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A85564 A great and bloudy fight at Scarborough-castle in Yorkeshire, between the Kings forces under the command of Col. Bointon, and the Parliaments forces under the command of Col. Bethel: with the number that were killed and taken, and the totall routing of the foot, near the cliffs, and breaking their necks down the great rock, and casting them into the sea. Also the declaration of Col. Charles Fairfax, and Major Gen. Poyntz, Marshall Gen. for the King, and their joyning with Col. Boynton against the Parliament. Likewise, another fight near Skipton castle in Yorkshire, between the English and the scots, and the Scots resolution and design touching the city, of York. Together, with the Parliaments message and propositions, to their brethren of Scotland, concerning the Kings Majesty. 1648 (1648) Wing G1638; Thomason E458_16; ESTC R205062 3,521 8 View Text
A31124 The Case of the booksellers and printers stated with answers to the objections of the patentee. 1666 (1666) Wing C1017; ESTC R34793 4,479 1 View Text
A83743 A letter from the House of Commons assembled in the Parliament of England at Westminster, to the right honorable and right reverend, the lords, ministers and others of the present General Assembly of the Church of Scotland sitting at Edenburgh [sic], containing a narrative of the proceedings of the Parliament of England in the work of reformation ... and of their endeavors for settlement of peace, and for preservation of the union between the two kingdoms of England and Scotland. England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons.; Church of Scotland. 1648 (1648) Wing E2621A; ESTC R230887 5,561 15 View Text
A02724 Late nevves out of Barbary In a letter written of late from a merchant there, to a gentl. not long since imployed into that countrie from his Maiestie. Containing some strange particulars, of this new Saintish Kings proceedings: as they haue been very credibly related from such as were eye-witnesses.; Late newes out of Barbary R. S., fl. 1613.; Harrison, John, fl. 1610-1638.; G. B., fl. 1613. 1613 (1613) STC 12857.2; ESTC S118846 8,960 24 View Text
A02725 The nevv prophetical King of Barbary Or The last newes from thence in a letter vvritten of late from a merchant there, to a gentl. not long since imployed into that countrie from his Maiestie. Containing some strange particulars, of this newe saintish Kings proceedings: and how hee hath ouerthrowne Mulley Sidan twice in battell, as hath been very credibly related from such as were eye-witnesses.; Late newes out of Barbary R. S., fl. 1613.; Harrison, John, fl. 1610-1638.; G. B., fl. 1613. aut 1613 (1613) STC 12857.4; ESTC S116330 8,983 23 View Text
A84135 The deeds of Dr. Denison a little more manifested. By his ansvver to the defence of John Etherington. VVhich he published in Anno Dom. 1641. against his false accusations and the depositions of his false witnesses. Whereupon he was censured by the high commission court. And his reply to the doctors answer. Which answer he hath added to his Woolfe-sermon booke. Etherington, John, fl. 1641-1645. 1642 (1642) Wing E3383; Thomason E147_9; ESTC R22317 10,645 17 View Text
A47000 The black book of conscience, or, God's high court of iustice in the soul wherein the truth and sincerity, the deceit and hypocrisie of every mans heart and ways is judged and discovered by their consciences : very seasonable for these times wherein wicked men, under pretence of liberty of conscience, take liberty to sin and blaspheme / by Andrew Iones. Jones, Andrew. 1663 (1663) Wing J906; ESTC R29450 10,659 26 View Text
A44120 Check, or, Inquiry into the late act of the Roman Inquisition busily and pressingly disperst over all England by the Jesuits. Holden, Henry, 1596-1662. 1662 (1662) Wing H2376; ESTC R28673 12,141 22 View Text
A94805 A directory of church-government. Anciently contended for, and as farre as the times would suffer, practised by the first non-conformists in the daies of Queen Elizabeth. Found in the study of the most accomplished divine, Mr. Thomas Cartwright, after his decease; and reserved to be published for such a time as this. Published by authority. Travers, Walter, 1547 or 8-1635. De disciplina ecclesiæ sacra, ex Dei verba descripta.; Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. 1645 (1645) Wing T2066; Thomason E269_17; ESTC R212376 12,368 26 View Text
A51597 A vindication of St. Gregorie his dialogues: in which the great St. Gregory is proved the author of that work. Mumford, J. (James), 1606-1666. 1660 (1660) Wing M3071A; ESTC R222057 12,443 19 View Text
A49241 A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at St. Margaret's Westminster, on the 30th of January, 1696/7 by William Lancaster ... Lancaster, William, 1650-1717. 1697 (1697) Wing L315; ESTC R6275 14,635 35 View Text
A44148 The true reformation of manners, or, The nature and qualifications of true zeal in a sermon preach'd in the parish church of Bridgewater : occasion'd by a more than ordinary concourse of dissenters there, upon that pretence / by Matth. Hole ... Hole, Matthew, 1639 or 40-1730. 1699 (1699) Wing H2414; ESTC R8060 15,367 34 View Text
A66396 The divine authority of the scriptures a sermon preached at St. Martins in the Fields, Sept. 2. 1695 : being the sixth of the lecture for the said year, founded by the honourable Robert Boyle, Esquire / by John Williams ... Williams, John, 1636?-1709.; Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. 1696 (1696) Wing W2704; ESTC R1959 15,908 41 View Text
A16631 Learned: Tico Brahæ his astronomicall coniectur of the new and much admired [star] which appered in the year 1572; Astronomiae instauratae progymnasmata. Conclusio. English Brahe, Tycho, 1546-1601.; V. V. S. 1632 (1632) STC 3538.5; ESTC S106182 16,986 42 View Text
A48777 The death of God's Moses's [sic] considered being the substance of a sermon preached at the funeral of Mr. Francis Johnson, minister of the gospel, sometimes fellow of All-Souls, and afterwards Master of University Colledge in Oxford, who died in London, October the 9th. 1677 / by J. Ll. J. Ll. 1678 (1678) Wing L2617A; ESTC R42135 17,380 24 View Text
A26164 Additions answering the omissions of our reverend author Atwood, William, d. 1705? 1681 (1681) Wing A4166; ESTC R9859 18,503 48 View Text
A90512 Gospell courage, or Christian resolution for God, and his truth. In a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at Margarets in Westminster, at a publique fast, the 31. of May, 1643. / By Andrew Perne Master of Arts, sometimes fellow of Katherine Hall in Cambridge: now minister of Wilby in Northampton-Shire. Perne, Andrew, 1594-1654. 1643 (1643) Wing P1577; Thomason E55_12; ESTC R16176 18,919 39 View Text
A60294 Sions groans for her distressed, or Sober endeavours to prevent innocent blood, and to stablish the nation in the best of settlements Grounded upon scripture, reason, and authority. Proving it the undoubted right of Christian liberty under different perswasions, in matters spiritual, to have equal protection as to their civil peace. Unto which is added the testimony of fifteen antients. Humbly offered to the Kings Majesty, Parliament and people, and left unto their serious view. By Tho. Monck, Joseph Wright, Fran. Stanley, &c.; Sions groans for her distressed. Monck, Thomas. aut; Wright, Joseph, 1623-1703. aut; Stanley, Fr. (Francis), d. 1696. aut; Hanson, Geo. aut; Reynolds, William, 1625-1698. aut; Jeffery, William, 1616-1693. aut 1661 (1661) Wing S3870; ESTC R220545 19,156 24 View Text
A54949 A spittle sermon preach'd in St. Brides Parish-Church, on Wednesday in Easterweek, being the second day of April, 1684 before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, the Court of Aldermen, and the sheriffs of the now Protestant, and loyal city of London / by Thomas Pittis ... Pittis, Thomas, 1636-1687. 1684 (1684) Wing P2318; ESTC R10785 19,235 47 View Text
A81211 Ioy out-joyed: or, Joy in overcoming evil spirits and evil men, overcome by better joy: set forth in a sermon at Martins in the fields, to the Right Honourable the Lords assembled in Parliament, upon the day of their solemn rejoycing and praising God, for reducing the city of Chester by the forces of the Parliament, under the command of Sr William Brereton, February 19. 1645. / By Joseph Caryl minister of the Gospel at Magnus neer London Bridge. Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1646 (1646) Wing C780; Thomason E323_3; ESTC R200591 20,183 35 View Text
A02843 A sermon of the stewards danger preached at Paules Crosse the 15. of August by Iohn Hayward ; and now published at the earnest request of diuers well disposed. Hayward, John, Sir, 1564?-1627. 1602 (1602) STC 12984.5; ESTC S122933 21,688 62 View Text
A19717 A sermon preached before the Queenes Maiestie, by the reuerende Father in God the Bishop of Chichester, at Grenewiche, the 14. day of Marche. 1573. Seene and allowed according to the order appoynted; Sermon preached before the Queenes Majestie. Curteys, Richard, 1532?-1582.; Browne, Thomas, ca. 1535-1585. 1573 (1573) STC 6135; ESTC S116432 21,769 58 View Text
A96106 A plea for almes delivered in a sermon at the spital, before a solemn assembly of the city, on Tuesday in Easter week, April. 13. 1658. / By Thomas Watson Minister of Stephens Walbrook. Lond. Watson, Thomas, d. 1686. 1658 (1658) Wing W1137; Thomason E2125_1; ESTC R230810 21,949 77 View Text
A61262 A little handful of cordial comforts scattered thorowout several answers, to sixteen questions, and objections following : intended chiefly for the good of those that walk mournfully before God ... / by Richard Standfast ... Standfast, Richard, 1608?-1684. 1665 (1665) Wing S5210; ESTC R33851 22,608 84 View Text
B00330 A fourme of prayer with thankes giuing, to be vsed of all the Queenes Maiesties louing subiects euery yeere, the 17. of Nouember, being the daye of the her Highnesse entry to her kingdome. Set forth by authoritie. Church of England. 1580 (1580) STC 16481; ESTC S123387 22,894 49 View Text
A44096 The principles of Christian religion in twenty questions and answers whereunto is added, a compendious history of the most memorable passages of Holy Scripture by way of questions and answers, for the use and benefot of the inhabitants of the parish of Wotton in Oxford shire. By John Hoffman B.D. minister of Gods Word. Hoffman, John, b. 1601 or 2. 1653 (1653) Wing H2348; ESTC R215272 23,157 80 View Text
A66487 God's court wherein the dignity and duty of judges and magistrates is shew'd in a sermon preached at the assises held at Kingston upon Thames, July 26, 1683 / by Thomas Willis ... Willis, Thomas, 1619 or 20-1692. 1683 (1683) Wing W2818; ESTC R7864 25,324 48 View Text
A79509 The childs book and youths book in two parts. : The first teaching an easie and delightful way to read true English ... : The second containing a method for spelling, a catechism, a confession of faith, a copy book, a perpetual almanack .... S. T. 1672 (1672) Wing C3874A; ESTC R173832 25,787 164 View Text
A47128 Bristol Quakerism exposed shewing the fallacy, perversion, ignorance, and error of Benjamin Cool, the Quakers chief preacher at Bristol, and of his followers and abettors there, discovered in his and their late book falsely called Sophistry detected, or, An answer to George Keith's Synopsis : wherein also both his deisme and inconsistency with himself and his brethren, with respect to the peculiar principles of Christianity, are plainly demonstrated / by George Keith. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1700 (1700) Wing K148; ESTC R41035 27,308 34 View Text
B08603 Masora. A collection out of the learned master Joannes Buxtorfius's Commentarius Masorethicus. / By Clement Barksdale. Buxtorf, Johann, 1564-1629.; Barksdale, Clement, 1609-1687. 1665 (1665) Wing B6348A; ESTC R221405 27,661 74 View Text
A39501 An Earnest call to family-catechising and reformation by a reverend divine. 1693 (1693) Wing E95; ESTC R31403 30,606 74 View Text
A07226 A revelation of the Revelation wherein is contayned, a most true, plaine, and briefe manifestation of the meaning and scope of all the Reuelation, and of euery mystery of the same : whereby the pope is most plainely declared and proued to bee Antichrist / by Thomas Mason ... Mason, Thomas, 1580-1619? 1619 (1619) STC 17623; ESTC S1299 31,570 120 View Text
A88228 The opressed mans opressions declared: or, An epistle written by Lieut. Col. John Lilburn, prerogative prisoner (by the illegall and arbitrary authority of the House of Lords) in the Tower of London, to Col. Francis West, Lieutenant thereof: in which the opressing cruelty of all the gaolers of England is declared, and particularly the Lieutenant of the Tower. As also, there is thrown unto Tho. Edwards, the author of the 3 vlcerous Gangrænes, a bone or two to pick: in which also, divers other things are handled, of speciall concernment to the present times. Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. 1647 (1647) Wing L2149A; Thomason E373_1; ESTC R201322 33,049 40 View Text
A43234 The spirit of the Quakers tried, according to that discovery it hath made of it self in their great prophet and patriarch, George Fox, in his book titled, The great mystery of the great whore, &c. in an epistle to the said Quakers, but especially to the honest hearted amongst them ... : also, the judgment and sentence is pronounced by George Fox himself against himself and party in the persons of his adversaries / by a lover of truth and men. Hedworth, Henry. 1672 (1672) Wing H1352; ESTC R6264 33,758 47 View Text
A29923 The unspotted high-court of justice erected and discovered in three sermons preached in London and other places by Thomas Baker. Baker, Thomas, 1624 or 5-1690. 1657 (1657) Wing B523; ESTC R25262 34,477 158 View Text
A49486 The prophecyes of the incomparable Dr. Martin Luther concerning the downfall of the Pope of Rome, and the subversion of the German Empire, to be over-run by the armies of the Turks, together with the many reasons that he giveth for it : as also, the remarkable prophecy of the learned and reverend Mvscvlvs, to the same effect / collected by R.C. M.A. R. C., M.A.; Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. 1664 (1664) Wing L3513; ESTC R23003 35,433 50 View Text
A16503 The anatomie of conscience Or a threefold reuelation of those three most secret bookes: 1. The booke of Gods prescience. 2. The booke of mans conscience. 3. The booke of life. In a sermon preached at the generall assises holden at Derby, in Lent last. 1623. By Immanuel Bourne ... Bourne, Immanuel, 1590-1672. 1623 (1623) STC 3416; ESTC S106813 35,564 48 View Text
A72487 The vvorlds assises. Or A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the tenth day of Iuly 1614. being the Sunday before the end of Trinity terme. By Nathanael Kitchener, student in diuinitie, and preacher of Gods word at Grauenhurst in Bedfordshire Kitchener, Nathanael, d. 1620. 1616 (1616) STC 14948; ESTC S123148 36,535 108 View Text
A13576 Archaioplutos. Or the riches of elder ages Proouing by manie good and learned authours, that the auncient emperors & kings, were more rich and magnificent, then such as liue in these daies. Heereto is annexed, the honours of the braue Romaine souldiours; with the seauen wonders of the worlde. Written in French by Guil. Thelin, Lord of Gutmont and Morillonuilliers: and truely translated into English.; Archaioplutos. English Telin, Guillaume.; Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633. 1592 (1592) STC 23867; ESTC S100994 36,841 108 View Text
A20383 All the statutes of the stannary. 1562; Charters and statutes Devon (England). Stannaries. 1562 (1562) STC 6795.8; ESTC S105310 38,434 72 View Text
A35355 A parish looking-glasse for persecutors of ministers ... or, The persecuted ministers apologie published by Richard Culmer ... in defence of his father, Richard Culmer ... Culmer, Richard, 17th cent. 1657 (1657) Wing C7482; ESTC R17172 38,802 44 View Text
A81728 A plain and faithfull discovery of a beame in Master Edwards his eye. Or A moderate ansvver to the substance of the first and second part of Gangrena. Especially to his prophesie; wherein some of his stories are refuted; the manner of his comming by them questioned. His double dealing detected. Capt. Paul Hobson with some others, vindicated. Mr. Josiah Rycraft examined. Mr. Edwards unparalleld partiality, is impartially declared, and his prophesie truly reflected. / By Edward Drapes. Drapes, Edward. 1646 (1646) Wing D2140; Thomason E350_22; ESTC R201053 39,173 35 View Text
A54288 New instructions to the guardian shewing that the last remedy to prevent the ruin, advance the interest, and recover the honour of this nation is I. a more serious and strict education of the nobility and gentry, II. to breed up all their younger sons to some calling and employment, III. more of them to holy orders, with a method of institution from three years of age to twenty one. Penton, Stephen, 1639-1706. 1694 (1694) Wing P1440; ESTC R5509 42,499 186 View Text
A82113 A declaration of some proceedings of Lt. Col. Iohn Lilburn, and his associates: with some examination, and animadversion upon papers lately printed, and scattered abroad. One called The earnest petition of many free-born people of this Kingdome : another, The mournfull cries of many thousand poor tradesmen, who are ready to famish for want of bread, or The warning tears of the oppressed. Also a letter sent to Kent. Likewise a true relation of Mr. Masterson's minister of Shoreditch, signed with his owne hand. Published by authority, for the undeceiving of those that are misled by these deceivers, in many places of this Kingdom. Masterson, Geo. (George) 1648 (1648) Wing D625; Thomason E427_6; ESTC R204593 42,707 64 View Text
B00818 A discourse of eternitie collected and composed for the common good, by W.T. Tipping, William, 1598-1649. 1633 (1633) STC 24473.3; ESTC S95621 42,794 75 View Text
A16979 An explication of the article katēlthen eis haidoū of our Lordes soules going from his body to paradise; touched by the Greek, generally haidou, the vvorld of the soules; termed Hel by the old Saxon, & by all our translations; vvith a defense of the Q. of Englands religion: to, & against the Archb. of Canterbury: vvho is blamed for turning the Q auctority against her ovvne faith. Sundry epistles are prefixed and affixed. by H. Br. Broughton, Hugh, 1549-1612. 1605 (1605) STC 3863; ESTC S114810 42,892 64 View Text
A61434 Of prayers for the dead whether the practice and tradition thereof in the Church be truly Catholick, and a competent evidence of apostolick original and authority? : humbly tendred to the consideration of ... Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. 1699 (1699) Wing S5432; ESTC R24617 43,790 52 View Text
A50916 Of reformation touching chvrch-discipline in England, and the cavses that hitherto have hindred it two bookes, written to a freind [sic] Milton, John, 1608-1674. 1641 (1641) Wing M2134; ESTC R17896 44,575 96 View Text
A01683 The mirror of alchimy, composed by the thrice-famous and learned fryer, Roger Bachon, sometimes fellow of Martin Colledge: and afterwards of Brasen-nose Colledge in Oxenforde. Also a most excellent and learned discourse of the admirable force and efficacie of art and nature, written by the same author. With certaine other treatises of the like argument; Speculum alchemiae. English Bacon, Roger, 1214?-1294.; Bacon, Roger, 1214?-1294. De secretis operibus artis et naturae. English. aut; Khālid ibn Yazīd al-Umawī, 7th cent.; Simon, of Cologne, d. 1442?. 1597 (1597) STC 1182; ESTC S100517 44,892 89 View Text
A66455 Jus appellandi ad Regem Ipsum a cancellaria, or, A manifestation of the King's part and power to relieve his subjects against erroneous and unjust decrees in chancery collected out of the authorities of law / by Walter Williams ... Williams, Walter, of the Middle Temple. 1683 (1683) Wing W2774; ESTC R7919 45,013 145 View Text
A62379 The grand assises: or, The doctrine of the last generall judgment with the circumstances thereof: comprised and laid forth in a sermon preached at the assises holden for the county of Southampton at Winchester, on Wednesday, July 28, 1652. By William Sclater Doctor in Divinity, preacher of the word of God in Broadstreet, London. Sclater, William, 1609-1661. 1653 (1653) Wing S918A; ESTC R218648 45,998 59 View Text
A57956 A discourse of the use of reason in matters of religion shewing that Christianity contains nothing repugnant to right reason, against enthusiasts and deists / written in Latin by the Reverend Dr. Rust ; and translated into English, with annotations upon it by Hen. Hallywell. Rust, George, d. 1670.; Hallywell, Henry, d. 1703? 1683 (1683) Wing R2361; ESTC R25530 47,282 92 View Text
A01581 Nevv shreds of the old snare Containing the apparitions of two new female ghosts. The copies of diuers letters of late intercourse concerning Romish affaires. Speciall indulgences purchased at Rome, granted to diuers English gentle-beleeuing Catholiques for their ready money. A catalogue of English nunnes of the late transportations within these two or three yeares. By Iohn Gee, Master of Arts, late of Exon-Colledge in Oxford. Gee, John, 1596-1639. 1624 (1624) STC 11706; ESTC S103057 47,344 130 View Text
A75357 Anglia liberata, or, The rights of the people of England, maintained against the pretences of the Scotish King, as they are set forth in an Answer to the Lords Ambassadors propositions of England. Which ansvver was delivered into the Great Assembly of the United Provinces at the Hague, by one Mac-Donnel, who entitles himself Resident for his Majesty, &c. June 28/18 1651: and is here published according to the Dutch copy. Whereto is added a translation of certain animadversions upon the answer of Mac-Donnel. Written by an ingenious Dutch-man. As also an additional reply to all the pretended arguments, insinuations and slanders, set forth in the said Scotish answer written a while since by a private pen, and now presented to the publick. MacDonnell, William, Sir.; Ingenious Dutch-man. 1651 (1651) Wing A3178; Thomason E643_7; ESTC R18922 48,537 72 View Text
A19550 A sermon of predestination preached at Saint Maries in Oxford: by Ri: Crakanthorp. Crakanthorpe, Richard, 1567-1624. 1620 (1620) STC 5980; ESTC S109016 48,771 52 View Text
A34265 The morals of Confucius, a Chinese philosopher who flourished above five hundred years before the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ : being one of the most choicest pieces of learning remaining of that nation.; Confucius Sinarum philosophus. English. Selections Confucius.; Intorcetta, Prospero, 1626-1696.; Confucius. Lun yu. English. Selections. 1691. 1691 (1691) Wing C5806; ESTC R23060 48,874 160 View Text
A31357 1. Catonis disticha de moribus, 2. Dicta insignia septem sapientum Græciæ, 3. Mimi publiani, sive, Senecæ proverbia, Anglo-Latina Cato item grammaticè interpretatus, Latinis & vernaculis vocibus, pari ordine, sed diversis lineis alternatis, quò sc. Ætatula puerilis præcepta vitæ communis ita legant ut intelligant / a Carolo Hoolo ... = 1. Cato's distichs concerning manners, 2. Excellent sayings of the seven wise men of Greece, 3. Publius's stage-verses, or, Seneca's proverbs in Latine and English : likewise Cato construed grammatically, with one row Latine and the other English, whereby little children may understandingly learn the rules of common behaviour / by Charles Hoole ... Hoole, Charles, 1610-1667. 1688 (1688) Wing C1508; ESTC R35933 49,054 118 View Text
A58740 The Sincere popish convert, or, A Brief account of the reasons which induced a person who was some years since seduced to the Romish Church to relinquish her communion, and return into the bosom of the Church of England wherein the Holy Scriptures are clearly proved to contain all things which are necessary to be believed and practiced by Christians in order to their salvation, and are justly vindicated from those odious imputations, which the papists profanely cast upon them : with an epistle to the reverend and learned Dr. Stillingfleet, dean of St. Paul's. T. S. 1681 (1681) Wing S184; ESTC R33969 49,068 54 View Text
A58738 Several weighty considerations humbly recommended to the serious perusal of all, but more especially to the Roman Catholicks of England to which is prefix'd, An epistle from one who was lately of that communion to Dr. Stillingfleet, Dean of St. Pauls, declaring the occasion of the following discourse. T. S. Epistle from a late Roman Catholick to the Very Reverend Dr. Edward Stillingfleet, Dean of St. Paul's.; Stillingfleet, Edward, 1635-1699. 1679 (1679) Wing S183; ESTC R16533 49,205 54 View Text
A30867 Directions for love and marriage in two books / written originally by Franciscus Barbarus, a Venetian senator ; and now translated into English by a person of quality.; De re uxoria. English. 1677 Barbaro, Francesco, ca. 1398-1454. 1677 (1677) Wing B683A; ESTC R40747 52,052 138 View Text
A64846 Private devotions digested into six letanies; I. Of confession. II. Of deprecation. III. Of supplication. IV. Of Thanksgiving. V. Of intercession. VI. For the sick. VVith directions and prayers for the Lords day. Sacrament. day of Death. Judgment. And two daily prayers, one for the morning, another for the evening. Valentine, Henry, d. 1643. 1654 (1654) Wing V23B; ESTC R219631 53,520 386 View Text
A54008 The books opened Being several discourses on Rev. 20. 14. By Henry Pendlebury, A.M. late minister of the Gospel at Rochdale in Lancashire; author of the Plain representation of transubstantiation. Pendlebury, Henry, 1626-1695. 1696 (1696) Wing P1139; ESTC R217501 54,571 119 View Text
A25306 The Amorous convert being a true relation of what happened in Holland. 1679 (1679) Wing A3019A; ESTC R170298 56,784 194 View Text
A17476 A Saxon historie, of the admirable adventures of Clodoaldus and his three children. Translated out of French, by Sr. T.H. N. C.; T.H., Sir (Thomas Hawkins), d. 1640.; Caussin, Nicolas, 1583-1651, attributed name. 1634 (1634) STC 4294; ESTC S107367 57,717 118 View Text
A88579 A cleare and necessary vindication of the principles and practices of me Christopher Love, since my tryall before, and condemnation by, the High Court of Iustice. Whereby it is manifested, that a close prison, a long sword, a High Court, and a bloody scaffold, have not in the least altered my judgment. Whereas also the cruelty of the sentence, the insufficiency of the proofs, and my own innocency, are demonstrated. As also my grounds and reasons of giving in a narrative, and the lawfulness of the matter and titles of my petitions (though to usurpers) manifested and maintained. Together with a declaration of my judgement concerning Cromwells unlawfull invasion of the kingdom of Scotland. Written by me Christopher Love, Master of Arts, minister of Lawrence Iury, London; penned by me the eighth of August, fourteen days before my death. Love, Christopher, 1618-1651. 1651 (1651) Wing L3148; Thomason E790_5; ESTC R202748 58,288 49 View Text
A02649 A nevv discourse of a stale subiect, called the metamorphosis of Aiax: vvritten by Misacmos, to his friend and cosin Philostilpnos Harington, John, Sir, 1560-1612. 1596 (1596) STC 12779.5; ESTC S103861 58,895 147 View Text
A06401 An easie, certaine, and perfect method, to cure and preuent the Spanish sicknes Wherby the learned and skilfull chirurgian may heale a great many other diseases. Compiled by Peter Lowe, Arellian: . . . Lowe, Peter, ca. 1550-ca. 1612. 1596 (1596) STC 16872; ESTC S109939 58,902 42 View Text
A65224 Divine poems written by Thomas Washbourne ...; Poems. Selections Washbourne, Thomas, 1606-1687.; Phillips, Edward, 1630-1696? 1654 (1654) Wing W1025; ESTC R20784 59,365 164 View Text
A30331 A continuation of reflections on Mr. Varillas's History of heresies particularly on that which relates to English affairs in his third and fourth tomes / by G. Burnet ... Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. 1687 (1687) Wing B5771; ESTC R23040 59,719 162 View Text
A34407 A seasonable treatise wherein is proved that King William (commonly call'd the Conqueror) did not get the imperial crown of England by the sword, but by the election and consent of the people to whom he swore to observe the original contract between king and people. Cooke, Edward, of the Middle Temple. 1689 (1689) Wing C6001; ESTC R7506 61,016 185 View Text
A33624 Argumentum anti-normannicum, or, An argument proving, from ancient histories and records, that William, Duke of Normandy, made no absolute conquest of England by the Sword, in the sense of our modern writers being an answer to these four questions, viz. I. Whether William the First made an absolute conquest of this nation at his first entrance?, II. Whether he cancelled and abolished all the confessor's laws?, III. Whether he divided all our estates and fortunes between himself and his nobles?, IV. Whether it be not a grand error to affirm, that there were no English-men in the Common Council of the whole Kingdom? Atwood, William, d. 1705?; Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.; Coke, Edward, Sir, 1552-1634.; Petyt, William, 1636-1707.; Cooke, Edward, of the Middle Temple. 1682 (1682) Wing C4907; ESTC R1971 61,200 184 View Text
A18252 The Christian diurnal Written in French by Fa. Nic. Caussin of the Soc. of Iesus. And translated by T.H.; Journée chrestienne. English Caussin, Nicolas, 1583-1651.; T. H. (Thomas Hawkins), Sir, d. 1640. 1632 (1632) STC 4871; ESTC S118870 61,257 412 View Text
A16170 A courteous conference with the English Catholikes Romane about the six articles ministred vnto the seminarie priestes, wherein it is apparantly proued by their owne diuinitie, and the principles of their owne religion, that the Pope cannot depose her Maiestie, or release her subiectes of their alleageance vnto her. And finally, that the bull of Pius Quiutus [sic] pronounced against her Maiestie is of no force eyther in lawe or conscience, all Catholicke scruples to the contrarie beeing throughly and perfectly cleared and resolued, and many memoriall matters exactly discussed, which haue not beene handled by man heeretofore. Written by Iohn Bishop a recusant papist. Bishop, John, d. 1613.; Frewen, John, 1558-1628. 1598 (1598) STC 3092; ESTC S102284 61,282 90 View Text
A07603 Mohammedis imposturæ: that is, A discouery of the manifold forgeries, falshoods, and horrible impieties of the blasphemous seducer Mohammed with a demonstration of the insufficiencie of his law, contained in the cursed Alkoran; deliuered in a conference had betweene two Mohametans, in their returne from Mecha. Written long since in Arabicke, and now done into English by William Bedwell. Whereunto is annexed the Arabian trudgman, interpreting certaine Arabicke termes vsed by historians: together with an index of the chapters of the Alkoran, for the vnderstanding of the confutations of that booke. Bedwell, William, ca. 1561-1632. 1615 (1615) STC 17995; ESTC S112749 61,486 122 View Text
A07147 Statutes compyled for the better obseruation of the holy Rule of the most glorious Father and patriarch S. Benedict confirmed by the ordinary authoritie of the right honorable a[n]d Reuer. Father in Chr. the Lo. Matthias Houius ... and by him deliuered to the English Religious VVoemen of the Monastery of our blessed Lady the perpetuall Virgin Mary in Bruxelles and to all their successours; Brussels (Belgium). Our Blessed Lady the Perpetuall Virgin Mary (Abbey of Benedictine nuns); Hovius, Matthias, 1542-1620. 1632 (1632) STC 17552; ESTC S101607 62,614 170 View Text
A58058 Instructions for history with a character of the most considerable historians, ancient and modern / out of the French, by J. Davies of Kidwelly.; Instructions pour l'histoire. English Rapin, René, 1621-1687.; Davies, John, 1625-1693. 1680 (1680) Wing R262; ESTC R22576 63,468 156 View Text
A86501 The nevv world, or, the nevv reformed church. Discovered out of the second epistle of Peter the third chap verse 13. First opened briefly, and some points pourtrayed and propounded before some of the nobilitie and others in the country. Afterwards more fully delineated, and prosecuted before the Honorable House of Parliament; May 30. An. Dom. 1641. And upon the request of some of them, desiring coppies, was limbed up for the presse, according to the maine parts then, and there delivered. / By Nath. Homes Dr. in D. Homes, Nathanael, 1599-1678. 1641 (1641) Wing H2570; Thomason E171_4; ESTC R8246 64,684 86 View Text
A18036 The conscionable Christian: or, The indeuour of Saint Paul, to haue and discharge a good conscience alwayes towards God, and men laid open and applyed in three sermons. Preached before the honourable judges of the circuit, at their seuerall assises, holden in Chard and Taunton, for the county of Somerset. 1620. By Richard Carpenter, Doctor of Diuinity, and pastor of Sherwell in Deuon. Carpenter, Richard, 1575-1627. 1623 (1623) STC 4681; ESTC S107676 65,416 130 View Text
A38061 A preservative against Socinianism. The first part shewing the direct and plain opposition between it, and the religion revealed by God in the Holy Scriptures / by Jonath. Edwards. Edwards, Jonathan, 1629-1712. 1693 (1693) Wing E217; ESTC R24310 65,484 89 View Text
A12093 Mans last end the glorious vision and fruition of God. By Richard Sheldon Doctor in Divinity, one of his Maiesties chaplines Sheldon, Richard, d. 1642? 1634 (1634) STC 22396; ESTC S102411 66,288 126 View Text
A05297 A learned and true assertion of the original, life, actes, and death of the most noble, valiant, and renoumed Prince Arthure, King of great Brittaine Who succeeding his father Vther Pendragon, and right nobly gouerning this land sixe and twentie yeares, then dyed of a mortall wounde receyued in battell, together vvith victory ouer his enemies. As appeareth cap. 9. And was buried at Glastenbury. cap. 12. an. 543. Collected and written of late yeares in lattin, by the learned English antiquarie of worthy memory Iohn Leyland. Newly translated into English by Richard Robinson citizen of London. Anno Domini. 1582.; Assertio inclytissimi Arturii Regis Britanniae. English Leland, John, 1506?-1552.; Robinson, Richard, citizen of London. 1582 (1582) STC 15441; ESTC S108439 67,318 92 View Text
A05462 Erubhin or Miscellanies Christian and Iudaicall, and others Penned for recreation at vacant houres. By Iohn Lightfoote, Master in Arts, sometimes of Christs Colledge in Cambridge. Lightfoot, John, 1602-1675. 1629 (1629) STC 15593; ESTC S108555 67,393 223 View Text
A41233 The lawfull preacher, or, A short discourse proving that they only ought to preach who are ordained ministers occasionally delivered in some lectures at Epping by John Ferriby, minister of Thoydon-Garnon in Essex ; now printed upon the anti-preaching of some against it in the same pulpit about the latter end of November last : as also the pulpit-guard-relieved, in a short appendix in answer to a late book called the pulpit-guard-relieved / written by Tho. Collier. Ferriby, John, b. 1613 or 14. 1653 (1653) Wing F819A; ESTC R32027 69,768 96 View Text
A01666 Of the ende of this world, the seconde commyng of Christ a comfortable and necessary discourse, for these miserable and daungerous dayes. Geveren, Sheltco à.; Rogers, Thomas, d. 1616. 1577 (1577) STC 11803A.7; ESTC S115248 72,058 116 View Text
A89684 A figure of the true & spiritual tabernacle, according to the inward temple or house of God in the spirit. : Whereunto is added the eight vertues or godlynesses. / Set forth by H.N. and by him perused, and more evidently declared.; Figuer des warachitigen unde geistelicke tabeinakels. English Niclaes, Hendrik, 1502?-1580? 1655 (1655) Wing N1125; ESTC R209484 72,606 228 View Text
A28589 Observations on the animadversions (lately printed at Oxford) on a late book, entituled, The reasonableness of Christianity, as delivered in the Scriptures by S. Bold ... Bold, S. (Samuel), 1649-1737. 1698 (1698) Wing B3483; ESTC R20782 75,321 132 View Text
A92903 A new light of alchymie: taken out of the fountaine of nature, and manuall experience. To which is added a treatise of sulphur: / written by Micheel Sandivogius: i.e. anagram matically, divi Leschi genus amo. Also nine books of the nature of things, written by Paracelsus, viz. Of the generations growthes conservations life: death renewing transmutation separation signatures of naturall things. Also a chymicall dictionary explaining hard places and words met withall in the writings of Paracelsus, and other obscure authors. All which are faithfully translated out of the Latin into the English tongue, by J.F. M.D.; Novum lumen chymicum. English. Sędziwój, Michał, ca. 1556-ca. 1646.; French, John, 1616-1657.; Paracelsus, 1493-1541. Of the nature of things.; Dorn, Gerhard, 16th cent. Dictionarium Theophrasti Paracelsi. 1650 (1650) Wing S2506; Thomason E604_3; Thomason E604_4; Thomason E604_5; ESTC R203736 79,289 151 View Text
A86947 The mystery of Christ in us, with the mystery of the Father, Word, and holy Ghost or Spirit, opened also, the parable of the rich man's flocks and herds, and the poor man's ewe-lamb, explicated. Likewise, the way that Christ takes to undo a man, and take away his life. Together with a discovery of the neerness of Christs coming, and of those glorious things which are to be fulfilled in these later days. Set forth and published by Ed. Hide jun. Hyde, Edward, 1607-1659. 1651 (1651) Wing H3866; Thomason E1372_4; ESTC R209351 80,214 204 View Text
A47386 Mid-night thoughts, writ, as some think, by a London-Whigg, or, a Westminster-Tory, others think by a Quaker, or, a Jesuit: but call him what they please, they may find him a true penitent of the church of Christ. Killigrew, William, Sir, 1606-1695. 1682 (1682) Wing K463; ESTC R221028 80,494 230 View Text
A61432 The liturgy of the ancients represented as near as well may be in English forms calling : with a preface concerning the restitution of the most solemn part of Christian worship in the Holy Eucharist, to its integrity, and just frequency of celebration. Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. 1696 (1696) Wing S5429; ESTC R24616 81,280 108 View Text
A55818 A discourse for the vindicating of Christianity from the charge of imposture Offer'd, by way of letter, to the consideration of the deists of the present age. By Humphrey Prideaux, D.D. and arch-deacon of Suffolk. Prideaux, Humphrey, 1648-1724. 1697 (1697) Wing P3412A; ESTC R219515 81,417 183 View Text
A51419 Confessions and proofes of Protestant divines of reformed churches that episcopacy is in respect of the office according to the word of God, and in respect of the use the best : together with a brief treatise touching the originall of bishops and metropolitans. Morton, Thomas, 1564-1659.; Ussher, James, 1581-1656. Originall of bishops and metropolitans.; W. C. Apostolicall institution of episcopacy. 1662 (1662) Wing M2836; ESTC R40650 81,901 89 View Text
B09558 A looking-glass for George Fox the Quaker, and other Quakers; wherein they may see themselves to be right devils. In answer to George Fox his book, called, Something in answer to Lodowick Muggletons book, which he calls The Quakers neck broken. Wherein is set forth the ignorance and blindness of the Quakers doctrine of Christ within them; and that they cannot, nor doth not know the true meaning of the Scriptures, neither have they the gift of interpretation of Scripture. As will appear in those several heads set down in the next page following. / Written by Lodowick Muggleton ... Muggleton, Lodowick, 1609-1698. 1667 (1667) Wing M3046; ESTC R10137 83,636 106 View Text
A15978 [A notable discourse, plainelye and truely discussing, who are the right ministers of the Catholike Church written against Calvin and his disciples, ... with an offer made by a Catholike to be a learned Protestant ... .]; Marques de la vraye église catholique. English Albin de Valsergues, Jean d', d. 1566.; Rishton, Edward, 1550-1586, attributed name. aut; Allen, William, 1532-1594. 1575 (1575) STC 274; ESTC S112318 85,201 271 View Text
A70111 An excellent discourse proving the divine original and authority of the five books of Moses written originally in French by Monsieur Du Bois de la Cour, and approved by six doctors of the Sorbon ; to which is added a second part, or an examination of a considerable part of Pere Simon's critical history of the Old Testament ... by W.L. Filleau de la Chaise, Jean, 1631-1688.; Lorimer, William, d. 1721. 1682 (1682) Wing F904; ESTC R28418 86,453 212 View Text
A73706 Three profitable sermons. 1. A pastorall charge. 2. Christs Larum-bell. 3. The soules sentinell Preached at seuerall times vpon sundry occasions, by Richard Carpenter pastor of Sherwill in Devon. Carpenter, Richard, 1575-1627. 1617 (1617) STC 4683.5; ESTC S125294 87,026 278 View Text
A92860 Animadversions upon a letter and paper, first sent to His Highness by certain gentlemen and others in VVales: and since printed, and published to the world by some of the subscribers. By one whose desire and endeavor is, to preserve peace and safety, by removing offence and enmity. Sedgwick, William, 1609 or 10-1669? 1656 (1656) Wing S2383; Thomason E865_5; ESTC R203530 87,657 113 View Text
A47731 The new method of fortification, as practised by Monsieur de Vauban, Engineer General of France with an explication of all terms appertaining to that art / made English. Vauban, Sébastien Le Prestre de, 1633-1707.; Swall, Abel. 1691 (1691) Wing L1116; ESTC R15758 87,678 223 View Text
A19031 An advertisement concerning a book lately published by Christopher Lawne and others, against the English exiled Church at Amsterdam. By Richard Clyfton teacher of the same church Johnson, Francis, 1562-1618. 1612 (1612) STC 5449; ESTC S118626 88,142 134 View Text
B08096 The great assize, or, Day of iubilee. Deliuered in foure sermons, vpon the 20. chapter of the Reuel. ver. : Whereunto are annexed two sermons vpon the I. chapter of the Canticles, verse 6.7. / [By] Samuel Smith, minister of the work of God at Prittlewell in Essex.. Smith, Samuel, 1588-1665. 1617 (1617) STC 22847.7; ESTC S95246 88,613 364 View Text