, the condition of the creature both before and after conversion, &c. Published in tenderness of love for the good of all, especially for the Churches of Christ. Hobson, Paul. 1655 (1655) Wing H2273; Thomason E1492_4; ESTC R208520 40,720 127 View Text
A85704 A treatise touching falling from grace. Or Thirteen arguments tending to prove that believers cannot fall from grace, as they were laid down at a conference at Yalding in Kent, examined and answered, with many absurdities of that doctrine shewed. Whereunto is added thirteen reasons to prove that believers may fall totally and finally from grace, and many profitable uses flowing from that doctrine. By John Griffith. Griffith, John, 1622?-1700. 1653 (1653) Wing G2006; Thomason E690_17; ESTC R202323 40,736 75 View Text
A51360 The Baptist and Independent Churches (so called) set on fire by a bright shining light revealed from heaven their pastors and teachers scorching in the flame of it, gnashing and blaspheming God in his temple ... / by ... Thomas Morford. Morford, Thomas, d. 1693. 1660 (1660) Wing M2727; ESTC R31041 41,223 48 View Text
A70688 The exceptions of Mr. Edwards in his Causes of atheism against the Reasonableness of Christianity, as deliver'd in the Scriptures, examin'd and found unreasonable, unscriptural, and injurious also it's clearly proved by many testimonies of Holy Scripture, that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is the only God and Father of Christians. Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. 1695 (1695) Wing N1506B; ESTC R41202 41,602 48 View Text
A64889 Coleman-street conclave visited, and, that grand imposter, the schismaticks cheater in chief (who hath long, slily lurked therein) truly and duly discovered containing a most palpable and plain display of Mr. John Goodwin's self-conviction (under his own hand-writing) and of the notorious heresies, errours, malice, pride, and hypocrisie of his most huge garagantua, in falsly pretended piety, to the lamentable misleading of his too-too credulous soul-murthered proselytes of Coleman-street & elsewhere : collected, principally, out of his own big-bragadochio and wavelike-swelling and swaggering writings, full-fraught with six-footed terms, and flashie rhetoricall phrases, far more than solid and sacred truths, and may fitly serve (if it be the Lords will) like Belshazzars hand-writing, on the wall of his conscience, to strike terrour and shame into his own soul, and shamelesse face, and to un-deceive his most miserably cheated and inchanted, or bewitched followers / by John Vicars. Vicars, John, 1579 or 80-1652. 1648 (1648) Wing V297; ESTC R1674 42,759 52 View Text
A94291 Cheiragogia heliana. A manuduction to the philosopher's magical gold: out of which profound, and subtile discourse; two of the particullar tinctures, that of Saturn and Jupiter conflate; and of Jupiter single, are recommended as short and profitable works, by the restorer of it to the light. To which is added; Antron Mitras; Zoroaster's cave: or, An intellectuall echo, &c. Together with the famous Catholic epistle of John Pontanus upon the minerall fire. / By Geo. Thor. Astromagus. Thor., George. 1659 (1659) Wing T1037; Thomason E1911_2; ESTC R209984 43,022 108 View Text